I stood upon the raw desert plain, waiting, in silence, beneath the brilliant blue sky. In the deepest distance a disturbance appeared, a tiny point of darkness in the perfect blue. I knew that it perceived my presence, and in that awareness it turned towards me. The black ripple sped towards me with incredible speed, growing in size to blot out the majority of the sky. It hovered there, in a form exactly as described so long ago, a twisted grey abortion. My eyes followed its contorted form, and within it was an evocation of every corruption manifested by mankind, every dark desire, every underhanded plan. Its form evoked jealousy, mindless greed, extreme selfishness. Its presence was pain, and as it shape shifted into those desperate actions of mankind, vanishing within their darkest dreams and agendas, I realized that few would ever be aware of this entity, and fewer would ever know that the Archon exists.

Implicit here is the discovery that the entities of the lower order both shape and embody the motives and instincts that drive behavior in this physical reality.

Archon is understood to have an operative definition of “ruler”, not in the sense of a King, or Queen, but in the sense of a petty administrator, one who might be seen today as a corporate-government bureaucrat. Archons are of many orders, and of many states, and the fabrication of this cosmos by the demiurge is both fashioned and maintained through the activity of Archons. This activity includes the fashioning of the human form. This is the reason why modern scientism teased mankind with stories of being “stardust”.

This, however, is not the full story of mankind. Mankind carries the divine spark. The descent of Sophia to the abyss brought that flicker of her light into all of matter. In the song of the Voluspa, it was the tripartite divinity which bestowed that motive force to Ash and Elm. Thus, in mankind lies a realizable potential, an assumption of true humanity within the Archontic structure of the form of mankind.

This then, sets into motion an essential duality, a divided state that can only be realized to be truly known. It also means that the primary driver of this reality is the Archontic.

Archontic then, is the existence of the state whereby that spark from divinity remains unrealized. Over the years, archon has become a pseudonym for evil, but what it really is, is a term for the dead end mechanical universe of matter, and the thinking that accompanies it. All five of our senses, our nervous and circulatory systems, our methods of belief and our single minded focus, all have their origin in the organization of the cosmos, and mankind. In keeping with the lower order of creation that we inhabit, our primary drives are primitive, instinctual, and unconscious. The urge to control, to exercise power, to dominate, and to artificially usurp the divine is all there in the Archontic blueprint.

Archons are real. They exist, and their nature is to realize their order through the activity of mankind.

Enter the circus of Covid, and the relentless, illogical, and seemingly insane plan to inject the world with dubious pharmaceuticals, a plan which can only be enabled and actualized by way of unprecedented censorship, coercion in the extreme, coupled with persistent, blatant, outright lies. If this agenda is taken at face value, as a medical crisis, which is exactly what most do, the shaky ground upon which the entire narrative is built causes it to fall apart. For example, it is impossible to paint the injection campaign as an effort to end a pandemic, when cheap and effective early intervention treatments are-often illegally suppressed. This disconnect has been variously explained away as everything from incompetence to graft and greed. Yet in the case of such “rational” explanations, too much is swept under the rug, and ignored.

Some years ago, during nascent discussions involving robots and intelligence, i.e.; spying, it was concluded that the perfect form for this application had already been realized. If one truly wished to infiltrate, to invade, and to occupy, the ideal form was the insect. In the ancient shamanic cultures, the insect can be a source of protection, a sort of spiritual armor, but it is also a projectile, a weapon launched in order to cause harm. Whilst there are higher orders to the insect kingdom, most notably the Bee, the greater bulk of insectoids, forms bearing resemblance to insects, carry with them the features of imbalance, pathology, and excess.

From the point of view of one wishing to dominate, an insect would be a very useful slave, and the ability to reduce mankind to the kind of collective ordering seen in ants, for example, would be very desirable. Such goals, in fact, were clear in the writing of Bertram Russell. In Science on Society, he clearly stated his goals in education were to create subjects which were completely controlled by the elite. Further, he saw this process as a continuing one, where he used the metaphor of calling snow black, stating clearly that cognitive devastation was a long term goal. Russell is of course, portrayed as a giant in education.

Aldous Huxley and others became enamored with the idea of creating schizophrenic breaks in consciousness, breaks that in their theories would create the need to reassemble the mind. Much of the LSD experimentation of the 1960s was an attempt to put this theory to the test, with the idea that reassembly could be advanced with greater outside control. The failure of these experiments to produce the desired results didn’t dissuade the wannabe puppet masters; it just convinced them they needed to further develop their manipulations of psychology and biology, and the myth of the machine.

