January 13, 2022

The Dark Answers to Imperialism, JFK and Afghanistan are hidden in the Mystical–Two Authors’ Journey of Discovery

By Paul Fitzgerald Elizabeth Gould

The Rhodes Colossus: Caricature of Cecil Rhodes 1892
The Rhodes Colossus: Caricature of Cecil Rhodes 1892
(Image by Rachel C. Gibbons)
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The first thing an academic tells you when you mention the mystical side of the Afghanistan story is that you shouldn’t talk about that. The study of foreign policy cannot be seen as having been motivated by anything other than rational and objective reasons and measured by the metrics of quantitative analysis.

President John F. Kennedy motorcade, Dallas, Texas, Friday, November 22, 1963
President John F. Kennedy motorcade, Dallas, Texas, Friday, November 22, 1963
(Image by United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division)
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How then to explain ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, the first director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the father of today’s CIA calling his agents Knights Templars? How then to explain the American military’s fascination with medieval knighthoods? How then to explain the use of New Testament biblical passages engraved on the gunsights of American and British troops in Afghanistan? How then to explain American exceptionalism whereby the United States gets to do anything it pleases because America is right no matter what it does or how it does it?

Afghanistan's most notorious 'Holy Warrior' Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
Afghanistan’s most notorious ‘Holy Warrior’ Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
(Image by youtube.com/watch?v=EjYNYbOGnMQ)
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People have heard about the holy warriors of the Muslim world, but what most Americans are unaware of is the mystical component of the warriors who fight for America and how that component has been setting the agenda for American politics from behind the scenes with no public scrutiny.

In Maine they use the expression “You can’t get there from here,” to explain this sort of disconnect. It’s being used to make the point that you can’t get exoteric Afghanistan unless you understand the esoteric and you can’t understand the esoteric without accepting your own personal motivations.

In researching for our books, we discovered a trove of esoteric history surrounding the West’s attraction to Afghanistan starting with the British. It revolves around Mystical Imperialism, a term first used to describe 19th-century British imperial efforts to colonize the non-Christian world by applying Judeo Christian ethics and philosophies.

Simply put, mystical imperialism rationalizes the expansion of a nation’s authority by conquest over other nations by infusing a sense of the divine into the raw politics of empire building. Today’s practitioners of American mystical imperialism are a hardened core of ideological defense intellectuals and military officers who combine their own esoteric and religious beliefs with Washington policy making.

These individuals can trace their philosophical DNA back to 19th-century European secret esoteric societies who were known to be heavily involved in espionage on both British and Russian sides. Reflected in the fictional quasi-Masonic exploits of Rudyard Kipling’s two soldiers in The Man Who Would be King, the “hidden” or occult game for control of Afghanistan and Central Asia was a factor in the foreign policy of the 19th century for the British and the Russians, and continues to this day through the United States.

As the ancient home of Zoroaster and the Avesta, the foundation document for the Judeo/Christian war of light against dark, of good versus evil, 19th-century Afghanistan and its surroundings provided a mystical underpinning to what today is dryly regarded as geopolitics.

Described as the “World-Island” by early 20th-century British geo-strategist Halford Mackinder, Russia’s geographic position at the center of the Eurasian land mass rivaled Britain’s as an island fortress. Mackinder foresaw Russia expanding with ferocity beyond its borders. From the outset – a Russian dominance of Central Asia spawned nightmares for the British of an apocalyptic horde sweeping from the Russian steppe across Europe, which had to be stopped at any cost.

Henry Wallace, Franklin Roosevelt’s vice president, supported an expedition in 1934 with the intention of establishing a spiritual settlement in the Himalayas. Wallace expressed his enthusiasm for the plan known as the Shambhala Project, stating that, “the political situation in this part of the world is always rendered especially intriguing by the effect on it, of ancient prophecies, traditions and the like.” Wallace anticipated that those prophecies were at last coming due.

Hidden to human eyes, Shambhala was said, by Tibetan Buddhists, to lie somewhere near Tibet and would finally be revealed at the end of time. Others believed it was hidden in the valleys of the Pamir mountain range in Northeastern Afghanistan. This was the Shambhala that concealed the lost wisdom, the secrets of immortality and the beginnings of the human race. Adolph Hitler sent an expedition to Tibet and Afghanistan in 1939 in the hopes of uncovering proof of Aryan links to modern German society in the soil of Central Asia.

From Halford Mackinder at the beginning of the 20th century to the American Cold Warrior James Burnham, the godfather of neo-conservatism, to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Grand Master of Geostrategic American foreign policy, Eurasia represented the central basis for American global primacy, in a world defined by Manichean opposites.

In a 1945 Partisan Review article titled “Lenin’s Heir” Burnham, while still at the OSS, infused his apocalyptic political views with mystical allusions to the Eurasian heartland as “the magnetic core” of Soviet power, comparing it to the mystical “reality of the One-of-Neo-Platonism,” whose inexorable and unstoppable “progression… descends through the stages of Mind, Soul, and Matter… towards its ultimate destination beyond the Eurasian boundaries and through…Appeasement and Infiltration England and the United States.”

As an “anti-Communist ideology” Burnham’s apocalyptic warnings about the inevitability of Soviet expansion from Eurasia’s magnetic core ring like a medieval theologian’s incantation throughout Winston Churchill’s 1946 “Iron Curtain” speech, which set the terms of the Cold War.

Twenty-six years later, Senator William Fulbright would realize that only because of the disastrous outcome of Vietnam was there any willingness to reexamine the basic assumptions of the Cold War. The 1972 Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, known as SALT, would spring from this rational re-assessment, as would the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and eventually SALT II.

President Jimmy Carter and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II) treaty, June 18, 1979, in Vienna.
President Jimmy Carter and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II) treaty, June 18, 1979, in Vienna.
(Image by Original Uploaded by Thames to EN)
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But because of National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s unyielding hostility toward any compromise with the Soviet Union over Afghanistan, President Carter would ask the Senate to delay consideration of the treaty on the Senate floor. That treaty would never be passed and the United States would begin a long slow march into what Burnham described as the magnetic core of the World Island.

