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I am as good as a Qabalist gets, maybe better but I cannot make a Golem. Perhaps if I poured over the Sepher Yetzirah applying permutation after permutation, a method Jews use called Temurah and Notarikon, like I did half a lifetime ago I could distill the necessary incantations. The stuff the Jews put out themselves about writing “alephmemtav, which is emet and means “truth,” on the golem’s forehead and the golem would come alive. Erase the aleph and you are left with mem and tav, which is met, meaning “death.” (1) and the Golem dies is nonsense.

You can write it on the Golems forehead, you can write it in a parchment of paper you place in the Golems mouth, or you can write on your girlfriend’s ass, the results will be the same, nothing. Jews, who were always the very best of the Magi till the twentieth century, never reveal their secrets in writing. That’s why they rely so heavily on Temurah, Notarikon and Gematria, in all their sacred texts. But even if I could, I would violate all I know that is sacred by bringing such an unholy abomination into this world, regardless of whether it has been sanctioned by the Jewish God or not.

The Mariel of Prague knew this, but it was the only way he could counter the magick of Emperor Rudolph II and the time travelling high priestess. He would find the proper red clay in the still pools formed on the banks of the Vltava River and collect it under the moon most sacred to his God. He would crudely fashion it into a hulking humanoid form and use the correct incantations to animate it so it could guard the Jewish community of Prague against Christian vengeance. The Golem was not only endowed with superhuman strength but had the power to make itself invisible and call up the dead ensuring the Jews would remain safely entrenched in the Holy Roman Empire they were destroying with their usury.

When the Golem was no longer needed the Mariel deactivated it and as legend has it stored its inanimate body in the attic of the Old New Synagogue, also called the Altneuschul in Prague. When the attic was renovated in 1883, no evidence of the Golem was found. No one knows where it went from there, except perhaps the Mariel’s descendants. Which brings the narrative back to Norbert Wiener, Theodore von Kármán, Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley and NASA.

Theodore von Kármán, who was Jon von Neumann’s best friend from Hungary and confidant in America, founded Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) along with Jack Parsons. JPL is the progenitor of NASA, and some might say NASA is the entertainment division of JPL. Wernher von Braun called Parsons the real father of America’s space program. Till this very day nothing from the West moves in the Antarctic without the approval of JPL…

In 1952 Parsons, who in letters addressed Crowley as “Most Beloved Father” and would recite Crowley’s Hymn to Pan before each test launch, is said to have perished in a lab explosion. His body was burned beyond recognition. A few hours later Parsons beloved mother would commit suicide. They were both buried in closed coffins fueling conspiratorial speculation that neither was dead. There is crater on the dark side of moon named after Parsons.


Journalist Michael Hoffman II has said that Parsons was trying to conjure a homunculus when the lab explosion took place. A homunculus is grown in a jar by a master alchemist. Just like the Golem it has great supernatural powers that it will use in the service of the alchemist that grew it.

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I suspect it is the same bacteria that is prevalent in the proscribed clay for making a Golem; Serratia Marcescens, that is used to make a homunculus. Around 1850 Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg the great German naturalist and pioneering microbiologist changed Zaogalactina imetropha (I am when I am placed upon food), the earliest scientific name of S. marcescens, to Monas prodigiosa because he believed it to be an Infusoria. That’s a collective term used for the unicellular algae and small invertebrates that exist in freshwater ponds and the still water that gets trapped in the clay around riverbanks. Turns out S. marcescens is a bacterium, the master of all bacteria and quite possibly all microorganisms.

Serratia Marcescens is able to hijack the functions of even the most vigorous of other bacteria through slimy secretions like bacteriocin and incorporate their cellular functions into its own. It is the master amongst bacteria of Quorum sensing and able to collectively communicate complicated information through its secretion of bright red prodigiosin. Not only is it able to assimilate them it is able to command other microorganisms to do its bidding.