This development included an expansion into deep psychology, especially into understanding the emotional complex of fear. Psychologists like James Hillman used this knowledge of fear in developing methods to introduce concepts and ideas beyond the filter of the conscious mind. Advertising has long entered into psychological warfare against the psyche of mankind. Subliminal images, coded flashing lights, and renditions of skulls, skeletal objects, and other memes of fear and death have long been deployed by advertisers to sell products to an unwitting public. It just so happens that the insect, in some of its forms, is capable of evoking similar primal reactions.

Further, the exploration by depth psychology has proven the existence of a spiritual nature to consciousness. From the perspective of dominance, allowing a spiritual life, especially one that cannot be enveloped and smothered by an official religion, is useless. Spiritual competency tends to bring a cessation of full enlistment into the affairs of the dominant society. It creates a condition whereby the happiness and peace that is enjoyed is not dependent upon the whims and crimes of the ruling classes. Ultimately, such perspectives have the potential to transform the society itself, a fact that is anathema to those who rule by lower impulses.

The lesson learned thus transformed the raw bombardment by LSD, to the more subtle approach of pharmaceuticals as the driving force for cognitive paralysis, coupled with an agenda of media manipulation partially orchestrated by various intelligence services, as well as corporate control programs. The sophistication of the petroleum based pharmaceutical assault began soon after the Rockefeller led destruction of Naturopathy, completed by the mid 20th century, with the introduction of the polio “vaccine”.

Naturopathy had been the dominant form of medicine in America for generations before the Rockefeller offensive. It followed a completely different model from the Louis Pasteur method of blaming illness on invisible pathogenic particles. Naturopathy was strongly herb based, focused upon detoxification of environment and body. It employed thousands of years of knowledge of herb and plant based medicine, and its record of keeping people well was untarnished.

Yet the Archontic energetic never rests. The destruction of Naturopathy employed a strategy that used crime, intimidation, and payed-for-cowards in high places to advance their new version of medicine that included massive reliance upon invasive surgeries. Soon the governing bodies of universities were flooded with lackeys for invasive medicine, leaving the condition today that it is impossible to practice Naturopathy, except as an adjunct to other, more accepted medical disciplines. Petroleum based pharmaceuticals never looked back from their media based lift off courtesy of polio. Their use has never declined, never retreated. Modern medicine has used their oil based drugs to create unprecedented global dependency and addiction. Even before the orchestration that is the “pandemic”, the medical industry was far and wide the leading cause of death in the USA. The current manipulations only further solidify that lead.

This dependency has allowed massive inroads by globalists like Bill Gates, to advance entire agendas of the development and deployment of so called vaccines, which a drug addled world eagerly accepts. Never mind that the Covid” vaccines” were patented before the outbreak of the pandemic, in what the one and only Klaus Schwab might describe as “prescient”. The media, business, and government are barely conscious treadmills of noise that mindlessly ignore the significant; that the inevitable merge of oil based medicine and transhumanism has now occurred.

A thinking person might ask why the WEF, World Economic Forum, is leading and coordinating the so called global response to the ostensible medical emergency of the pandemic, instead of say-a medical organization. The answer is that in order for your injections to feature the transhuman agenda, they have to be coordinated by transhumanists. The recent meme circulating around social media is actually quite telling. Without fully repeating the ode to stupidity, it essentially states that not knowing what is in the injection is no reason to avoid injection. The reason why no one knows what is in their injections is because there has never been a release of ingredients. They could literally be injecting trusting recipients with graphene, graphene oxide, aluminum, nanotechnology, dead DNA, biological sensors, and insectoid matrixes, without those who proudly proclaim their ignorance having the slightest idea that they are guinea pigs. There is no transparent coordinating body that reports to the public, any public, on what is in the various batches of “vaccines”.

Mankind has been relentlessly attacked by an endless barrage of psychological and biological repurposing for decades, and it has brought us here to this stage of devolution, where the highest orders of society have nothing better to do than work towards their mythic singularity through the most devious, deceptive, and destructive agenda they can manifest.

How could this happen? How could this come to be? Who let their guard down? Who is to blame? Who should we go out and wreak vengeance upon?


The Demiurge organized the Cosmos with great deficiency. The deficiency without is the deficiency within, and we can all run headlong into this deficiency with a very simple thought experiment; Silence the mind. The silence of the mind is that threshold into pure awareness. It is the moment of the Now stretched into eternity. Few can actually perform this experiment; very few can find the space which lies in between their internal noise. For the majority, their internal chatter is not only their constant companion; it is their very definition of self. Thus, the vast majority of mankind never has any experience of true awareness; instead they believe the raucous promise of the buisy Archontic mind.