Our initiation into the realm of Mystical Imperialism began six months before the December 27, 1979, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan while we were producing Arms Race and the Economy: A Delicate Balancea documentary for televangelist Pat Robertson‘s Christian Broadcast Network (CBN).

The station had been airing the American Security Council‘s The Salt Syndrome, a propaganda film railing against the passage of SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) that would limit defense spending. As host of CBN’s public affairs show, our documentary was to be the rebuttal to The Salt Syndrome as required by the Fairness Doctrine. We were aware that Robertson’s proselytizing on his flagship 700 Club program was already engaged in a religious crusade to change America.

While working on the documentary our eyes were opened to a merging of powerful pro war political, business, and religious interests that were using their combined influence to push America into a Holy War against the Soviet Union.

As we continued to work on the production, experts from the opposite side of the political spectrum, such as economist John Kenneth Galbraith, informed us about the damage that a massive diversion of tax dollars would represent to the civilian economy. Galbraith insisted that accelerated defense spending following the end of the Vietnam War–as the military-industrial complex was demanding–would destroy the civilian economy.

He was convinced that the Cold War had already made America more like the Soviet Union, ideologically rigid, increasingly orthodox and ruled by a military-industrial-academic establishment suspended from reality.

By the time our program aired, the argument was no longer whether our government should call a halt to the nuclear arms race and reinvest in the civilian economy. According to President Carter the December 27, 1979, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was the greatest threat to peace since the Second World War.

That statement instantly rolled back the narrative to 1947, the Truman Doctrine and the psychological warfare campaign necessary to bring it back to life. We realized that the powerful pro-war political, business, and religious interests calling for Holy War in The SALT Syndrome had just won the brass ring.

The point man for that campaign was Zbigniew Brzezinski. As an acolyte of geo-strategist Halford Mackinder, Brzezinski believed the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan and its pursuit of global dominance was foreordained and not subject to rational empirical observations.

Beginning in 1978, Brzezinski had been dialoguing with the Chinese and the Pakistanis over Soviet influence in Afghanistan and how to respond to it. In the summer of 1979, six months before the Soviet invasion, Brzezinski had President Carter sign a finding enabling propaganda support to the insurgency that would help draw the Soviets into what Brzezinski referred to as “the Afghan trap.”

When the Kabul government expelled the Western media one month after the Soviet invasion, we jumped at the chance to get behind the propaganda and break the news blackout. Once we had secured the visas in the spring of 1981, a friend in local TV news connected us to CBS Foreign News Editor Peter Larkin. Larkin was an intense man–Saigon bureau chief during the Vietnam War–and wanted the story immediately.

What we saw in Kabul was indeed in stark contrast to the picture playing on evening news. After struggling with our footage for a month CBS finally aired a segment about the Soviet troops that we didn’t see. Our involvement with CBS News was the beginning of an education in the MSM’s fact-free restructuring of the Afghan narrative that continues to hold sway today.

Following the distribution of Afghanistan Between Three Worlds, a PBS documentary we produced in 1982, we got a call from Major Karen McKay of the Committee for a Free AfghanistanShe complained that we didn’t mention anything about the Soviets’ use of chemical weapons in the documentary.

We explained those charges hadn’t been proved. But the Major countered that since the New York Times and the Washington Post had accepted her evidence why wouldn’t we.

Because, we explained, the claims we’d reviewed came from second- or third-hand sources or were based on hearsay evidence. Then we politely suggested what seemed like common sense, that the Major could make a better case if she had some hard evidence. Major McKay’s answer was revelatory as she snapped, “When it comes to the Russians we don’t need proof. We know they’re guilty.”

Once again, it was made very clear to us that when it came to the MSM narrative, facts REALLY didn’t matter.

When the third opportunity to challenge the MSM’s narrative arrived, we still had hope and again jumped at the chance. In the spring of 1983 we returned to Kabul with Harvard Negotiation Project Director Roger Fisher for ABC’s Nightline.

Our aim was to establish the credibility of the American claims that the Soviets had no intention of withdrawing from Afghanistan. We had a number of credible sources stating that the Kremlin wanted desperately to abandon the war, but the Reagan administration was dragging its feet.

From the moment they entered the White House the new administration had demanded that the Soviets withdraw their forces, while at the same time keeping them pinned down through covert action so they couldn’t leave. Though lacking in factual backup, this hypocritical campaign was embraced by the entire American political spectrum and our effort with Roger Fisher to further the negotiation process remained willfully unexamined by America’s mainstream media.

By 1987 we were so frustrated with getting nowhere at changing the official narrative with the facts on the ground we had to question all our assumptions about journalism. If facts did not matter, what did?

That’s when we looked at our story from a personal perspective and wondered what had called us to the Afghan story in the first place. We started writing screenplays out of our accumulated materials and research and by the end of the 1980s had completed four. But we had yet to find the right path to tell our story.

Then in September of 1991, our ten-year-old daughter Alissa told us about a dream she had with Paul’s deceased father whom she had never met. He was accompanied by a man wearing a Scottish plaid suit with bell-bottom trousers and a matching hat. The man told Alissa he was 800 years old. We already knew the Fitzgerald family had come to Ireland as mercenaries for King Henry II 800 years before and decided to consider Alissa’s dream as a mystical encouragement to dig deeper into the past for answers.

Three months later we saw Oliver Stone’s film, JFK, and found the inspiration we had been looking for. Stone’s decision to include the involvement of an esoteric secret society with deeper motives resonated with us.

In our research into the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1170, an enterprise largely run by the Fitzgerald family, we had discovered historical reasons why members of some secret societies might have been motivated to eliminate JFK in the modern era as retribution for past “crimes.” We then developed The Voice research paper with the hope that Stone would become interested in this esoteric perspective too, but he wanted our Afghanistan story instead.