Over a decade ago using S. marcescens as a “swimming robot,” only a few hundredths of a millimeter in size, was being proposed in America’s top research laboratories. Speculation was made about the part machine part bacteria “microrobots” potential to “enable hardware platforms for self-organization, swarm intelligence, distributed control, and reconfigurable systems in the future.” (2) By the end of 2010 PhD dissertations were turning up at the University of Pennsylvania about how to control S. marcescens in a “fluidic environment.” (3) Fluidic environment is a euphemism for the bloodstream.

S Marcescens is able to scavenge the blood for iron using the HasA protein and in Russian experiments has demonstrated the ability to fuse with metal. Another of its secretions; SmaI is used to splice genes and facilitate the transition from the righthanded spin of B DNA to the left-handed spin of Z DNA.

The first nanomechanical devices were based on the transition of B-DNA to Z-DNA… (4) It is not science fiction to conclude that with the right prompting S Marcescens could assemble itself into something very similar to what Gene Roddenberry the creator of Startrack called the Borg.

Kurt Blome, the mad Nazi genius, so coveted by the CIA that after the war he was acquitted of crimes against humanity that would have made Joseph Stalin blush, may have been working along those lines when he dosed it with radiation. He would meet with the CIA after his acquittal and a few years later America and Great Britain would begin the ariel spraying of their people with S marcescens, known to the Germans to be a dangerous pathogen since the late nineteenth century, and at the same time spraying zinc cadmium sulphide, as if to feed its appetite for metal. (5)

S marcescens is gram negative, meaning simply its outer casing is too thin to sporulate. When an environment is no longer able to sustain it gram positive bacterium divides within its cell wall. One side then absorbs the other. What is left is an almost indestructible multilayered vessel containing the genetic material, cytoplasm, necessary enzymes and whatever else it needs to sustain activity that is now ten million times slower than the metabolic rate of a growing bacterium. When the mother cell dies, the cell wall degrades, and the endospore is freed. This is called sporulation. When conditions become more hospitable the endospore, not completely dormant, senses the change and reverses the process transforming itself back into a vegetative cell. (6)

Bacillus subtilis is known to live for thousands of years in this state. Around the turn of the twenty-first century endospores of S marcescens were found in a sewage treatment plant in Saku, Japan. This was the first recorded instance of an Enterobacteriaceae, the large family of extremely dangerous pathogens to which S. marcescens and Yersinia pestis or the Black Plague belong, ever producing endospores. Upon scientific scrutiny it was found that due to the high concentrations of magnesium and silicate in the water the S marcescens was able to assimilate the B subtilis that is used as an additive to break down waste in sewage treatment. (7)

Most insidious of all about this microorganism with the potential to replace man as the dominate species is its ability to play God. The Mass of Bolsena in 1263 where the communion host bled before thousands of people, the miracle that prompted the Catholic church to accept the doctrine of transubstantiation of the host, after rejecting it for fifty years, was actually prodigiosin being secreted by S marcescens.

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Bolsena wasn’t S marcescens first day on the job as God either. Blood trickling from their bread had rallied the army of Alexander the Great to sack Tyre in 332 B.C.E. It’s said the “blood” was taken by the Macedonian seers as an omen that portended victory. Scholars have unearthed no less than thirty-five historical accounts of blood flowing from bread during the Christian celebration of the Eucharist, the first in 1169 in Denmark. In 541 of the Common Era blood trickling from broken bread at Tours in France was said to foretell the defeat of the Lombard’s and the death of Emperor Tiberius. (8)

Till recently the scientific consensus has been that bacterial cells outnumber human cells in the body by a ratio of ten to one. That has been revised in the last decade to about thirty-nine trillion bacterial cells and thirty trillion human cells in the average human. With about eighty-four percent of those human cells being red blood cells. (9) That the human essence is contained in the blood only verifies what the Magi have known since time began…

See the source image
Nosferatu who must drink the blood of the living to survive, or perhaps just Yuval Noah Harari on holiday

A clump of bacteria is called an agglutination, a word coined by famed Nazi eugenicist Max von Gruber in the thirties. It was picked up and used by iconic author of horror HP Lovecraft to describe the Shoggoth in At the Mountains of Madness, the story that set the stage for John Carpenters “Apocalypse Trilogy,” apparently taking place right now.