Here lies the first step, and the first explanation for why things are as they are. Mankind is duped into believing that the tool for functioning in this reality is the reality itself. This error is the sleep of the archons, and it is fatal. When the ancient Gnostic sages wrote that their battle was not with men, but with the error, this is what they referred to, The silence of the mind opens the way to true self, but the endless noise; the emotion, the response, the thinking and the imagining, the conclusions and the ambitions, the secret plans and the hateful recompense, all belong to the Archontic, and they always rise to challenge the divine spark, which can only be realized through silence.

We have touched on the condition earlier that it is the realm of the Archontic to manifest hate, greed, separation, and what we describe as evil in mankind. This occurs through the raging Archontic mind that mankind erroneously believes they control, and the errant Archontic heart, which is a topic for a different time.

Transhumanists are convinced that their singularity will enable their scheming selves to attain an electronic fountain of youth. They do not know the true self, and their determination to enshrine the lower will inevitably bring destruction upon their heads. They like to think that they are the masters of the time, that they and only they decide and declare their agenda for the credulous. They are the laughing stock, for their deceit and their dark ambitions were never their own. Their emotions rule them. Their thoughts think them. Their outrage controls them, and their insect revolution is at its heart, fragile and weak.

Some seem to believe that the cure for the insect infestation received via the injections is to oxygenate the body. They believe that for those who have surrendered their birthright, a magic vitamin, a simple pill, can return to them what they gave away. Yet we know from chemists, who understand the bonds, that no vitamin is going to break up the replicant structure of graphene, and no amount of added oxygen is going to solve the attack of the inorganic bugs in the blood.

The choice to accept genetic modification, as outlined in A Perfection of Error, is not something that is easily undone, like the tying and untying of laces on a shoe. The choice to be genetically modified by those who hate you extends into the future for your race, and your energy. There really is such a thing as race.  Race is the expression of DNA and history. Genetic modification interferes with this history, and especially interferes with the template provided by DNA for that specific experience. Those who so cavalierly choose to reject this responsibility will find themselves at sea without a sail, as they have rejected the gift from their ancestors.

Yes, it is true that the disinformation campaign from “education” has sought to deny the reality of race. As with the current effort to cognitively damage mankind by claiming that gender is elective, race is seen as reducible to common whim. Taken to its current excessive level, these efforts, and those like them, seek to nullify that which cannot be nullified. The errant belief that biology is subject to wish fulfillment phantasie creates a great deal of dissociative stress, which is a technical term for certifiably crazy, and provides opportunity for mass insanity movements such as the so called pandemic, where the cure only offers inextricable immersion into a deeply dysfunctional and self destructive narrative.

Once subject to this agenda, there is very little that can be done. Most effective is to fight this on a spiritual level, via the silence, and together with natural bolsters for the blood and spirit. Yet the most effective effort will be to work towards the protection and integrity of the future generations, to prevent the innocent from falling victim to the mad injection campaign.

Beyond the personal, the effective route through this mass insanity event is found via the recovery of the deep purpose of mankind, which is unique to each race, as each race has its own vector. Broadly speaking however, all of mankind is the pioneering species, a life form that actualizes concepts, beliefs, and manifestations that were not part of the original cosmic design, bringing them into existence within it. This expands the scope of the cosmic design, while altering the very experience of reality. Thus the genius and tenacity of mankind are true contributions, true advances, when correctly realized and acted upon.

This flies in the face of the purpose behind this latest mass insanity movement, and its hidden ally, the inorganic insect. The graphene in the injections, suitably decorated, acts as a magnet for DNA and RNA. The self replicating nature of nanotechnology thus creates long chains of reactive nanoparticles, which attach and grow upon a central hub, or “head”, usually comprised of a heavy metal irreducible via the natural bodily systems, such as aluminum. Together, such form into inorganic structures that take on insectoid appearances, and interfere with the proper functioning of the blood and body. This is the insect revolution of the mass injection protocols, and as structures capable of providing their own magnetism via electronic fields, they are directly designed, despite their weakness, to introduce lower vibratory auras, and thus cut off the link discovered by deep psychology, and known by the masters since the beginning, to the divine.