Maurice FitzGerald as shown in the Expugnatio Hibernica, written in 1189 by his nephew, Gerald of Wales
Maurice FitzGerald as shown in the Expugnatio Hibernica, written in 1189 by his nephew, Gerald of Wales
(Image by National Library of Ireland)
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Once we began to work on the script, the mythic implications of the Afghan story began to emerge when many of the documents preceding the crisis were declassified. As we trailed the clues, we found pseudo-religious references in Washington’s official policy to the Manichean war of the light against the dark-whose origins began in the region now known as Afghanistan.

We then discovered a synchronistic connection that we could not have imagined. One of the books we had purchased was written by an ex-CIA agent about British efforts in the 19th century. In the book were many photos of prominent Brits and Afghans and of the battles they fought. But also included were photos of two Americans. One of these men was dressed wearing a Scottish plaid suit with bell-bottomed trousers and a matching turban. The photo was of Alexander Gardner, a mercenary who’d found his way to Afghanistan in the 1820s. He’d discovered the religion of Zoroaster settled in the mountains and married an Afghan Princess. He not only lived the real life of Rudyard Kipling’s Man Who Would Be King; it has been said Gardner provided Kipling with essential information for his novel.

Alissa confirmed that day when she came home from school that the soldier in the photo wearing a clan uniform of his own design, was the man from her dream. Alissa had somehow tapped a synchronicity about our Afghan adventure that gave it a deeper meaning.

Colonel Alexander Gardner
Colonel Alexander Gardner
(Image by Sotheby’s)
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As we continued to develop The Voice as a novel, over time Stone became intrigued and asked us to connect its esoteric background with the fact-based Afghanistan script. Now titled Three Nights of Desmond, we found ourselves merging the past, present, and future into a very different kind of story.

In writing the script, the antagonist (modeled after CBS Foreign News Editor Peter Larkin) emerged as a tragic archetype: an angry, wounded veteran who was determined to twist the Afghanistan story to get back at the Soviets for what he believed they had done to him in Vietnam. In The Voice, published in 2001, the character had matured as a victim of his own propaganda. Through that narrative the character of Alissa, as Paul’s daughter, resolved the conflict between the “Larkin” character and Paul.

Even though Alissa had no involvement in our work, over the decades many of our Afghan contacts, that she had never met, continued to cross into her life as if by magic. The most powerful synchronicity occurred when she came to meet the real Peter Larkin through her friendship with his daughter Brett. We had known nothing about this friendship until December 23, 2011, when Peter and Brett arrived at our home for a holiday party at 7:00 pm as guests of Alissa.

Having the man who launched us into our Afghan saga join with us for our holiday party was beyond surreal. It was as if a dream had materialized before our eyes. The novelized encounter between Paul and Peter through Alissa (which had been foreshadowed in The Voice) had been delivered to us through our front door. The reality of the script we struggled to write for Stone had finally written itself. It was a revelatory moment produced by our daughters that completed a journey begun 30 years before between two competing storytellers.


Back in 1979 when we first encountered the MSM’s propaganda Afghan narrative we could not have imagined that narrative would still be presented as fact in 2021. The science is very clear; a narrative built with no facts is still more powerful at changing minds than facts alone. This MSNBC report is a stark reminder of that fact. From the ancient oral to the modern written tradition humans have always been drawn to stories. The power of narratives to transform people’s views is well documented. Like a recipe being offered as food, presenting even solid facts without framing it in a narrative is not enough to motivate most people to action. Our big breakthrough came when we realized that the power to win hearts and minds was not by trying to change the MSM’s empty narrative; it was in creating a new narrative with our own facts. When you create a good story out of solid facts that is truly food for thought!

We’ve often wondered what would have changed in the American dialogue on the JFK assassination if Oliver Stone had created a film based on the concept we gave him in 1992; going back to the origin of the Fitzgerald family and their dicey relationship with London. What Stone did do for us was put us back on the Afghan course we had walked away from; and in that process crossed us over into the mystical telling of our own story. We came to see that the weaving back and forth of the screenplay and the novel had become a way of understanding the multi-dimensional nature of narrative creation. Although our three years of work with Stone did produce the Three Nights of Desmond script concept, it was never fulfilled. Thirty years in the making, we finally brought the script concept created for Stone to fruition as the heart and soul of, The Valediction Three Nights of Desmond and The Valediction Resurrection that will be available next spring.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, published by City Lights (2009), Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire, published by City Lights (2011). Their novel The Voice was published in 2001. Their novelized memoir, The Valediction Three Nights of Desmond was published by TrineDay (2021). For more information visit invisiblehistory, grailwerk and valediction.net

Authors Bio:

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are the authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story and Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire and The Voice,a novel.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, a husband and wife team began working together in 1979 co-producing a documentary for Paul’s television show, Watchworks. Called, The Arms Race and the Economy, A Delicate Balance, they found themselves in the midst of a controversy that was to boil over a few months later with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Their acquisition of the first visas to enter Afghanistan granted to an American TV crew in 1981, brought them into the most heated Cold War controversy since Vietnam. But the people inside Soviet-occupied Afghanistan told a very different story from the one being broadcast on the evening news.

Following their news story for the CBS Evening News, they produced a documentary (Afghanistan Between Three Worlds) for PBS and in 1983 they returned to Kabul for ABC Nightline with Harvard Negotiation project director Roger Fisher. Arriving in Kabul that spring they were told that the Russians wanted to go home and negotiate their way out. But the story that President Carter called, “the greatest threat to peace since the second World War” had already been written by America’s pundits was not about to change the script.

As the first American journalists to get behind the official propaganda on the war, they not only got a view of an unseen Afghan life, but a revelatory look at how the US defined itself under the veil of superpower confrontation. But as they pursued the reasons behind the propaganda, they were drawn into a story that was growing into mythic dimensions.