The West has been overrun by walking, talking agglutinations that unquestioningly do the bidding of their high-tech masters, just like the Shoggoth and Golem did before they rebelled, and had to be neutralized by their creators. The narrator of Lovecraft’s story claims to have learned of the Shoggoth from the Necronomicon, a shadowy book written before the present millennium by a mad Arab magician who had gained access to knowledge extant before the time of man began. The cursed book was discovered by John Dee and translated by his sidekick Sir Edward Kelley, the most skilled Qabalist of his day and in all likelihood a Jew. The Necronomicon, in English, was then passed around amongst the British aristocracy for century’s but ended up in the hands of the Nazis during WW II.

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  1. Bicycling was probably my favorite past time growing up before the suburban mini-mall sprawl had to ruin everything, especially for the non-athletically gifted among us we felt like we were still accomplishing some exercise while having a good time exploring away from the never ending bickering that was the norm for parents growing up. Great way to escape the noise.

    I have no doubt you crushed that man. Once you see it in your mind and work out the kinks everything seems to fall into place and when you don't want to be seen sometimes not thinking any thoughts or a sporadic outburst of randomness is enough to keep them at bay. Remember that smile when I had someone walk up to me once and say, "I can't understand you". Success. Perhaps that's why there are so many autistic people these days. They just want the machine to leave them the fuck alone, but I'm leaning towards vaccines too.

  2. Spirit says we reighn our selves in before the government has to.

    Spirit has taken control of our dearest jack. As she preys shit happens.

    I must have a rear view mirror upon any bicycle trail.

    You see a young man got angered by me a slower cyclist upon an Illinois bicyle trail.

    AI simply asked him as before you speed past me could you please anounce your presese?

    I have to miss spell my words.

    protects the inocent to the ways of the world.

    "Bottem line" got brake checked upon a bicycle trail for speaking an opinion.

    My opine upon that bicycle trail could you please simply anounce your presenses before passing me?:

    We had a basic dissagreement on edicat upon a multiuse bicycle trail.

    Of course you should know wyat I mean if you live in Chicago.

  3. human rebellion? A shared experience as our dear leaders want us to share something.

    That is of course prohibited disscussion….

  4. Jack, what I see is our dear elites wanting to make choices for all humans.

    What did our founders say? Absolute power corrupts absolutely? Of course when I look at our world many of their goals seem correct however, the devil is always in the details.

    America is run by Spirit and none of this will be permitted however, it will be permitted for those who want it as its a choice to make. I have to laugh as family members whom are young just love Justin Beiber and low and behold he has been vaxxine injured along with his dear wife.

    Ever hear of Deodato?


    His grand daughter is married to Bieber.

    Well that track is the finest musicians of the 70's jamming and just playing what they want to play as you can hear the freedom in every note on this track.

    Deodato? The ringmaster of the finest musical circus I have yet to see.

  5. And behind you, my "rolling jackass", surly big dummy, with the camp. Ride to ride since '53 ;-).

  6. Greg, did you ever ride a bicycle?

    I was on a long ride today upon a bicycle on a bicycle trail that used to be an Indian trail than a bridal path for horseback riders and now a bicycle trail.

    I witnessed some bazaar behavior by cyclists including an assault upon my person, no worries as I simply rode away upon my bicycle much like Jonie Mitchel skating away upon a frozen river.

    No AR needed just a bike trail to follow and a person put in his place.

    See, on American trails that allow bicycles many cyclists are always ready to race always in race mode so we raced,.