The aim behind such is a great regression in functioning, especially cognitive, for the purpose of creating dim witted, obedient slaves. We recognize this objective in previous programs, from MK Ultra, to the Fabian Society, and beyond. The fact that it greatly shortens life expectancy, shatters the reproductive organs, and outright kills is hardly an impediment. Bill Gates’ polio vaccine permanently injured tens of thousands of Indian children, which apparently was a warm up for its distribution into Africa, where it is blamed for introducing an even more virulent form of the illness, on the eve of the WHO claiming polio was eradicated there. Few seem to recall Gates chortling some years ago, about vaccines bringing new possibilities to population control.

The transhuman agenda purports to hold the keys of life within its bristling computer networks, but just like its phantasie biology, it is an abrogation of the deep purpose, a perversion of the template of DNA. The agenda purports no knowledge of the divine spark, no comprehension of the true self, only an endless corrupt advance via deception, deceit, and lies.

What then of the Archons, ruling human nature through the counterfeit identity, blinding with ignorance, capturing through raging emotions, enslaving through fear? Few will ever know of their existence, or even understand their role. This one is up to mankind to become human. It is to find the reality beyond the nightmare of dissolution. The forces against this are mighty, yet we never had any choice, except to join the fray.


  1. No eloquence here, just to add: prior to the current "plague" Medical errors had just achieved the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. Most major hospital systems were trying to address and train employees in ways to reduce the numbers. The training programs strongly implied that these deaths where due to things healthcare professionals where responsible for and not baked into healthcare itself. Certainly professional errors and lapses occur but to the tune of the #3 leading cause of death from medical error? I would attribute the majority of those deaths to bad medicine and not the providers. Now we are to believe that same system has come down from 'heaven' to save us with their scientific miracle. Well I've been vax'ed and boosted like a good little soldier and am quarantined for my 5 day sentence before returning to the hospital on day 6 after getting the Omni version of the mild flu. Three injections dumber.

  2. The data continues to find its way in, through the edges, and the cracks in the oppressive facade of modern existence. The death rate continues it's relentless climb.
    It will be impossible soon, to not know someone who died "mysteriously" from exceedingly "rare" medical events.
    Fauci is correct to perceive that he is in danger, and as the mouthpiece for manslaughter, he is giving shape to the fear that their cadre of corruption have already brought to the USA.
    Yet their hubris continues to dismiss the true direction of the heat that is centering upon them.
    The vision of the black ocean returns and returns, calm and measured, implacable as the arc of the sun.
    It would be in their best interests to come clean, to reverse their stance, and dedicate their efforts to providing assistance, and perhaps even mitigation to those they so willingly mangle.
    It's too late now, to avoid the waves of suffering and death, but it will be remembered, how the media, enshrined as a bulwark against tyranny, whored itself out to advance the agenda.
    Basillides might say, that everyone is as innocent as a baby, as they are but pawns of their condition, and will be doomed to pay for their butchering, as have pawns forever paid.
    The vision of the black ocean, is the voice proclaiming the hunting times are near. Vengeance then will be it's own reward, and mankind will once again learn that sitting on piles of ill begotten L-oot does not make them great.
    I make no claims to celebrating vengeance, yet it is the banner of many here, and even junkyard dogs will have their day.
    Much better to heed her words, who came from the Great Power. Yet the immovable generation is all but forgotten amongst a people who celebrate the theft of their spirit.

  3. Thus it is that the madness of the world is the mystery of its fear.
    The terrible and the tyrannical is moored in a great weakness, and the failure of their vision is the blind Samael.
    No more will those of means in this society arrange themselves for greater things. Now they single in their weakness, betraying even their own base cunning as the poverty of their actions looses its cloak of deception.
    It is the inevitable end of would be gods driven mad by the lusts of the great Archon. So too it will be the end of those who love them more than the living light.
    The mystery of their fear sends them scrambling, and the iron they cannot bend has anchored their feet, so they flail and seek to perfect the dream they were given by the rulers who will devour them due to the mystery of their fear.
    There is no solution, no hope, nor answer to the swirling Archontic mind.
    There is no understanding, only rude bestial cravings given form through the Archontic heart.
    They march in their madness to the edge of their world, demanding homage, worship and faith.
    They will plunge into the waters helpless and unbelieving as the sea offers them up.
    For their wealth is theft, and their truths are lies, and the only mystery they hold is the mystery of their fear.