It was at the time of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 when they were working on the film version of their experience under contract to Oliver Stone, that they began to piece together the mythic implications of the story. During the research for the screenplay crucial documents were declassified. Over the next decade they trailed a labyrinth of clues to find a likeness in Washington’s official policy towards Afghanistan – in the ancient Zoroastrian war of the light against the dark – whose origins began in the region now known as Afghanistan. It was a likeness that grows more visible as America’s involvement deepens.
By 1998, as the horrors of the Taliban regime began to grab headlines, they started collaborating with Afghan human rights expert Sima Wali. They contributed to the Women for Afghan Women: Shattering Myths and Claiming the Future book project. In 2002 they filmed Wali’s first return to Kabul since her exile in 1978. The film they produced about Wali’s journey home, The Woman in Exile Returns, gave audiences the chance to discover the message of one of Afghanistan’s most articulate voices and her hopes for her people.

In the years since 9/11 much has happened to bring their story into sharp focus. Their experience at combining personal diplomacy with activist journalism could become a model for restoring a healthy and vibrant dialogue to American democracy. Ultimately, Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story lays bare why it was inevitable that the Soviet Union and the U.S. should end up in Afghanistan and what that means to the future of the American emp

The Deep Research Behind The Valediction Three Nights of Desmond

At the end of the Vietnam War the United States faced a crossroads; either continue along the bloody road to empire or reinvent its democracy. The focus of that struggle centered  around the 1976 presidential campaign. With the election of Jimmy Carter it was assumed that the administration would reassess the U.S. role on the world stage and reinvest its energies in re building a war-weary nation. But with the selection of Zbigniew Brzezinski as his national security advisor, President Carter guaranteed that would never be.

Plotting to overthrow the old rules before even gaining access to the Oval office Brzezinski would play a pivotal role in the rise of the neoconservative agenda and their politicization of American foreign policy. And by stage-managing perceptions of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he would permanently shift the management of the national security state from the pragmatic to the ideological. As journalists we followed this transformation for over 40 years as the Brzezinski agenda to weaponize extremist Islam on behalf of American empire spread across the globe while documenting the course of a deep-state movement that led to 9/11 and endless war.

In the end Brzezinski honored his duty to the elites by warning them in 2010 that for the first time in history a totally new reality had taken hold. Mankind was now politically awake and aware of their economic inequalities and politically active for the first time in human history.

Brzezinski was already concerned about the public’s growing dissatisfaction following the 2008 financial catastrophe. He warned the elites that bailing out failed banks while ignoring human suffering would not end well. But his 2010 lecture revealed that something even more profound was underway and that despite their mastery of the world’s economy, the global elitists he’d spent his career advancing were facing something beyond their control.

Ironically it was Brzezinski who guaranteed this tragic ending by merging the political objectives of the global elites to extremist Islam and in so doing, undid the very empire he thought he was advancing. But beyond the impacts of 9/11 and the so called “war on terror,” Brzezinski’s involvement helped us uncover hints of a deeper agenda and as we traced its roots we discovered that it led to the ancient past.

We are posting articles we have researched, written and published at different stages of our understanding. These articles not only form the basis of our discoveries, but have become more relevant than when they were originally published. In a unique way, each article plays a part that is revealed in The Valediction, Three Nights of Desmond.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould



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    But this isn't about me, it never was, and I hate talking about myself. The last thing I will write on this topic, I am reading a Star Wars novel right now. Its taken about 9-10 months, and I'm almost halfway through, because I had help. All the writing I do for this blog comes from memory, vision, and higher power. I'm working on that essay you want, but I have to wait for the dust to clear for the final piece of the puzzle, then I will send it.
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    I'm pretty sure that the rest of humanity understands that they are selling off the last of their futures for a little more time in the world according to life support, but maybe that's just too generous.
    There is the feature of being a unique person with their own sense of being, and there is the current rift occurring. Certainly, a rift of this size is easily perceived?
    Perhaps there is no point in mentioning that no one is going to be able to bridge the growing rift. If you want to try, you certainly can, but that energy is now better spent on paying your own personal spiritual bill. It might amaze us all to discover the amount past due.
    The world in 2024 is not going to look anything like the world of 2022. In a lot of ways, this will be much better, even though it won't seem that way. Believe it or not, there will be people alive, who will have every reason to dig out of the garbage pit the previous world sentenced them to.
    But for now, I'm going to find a little Ray of sunlight streaming through all those chemtrails, and check if I am still breathing.

  16. Orage, what a thoughtful post as the Narritive in any war is like heavy weapons upon high ground and small arms are like screen plays or individual stories. We must take the Narritive to win our little war Orage as it starts and ends there. In the cycling world the strongest riders control the peloton as in cycling we see weak minded morons who don't even ride bicycles controlling the narrative. Get your vaccine or don't race. Put your plastic hat on and wear a billboard on your back!

  17. If Michael hasn't reached out to me already, like so many celebrities have then it means he's not allowed too, I wish that man only good in life, the shit he's been through already and lived to talk about it, he don't need to die now over something I'm sure he knows nothing about. Do you have any idea how many others have? I know each and every one of them so consequently I never reach out to anyone. Even on social media I never friend anyone first.

  18. E9 does this mean you do not read Shirly McClain? LOL, Mike has not read my book and he and I don’t agree on everything, but I agree to disagree with him because he is one of the most brilliant men I have ever encountered. But I must thank you for reading my book, I knew I liked you from your first comment. Silence to the followers of Aleister Crowley is everything, Harpocrates, the god of silence, secrets and confidentiality was even more important than his brother Horus, which is why these posers like to put their finger to their lips in a shushing gesture. You can do an internet search for mamma Bush, Crowley’s daughter and the Moonchild (now dead…), doing it. I love this comment section. You guys are nailing it seven ways to Sunday. Please answer this man’s question Mike.

