I really don’t want too but after watching Harry Vox go at it with some kid from the GDL, whatever the fuck that is, I’m gonna have to say something. First of all, I am the one who coined the term Schlomo, and the Happy Merchant meme is named after when I used to try to defend Jews by insisting that it was the mercantile class that was the enemy and not Jews in themselves in my arguments with the guy who runs the NSA, and I am not talking about the made for TV strawmen they parade across the media. One day he directed me to a whole page full of these memes called Oh oh better call Merchant, he thought it terribly clever, and I have to admit I laughed too. He is after all terribly clever, but as he used to tell me I owe it all to the little people cracking codes 24/7 in their cubicles. Which brings me to my point, you Schlomo have lost the propaganda war you’ve been waging against him and his little people for the last ten years. Its checkmate Schlomo, you should have never believed your own press releases, you were never anywhere near the smartest guy in the room and now you are going let him attach your name to a bill that is nothing short of treason. Four hundred and twenty congressmen signed it and I’m pretty sure there are going to be four hundred and twenty executions resultant. Coupled with the gun grab the World Economic Forum, who are definitely the dumbest guy in the room, is being forced to make in America due to their lack of progress here it should provide the necessary impetus to spark Civil War 2.0 which the blue states are going to lose in stunningly convincing fashion. It’s going to be like a drunk snaping and beating his nagging wife to death. When they are done exterminating the vermin infesting DC, I expect they will be turning on you Schlomo. You are after all guilty as sin, just look at the picture. You been had, and if I was you, I’d be on the next plane to Israel… 

Now me and my friend we share an affinity for National Socialism, although he wants one big police state, you do know that NSA stands for National Socialism in America, don’t you? I on the other hand am a purist and I adhere only to the twenty-five points, and the economic policies of Godfried Feder. I see no need for a police state, after a few years of applying Feder’s policies the people will worship their leaders in the same way the German people worshiped Hitler.  I have published them below Kaminski’s piece for those of you like the kid from the GDL who thinks its twenty-one points, to his credit at least he got the labor is wealth part right when harangued by Vox. No one makes money without producing something that’s the main point, for all the details see the Bormann Faction II and III. If you go around wearing a Black Sun tee shirt and profess reverence for the Swastika, you probably should read everything we’ve written for the last eight years so you understand just how sacred those symbols are to the European soul and European blood memory. I know everybody at the NSA does, I’m told General Hayden just loves our Aleister Crowley work… – Jack       


“If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led like sheep, to the slaughter.” – George Washington
“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Can you remember when your

government ever told the truth?


Awaken or die is now your last cry

By John Kaminski



The nightmare re-emerges. No, wait, it has never ended. We think we are awake, but are not. 

We’re still trapped in this tortuous dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but instead, in one dark moment after another, lie is piled upon lie, and the pile becomes as high as a skyscraper, which suddenly explodes, and you see the little silhouettes of bodies fluttering down through the flames and the smoke, but you turn your head away at the last minute and imagine you cannot hear the splat and what that will mean to a wife in an apron waiting at home a few moments later when a sudden announcement comes on TV .  .  . or what that will mean to a country that thought it was free . . . and a sudden dark shadow flashes across the sun that for so many will never shine again . . . has never shined again since that terrible day.

Because no one will stand up, thousands of terrible days await us in our awful future.

The nightmare re-emerges and then you realize in a sudden internal burst of shame and anger that it has never ended. It was the mention of Chertov and Gorelick that triggered the thought that threw me over the edge! These two servile Jewish pawns who assisted in the lies that were told by our leaders than wrecked the country and stunned the world with their false fable of how Arab terrorists who couldn’t even drive a car stole four airplanes full of screaming passengers and crashed them into the history of the world . . . which has never been accurate and truthful ever since. Of course, some of us learned it never was honest before that, either.

At first I couldn’t believe they would run this same scam again, but of course they always do.

Chertov, whose name really means ‘the devil’, once the man in charge of our Homeland Security hit squad, who secretly let all those Jewish ‘art students’ fly back to Israel after they had been brought here to ‘document the event’ without so much as a ‘What are you doing here?’, later to make millions from selling metal detectors to airports because of rules he created to help capture terrorists he also helped create. 

And Gorelick, another one of an endless list of court Jews like Zelikow, Mukasey, Wolfowitz and Perle who tailored the false narratives that warped America into a monster that made war on itself and still does. 

Now both of these forked tongue monsters, Chertov and Gorelick, have been recruited to ‘fix’ the bureaucratic birth defects in Joe Biden’s vomitous Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, which promises to prohibit all false stories about our honest government from the lips and minds of those white terrorists whom our feeble minded chief executive insists are the main threat to peace in the world.

A narrative of unreality

forced down our throats

I got to thinking the other day that in the tear-drenched weeks after 9/11 that America has never received such sympathy and compassion from everyone in the world for the terrible loss it endured on that tragic day. Peace, in fact, was never so secure despite the sinister fact that at that very moment the despots who contrived this whole demonic exercise were contemplating their future raids on Iraq and Afghanistan and other places that had nothing to do with the 9/11 caper.

Destroying a couple of buildings that needed to be demolished anyway was never the key point of this evil exercise. It was the contrived excuse to demonstrate a murderous rage against the whole world — a telltale signature of Jewish behavior throughout history, this irrational hatred of everyone — that was the real rationale behind this incomparably perfidious plan whose echoes of pain still resonate in the relatives of needlessly dead victims.

Observe, please, that the greatest hate crime in history is none other than the Jewish Talmud, which vomits forth its hatred of everyone while pious Jewish politicians wring their hands in mock concern while preaching equitable distribution of other people’s money along with exemption from all the vicious crimes of their own that murder innocent children each and every day in every country on Earth. 