  4. Transformation.
    Transformation is the motion of this reality. We are entrained to believe in certainty, in the sacred finality of states. Yet this worship is a corruption, because absolutely nothing stays the same.
    There is no ultimate state of soil, no eternal temperature, no equilibrium of form. There is no Archontic mind that is whole, complete, at rest.
    Transformation rules all of existence, as the states of being we enshrine devour others, decay, and combine.
    Thus, any killing is change, and any killed changes its form. The Hawk, and the Rat it eats, both die to the same soil.
    Yet beyond the veil is a different order, a place of Light and generation.
    Do not mistake the path in the shifting chimera of existence for the essence that spawns it, for this is the mistake we are driven by again and again like stupid beasts gnawing on dead bones and expecting meat.
    The divine spark realised is our goal, for it is through such that the unsound mind of the Demiurge finds itself, and how we ourselves discover our own soundness of mind.

  5. It's possible Morrison is not dead, Jack, at least he did not perhaps "roll a 7" way back when the whore press said he did. Many anomalies surrounded his alleged demise. No autopsy, no wake, a very quick burial, and the only person who allegedly saw his corpse was his junkie lover, Pamela Courson who rolled a 7 a few scant years later. He was always re-inventing himself so he may just have re-invented into a new persona so he'd be left the fuck alone after playing his role for the entertainment division of the Cryptocracy. I believe cats historically are the last or most recent animals man has domesticated. That would at least partially explain their fierce spirit of independence.

  6. Never heard of the Doors till the strange strange death of Morrisson recorded in the book. We were listening to AC as the albums came out, John's mother worked for a record company, this one was played over and over again before we even smoked pot, in 2016 I'm found out why. Harm a cat in this world and you surely fucked in the next, so good luck to all you cat haters out there…

  7. Great analogy about the kitten/cat, Jack. They are my favorite animals, along with wolves. I know how much you revere them as well. Doesn't it crack you up when certain pseudo-macho assholes bray like jackasses in a pepper patch that it is "unmanly" to love cats? The ancient Egyptians worshiped the cat and any scumbag caught harming one was put to death. It should be that way here, now, and everywhere. Outstanding lyrics there. I think Jim Morrison alluded to the same thing when he sang, "Riders of the storm, into this house we're born …"

  8. What do you mean Heretic? Don’t recant I loved your comment. I just said almost the same thing to my patrons a couple of days ago:
    ‘Maybe somewhere in there we can find some answers but the questions, for me at least, are fading like the light from a child's eyes as they grow up. A cat begins life as a kitten, full of play and mirth, but if it is to survive it grows into a killer. This place makes killers out of all of us.’
    I was given this album with a very special video for Halo of Flies when I came back from Florida.

    What did I do to deserve such a fate I didn't really want to get involved in this thing
    Someone handed me this gun and I I gave it everything yeah I gave it everything
    I came into this life looked all around I saw just what I liked and took what I found
    Nothing came easy nothing came free nothing came at all until they came after me


  9. Great comment B, they’ll be saying it was all their plan until the final flush of the toilet. I’m through with words with them, as Charlton Heston once said “behold the power of God…” And by all means enjoy they’ve had it coming ever since the world began.
    I told you about that mass formation nonsense B when he said it, now even the dummies that do “fact checking,” (ever wonder why they’ve never fact checked us?) piled all over it.
    Yea Mr and Mrs Normie branded me as a criminal on the say so of their beloved corrupt cops long ago when they should have been pinning medals on me or I never would have attended this dance:
    They had this coming too, rent seekers and paper pushers living smug in million-dollar homes and watching CNN, thinking their entitled to it why the fucking farmer and the carpenter can’t pay the bills and the soldier blows his brains out in some godforsaken alleyway. Even so none of this need have happened till 2016 when it became inevitable, thanks to “Anu” up there…

  10. There's been a lot of talk lately about 'mass formation' (WTF is that even supposed to mean?), 'mass psychosis', 'mass hypnosis', etc. But, what if it's really just Normie being Normie; and NPCs being NPCs?

    Liberals make the mistake of thinking everyone else thinks like they do– and that there must be 'an explanation' for everything; scientific, theological, 'rational', whatever.
    Moreover, that there must be an explanation as to why their 'liberal worldview' (LOL) has been turned upside down in less than 24 months without nary a whimper from anyone. Not even the ivory towers of their academia.

    They are now liberals without liberty– and the smarter among them is starting to figure that out, dread is creeping in, perfumed panties are being soiled, and of course, 'the Nazis were the first example of mass hypnosis' rotten old canard has been brought up yet again by way of an explanation, and to back up a defunct and very much outdated 'liberal mindset' once more.

    Fucking yawn, the banality of repetition by half-wits.