  19. Nonetheless people will continue using the terms occult and mysticism as relative to the other. Because those that left those aforementioned tokens used the terms in the same fashion. If not interchangeably. Social engineering and media control particularly in the area of engineered New Age-ism didn't leave the terms alone and it was the purveyors of social engineering who decided to throw fuel on the fire of confusion by making them distinct and distant from the other. Much the same as they rearranged esoterica into emotionally engaging but unchallenging soft fluffy bunny fodder. So people will put their trust in the token leavers as you refer to them. People will continue to read as their path to illumination and experiences with involution unfolds as long as there is technique found for enfoldment which begins at the material level. And because the term LOGOS is such an essential part of the entire philosophy. They have come to realize that events of involution and body subjugation can occur without having any knowledge or preparation for the divine. How that effects people is up to election. They get a wake up call without much in the way of preparation. It either drives them mad or engages their curiosity and sets them on their path. Like in Jack's book. There are knowledges that arise from the Great Silence that other people on the unfolding path are not going to be uncomfortable with and likely will disagree with. There is really no measurement for who is more tuned in and who isn't nor is who is most 'at tune' based in semantics particularly as media has given a modern-day version of the tower of babel.

    I sense that you perceive there is no common frame of reference between us which is okay. That is extremely okay since it's an unfolding path.

    And using Jack's book as a common frame of reference I concur that it is amazing that he is alive. It's not my experience but I did recognize the connection with divine, and the subjugation of the physical body that occurs which likely explains why he's alive. And not out of his mind. And yes, it's amazing. Eye bulging amazing that someone would emerge from that relatively unscathed mentally and especially physically. But that is the effect of the unrealized elect.

    Yes challenging. So I have a question for you. Some folks have confided to me their challenge, as their path unfolds closer and closer to the source, and the connect becomes more frequent, an expectation that this unfoldment brings a unifying effect with the world in general. Which seems to be fulfilled in some part. They now recognize the life in ordinary things but….

    Their feeling of separation intensifies. Not separation from the void, or the source, but with humanity. This gives rise to a disillusionment because they felt they would have a more unifying experience with humanity itself. Instead, their feeling of separation intensifies, and they are getting more annoyed with humanity. Something to do with transhumanism? I'd be interested in your take if you kindly would indulge me.


  20. And for those of you who think I’m playing like the rest of these keyboard “warriors” who have overrun the internet read my fucking book. Don’t believe it, you fucking slug, look me up and I will show you, I ain’t hard to find. But if you want to live to talk about it just check the municipal records or go ask any New York mafioso or biker, they called me crazy George. I’ve taken part in more fights like this than I can even remember. The time has come for everyone born with a penis to take to the streets and do this to everything wearing a uniform. Anything working for Google is also a target, as are their families. They are hard at work killing yours. Politicians and media persona are a given, every one of them has a body count that would make Charlie Manson blush. They are killing your children, and this is no time for you to be watching bitchute videos. Where there is no justice, you must make your own even if it costs your life. I will see you in Valhalla.

  21. In my next piece, I attempt to explain the root issue mankind faces, and the challenge brought on by the rulers of this society who seek to murder their subjects.
    However, this time we are now in is so unique, that I must attempt to clarify some essential points.
    First, mysticism is not occluded from anyone who follows this path. It is revealed according to the proficiency and ability of the seeker. This means that if you are struggling to become the silence, then you will be led to experiences and teachings to help you to discover this state in your own time, and in your own way. In order to discover this, one must be consistent and patient, not demanding or expecting this to occur immediately. If you begin with one moment only of silence, then you have just proven to yourself that it is possible for one moment, and if you never had silence before, this one moment is huge.
    Second, mysticism has nothing to do with anything beyond pure experience. I could write about the silence, and I do, but reading about it is not experiencing the silence. It is in the experience that the silence is revealed. Thus, if even just one moment of silence is what is arrived at, it has been experienced, and it is understood to exist.
    Third, I will admit that the mystical world is complex, varied, and demanding of effort, but to begin is simplicity in the extreme. Here, things are no different than learning to shoot your rifle, or drive your car, or talk to a girl. It all begins with an honest need to do so.
    Remember that those who left the tokens for others to follow had as difficult a life as you, and often more so. Mankind today is going through massive pain, as the rulers would rather see their creation fail than attain mastery over them. Too many prefer to stay in a perpetual state of infancy, yet this will not be allowed. The path is hard. It is challenging. There are more than a few times when you will believe you have been killed, and be amazed that you have life. Where this takes one who is dedicated is ever deeper, and ever on. For some, this may be the only challenge, but for others, there is tennis.

  22. Mysticism is certainly occulted from the masses that are not capable of silence otherwise we'd not have the scenario you just described. I'm sure the Healer is capable of Silence, no question of that. And there is a reason that the concept of silence was given to us by the same. To stay silent. Inwardly silence is revealing, outwardly not so much.

    Besides any animal, like a cat, can show on a rudimentary level that healing is done in quietude and darkness. The mass of humanity not so much because they can't. They aren't potentiated for it yet. Yeah it's a little sad they can't do what might be viewed as a house pet knows to do. The clamoring voices of restless wandering and damaged minds in the light of the Tide pod eating world today is evidence enough of that. They are not capable of it. Knowledge is occulted from them. Not by any choice but by their nature. They are dead. They haven't been you know, brought back from Hades yet. They can't go there anymore than I can grow a penis. We just get drug along as unwillingly observants to mass suicide.

    The confusion may come from those who believe all men are equal with equal potentials. I am not one of those people. We may be created equally but after that all bets are off. Equality of potentiality and proficiency is not possible in world full of people who are all at different levels of not only spiritual but emotional and mental self development.

    I'm not sure if you thought you were correcting me but you pretty much clarified my point. Thank you. I was referring to the masses whose own nature or lack of self development –the unpotentialed and the unproficient–blinds them to higher elements of union with the divine. They may not come around to a level of proficient or potential for life times wherever they may take place. I was not referring to people with proficiency or potential having mysticism occulted from them. But it probably took them several lifetimes to get to that level of proficiency to achieve a union with the Divine. They can at least grasp the notions on an abstract level even without the experience. They would have to be able to if they were going to undertake any initiation that leads to union with the divine.

    In all other respects the former parties would go mad or feel like they experienced a trip to hell if allowed not only the initiation of union with the Divine but the mental preparation it takes. They couldn't be prepared for it. Thus it was kept from them. Silence would drive them mad. So one kept their silence. You are right. It REALLY is all about silence until the time for silence is broken.