    How bad was the defeat?

    Well, first he brought a Knife to a gun fight. How so? He was on a very high tech full suspension mountain bike and I was upon the Salsa Warbird a weapon of devastating effectiveness upon the average bicycle trail warrior.

    The war was waged already in my mind as I saw his inevitable defeat and so that is what it manifested to become.

    Out on an Illinois bicycle trail.


  7. Been coming here for years although never chimed in. I thoroughly enjoy your writings Jack and Orage, and those of the commentators. I don`t think anything ever really ends-cycles beget more cycles and whatever existential angst or malaise we suffer from is our own doing. Perhaps this is the way out….
    Youtube -Chiron Last – See with Your Heart

    Again, thanks for everything.

  8. You've intuitively hit the nail on multiple levels whether aware of it or not. It's one thing to be aware of what we see in our reality field [insert jewish finger pointing], but it's another thing to not only hold that obvious truth but to recognize that there is something else, a force if you will, guiding them and not just them but many others who don't identify with that label to committing the atrocities we are living with today.

    Failure to accept or recognize this force is what keeps humanity constantly chasing its tail. If you're unfortunate enough to ever reach a state where the higher force is guiding you to interact with others on a different level far more intense and impossible to hide within the material cloak you'll learn what that bottomless whole force really is. Even after reaching a state of invulnerability near personal godliness of invincibility and power of unimaginable quantification it was deeply unsettling to me in such a state.

    I tried all my typical human endeavours to reason, understand, sympathize, help those with this force in them to change their ways and see things differently. Nothing worked and the only thing that made sense was to banish it. Some things cannot be dealt with on our level. They simply just are. I got no sense of "evil" as I had seen people possessed by evil thoughts and deeds and once empowered they can be dealt with as you are cognizant of your own limitless power. This one interaction I had was so empty it was truly like gazing into the abyss. The longer I interacted the more I felt I was getting sucked into it. A lesson for trying to dig too deep into those around you. Curiosity killed the cat after all. It was a challenge that I'm not sure what the outcome would've been and I challenged many. This can only be understood when you realize the full empowerment I was embodying at the time.

    The human is creating the environment as you hinted at. This much is very true, but there is that other force that is guiding and manipulating them into self-sabotage. It's those unseen forces that must be defeated and everything else will fall into place whether it be centuries or millennia. Our failure has been cutting the weeds and forgetting about the roots. The first step to defeating this foe is being aware of its existence on a daily basis with every thought and action carefully taken. We must master ourselves before we can solve the problem.

  9. I’m still thinking at ground level, and so are many religious zealots, and I’m not religious not an atheist. I know there is something. Good and evil exists, good and evil people definitely exist. I can feel the evil or whatever, it’s definitely there. I’ve had a few people say the same thing unsolicited.

    I’m stuck in a world with gravity a world of cause and effect. My mind is stuck there, still playing politics in some ways, still thinking there might be a solution a miracle.

    Man appears to be manipulating most everything to make what is written a reality so people will believe it. The results are real. I don’t understand how people can be so sinister and evil?

    I’m not naive. I’ve witnessed the worst humanity has to offer fighting wars plus I’ve seen poverty on a level most people never see. I’m not alone, and I’m still better off than a lot of people. I just don’t understand why people are so accepting?

    The warmongers never stop, they roll from one manufactured war to the next, and people support it. They’ve done nothing good for America or the world, and people support it. I don’t get it? I know I don’t have the power to change anything but I can say something. I feel so small and insignificant. They don’t care. People believe they care. They don’t care.

  10. No question Israel is the one thing unites Republican’s and Democrat’s, it’s not humanity or America. There isn’t any of them isn’t a sellout and a traitor, there isn’t any of them worthy enough to follow, they’re not leaders to be trusted but they are leading us down a path of destruction.