    (Kind of like the idea of cruising 'round the South China Sea in the year 2022 in a historical, water going relic formerly known as an 'aircraft carrier', LOLLLLLL~~~

    Hint for the militarily unaware: hypersonic missiles, swarm munitions, and undetectable, magnetized (wink wink) underwater drones– which you won't hear your favourite retired general talking about on Tucker Ben Carlensohn.)

    But feelings don't care about facts; and Normie just does as he's told yet again out of fear, or greed, or what fucking ever. Probably most likely an inability to think. (2+2=4=racist). While the smarter liberals scratch their heads and say: there muussssssst be an explanation….!!??

    Nah, there IS no explanation. Other than Normie is Normie, Donkeys like carrots, and an NPC is an NPC. Ad infinitum.

    And that, mon amee, is based on years of direct experience fortified by sound observation and reflection.

    as for the article above? I've printed it out, put it on my desk, and will re-read it once a day for the rest of the month. I'd say I'd forward it to everyone I know, too, but I can do without the heat. There's enough shit going on 'round our parts as it is. And eyes are all on the non-conformers.

    Used to be in our game that was the only show in town. 'Ministry at the frontiers' we used to call it. Nowadays it seems it's cool that everybody's cowering at home, very much behind the walls Carthusian style, watching Netflix and leaving old folks to die in a care home without nary a mass or a sacrament.

    Things change, eh? (And Normie be like: duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…)


  11. I meant in this world, the world of the Demiurge, everything else is a lie. This reality so-called is built on a pyramid of lies. That is indisputable. It in no way detracts from the truths Jack and Mike convey with such profundity.

  12. Glad to see you are reading. How do you think its going to end? This is one ending right here, sitting in a mudpuddle somewhere on a barren hill playing with dead things, alone, for the rest of eternity. That might make a very good ending but I still kinda like the Norse one. We shall see…

  13. Brahmin is the demiurge? Oh that’s a new one on me, Has this guy done more that even cursory examination of the Vedas? Does he understand the link between the Asura and the Aser? King Sudra? The War of Ten Kings? The Aryans? Indra? That’s why Mike is writing here and he is not…

  14. Yes,
    No one wants to face the evident reality that the model of modern society is now dysfunctional, yet it most certainly is.

  15. If I led you here, then I am either lacking in my writing or my ability to convey the truth.
    Simply because the path shifts and changes, altering colours, spinning yarns doesn't mean there is no truth.
    It simply is far more sophisticated than the Archontic mind.

  16. Not my words but to the point I think Jack knows me as ANU I use that mane to annoy him ha ha!

    Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire populationŠ For the first time in human history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem."

    A Belgian Professor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Mattias Desmet, recently articulated how this is playing out on a global scale. His concept of "mass formation" (ie, global delusion) is predicated on four conditions that must first be met.
    1. The masses must feel alone and isolated.
    2. Their lives must feel pointless and meaningless.
    3. The masses then must experience constant free-floating anxiety
    4. They must experience free-floating frustration and aggression.

    (Note: Free-floating means that there is no discernible source for aggression or anxiety.)
    It should be self-evident that all four have been masterfully set into motion with the Great Panic of 2020.
    Watch… "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRo-ieBEw-8"

    How have Technocrats worked mass formation to their own benefit? Here's a few observations:
    * National and global identification systems have become mainstream
    * Control over travel via vaccine passports
    * The disintegration of democratic governments and rise of authoritarianism (think Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand.)
    * Control over propaganda and suppression of free speech and dissent
    * The conduit of needle-to-arm has been firmly established to endlessly feed genetically modified substances into the human population.

    Who is in Control?
    People are looking to government to set the ship aright. This is futile. Technocrats control governments, not the other way around. Behind every government leader in the world, there is an unelected and unaccountable hoard of medical technocrats who are dictating policies and telling the politicians what to do. Thus, yelling at elected officials is completely misdirected and pointless. They are not the power structure. Politicians throughout the world, and especially in America, have no idea of the vitriolic hatred that Technocracy harbors toward them.

    Again, The Technocrat magazine gives the reason: "There will be no place for Politics, Politicians, Finance or Financiers, Rackets or Racketeers." When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in 1932, the same year that Technocracy was codified at Columbia University, they publicly called for him to summarily dismiss all elected officials and appoint Technocrats in their place to run the nation. FDR was too shrewd to go along with the proposition.

  17. Jack,
    The 300 Spartans have fallen. They fought with superhuman bravery and skill, but Empire has made their armor their trophy. Now it is up to the rest of us. Soon, too soon, it will get more desperate.