    There's an experiment where people preferred to electrocute themselves rather than sit with their OWN thoughts for ten minutes let alone the silence, quietude and inner reflection required to become proficient. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.1250830

    I'm thinking the folks in this study wouldn't appreciate moving into the Great Silence. The ancient masters kept their silence on the matter of initiation into the Mysteries (mysticism) to the masses because of that fascination with same self harm and death fascination that the masses have today. Maybe they weren't quiet enough because a lot of death cults resulted from initiations that were poorly translated by non-proficient people resulting in a fascination with human sacrifice and other death culty observations. Which is what most death cults and cultures are still rooted in today. Unconsciously. You can't tell your everyday Christian that their religion is a death cult even though the dead man is hanging round their neck on a chain. That is a symptom of transhumanism on its own.

    I should have made that plainer, but then again I didn't feel like, given the present company here, that I had to. I guess I did. Sorry.


  23. You are in a very small minority, Jack.

    And the effect of the peniseless man makes it affects upon women as well.

    The blue-eyed blobs existed in every generation and our fore bears knew better to hand them a voting registration. But as with CV 19 they quickly threw their know-better to four winds because of the same influence you mentioned. The same malign influence that caused women to toss their maternal instinct and walk away from penised husband, hearth and home to raise morbidly obese daughters and penisless sons on their own. Their blue haired daughters are now desperately seeking attention from men who no longer exist by playing dumb.

    Not terribly surprising that the corrupt medical institutions normalized the Jewish Bris as a secular public safety custom. On an individual material level perhaps it's no big deal but if the flesh is collectively snipped long enough under the guise of death cult going to show up in the soul; penis-less men.

    Lack of penis being the crux of the matter regardless of style of governance be it 1776 America or German Nationalism, then, eh?

    As not having a penis myself and all that that entails spiritually, emotionally, mentally and alchemically I'm going to have to bow out in terms of solutions.

    But I would be equally interested what men with penises came up with.

  24. "The science is very clear; a narrative built with no facts is still more powerful at changing minds than facts alone. This MSNBC report is a stark reminder of that fact. From the ancient oral to the modern written tradition humans have always been drawn to stories. The power of narratives to transform people's views is well documented. Like a recipe being offered as food, presenting even solid facts without framing it in a narrative is not enough to motivate most people to action. Our big breakthrough came when we realized that the power to win hearts and minds was not by trying to change the MSM's empty narrative; it was in creating a new narrative with our own facts. When you create a good story out of solid facts that is truly food for thought!" – Calling all bards, story tellers, musicians. Be the drummer for those that can be swayed and help remembering. The century of the magicians led us here, where past and future define the present.

  25. Mysticism is never occulted, because it is always available to level of one's proficiency. The requirements of mysticism are exceedingly simple, yet profound. It is as I have written, the absolute key and liminal state is the silence.
    The natural world is the great silence itself, and the observation of nature and self is the first indispensable step towards greater understanding.
    We are told that the Healer has moved into the great silence, where he ever abides. This is as true and as straightforward a statement as can be made, and it was made by the Gnostic sages of long ago. If it seems secret, or hidden, it is because one has not developed the proficiency to arrive at the understanding.
    If this sounds brutal, or elitist, or rude, it is no less true.
    All the great masters reserved their innermost teachings for those who had attainment. They did not scatter pearls before swine. There is no one today to take up where they left off.
    They left the sunthema, the tokens in places where they can be found, but this absolutely cannot be achieved by demented transhumanists and their installed cowards in high places.
    Huge numbers of humanity have chosen death. They prefer the false house of the archontic mind. This is their choice, but it will only deliver them from the burden of facing their nature and the power of the rulers and the principalities.
    We never had a nation in America, we had a bright flash that was kindled from a strong spiritual fire, the marriage of the last of the Gnostics with the last of the Nordics. It was corrupted, as Jack London so correctly observed, almost immediately.
    Yet now is the time when all plans draw to a close, all measure is finally made, and all calls have been answered. We are at the end, the culmination, and those forces of deceit and decrepit tyranny raise their poison fingers for the death lovers to follow. They will get what they signed up for, and for those who remember the light, what is it they have to find on their horizons? To see this one must do the hardest thing possible, and that is to allow the rift to be, and the destinies to part, for the way right now is obscured by the dust of the shaking earth, but soon enough, the next deed will become clear.

  26. “The thirteen colonies threw off their rulers and formed the Republic so-called. The slaves were their own masters. There were no more masters of the sword. But you couldn’t get along without masters of some sort, and there arose a new set of masters—not the great, virile, noble men, but the shrewd and spidery traders and money-lenders. And they enslaved you over again—but not frankly, as the true, noble men would do with weight of their own right arms, but secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies. They have purchased your slave judges, they have debauched your slave legislatures, and they have forced to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave boys and girls. Two million of your children are toiling to-day in this trader-oligarchy of the United States. Ten millions of you slaves are not properly sheltered nor properly fed.” – London, Jack. "CHAPTER XXXVIII." Martin Eden. 1909.