Chertov and Gorelick were among the cynical creators of the hollow 9/11 report that failed to answer any of the key questions that left a large segment of the U.S. population in downright disbelief at what they were told by their crooked government. Only a constant barrage of media manipulation suppresisng the actcual truth eventually overcame resistance to the idea that imaginary Arab terrorists were behind these monstrous misdeeds.

But since that time Americans have been overwhelmed by fantasy scenarios always cloaking motives of thievery about the need to invade foreign countries. We have been shell-shocked by choreographed school shootings, inexplicable fire disasters and a whole laundry list of contrived crises that attempted to demonstrate how valuable this corrupt this corrupt government was in protecting the people from disasters it created itself, right down to the guns we provided to Mexican drug gangs or the $82 billion in military hardware when we abandoned to our folly in Afghanistan.

This contemptuous comedy has only accelerated in recent years with the staged farce of a fixed election followed by the self-abuse of a senile president deliberately destroying the systems that make America work, culminating in preposterous expenditures for a corrupt cabal in Ukraine while starving Americans who continue to be suffocated by their government after being poisoned by a bogus vaccine.

Thus what started out after 9/11 continues today. We’re still trapped in this agonizing dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but we see now as a developing plot to actually deliberately murder most of us based on a Jewish plots to save the world from overpopulation. To those who know their history, this has been their basic scheme for thousands of years.

This nightmare of human self-destruction is a decidedly Jewish plot. These kosher killers spew out their smug justifications for why they need to steal billions of dollars to protect themselves from their neighbors whom they constantly abuse. Their toxic financial tentacles spread stealthily, strangling countries around the world with their irresistible extortive schemes to pay their bribes or face sure destruction of their business enterprises.

And the majority of debilitated goyim, victims, their eyelids drooped and their shoulders slumped from the endless blackmail, either pay the freight or end their lives like the millions of Chinese minions who with their final screams jump out the windows of skyscrapers.

It should be clear

that our end is near

It should also be clear that Joe Biden was hired to do a job, and that job was to facilitate the destruction of the United States of America.

When you itemize what he has done since he was installed in the White House by a demonic coalition of corrupt government officials who had dominated the law through the debilitating Obama years and corrupt Jewish controlled media ceaselessly working to spread the Jewish infection of false information throughout the land, every move Biden has made — from the closing of the pipeline and the opening of the border all the way up to back Ukraine in a war that U.S.-Jewish perfidy had started eight years ago — has been the opposite of what would have been beneficial to the economic and social health of the U.S.

From the beginning loyal American taxpayers have been stiffed in favor of anonymous unregulated immigrants granted lucrative benefits denied to U.S. citizens. Skyrocketing crime implicating illegal immigrants of color has been the major danger to both people and businesses that somehow has been flipped on its head by Jewish media to be reported as white supremacy being the ultimate menace, leading to the appointment of black people being appointed to positions of power for which they are profoundly unqualified, leading to the further destabilization of the country, particularly the military.

The promotion of sexual perversion throughout Jewish owned media and publicly funded universities has further destabilized the Christian family system upon which a functional social society was efficiently built. Now they’re tearing down revered status and burning humble businesses while bellowing obscene complaints that demand benefits they have never deserved over affronts they have never suffered. The idea that anyone should be qualified for jobs simply because of their color has ruined more than one corporation, and in the case of Disney, has wrecked a stabilizing influence of childhood stability with pernicious perversion of ultimate benefit to no one, even its practitioners.

All this destruction has been accomplished by an outside influence, a group that fits in nowhere and swindles everywhere which has now, by dumbing down the population, set everyone up for a mindless slaughter that will include all those who tried to be honest and tried to support their government but who discovered too late that they had not adequately perceived the lies and deceptions that are now causing the destruction of everyone they ever loved and everything they ever built.

So where do you go when there’s nowhere to turn? How do you awaken from a nightmare that never ends? Do you stand up bravely like that boy in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square only to silently disappear later among hundreds of thousands who suffered the same fate? This happened in 1969. Despite the silence of the prostituted press, this process has never stopped, and will never stop until enough people say ‘no’.

And as we ship our hard earned money off to faraway places only to be siphoned off and brought back home by our prostituted politicians, we dare not ask ourselves if there will ever be enough of us to stop this swindle and this slaughter. 

Because surely we know from the melancholy archives of twisted history that there never have been enough brave souls to stand up to the monsters who sweep us toward oblivion like so many unwanted insects. Oh so soon there will be no more of us bugs buzzing in the silent night, all because too many of us kept silent about the sly embezzlement of our past and the brazen theft of our future.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and

pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by

mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.