  18. Julian,
    I lost one my most beloved connexions just recently, who had a collection of magnificent lore from Portugal. All gone. I don't have any ability to print or save important information, so she and it is dearly missed.
    Portugal and Scotland were the two main centers where the shattered Templari recollected their treasures, and reformed their order. The King of Portugal refused to allow the French persecution in his domain, and the much maligned knights of christ were part of that result.
    The curse of the Grand Master brought ruin to all of Europe, and as I wrote Jack earlier, this curse still reverberates today, and it is part of the pandemic.
    No one has performed the task to set the charge to its correct dissolution, because they can't.
    A military morality directs that one's foes are to be neutralized. We are living it.

  19. I've just read a comment section in the Washington Post, ya all should too just to understand the length and breadth of the idiocy we are dealing with. Read this then read that, let me know if you think we can coexist with these agglutinations in an egalitarian way. The Covidians have exposed themselves like roaches in the light, now we must learn to live with them or exterminate them. I'm choosing the latter, I fucking hate cockroaches.

  20. Even as we open up another front in this intellectual war, we must keep the home front strong. Mike, as is John, is doing a great job. We're going back to England Julien, lunch with Crowley and Bell at the Waldorf and Crowley's own little school for boys, I'll need more facts on this Grosvenor kid…

  21. A superb piece, once again Mike.
    I am almost at the end of my Templar research trip to Portugal and the Gnostic symbols are everywhere.
    I will attempt to collate them upon my return to Albion.
    The pregnant Madonna, holy hermaphrodites and all manner of heresy lives on in Lusitania, the last nation of Amor in plain sight.

  22. Ultimately, this development of the religious expression of European people, towards smaller groups of worshippers, proves that the church was primarily a political organization, overwhelmingly focused upon its own temporal success.
    The fact that these groups were consistently subject to eradication campaigns because they had a functional mysticism which removed them from the choke hold of dogma, was a threat to political hegemony, and thus this threat was dealt with in a most brutal fashion.
    Allegro was a great linguist, and he uncovered something that to this day is ignored in regards to names, that they were coded messages.
    He got it without exactly knowing why. I would need another piece to explain, but it has to do with initiation and development of a spiritual skill set.
    This stuff is so far away from Judaism and Christianity that it isn't even funny. The Gnostic is not a Christian. Christianity was organized from the ashes of Gnosticism, as was Judaism.
    The mystical discipline is the connexion to the divine, and the gospel is the means of transmission. This is why his Holiness the Dalai Lama recently read from scripture to those who care on a worldwide internet service. He is working to keep his people alive.

  23. Latest news regarding the injections of the holy communion of covidianity…
    Genetic modification includes the destruction of what doctors call the immune surveillance system.
    The genocide we have been warning you about is full swing.
    See Global Research and Dr Yeadon, covering an Intel dump from Dr Bhakti.


  24. As to whom is revising the Cathars out of existence, it is mostly medieval historians, NOT religious figures, at least not yet. It's because, and I repeat, they don't understand mysticism.
    Yes, pointing out various groups all heaped into the heretic camp, yet with personal perspectives is what one would expect from groups that form around various visionaries.
    I wrote earlier that Europe and Russia were particularly gifted in those touched by the numinous, however, for those who developed followers, one might expect smaller groups to form, and even outlive their originator.
    Jesus could not only appear to those with eyes to see, but convey messages to those with ears to hear, and kiss his beloved Mary on the lips. This is an amazing power, but you are correct that such is not a typical animal body, nor a form subject to the Archons.

  25. Cathars may well be a term coined later, a bunching together of all "heretical" congregations, and as such not limited to South of France. Cologne is said to be the biggest center north, right in the heart of Roman Catholicism. Like Waldenser, see their emblem, most enlightening https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldensians. All along the Rhine there were congregations of Cathars. The bunching by later scholars has parallels to assigned terms like Slavs, Saxons

  26. With all respect, Mike, I don't know which people now claim the Cathars never existed, but that's a new one on me. Who were all of those Christian "heretics" in the 1200s the Roman "church" burned at the stake? Who were the victims of the massacre at Montsegur? What was the primary faith of Occitania in the high Middle Ages that drove the Roman "church" into a paroxysm of rage and brought on the Inquisition? They existed all right, unfortunately the usual suspects destroyed practically all of the unbiased records and accounts of them and their faith. They did believe in Jesus Christ but maintained it was a fiction he died on the cross because they believed that an emissary from the highest realms or the pleroma would never take on an animal body that defecates. I am familiar with the name John Allegro but not his work. I will definitely check him out. Miguel Serrano had a close friend who was a Cathar poet albeit of the 20th century of course..