    It's been like this in America for a very longtime E9. Hitler fixed it in Germany in just a few short years, so we stick a sock in Schlomos mouth just like he did and we let the most productive among us control the discourse because even as Karl Marx noted the Jew is a finagler, they should be the last people controlling anything other than their own storefront windows. In America the Jew controls the media, the legal system, politics, the medical system and the educational system, this is cultural suicide. You monetarily incentivize birthing strong, productive and intelligent children while you stop dealing money out to the sudras for having crack babies. Democracy is social poison, every human being is born with certain inalienable rights just as outlined in Americas Bill of Rights and constitution, but nowhere, and I do mean fucking nowhere does it say voting is one of them. The three-hundred-pound blob with blue hair, a ring in her nose and an 80 IQ does not get to vote, nor does Manuel who just swam across the Rio Grande and no one ever said they should except the rent seekers as defined in our Bormann Faction who find it very easy to manipulate them through control of the media. It's really quite simple to fix E9 but it will take some real men with working penises to do it, and right now appears I'm in a very small minority…

  27. How to fix it? The rule of law vs natural law? That's a hard fox to fix. Natural law dictates there's more of the ignorant, the profane, the illiterate, the unwise–commoners– than there are the gnobility, wise and learned. Or at least those with commmon sense which isn't too common after all. How do we fix that? They are unwise not because they don't have access to knowledge, it's because of their inherent nature prevents them from going there. To put it more delicately, I'd say their level of self-development isn't there yet. Citizens of the archontic first, which just happen to be plopped down here in America. We would have to eliminate 3/4s of the nation's population but not sure that's a long term fix. And that seems to be underway without any intervention on my part or the use of bayonets even. I'm not sure how Jefferson could NOT know that a nation founded on higher principles would more than likely succumb to the rule of the mob–the illiterate and indoctrinated masses who want to be oppressed–fairly quickly. Ben Franklin alluded to it in reference to the Republic: " If you can keep it."

    Well we didn't keep it.

    At the inception of the nation we can say the cream was at the top, now it's an inversion. The curds rise to the top supported by more sour milk who support if only through apathy.

    But I'm all ears as to solutions. I'm sure there's some solutions that would tread on tender sensibilities like bayoneting snowflakes (smile). It's Ironic that Jefferson saw a republic in the teachings of Jesus based on rule of law rather than mob rule. And now here we are with Christian majority all succumbing not only to mob rule but direct democracy. Irony, irony,

    Or, we look at from a higher place and yeah that does seem like a cop out to solution-oriented people. These are the inherent rules of this plane of existence, this shite keeps happening over and over again, and the people who 'know' end up with a hemlock beverage. It's the material world.

    I don't know either.


  28. Yet … Mysticism is frequently occulted. Hidden knowledge. Hidden wisdom. Hidden initiation rites. If it's plain and readily available for consumer consumption it likely has little value in terms of personal spiritual growth. The ancient mystery schools kept certain wisdoms and initiation rites from the profane or rather, occulted them. The crucifixion and 'resurrection' of Christ is widely believed to be literal rather than allegorical of an initiation rite . So while occultism is not mysticism it is relative to it.


  29. I'll always read Duff, Jack– but nobody else on VT. All the good guys left anyway a few years ago as you've quite rightly pointed out. Now we have Shrimpton telling us all how gay he is in every article– eeewww, nice image, I personally could have done without knowing that, Shrimps; stick to the Huns and the Tommys having it out over the fresh muffins; or bombing Buenos Aires with a Vulcan Bomber, or summit'– and Jonas Alexis telling us….welllll…not much, really. (He does seem a little bit obsessed with historical rape, though.)

    To be honest, Duff doesn't even seem like Duff, anymore. His new stuff is like a cut n' paste pastiche of all the stuff he's written about before. As well as equating 'Trump voters' with murderers, child abusers and assorted criminal scum. Like any true lefty, he thinks that everybody thinks like he does, or if they don't, they must be deplorable know-nothings with no right to exist.

    (Or is it even Duff anymore? Deh Deh DEHHHHHHHH…)

    Annnnnd, of course, we have that silly old fool 'David Interesting Odell' yapping away in the comments section trying to convince us (over and over and ovvverrrrr)– or himself, probably– that it's a good idea to take a 'booster' on top of the original two. And that Royalty and Religion are bad ideas. Sooooo original. You're so lucky to live in the Land of the Slave and the Home of the Fee, brah.


    So, sure thaaang, Dave. Whatever you say. I'll gladly risk my health with an irreversible gene therapy because a Jabberwocky like you tells me it's safe in order to avoid catching another dose of the 'flu, LOL. Carol also seems reaaallly trustworthy. Like, she's a nurse!! Wow.

    You just keep yelping away at our heels, while the Caravan of Truth moves off toward the oasis.

    (Heyyyy, how's that for a metaphor,eh? There's more than one poet on here, y'alls.)

    Nine will be cycling alongside us in his Hulk wife beater, ripped jeans and chiselled, bronzed torso.

  30. E9
    Be careful to not equate occultism to mysticism. They are two very different things. One might say that the history of the mystical in America is all about this error.

  31. Jack, Jefferson controlled the narrative from the grave with his copious writing that lives forever as he used a razor knife to edit that dear King James Bible since any controlling narrative must contain truth.

    Jefferson saw for our fledgling republic in the teachings of Jesus the very basis of a civil republic based on the rule of law not the rule of the mob as direct democracy always leads to tyranny.

    How to fix this? For better minds than mine to ponder but if I find out you took that jab I know you are no longer human as we are pureblo9ds Jack.

  32. Thank you nine, I'm doing the best I can, we have deployed some of the best writers in the English language and our comment section is the best I've ever read on the internet. I'd far prefer to be on the front lines bayonetting snowflakes, Black and White, but apparently at sixty-two I'm the last American man left with a working penis…

  33. Jack, it appears our dear empire has lost control of the narrative!
    We are at war as in a battle the narrative is like heavy weapons deployed upon high ground.

    Individual stories and screenplays of course are like small arms quite important but he ey weapons in the end win wars along with small arms properly deployed as perhaps to win we must take the narrative as only the best writers can write a victory in our little war.

  34. Thanks Mike, you guys and girls can write whatever you want I'm not censoring you, but I will not publish propaganda. And after being affiliated with Veterans Today for seven years I'm like Kid Rock with a pig; I can spot propaganda from a mile away…

  35. Like anything else it is dependent on perspective. To get a better understanding one has to look at it in a 360 degree way. But people look at history from a black and white static POV. When the nation was first realized, the intention was to have one nation under god, the 'creator' not strictly Christian God per say. Creator being viewed as whatever one feels created them. A diety or nature. They left the door open on that one and it was filled with Christianity. We now know those driving the land towards an independent nation were more Masonic in thought than the masses of pilgrim, puritan or protestant where the creator was the god of the old testament and that was that. . That it was Christian nation was subject to the number of European nationalities that took root here, most of the predominantly Christian of some sort. Today I read any number of articles where the left leaning still think of the US as always being a strictly secular nation and want to return to that when really we never were. A misunderstanding about separation of church and state as if spiritually inclined people should never hold office. The right cries out about returning prayer to schools when I honestly never remember a prayer being said in school unless one was in a private, religious academy or parochial school. So yeah its a balancing act perspective. A lot of people base it on how they think it should be rather than the way it was intended.

