Post-Human, Trans-Human, The Human 2.0


As we experience the death rattle of Empire, times they are a-changin. The Human got a facelift and will broaden its content to include views from beyond the anglo sphere.

Jack, Phil and I had a strategy session on how to move forward. You’ll see more frequent articles from interesting writers. A move to an Island server is in the cards to continue broad and free dialogue. The Human will remain a free site, so we are looking to monetize to pay for the increased activity and content. I’ve been loathing to put ads on this blog, not wanting to distract from the deep concepts presented, working a full time MacJob instead. We want to focus on co-shaping the coming world, so we want to find the right mix of Subscription, Affiliate programs, AdSense and a few other things that generate revenue. It should stay discreet and you won’t see click bait vapid articles. Let us know below; any ideas, experiences, pitfalls and rants on this transition.



  1. Mike you and I are going to be the only featured writers, you're going to be an international star, trust us. The numbers for the last six days:

    United States
    United Kingdom

  2. Thanks Mike, a valid point about the visual driven front page. The written word is key here, I hope the individual article pages reflects that, with lots of breathing room, whites and clean look. The top lead article is still the latest, current piece, and we'll monitor how it affects commentary, as people just kept conversations going, unrelated to the article at hand. This will probably not be its final form, but it is needed to serve multiple topics in a day or week. One article a month only with 6,000 words is a thing of the past.

  3. Ok, some hopefully constructive criticism; First the changes are heavily weighed in favor of images. The problem with this is that almost no one, if anyone here, actually creates these images, they are all borrowed from somewhere else. I'm a little leery of featuring photos and artwork from unrelated sources as the primary means of introduction for a site featuring the written word.
    Some solution for images should exist, which can include visual headers, own source artwork, photos from the contributors, or the like.
    I give a thumbs up for the larger text, as this is a true improvement, and the chronological layout for pieces appearing still works, however I did like the fact that the previous format offered the newest /latest piece an unmistakable position as the lead post. Here while it is available, its a little lost in the visuals.
    All in all, its your site, you do as you wish, but IMHO the previous format did some things better

  4. Guys, you've got some serious productivity this year. I'll be happy to contribute more.
    Depending on what you're looking for with this project, I can dedicate more of my time to get you sources and excerpts on the chosen topics. I can also take time to translate texts only available in French.

    I don't have so much suggestion to make but a specific participative financing can be set up on the important productions, for example if you need to visit some places or to get some necessary elements?
    Maybe scale the contributions differently too ? For example new items with a subscription and unlocking of old ones after a certain time, podcasts/videos at the stage above and then specials at the last stage or with a specific participation according to the work involved.

    Everything I have been studying for years is almost only connected to your productions or suggestions, especially since I discovered "Lucifer and the Temple of the Dog".
    You have probably changed my life since 2016 so it would be only fair to return what was given to me.

  5. Trust whatever you guys decide. Few ads won’t bother me at all….like the new look…and the content here on this site is life changing masterpieces.