The Twenty-Five Points by Gottfried Feder
The following material has been abstracted and translated from the 17th edition of Gottfried Feder’s pamphlet, Dos Programm der NSDAP und seine wettanschaulichen Grundgedanken (Munich, 1930). The Twenty-five Points, constituting the political platform of the Party, have been given here in complete form, exactly as originally published, except for their translation into English. The remaining material from the 52-page pamphlet has been considerably condensed, however.
The program of the NSDAP is presented here strictly for historical reasons, and no inferences are to be drawn as to the present policies of the World Union of National Socialists or any of its affiliates. The Party program, as distinct from the philosophical foundations of National Socialism, was intimately bound and constrained by the immediate political, economic, and social circumstances and conditions of Germany some four decades ago. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see just what was the content of the program which led to the Party’s success in Germany, if only to avoid some of the misconceptions which have been deliberately spread by our opponents. Liberal elements have labelled the program “reactionary,” and conservative elements have labeled it “socialist” (i.e., “Marxist”). The two most widely read “authorities” on the subject, namely, W. L. Shirer and Alan Bullock, have vehemently denounced the Twenty-five Points in their books, but have been careful to avoid actually setting forth those Points so that their readers could judge for themselves.
Here they are.
Program of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party
The National Socialist German Workers’ Party- registered as the “National Socialist German Workers’ Union”- at a great mass meeting on February 25, 1920, in the Hofbrauhaus-Festsaal in Munich, announced its program to the world.
In Section 2 of the Constitution of our Party this program is declared to be unalterable. It is as follows:
The program of the German Workers’ Party is limited as to period. The leaders have no intention, once the aims announced in it have been achieved, of setting up fresh ones in order to ensure the continued existence of the Party by the artificially inspired discontent of the masses.
1. We demand the union of all Germans, on the basis of the right of the self-determination of peoples, to form a Great Germany.
2. We demand equality of rights for the German people in its dealings with other nations, and abolition of the Peace Treaties of Versailles and St. Germain.
3. We demand land and territory (colonies) for the nourishment of our people and for settling our surplus population.
4. None but members of the nation may be citizens of the State. None but those of German blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the nation.
5. Anyone who is not a citizen of the State may live in Germany only as a guest and must be regarded as being subject to the Alien Laws.
6. The right of voting on the leadership and laws of the State is to be enjoyed by the citizens of the State alone. We demand, therefore, that all official positions, of whatever kind, whether in the Reich, the provinces, or the small communities, shall be held by citizens of the State alone. We oppose the corrupt parliamentary custom of filling posts merely with a view to party considerations, and without reference to character or ability.
7. We demand that the State shall make it its first duty to promote the industry and livelihood of the citizens of the State. If it is not possible to nourish the entire population of the State, foreign nationals (non-citizens of the State) must be excluded from the Reich.
8. All further non-German immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany subsequently to August 2, 1914, shall be required forthwith to depart from the Reich.
9. All citizens of the State shall possess equal rights and duties.
10. It must be the first duty of every citizen of the State to perform mental or physical work. The activities of the individual must not clash with the interests of the whole, but must proceed within the framework of the community and must be for the general good.
We demand therefore:
11. Abolition of incomes unearned by work. Breaking of the Thralldom of Interest
12. In view of the enormous sacrifice of life and property demanded of a nation by every war, personal enrichment through war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We demand, therefore, the total confiscation of all war profits.
13. We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have (hitherto) been amalgamated (into
14. We demand that there shall be profit sharing in the great industries.
15. We demand a generous development of provision for old age.
16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, immediate communalization of the large department stores and their lease at a low rate to small traders, and that the most careful consideration shall be shown to all small traders in purveying to the State, the provinces, or smaller communities.
17. We demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the passing of a law for the confiscation without compensation of land for communal purposes, the abolition of interest on land mortgages, and prohibition of all speculation in land. 2
18. We demand ruthless war upon all those whose activities are injurious to the common interest. Sordid criminals against the nation, usurers, profiteers, etc., must be punished with death, whatever their creed or race.
19. We demand that the Roman law, which serves the materialistic world order, shall be replaced by a German common law.
20. With the aim of opening to every capable and industrious German the possibility of higher education and consequent advancement to leading positions, the State must consider a thorough reconstruction of our national system of education. The curriculum of all educational establishments must be brought into line with the requirements of practical life. Directly the mind begins to develop the schools must aim at teaching the pupil to understand the idea of the State (State sociology). We demand the education of specially gifted children of poor parents, whatever their class or occupation, at the expense of the State.
21. The State must apply itself to raising the standard of health in the nation by protecting mothers and infants, prohibiting child labor, and increasing bodily efficiency by legally obligatory gymnastics and sports, and by extensive support of clubs engaged in the physical training of the young.
22. We demand the abolition of mercenary troops and the formation of a national army.
23. We demand legal warfare against conscious political lies and their dissemination in the press. In
order to facilitate the creation of a German national press we demand that:
(a) all editors, and their co-workers, of newspapers employing the German language must be members of the nation;
(b ) special permission from the State shall be necessary before non-German newspapers may appear
(these need not necessarily be printed in the German language)
(c ) non-Germans shall be prohibited by law from participating financially in or influencing German newspapers, and the penalty for contravention of the law shall be suppression of any such newspaper, and immediate deportation of the non-German involved.
It must be forbidden to publish newspapers which are damaging to the national welfare. We demand the legal prosecution of all tendencies in art and literature which exert a destructive influence on our national life and the closing of institutions which militate against the above-mentioned requirements.
24. We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the moral and ethical feelings of the German race.
The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish-materialist spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent recovery from within only on the principle:
The Common Interest before Self-Interest
25. That all the foregoing requirements may be realized we demand the creation of a strong, central national authority; unconditional authority of the central legislative body over the entire Reich and its organizations in general; and the formation of diets and vocational chambers for the purpose of executing the general laws promulgated by the Reich in the various States of the Confederation.
The leaders of the Party swear to proceed regardless of consequences-if necessary at the sacrifice of their lives-toward the fulfillment of the foregoing Points.
Munich, February 24, 1920.
After full discussion at the general meeting of members on May 22, 1920, it was resolved that “This program is unalterable.” This does not imply that every word must stand unchanged, nor that any efforts to extend or develop the program are to be prohibited, but it does imply that the principles and basic ideas contained in it are not to be tampered with.
There can be no twisting and turning for reasons of expediency, no secret meddling with the most important- and for the present order of politics, society, and economics, most unwelcome- points in the program; no deviation from its original sense.


  1. 1654: first for me, a magnificent little story. Would be nice to have a microfiche book library option like we did in the '80s. You could put hundreds of books in a shoebox.Just need a little light.