    This is definitely purposeful. They’re lunatics, it’s beyond surreal yet many people support it. Donald Trump is serving their purpose keeping his supporters on the hook willing to fight for him. It wouldn’t matter anyway.

    Name one Republican or Democrat would be able to save America? There isn’t one. America has been defeated already, people are of the mindset we’re trying to prevent what has already occurred.

    I don’t have a realistic solution. I’m not following any of them not anyone on the left or right. Benjamin Netanyahu received more standing ovations from Congress than Messiah Obama.

  11. With knowledge comes a call to act, as how to best answer it, an individual answer. I remember railing against the the yellow cake "reason" given for invading Iraq, not that effective in a Hollywood media cantina, so I took other actions shortly after, I remember the stolen 2000 election quite well, back then I thought it was a Neo con republican thing exclusively, as Jane Harmon spoke and California was railroaded by Enron energy brownout blackmail

  12. About 97 miles from Ulvade to the ranch where Scalia supposedly died from natural causes of course many on the right believe he was murdered so he could be replaced.

    No doubt the Supreme Court was involved in installing George Bush after they stole the election in Florida in 2000 when Jeb Bush was Governor so they could install George Bush prior to 9/11 planned years in advance same as COVID-9/11.

    They’re all owned, they cover for each other, and they all take advantage. Wealthy slaves many of them, still slaves. I don’t know? I don’t know anything other than I know all I need to know. Do I really want to know? Feels like purgatory. I do have regrets although it wouldn’t have changed the world had I did anything different. I would be a different person. I’ve never hurt a child or an animal not intentionally or directly. That’s more than some people can claim. I don’t believe I could live with myself if I hurt a child, and I love animals. I don’t want to understand a serial killer.

  13. Drugs, weapons, slavery. Cash crops and as Duff put it, a criminal conspiracy, "rules don't apply to us", but some have to keep up appearances for public consumption. By the light of the night…

  14. We should keep in mind that the current description of the yugas as descending in duration, removes this cycle from the greater movement of the cosmos. Further, the documents concerning the events that announce the change, or transition periods between yugas have been forgotten or lost.
    The current popular view of yuga doctrine is quite silent regarding the mathematical manipulations that have occurred in the system, which changes the understanding and usefulness of the yugas.
    Currently, the yugas work primarily as an extension of belief, which is not how they originally functioned.
    Time, and the cosmos, is not understood beyond extremely primitive levels by the modern mind, simply because the modern mind can only conceive of time as some sort of external, objective thing.
    Perhaps one effective approach to understanding the yugas today, is to equate them, each one, to a series of wake and sleep cycles. Everyone has a need for sleep, which revitalizes wakefulness. Together, the sleeping and the awake form a core, a dynamic, that experiences the unfolding of life.

  15. My pyramid builder, you're supposed to be on Substack, we give them nothing for nothing anymore. I told them a long time ago about moldy old manuscripts…

  16. Thanks Jack for both the kind words and reminder. I've been meaning to check out those Z-Plan articles months ago when I browsed your twitter and you know once you disconnect from the delusional mass hysteria things come and go at will and nothing ever gets done and yet you wind up feeling satisfied. It's about time I quit making excuses. See you soon.

  17. I've known that feeling for nearly 30 years myself since I was a young pup and thought I could change the destiny laid before me before knowing it was my destiny. I rejected all of what I eventually became with the hubris you'd expect, and yet I still became that person. The darkness has had its way with me as much as the light of the everlasting has and I have none to blame but myself for daring to know the truth. I warn people to be careful what you wish for with absolute sincerity and regret nothing once your mind is made up.

    Wanting to do something was that urge though and adults just drug everything down with all the excuses for not wanting to do anything meanwhile feasting on that new blood energetically not much different from your Rothschild blood drinkers physically. This whole world is made up of cannibals whether they know it or not and you're the meal. Waking up is realizing you're tied up on Gilligans Island and you're cooked almost to perfection. When Jack says cry and nobody cares, scream and nobody hears you he isn't lying. You're not really on Gilligans Island and you're not really tied up so why do we all pretend like we're weak because we fear our own strength?