  27. Wow, great article Mike! And very astute comments that added to it and I belive you defined Spirit and that definition is not dogma like religion teaches but direct experience right to the heart of the individual as this clarified much in my mind. Well done!

  28. The term "Christian" has a long and mostly unknown history. It was actually a distillation of a much older term, which had to do with exalted, or divine status.
    The early church fathers, Justin Martyr, Origen, all performed various "editing" duties in the record to make it appear that the term was older and of a better historic pedigree.
    Gnostics could well be Christians, in the sense that they were the people of the Crist, sometimes transliterated as Crest. Thus Crestians became Christians.
    Famous Crests in history include Isis and Jesus.
    The Cathars have recently been subject to revisionist scholarship, and now are accused of not even existing.
    Pretty funny, from Christians to nothing.
    Anyhow, the Cathars were not Christian in any normative sense of the word, although since some people now think they never existed, calling them Christian is no big deal.
    Christian Cathars is in the same vein as Christian Templars, meaning that since it was necessary to move within certain circles, self preservation required a working sense in Navigation, except it didn't work very well, now did it?
    The Christian sense, if it even exists anymore, was derived from a largely political purpose. For those who might find some spiritual value therein, such is night and day different from the various paths of Gnosticism.
    Scholars invented the "Christian Gnostic" term, because they don't have the slightest clue about experiential mysticism, or what Jesus really was before appropriation. Possibly the only scholar on the right track was John Allegro, but he passed away a while ago, and to my knowledge, no one has the courage to take up where he left off.

  29. That is the Babylonian, pedphiliac, Roman Catholic "church" that wiped out Gnostics, not true primordial Christians. The Gnostic Christians, as exemplified by the Cathars, considered the R.C. "church" the Antichrist. Most Gnostic sects were not Christian but some of them were. The Cathars willingly went through the fire for their faith. I wonder how many of the adherents of the other Gnostic sects would do the same. You are correct, the essence of organized religion (a control cage) is dogma. Gnostics, Christian or not, go by experience. The sheep that follow organized religion go by belief. Most of them are beyond redemption. They talk the talk, Gnostics walk the walk.

  30. Its kind of funny to me that Christianity, which has wiped out Gnostics since they arrived under the wing of Constantine, still seeks to own them.
    Gnosticism is a corpus of experiential discoveries, and as such it has many interpretations, yet as Dr. Jones writes, it isn't Christian.
    The essence of religion is dogma. The essence of any mysticism is experience.
    Ultimately the history of Gnosticism is notable for a diversity of voices, all of which are describing personal experience from a specific perspective.
    To the casual view this is confusion, and it cannot be remedied. Perhaps this is one reason for the popularity of religion as such, a specific answer to the question of existence.
    In the end, the view of the mystic is that an explanation is only as good as the structure it provides, because in the final tally, it is only an explanation.

  31. Semantics can enhance the mind as well as fracture it. I'm somewhat familiar with the Gnostic Christian teachings of Basillides. He was a Dualist, like the great Pastor Robert E. Miles in our time. I have chosen my own, before I came into the flesh.

  32. Basillides wrote that there are Demiurges within Demiurges and cosmos with cosmos.
    We are not here to fracture the mind with semantics, but to provide a path for the organization of experience. It isn't the only one, and you are free to choose your own.

  33. Personally speaking, I have great respect for Buddhism. Their body of literature is vast, and comprehensive. I also have great respect for the active spirituality of Native Americans, a term which few of them like, and have personally formed the perspective that the Tibetan Bon tradition is extremely important to humanity.
    I do not currently participate in any of them, but I understand that as Raymond Bernard once said, all valid paths lead to the mountain top in their own time, and their own way.
    There is a very strong cultural and racial root to spiritual traditions. Admitting such is not politically correct, yet as mankind has different identities, it also has different spiritual paths.

  34. Another masterpiece by Mike. On topic, I always thought that the psychopathic, anthropomorphic demon god of the Old Testament, the daddy of the chozen pipple, was the Demiurge. However according to Miguel Serrano, Yahweh, or Jehovah, or Yaldabaoth ( whatever his handle, he's the same cosmic cocksucker)is not. He is instead the chief henchman of the Demiurge. I concede to Master Serrano.

  35. One of the so far most comprehensive summaries, without omitting any of the higher and highest aspects of what’s going on. In great Parts identidad or at least compartible to buddhist world view, it shows again the countless number of paths that lead to truth and understanding.