  2. Thanks Bro, you do the same. George Gordon used to deliberately fuck with the System so he could tangle with it in court. A Pro Se litigant I greatly admire and respect once referred to him as the clown prince of the pro se legal movement. The legitimate one, of course. George's wife was no slouch on legal matters herself. A pity there is a dearth of such people in Scumerica, especially now. "The law is an ass." – George Chapman "Revenge for Honour" (1654).

  3. The Common Law in American originated in England under King Henry the 2nd in the 12th century. Many Englishmen were found guilty of violating laws in one county that didn't exist in their own. Ergo Henry commissioned some of his advisors to find which laws were common to all of the English counties and only those would remain in effect for all of England. It proved to be too much of a daunting task so they found some of them and then laced the list with Roman Civil Law thus creating the Common Law that was exported to America. However, you cannot invoke the Common Law in any American court unless the issue at hand is not covered by a statute as statutory law overrides the Common Law. As there are approx. 4 million statutes in Bolshevik America, federal, state, county, and municipal (at the municipal level they're called ordinances), you can see that such a situation is as rare as hen's teeth.

    • I see you have been doing due diligence concerning Babylonian magik, whoops, I mean law. George Gordon put out some good podcasts until that hay bale went airborne. So many remedies for our legal bullshit yet the sheeple keep their heads down, totally content/ignorent. Income taxes,for example, can be nullified by studying to find proper statues/procedures. I will not hold my breath waiting on the sheeple. Keep up your good work.

  4. I retired early in 2006 as a Senior Chief, could’ve have stayed and retired after 26 years is high year tenure for an E-8. I started questioning everything after the Iraq War based on a lie. You’d be surprised or not the conversations we had prior to invading Iraq, we knew it was bullshit, and many people started to question everything.

    It started getting silly in the 90’s. I could have stayed, probably could’ve made E-9 had I sucked dick or kissed ass like many people. I look back now and can’t believe I was so brainwashed, distracted, and focused but I was always focused on doing a good job, hated all that other lunacy.

    They have mishaps now because people like me aren’t serving. I wouldn’t last a week in today’s military, would probably be charged with a crime for making someone cry, and I could make a grown man cry by chewing their ass when they deserted it.

    It started going down hill in the 90’s, women then gays being celebrated, and now transsexuals. It won’t end well but it will end. I wouldn’t defend America because I don’t want to save it. There isn’t anything to prevent or save. I want to destroy it, and I don’t have to do anything, and nothing is all I’m going to do.

    Don’t fall into their trap by participating just wait it out, do the best you can, you can’t win when you’ve already been defeated, they lose in the end. Soon the people willing to serve mass murdering psychopaths, sellouts and traitors, traitors to America and humanity, won’t have the excuse of being ignorant.

  5. Without military action against the traitors in DC I'm afraid your right Heretic, so it is written so mote it be…

  6. Excellent Mike, can't wait for your next writings. On topic, I don't know if you recall or read about the Montana Freemen case in the 1990s. These guys had established themselves as independent of any governmental authority and I think they even seceded from the U.S. (we know what happened the last time that occurred). The Feds hit them with multiple count criminal indictments. I emphasize that I am not on the government's side, I'm just driving home a point on proper law and procedure. During the trial, the Freemen represented themselves and kept insisting that the court had no authority over them, making reference to the judge's black robe and the gold fringed, so-called martial law flag. The judge finally took his robe off, handed it to the bailiff, and instructed him to take it and the flag out of the courtroom. He then said to the Freemen, "OK, now what's your problem?" Jurisdiction of the subject matter or a court's authority to adjudicate stem from a controversy between opposing parties sworn in and the testimony of competent fact witnesses. I do not doubt that the black robes of judges denote something sinister but it wouldn't matter if they were green with yellow polka dots and the red, white, and blue masonic dish rag is in the courtroom or the men's room. That is what is germane here. Subject matter jurisdiction can never be waived and can always be challenged but the basis of the challenge must be the shredding or trampling of procedural and/or substantive due process rights. This occurs so often I would surmise that over 90% of all U.S. court cases, federal & state, civil & criminal, are void ab initio or from their inception. However except in exceedingly rare instances, they are never voided because that would expose and bring down the entire American legal industry/racket, possibly the most evil entity on earth and the source of most of the ills plaguing and destroying us. Simply put, their own laws and rules notwithstanding, the scumbag criminals don't play fair. To paraphrase Shakespeare, they hold no fear for none can call their power to account. Yet.

    • Yes, not disagreeing, simply stumbling over language. So much of English has been appropriated, something I tend to forget. By sovereignty, I mean the integrity of our being, not a definition of state ownership. Being is much deeper than personhood.

    • The good old English language. One small step above grunt grunt point. Maybe we should make Mantong the official language. Excellent comments above.

    • I concur. Natural Law or "Why Your 2nd Amendment Is Inherent and Naturally Occurring Along With Other True Stories" has turned into a bunch of New Age BS. If it had not turned into a bunch of New Age BS there would be no reason to argue about the existence of a strawman which is an alternate ID (in the Freudian sense, rather). You can't see that people project a false image of themselves daily? Or now that people flip flop between identities at an astonishing rate gayqueerpansexualgenderfluidpeterpampaulpatricia. It's self evident. We come preinstalled with a strawman. Some people call it an ego or a shadow or Wetiko. Castaneda called it Their Mind.

      Certificate of Live Birth traded on the stock market? Get one from the state, flip it over and read the back: This is a document of VALUE. How did that happen? Still…Pretty basic and straightforward administrative detail and detritus. Internal Revenue Service. Revenue has nothing to do with money or the collection thereof . Its RE-VENUE-ing accts. Again self explanatory. When I read Revenue I read 'cooking the books' .