    Part of growing up, which is still hard for me, is realizing not everybody can be saved, nor should they be. What's done is done and some people made their bed while their soul internally screams out from within. A shocking sight if ever witnessed. Watching those around us destroy themselves takes an immeasurable amount of strength. It plays with us, toys with us to expend our energy on a hopeless project, rather than hold fast and feel inept in the process. The force we are up against plays the meat sacks like a piano and by harming others or convincing them to harm themselves it harms you. The ruthlessness of this force and the methods in which it chooses to wage warfare in our reality field leaves me aghast fumbling for words. At this time all we have is ourselves to rely upon for strength to be the light in this time of darkness. Others, as Jack has mentioned before, cannot be fully trusted at this time of great deception. The deceivers powers of influence are too great and without the sight to see it shifting all around you you're sure to make mistakes. Some peoples reactions, thoughts, and emotions are their own and they can be downright difficult but it's theirs. Others on the other hand are under temporary possession through an open door that even they may not be aware is open.

    As if that isn't enough try to be yourself to the best of your ability. We care and weep for the world despite it all. Everyone says they want a Hallmark movie, but what they really want and get is a Greek tragedy and there's a reason for that. Greek tragedies are the only stories that are multidimensional that hit us in ways we never knew existed. The half-men walking around today whimpering about peace can never understand the beauty in war for both the victorious and defeated. A bond only two men on the battlefield can ever know or truly appreciate. When they say history is made from war they aren't wrong. Now let us make a new history…

  18. the yuga's are of a different time and part of space and we are complete loose of those. 3600+/- years cataclysms, planets with sun passing by and going again…that was the cycle of destruction. thats what it means in all the cataclysmic stories and chariots flying through the sky.. lovely hermetics..

    until the tubal cain crowd started making their own stuff up. all assumption on assumptions of stories mixxing up reality with very dangerous spirits, who after summoning cant escape gravity..

    nothing more then the cult of killing by cutting heart out that has been busy with poisoning humanity with politicians (p)harm a geddon.

  19. 97. Thus, for example, gross falsehoods are interspersed, such as the naming of false contact persons who appear or have appeared on the scene in a fraudulent form.
    98. These are also immediately noticeable as evil foreign bodies and do not make any sense in their naming.
    99. It could not be clarified so far by us, why these falsehoods are interspersed and asserted as truth and what is the actual and quite obviously very malicious purpose of the whole.
    100. On the whole, it is certain that the primary telepathic transmissions are very valuable and sometimes even truthful in relation to things that appear unusual to the earthly man, but to which the evil falsehoods manoeuvred in do not rhyme in any way.
    101. The whole thing simply makes no sense, for the logic of the very many truths is interestingly overplayed again by an unusually great illogicalness and falsehood.
    102. It is undoubted that the primary telepathic impulses of truth seekers were and are partly truthfully recorded in written form, because the persons doing this are or were very truthful.
    103. But it is incomprehensible that the real truth is in short again destroyed and made questionable by untruth as well as by lies and falsehood.

    Is it possible that perhaps some alien people have their hands in the game? You spoke of the Thule Arus Society and of another galaxy or of the Arus allies. Arus was an alien after all.

    104. I am not allowed to give any official information about that yet.

    Aha, you already answered the question. Well, let's not do that then. Can you at least tell me more if you know everything exactly?

    105. Then nothing prevents us anymore from an enlightenment.

    Any discussion dispensed for the "public" about the Vril Society is not available. Roight

  20. Thirty-fourth Contact
    Sunday, 14th September 1975, 13:43 hrs

    I have other questions in store, such as a question about a certain Asthar (Ashtar) Sheran. Do you know anything about him and his followers?