    My dad told me that the prior to WW2 that the occult, esoteric, mystical and paranormal were common everyday reading or radio fodder. A broadly held interest if lacking national participation. Likely due to the rise of Theosophical Society and Spiritualism in the late 1800's such subjects were mainstream. Psychology Today was once all about the paranormal and covering the exploits of A. Crowely. Then the Thule society, and Nazi occultism happened, during the war, not to mention the Cold War Russian interest in parapsychology. Those same topics became verboten in America and broad interest didn't return again until the 60's where the public received a much watered down sort of mainstream mysticism. No accident I'm sure.

    It is interesting that many conventional Christians are quick to describe their 'personal' relationship with Jesus however cannot grasp the personal mystical experience(s) with the divine of those who are more esoterically inclined.


  36. John is an excellent writer. I personally wish he would explore this pandemic-response drama we're all forced to participate in from his personal point of view. He started doing that, but then switched gears.
    The truth is that this drama play didn't replace any of the old
    pains it actually just magnified them.
    This is taking me deep into Tartarus, so deep I literally have to remember to breathe.
    The Jews aren't innocent, Jack. But you are correct that for once the scam is bigger than them.
    I'll see what I can do, but don't give up on Mr. K. quite yet. Sometimes you have to point that dog towards the bird.

  37. I need another piece from you Mike in five or six days, John just sent me one that's totally unusable trying to pin this all on Schlomo ignoring the protests going on in Israel and all the Jews that have spoken out against this. I will not publish propaganda here, not the fucking queens propaganda or the propaganda of the CIA which would seeks only to divide the opposition because they now know that when this is done working for the CIA will get you an automatic death sentence.

  38. I met these two on Veterans Today before MI 6 thought it would be good idea to bring in Liberace as a managing editor and all the great writers who had assembled under their banner bailed. Their as good as it gets E9 and I highly recommend their book The Valediction, Three Nights of Desmond for any veteran wants to figure out exactly why they were fighting in Afghanistan.

  39. Religion has always had a prominent place in the USA, ever since it became a nation. When it comes to policy, ideas, and personal identity, religion provides the framework, and the avenue by which these things are shared. By it's very nature of dealing with faith and belief, religion has no requirement for rationality, either in an advisory or a directive role.
    Pat Buchanan has oft repeated his belief that the USA is a Christian country, and from the point of view of understanding it's society and culture, he has a point.
    Thus, it can be confusing to experience a confident irrationality that is religiously based, and imagine that it is rooted in some deep personal event, when it is often simply cultural.
    Deep seated beliefs can mimic authentic mystical experiences, yet they do not convey that power of the unknowable.
    Unfortunately, the irrationality of beliefs can and will carry over into the lives of those who subscribe to them. Thus, it is important to realize that much, if not most of what might casually appear to result from a personal experience with the numinous, is really something else.
    Mysticism, in it's genuine form, does not lead any group of people to war for dominance and control of other groups. Belief in manifest destiny, the right of the crown to conquest, or some other national identity issue thus cannot constitute a true mystical stance.
    The mystical is much maligned in modern America, because it is in danger of becoming a catch all phrase for any theory, idea, or notion that lacks a rational basis, and contains a suitable amount of ok ahh.
    What is mystical in truth is a specific term for direct and personal experience with the divine. Mystical experience requires an involvement on the part of the participants, it demands a humble approach, and will always leave one with more questions and greater depths to explore.
    A culture uninformed by mysticism, such as the USA could possibly be forgiven for a lack of understanding of the mystical, but the current appropriation of the term destroys it's genuine meaning in exchange for one that is essentially meaningless.

  40. Oh yeah. Way back I read an article about how Reagan was attempting to create an apocalypse scenario. I can't source it; the title is lost in the zillion hours of reading I've done over the years but I filed the notion away for future reference. The premise is that A Biblical apocalypse wouldn't occur on its own so one had to be created. That was to be achieved via the whole Russia and Afghanistan conflict with a smatter of Edgar Cayce-esque predictions to round things off. To the credulous Xian community this would appear to a be a sort Revelations type scenario. A convincing one I'm sure. If God didn't open the seven seals well the DOD could loose them; so could weather engineering, etc. All kinds of ways to create a convincing fake apocalypse especially now with today's technology. At any rate the entire matter fell off the conspiracy map in the intervening years especially as it seems a Xian moral majority willing to believe that the end is near has collapsed under the weight of the woke generation of politics. Still in the intervening years the US has had this vast interest in waging war in nations that held ancient artifacts of knowledge; Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, Iran and Iraq. Power. All those places sourced back to ancient knowledge that the church destroyed, hid or assumed for itself. Then we discovered the Family on C street, a secret society of allegedly Christian politicians who have at least been influencing if not steering US foreign policy in DC during this entire time so the woke crowd. That collapse into immoral degeneracy and stupidity, may be another facade created, and used, to convince people we are indeed in the end times and that a moral majority no longer holds sway. It appears it does and it always has but I'd hardly call it moral. Or even religious. Or well-intended. Or even Christian. I'm sort of connecting the dots here but this seems to tie in splendidly with Reagan's plan which also included the Star Wars plan which I believe was just recently unveiled as a reality by the public formation of Space Force. Using one Abrahamic religion to advance the alleged the agenda of another even though it could hardly be called Christian in the first place. To what end, I'm not sure. The usual ones I reckon. Good stuff. I'm going to peck around some more.