      The Admiralty Myth I'm afraid is true. You will get laughed out of a courtroom if you bring it up, yes. I'm afraid its referred to as commercial law and/ or contract law as the primary jurisdictions that it exists under. Under the 1st Amendment we have the right to contract or conduct commerce, but those commitments are not covered under Constitutional Law. Once we leave the umbrella of the 1A all bets are off and you should conduct as if you knew what you are doing or what jurisdiction you are stepping into. These processes should not be handled, negated or challenged in a court room unless it trespasses into criminality but always treated as an administrative process.

      As far as the straw man, that is naturally occurring and someone has seen fit to take advantage of the human predilection for assuming and trying on many identities and projecting them at people. All politicians are straw men. Anyone with a title, that title is a strawman. Even the Queen of England refers to herself as 'we'. Goes back to patents of nobility. We=Elizabeth, the woman vs Elizabeth, the Queen or Crown.. The latterly being a strawman.

      The All caps is basic paralegal procedure where one sorts their mail by all caps; addressees (business, commerce) and non-all caps which is private and involves people. Boring, yawning legal composition and draft stuff. None of which has any place in a courtroom 99 percent of the time because its neither civil nor criminal. So yes people get laughed out of the courtroom. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have basis in reality. The Federal Reserve is the Strawman for the US Treasury. Corporations are strawmen of the owners that made up and filed the articles of incorporation. And the series of Organic Acts created a strawman for the united States of America. Shadow Government. Shadow Self. What's the essential difference?

      Common law has been thrown over for the much easier to interpret case law. That's why are courts are failing. We go by precedents because thinking is too hard.

      Nothing or no one is who they say they are. You have to read between the lines.

      But…Violates a very important maxim of Law: The dead should not rule the living.

      Very ordinary in all other respects.


    • Commercial vs non-commercial. When you understand the difference between the two, you empower yourself. Excellent summation. Legal idiots raising up legal idiots ad nauseum. If you research the sixth, you can avoid the lawyer trap or lack of sufficient skills. If you wish to cancel those numbers/contracts, start with SS. Good luck..

  7. Mike; I know there was no lawful precedent for the creation of the Federal Reserve (which is neither). They did it because they could. I agree with you that the U.S. government does not operate within its legal framework. It operates at the behest of the criminal camarilla that controls it. As for drivers licenses and the alleged "right to travel", pro se litigants have a saying. "Choose the hill you want to die on". When you engage the beast that is the American legal racket, it will tear you asunder. Pragmatically, I feel it is not worth bleeding and dying over a drivers license that is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain when there are so many issues of much greater import, regardless of the correctness of the "right to travel" position. We are seriously outgunned in a war to the death that is bereft of mercy. Again I agree with you, there is no rule of law and legal conditions are not upheld. It's so egregious, the criminals don't bother to obfuscate their corruption anymore. Regarding Admiralty/Maritime, traditionally only the federal courts have had jurisdiction in all such cases which cover 3 miles out from the U.S. coastlines (I think it is that distance) and all rivers, lakes, and waterways in CONUS (Continental United States). Many years ago this premise was challenged and the case wound its way up to the "9 Swine" (U.S. Supreme Court). They affirmed that state courts have no jurisdiction of the subject matter (authority to adjudicate) in admiralty/maritime cases, only the federal courts. Concomitantly, the only time a landlubber gets involved in an admiralty/maritime case is if he or she is an insurer of navigable vessels. Some patriot mythologist moron jumped on this and declared that all federal courts operate under admiralty/maritime all of the time which is why you have no constitutional rights or protections in them. Notwithstanding that being clearly not the ruling, this idiocy spread like prairie fire eventually encompassing the state courts as well. Again, not only has no litigant ever won a single case employing these asinine arguments but many who have been stupid enough to try them have been court ordered for mental competency testing. I realize that we have casino justice in American courts but a tenacious and diligent application of law, facts, and procedure can grant one victory, albeit extremely rarely.

    • HD,
      In terms of the legal system, and actual jurisdiction, in regards to domestic affairs, and the slapping of upstarts into a place of subservience, you nailed it. I thank you for your clarification, as it is instructive and important. This is societal power jealously guarded. It is the get in your cubicle and shut up mentality of modern America. Yet this is not really my focus.
      From my perspective, there are few issues larger today than sovereignty, from the individual especially, all the way to the nation. The war of 1812 was a huge turning point, one where despite the bells and whistles, America lost.
      The civil war was orchestrated by Rothschild and friends manipulation.
      British maritime law is little more or less than empire paving the way for itself, and empire certainly had it's say in the reorganization of the US government post civil war.
      We can debate the degree to which empire found its inroads, and how. Honestly, the likely path was through the oligarchs who were protected and enshrined from the beginning.
      Certainly the masters of deceit and deception, our great friends who brought slavery to the colonies, installed the Fed Res, agitated for civil war, and delivered 911 amongst other great humanitarian achievements here and abroad were indispensable, as always, to furthering and darkening that oligarchy.
      This is the primary reason I wrote War on the Sacred, because humanity needs to develop some awareness, especially now. The next installment will be in Jack's hands very soon. It is my hope that this will reveal, even if just a little, the kind of sophistication and intent we all face.

  8. So, I have friends that ride bicycles very long distance as they are wondering when can they ride their bicycles across Ukraine?

    Just a question or many that I have.

    So, are homosexuals eliminated from the competition?

    So, there is a gayboy network? So fucking what?

    the women I know personally run the show.

    Prayer I know runs the show

    Spirit sent I see

    follow me
    I know answered by the women I know

  9. Thank you Jack for your kindness however, the war has come home and I plan to fight it from my hideout in Wisconsin. We have some very good people here.