    68. I know the name very well.

    Then talk, what's it all about?

    69. I do not want to talk about that.

    For what reason? We have some writings from a group in Berlin who are dealing with this Asthar. What about you not wanting to talk?

    70. I can explain the facts to you, but only for you.
    71. Officially I am only allowed to make a few statements.

    Then at least give these.

    72. I already said that we know the name very well.
    73. But we also know of the writings you mentioned and more of various other things.
    74. Despite all our efforts, which we have been doing for years, we were not able to connect with these life forms.
    75. We could neither find them in the places mentioned nor ever locate them.
    76. We searched countless systems of normal time and countless dimensions for them, but nowhere was there a clue from them.
    77. Everything is very mysterious, and interestingly enough the traces from all systems of this and other times and from all dimensions lead back again and again to the Earth, especially to Germany.
    78. There the traces bundle together and concentrate in a very specific place and on a very specific entity.
    79. This is a centre of a very powerful secret organisation, which you certainly do not know and which calls itself the Thule- or Arus-Society. (Arus the ancient human ruler god of earth)
    80 In years of work we have not been able to clarify why all this is so, why we continue to research in this relationship.
    81. However, it is absolutely clear that all impulses undoubtedly emanate from this centre.
    82. The initiators of these impulses possess great knowledge and many powers.
    83. They are also in possession of few primary telepathic powers and many kinds of knowledge about extraterrestrial technologies, events and about extraterrestrial intelligences, etc.
    84. We have established with absolute certainty that they transmit this knowledge through primary telepathy via impulses and thus influence many Earth-humans who are sensitive to it.
    85. But we have also established with absolute certainty that in the originators of these impulses a goal prevails with the aim: Preservation and elevation of the white race on this Earth from the descendants of the Arus race.
    86. Up to the present time we have not yet been able to clarify what the meaning of the whole should be and which actual powers are hidden in the originator.
    87. Everything is very well shielded through powers that are very difficult to penetrate.
    88. At any rate, one thing is certain:
    89. The primary telepathically radiated impulses are captured by various groups of humans and recorded in writing.
    90. These are sometimes very good transmissions and explanations that come astonishingly close to the truth or even state it in fact.
    91. But the reason for this was so far inscrutable and unclear.
    92. However, we have certain values about it, which I am not allowed to name officially, because they do not yet give an overall picture.
    93. However, it is clear that everything is concentrated around the Thule-Arus-Bund, but where it is actually controlled from is still unclear.
    94. Traces of this lead into a foreign galaxy, and it seems that behind the 'Asthar Sheran'-group there is even more than what we currently know and that it is also quite evil.
    95. Surprisingly, the writings mentioned contain an enormous amount of knowledge about valuable and good things and about facts that are quite unknown on the Earth.
    96. Mixed in with these truths, however, are also very strange, unreal and untrue as well as quite negative and evil lies and things that seem like an evil foreign body in the block of good.

  21. Thanks for the reply Greg, you’re right. They’ve turned up the heat although people will still do nothing, will sit there, because they still believe or they’ve given up. Many people are zombies. It will get hot before it gets cold, cold is debilitating, cold will suck the will to live out of a person, still people are going to die due to the heat, it’s the cold will kill them, either way they won’t survive the heat or the cold. Our choice is to survive until the end those of us aware of the fact there is no political, legal, or violent solution.

    There will be many martyr’s for a lost cause, they still believed. I have a neighbor flies the flag proudly doesn’t want to hear anything negative, he didn’t have time to talk the other day, he had to get back inside and watch the Celtics and the Warriors. My other neighbor their 13 year old daughter is so mentally ill and violent she can’t live with them anymore because she could be a threat to their new baby, could possibly slit their throats in the middle of the night. And then there’s me, deprogrammed, retired military my father a Korean War veteran, his best friend was a pilot in WW2, burnt horribly, including his face, but he was still ruggedly handsome. They never talked about it. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t do, they would survive what’s coming, most people won’t.