    The War? Already won. As every thing else is just an aside as I shall continue to enjoy my retirement from my hideout in Wisconsin.

    remember this as our dear Federal family is a very powerful organization.

    The only thing more powerful than our dear Federal Family is God himself.

    However, Spirit rules over turtle Island Jack.

  10. Well Anon, our dearest Jack has told us that he is working with some very heavy hitters in our dear federal family. Retired I am from their oldest agency however, I left in the midst of an agency wide civil war.
    The war was already over when I left as the shit mess got cleaned up and many were held accountable.

    Will America fall? Perhaps but not until the fat lady is done singing and she ain't done singing yet.

    • I’m not participating anymore, will never vote again. I probably shouldn’t comment because I can see the future, you don’t have to be a prophet to see the future, and as far as the land known as America is concerned, it has no future. I’m done with politics and voting. They need people to vote to give the government legitimacy.

      Still most people only care about themselves, refuse to acknowledge what they’ve supported and enabled, and most still do. We’re ruled not represented.

      If I lived in a foreign land and the United States killed my people, destroyed the land, installed a gangster puppet regime, and plundered the resources for their own wealth, and never allowed for peace then I would want to destroy America. I would immigrate, legally or illegally, to America and take from America what it took from me, and get paid doing it, and stay if it was worth it or return to the homeland when the Evil Empire was no longer a threat.

      America deserves the future it’s going to get, people deserve to suffer like someone on the other end of an American freedom bomb. I don’t care about America anymore. I’m retired military, worked for the federal government until I quit on my own terms. I won’t be saving America not even going to try because it’s a futile effort, you’d still be fighting for your rulers if you’re supporting or fighting for any of them.

      It’s a failure, let it fail.

    • I know what they deserve but so does most of America. Stop giving the military hero status it doesn’t deserve, and stop glorifying their wars. The military and America deserves, needs, to suffer a devastating and humiliating military defeat.

      22 years active duty. I now despise most Veterans and I quit a job working for the federal government doing almost the same job, walked away a GS-11 with no government benefits from that job, liquidated everything. I don’t expect anything. I don’t need your respect, support, or pity. I still make money in addition to the money I make by fulfilling a contract a contract I fulfilled by serving a dishonorable purpose honorably. I fulfilled a contract, it’s the government hasn’t fulfilled their part of the deal, and neither has America. I hate America, would leave if I could.

      The only reason I respect myself is because I broke free from my own brainwashing. People have never listened so it doesn’t matter. I despise the hero status given Veterans, and I despise Veterans act like the whole world owes them something, will still wave the flag and claim they were fighting for America and freedom, it’s disgusting, it doesn’t get anymore ignorant and brainwashed.

      There isn’t anyone can legitimately claim the military fights for freedom, ours or anyone else’s. It doesn’t impress me anymore. It’s like degenerate teacher’s today that can only impress young impressionable minds, they don’t impress me either.

      I hate America, hate what it is, and it’s nothing good. I’d piss on the American flag, wipe my ass with the Israeli flag, and burn that rainbow flag. Nobody has the excuse of being ignorant since 9/11 the Iraq War based on a lie and everything happened as a result, and now they’ve used bioweapons, same perpetrators, same government isn’t ours.

      Ignorant brainwashed dead fools that die fighting their wars shouldn’t come home in rainbow flag draped coffins because that’s what they’re fighting for. Like most law enforcement most people serve in their military can’t do anything else, they were either denied opportunity or they have no skills. Most law enforcement enjoy having power and authority over other people, and many if not most people serving in their military enjoy the undeserved hero status. I got 8 rows of meaningless medals and ribbons, you want one?

      I’m good. I still say please, thank-you, and then I leave.

    • Typo, it should say ignorant brainwashed dead fools that die fighting their wars should come home in rainbow flag draped coffins.

    • LOL, I couldn't have said it better, the military has disgraced itself by allowing the Biden administration to be placed in the Whitehouse or wherever the fuck they keep that menagerie of freaks and misfits when they're not posing for the camera and urinating on White Americans. I have nothing but respect for any man who will put his life on the line in a war, that's the way Men are made, but if you were and are in the military 2016 and on I don't owe you nothing except the same kind of beating I give a coward who runs out on me. Shitcan the fucking Camo fatigues, and if you come around me with that support our military nonsense you can bet your gonna lose a few teeth.

    • And as far as cops are concerned, I think you insult real soldiers like Phil Hunter when you equate them with a pork chop…

  11. America has been defeated. People are of a mindset we’re trying to prevent America from being defeated, and preserve something was never preserved or conserved.

    America’s independence and sovereignty surrendered long ago, they took total and complete control after 9/11 was also their excuse to build their behemoth surveillance police state. The Supreme Court failed the constitution and America the world with the Patriot Act and sold America out with their Citizens United ruling.

    They’ve created this talmudic hell hole on purpose. America exists to serve our rulers and fight their wars in their quest to enslave all of humanity, what’s left of it. America is a foreign and corporate controlled kleptocracy the British still playing a major role. Is America also a talmudic theocracy?

    I believe the land known as America will eventually be one big open air prison like Gaza, they don’t fear your gun, they got stand-off weapons, unmanned weapons systems, special weapons, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

    I don’t have a solution not a realistic solution not when the overwhelming majority support and worship their rulers. They’ve got the most effectively indoctrinated brainwashed degenerate purposely and hopelessly divided gaslit population in history to work with.

    Just do the best you can, hopefully something good will rise from the ashes.

  12. I went to the JewishContributions.com site linked to in the column through the first graphic. It listed Jeffrey Epstein as having "a special affinity for working with youth."

  13. Mike, I convey this to you with all respect. The contention that the U.S. legal and court system operates under admiralty or maritime law is what we hard bitten pro se litigants who know better refer to as, "Patriot Mythology". It is the same specious reasoning that claims the yellow fringe around courtroom flags means we're under martial law and the Constitution is suspended, your name on court documents in upper case letters refers to a corporate entity and not the flesh and blood you, the myth that you are a sovereign citizen (an oxymoron if there ever was one) etc. ad nauseum. I can tell you unequivocally that in all of the millions of court cases in this country, civil and criminal, federal and state jurisdictions, not a single case has ever been won using these asinine arguments. I repeat, not fucking one. All court cases, regardless of the jurisdiction boil down to three things. Law, facts, and procedure (rules of the court).. Issue of law, issue of fact, and issue of procedure. Period. The reason these black robed, Freemasonic swine get away with consistently violating our rights is very simple. They can. They control the uniformed goons with the guns, handcuffs, tasers, clubs, and keys to the cages and will not hesitate to unleash them on us at will for, "contempt of court." These criminal scumbags have no need to hide behind and justify their malfeasance with any esoteric, legal, masturbatory fantasy. There it is.

    • HD,
      Points well taken, however you still have to explain the organic acts, and the removal of the authentic 13th amendment in light of the assay that nothing significant occurred in the US gov't. post civil war.
      Also, you have to explain the precedent by which the Fed Res was created under Wilson, if indeed nothing happened.
      However, my central point was that the US gov't does not operate according to its own legal framework, and you can get mad at me, but you certainly cannot dispute that fact.
      For an example as to why watching legal cases alone doesn't mean that the rulings reflect genuine conditions, consider the issue of drivers' licenses.
      Congress passed several resolutions in the 19th century affirming the right of Americans to travel unimpeded upon the nations highways and byways. Those who have at times actually sought to challenge the license in lieu of this, have wound up in jail, with lengthy and unproductive legal bills.
      I actually know of one such case. Thus, its not like actual legal conditions are upheld by legal actions, sometimes quite the opposite.
      Finally, keep in mind we are supposedly under the rule of law. If there is no law for the rulers, there is no law for the ruled. Under these circumstances, better get armed qick.

    • You summed it up nicely. A most important amendment to address the lawyer/lack of necessary skills issue is the sixth amendment. For those who do not know about pro se, somewhat dated material can be found here.

    • Following these arena of the conspiracy circles I also come to similar conclusions without needing to even look into it. Done it too many times and earned so many headaches doing so. I've come to the conclusion people are just finding what they want to see to explain the position of those who rule over them and why they do nothing. Making matters worse its another escapism to keep them from ever having to point fingers. It's always the mysterious organization that can never be named yet has a thousand names: Cabal, Illuminati, Freemasons, Nazi's, Communists, Elite, Powers that Be, and it goes on and on formerly changing once every 10 years to twice a year thanks to the AI Golem God and his sycophants.

      I do still torture myself with these folk though and now the new thing is Natural Law, which sounds interesting except they go so deep into the esoterica of tens, hundreds of thousands of years a foreign alien race invaded and we were tricked and signed away the earth to them. You see where that goes and how its so right and so missing the fucking point at the same time? At the end of the day you're ruled over by people who write the laws and break them at will because they can and have the power to do so. Conscript a man into the military and he will discover how powerful he truly is and how things are really made by a few men who say you're just a man at the end of the day. You bleed like me, you're no better than me, and there's just more of you, but you've gotten comfortable, fat, and lazy whereas I have the will to dethrone you. Once you realize your power and dethrone those once ruling over you you then realize how you imagined the fight would be much harder than it really was and then begin to kick yourself for letting it go on for as long as it did.

      This is one reason why I still believe things can be reversed. Just a click of the mindset and the whole world becomes a lot ominous than our mind once fooled us into thinking it was.

    • "It's always the mysterious organization that can never be named yet has a thousand names: Cabal, Illuminati, Freemasons, Nazi's, Communists, Elite, Powers that Be, and it goes on and on formerly changing once every 10 years to twice a year thanks to the AI Golem God and his sycophants."- When I talk to people, I call it the few rulling over the many. That is understood immediately by all stripes. Names change, concept stays the same. It went wrong a thousands years ago, with few notable exceptions. The duties of princes, long forgotten

    • Politely Greg, not going to happen. My 2¢. We have gone past the point of no return. Solar events and nukes a poppin' planet wide, next stop. USA, kiss your ass goodbye. The narrative "dominos" are falling at an increasing speed.

    • It's a reckoning anon, there are bigger things than this world let alone those that rule it, everyone's gonna get what they have coming in the end

    • Funny he should mention AI golems but Orage, Greg have you been peeking? That one's only for paid subscribers, I ain't trying to change anything anymore, the dye is cast…

  14. The situation in the Ukraine, including this little issue with neonazis, is inextricably tied to a criminal US foreign policy. This criminal US foreign policy is led by various Jewish organizations, one of which is the neocons. This is, simply put, fact.
    It is also a fact that an armed citizenry foils more crimes, many more crimes than those which actually occur. Here it would be interesting to draw parallels to a hypocritical and criminal foreign policy, and a relentless attack on the legal constitutional right of an armed citizenry.
    It goes without saying that an installed president who told the public that he was installed due to a massive, unprecedented voter fraud campaign, who has factually amassed millions through selling access to the white house during the Obama regime-which some claim to have evidence to the effect that it never truly ended-with obvious and long term criminal ties to the Ukraine has zero buisness telling Americans that they cannot participate in lawfully, constitutionally protected competency and ownership with arms. Further, the Huges amendment, like the "decision" to recognize corporations as fictitious people, like the the 16th amendment, like the original 13th amendment, has zero protection under the law. Not only are they NOT the law of the land, but they are the deceitful lies of an occupation style globalism that continually tightens the noose around the people of this country, and the world.
    Anyone out there able to quote the passage that gives the globalist owned US gov't the power to establish its own police force? Can anyone point to the passage where the provision exists for a standing army? How about federal land ownership? Did anyone ask the forests, and their denizens this gov't is madly burning to the ground if they signed up to be subjects of bullshit billionaire aggression on behalf of brain dead twits in uniforms made in Bangladesh?
    No, the fighting ,up to now, hasn't been real. It was imperative to prove to life itself that the unipolar world was never interested in truth, justice,fair play, and all those other derided concepts that actually make a decent society.
    Just one thing, guys, when the tree of liberty is fed by the blood of tyrants and patriots alike, there is no going back.