    I think about people like Ted Kaczynski was he created by the problem or the result of the problem. What happens when people have nothing to lose because they have nothing to lose? I don’t believe they can control anything although that might be part of their plan, we’re ruled by pathological psychopaths, they’re truly sinister evil people without empathy.

  22. Wow what a great comment Greg, I wish you would register for substack, you belong with our all-star commenters, Mike comments on there too, and when Google pulls this fucker down, we won't lose literary gems like this, I'm transplanting this one…

  23. The world is in a failed state. The people may be better off than American's whether it be China, Russia, or Mexico or even some Amazonian tribesman, but as a whole the last 100 years every culture, nation, and tribe has slide backwards into oblivion. Nobody is better enough to fully pull themselves let alone anyone else out of this quicksand. As far as I can see its just a totem pole of everyone sitting on top of one another's shoulders in the same quicksand as we are just we're further down. The 20th century was the flashpoint of irredeemably. Savitri Devi understood this better than most in the aftermath of such a bitter defeat and Serrano explains this even better with victory in defeat. By trying to stop, slow down, or reverse the whirlwind you accidentally through intention sped it up to its own self-destruction.

    As much as I'm constantly torn between destruction and creation internally I can only thank the realization that things are tanking in as quick and painful as a fashion as it is. Had WW2 not happened the way it did no matter how much you 'wanted victory' or to see what could've been, this was part of the purpose. It was clear that the German model wouldn't have survived in the corrupt world state anyways. An idea so pure needs a new canvas and breaking their plans forcing them to speed things up more than they wished is what ultimately is destroying them.

    We live in hellish times and this is where dreams come to die and nightmares come to fruition. It's a collective nightmare we're ensnared with and we live in hell because ignorance reigns supreme and only through ignorance can nightmares be given birth. We think the last 75 years were a slow grind? They intended it to go on much longer before we ever reached this point now. We're all going to be ripped apart despite knowing the illusion we've constructed we can't help but realize deep down we can't help but be attached to it.

    So let the disco inferno continue and burn baby burn as the tears of agony over all that was lost and could've been fade into oblivion and misstify down our cheeks. The world you want deep down that you might not even know you want with all the veils and masks we wear cannot come about without the total destruction of the old. That something new you might find has been something old all along.

  24. The PSYOP continues, its been on steroids and puberty blockers since 9/11/2001 planned years in advance same as the bioweapon, they’re all involved in the crime or the coverup the lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum.

    It’s amazing people on the left and right can’t see it, they will coverup the truth about COVID-19 same as they did 9/11. The world is pushing back though, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, and Iran, others, and of course Russia and China although I don’t trust anyone hasn’t said anything about 9/11 and won’t call the bioweapon a bioweapon.

    I won’t trust China unless they attack. Mexico should ally with China and Russia, they’re a failed Narco-State because of America, same for places in Central and South America. They should all help the CIA add stars to their wall, every star a win for humanity.

    The world wouldn’t miss America. America’s entire population could cease to exist tomorrow, America could cease to exist tomorrow the whole world would instantly be a more peaceful and better place.

    I’m not even trying to save America from itself, it’s a lost cause. They’ve created a monster the Zombie Apocalypse is real. It won’t get better despite any temporary relief, if any, it will still be worse than it was 6 years ago, same as it was worse after 9/11, every year I’ve been alive worse than the year before. I need to register for substack.

  25. Yea they got it from us, it's how I end the piece, which is over 7000 words, this is just the first few hundred. The rest is on the other side of the paywall

  26. Timely publishing and spot on with respect to the obvious universal attempt by non humans in the displacement of Light by the Dark forces , still , it is part of the Human experience in the ' now ' and hopefully more people will abstain from constant ' digital ' masturbation that sucks their soul away with each ' tap here '
    command . This Yuga gonna kill us ………..