    • Apologies, I was referring to the current 13th amendment, which usurped the original 13th amendment, which apparently was jettisoned during the organic acts of the post civil war years, when the US gov't became a corporation doing buisness as the US gov't, and adopted British maritime law.
      Sincere regrets for that error.

  15. All too true, HD.
    Thanx for the clarification, because it is important.
    It was the gulag government of Russia that separated it's brand of socialism from Germany by labeling them fascists, which has stuck. It was Italy and Spain that were fascist, Germany under NATIONAL SOCIALISM was socialist.
    Today the true descendants of death camp guards and kangaroo court moral grandstanders proclaim a fake moral superiority by using the term Nazi like an identity, but the National Socialists never officially adopted the term.
    It was the middle eastern nukers, and their buddies who adopted and applied the term Nazi.
    Today, neonazis in the Ukraine are seen by ignorant westerners as real Nazis. They are, but they aren't National Socialists, no matter how many tattoos they display.

  16. El honor ha perdido su sentido, el honor del juramento, el honor de servir, el honor de morir. Los que permanecen fieles a estos viejos ritos hacen sonreír a los demás. La virtud ha olvidado su dulce murmullo de manantial.

    El denso aire cargado de todas las abdicaciones del espíritu.

    Si amor, sin fe, el mundo se está asesinando a sí mismo.

    La enfermedad no está en el cuerpo. El cuerpo está enfermo porque lo está el alma. Es el alma la que tiene que curarse y purificarse.
    La salvación del mundo está en la voluntad de las almas que tiene fe.
    Leon Degrelle…

  17. Under ethernal sun
    The soul has awakened and fires have been lit, the memory of blood is calling us
    ,ancenstors are knocking more loudly these days reminding us of our sacred duty,
    bravery is demanded once more,
    for those who struggle we say bring it on it was too long anyway

    if you wake up under light of ehernal sun my friend you probaly did somethign right with your life becouse this is no place for fools or cowards.

  18. But MK the American government is giving millions to nazis in Ukraine however, nothing for Americans but accusations of racism and white supremacy and calling any whom critisise brown people crime the systemic problem to be eradicated.

    It is an attack on whites by jews as they have weaponized black people. Jews control all the levers of power in America now and I see little hope of changing this and look how most people react to the idea of national socialism.

    Civil War 2.0? Who will fight it? Not many around me are capable of even seeing a problem!

    • Once more the maestro Serrano strikes his cord with me for reasons that are unexplained. In the "Final Battalion" by the 55 Club they have a section regarding the great divine feminine spirit that has left Germany at the close of the war to go somewhere else from where she's always been. It's the closest phrase that has ever touched my soul regarding the state we're that I felt viscerally as a child.

      The brains are shattered, the souls are asleep and the automaton body has taken over for the vast majority of those here. The fight was taken out of this world in that War it's why the decay seems so impossible as if the 40's-60's were the last dying gasp as I witnessed with my grandparents generation who just wanted to be left in peace to fade from this plane. Something has been missing from then to now and it's the fight. I've expended much energy myself trying to restore it only for it to drain me of my ability to fight and yet once more as Serrano says we must for reasons and ends we know not. Everyone has felt that feeling of why even bother or continue and yet in our DNA it's like we're compelled to plow through the darkness masking the quicksand beneath our feet with even our dreams and memories feeling like illusions as we drift into insanity of a struggle that doesn't seem to have any linear end.

      I don't know if any of us even know what we're fighting for anymore when everything seems so hopelessly lost with no possible way of correction, and yet we do. The dark cloud has been pushing down on us from above our whole lives. The pincer trap has been laid set from our sides, and the earth seeks to devour us from below. You have to be mad to continue fighting for the Truth and Nothing But The Truth So Help You God. Few are. Keep going says Serrano and yet fighting on all fronts from the beginning I can only dream of the Valkyries taking me away with only momentary relief from the struggle. Yet the struggle and fight is what made us and what can end us for at this point a man who fights for too long becomes a beast always looking for a fight. Sometimes I wonder if I'd even fight those on the other side offering help because its all I know at this point. Insanity is all I have left.

    • An observation, since America is officially a white systemic racist country that needs to be disarmed, why do black people when they shop in mass at the local Walmart and dollar general throw all clothes and various products on to the floor rather than put them back on the shelf? Perhaps my white privilege that clouds my sight?

      Why do black people in America throw their garbage into the streets?

      Why do black people allow their children to roam the streets of America armed with firearms to create havoc in our once fine cities?

      Because Schlomo wants them to since blacks have been weaponized against whites and then Schlomo then blames whites for the problem they created.

      I will never bend my knee to any ferrel black that is to stupid to see how Schlomo has manipulated him!

      American cities? A thing to avoid like the plague.


  19. Nazis, or more accurately neonazis, are very much in the news these days. People react with suitable conditioned outrage, according to their training, and also in order to gain a position in the world of cheap moral grandstanding. Little do they know.

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