This 2019 presentation, King Arthur’s Lost Kingdom is a must see. The recent archeological discoveries presented here creates a very different picture of Britain during the Arthurian era (400-600 AD). It was referred to as the Dark Ages because of claims of constant wars following the departure of the Roman Empire. These archeologists found no evidence that there was a Dark Age in Britain during that time period. In fact the attached map shows that Tintagel, the supposed birthplace of Arthur, was a trading hub. Tintagel contains many examples of 5th century pottery from Anatolia.  Follow from the red dot (Tintagel) in the south of Britain and then follow the redline of trade that leads to Anatolia in the east and beyond. An incredible example proving once again that official history is filled with propaganda. Much of it was written by monks who clearly wanted everyone to believe falsely that without Empire there is no civilization, only chaos! – Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould 

The second one proposes postulates as those in the above video King Arthurs Lost Kingdon the ignorant immediately start babbling about the carbon dating of manuscripts. Carbon dating, because of the damage it causes, is almost never used on old manuscripts and fragments. They are dated through paleography which is defined as the study of ancient writing systems and the deciphering and dating of historical manuscripts.

Paleography is just one more academic pseudoscience and was scandalously invented by a Benedictine monk; Bernardde Montfaucon who lived from 1655 to 1741. In 1708 he published the bible of paleography; Palæographia græca, sive de ortu et progressu litterarum græcarum (“Greek palaeography, or the origin and progress of Greek literature”).

De Montfaucon’s publication was scandalous not only because it provided standardized directions on how to forge an ancient manuscript, a cottage industry in monasteries at the time of its publication, but because de Montfaucon had to have been well aware that his contemporary and the most brilliant scholar of his day; Jesuit librarian Jean Hardouin had just accused the Benedictine Order, which he called the black monks, of fabricating the entire history of Greek and Roman civilization…

Hardouin was also the premier numismatics expert of his times and he said they had forged it all; coins, inscriptions and manuscripts. He said the only authentic classical works were Homer, Herodotus, Cicero, the Natural History of Pliny, the Georgics of Virgil, the Satires and Epistles of Horace and the New Testament which was originally written in Latin.

The Royal Frankish AnnalsAnnales BertinianiAnnales FuldensesAnnales Xantenses, and to a lesser extent the Annals of Quedlinburg, used as the primary sources of western history, have obviously all been pasted together long after the facts by Christian monks whitewashing the churches past. What really went on in England or for that matter all of western Europe before the Ottonian Dynasty of the Saxons is a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces scattered all over academia.

Sourced in Old English, the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, although much tampered with, have greater credibility than anything sourced in Latin. In the very first lines it’s stated that England was originally settled by Armenians who became the Britons. Then later the Picts came from Scythia and were given land to settle. This is inconvenient to their narrative and academics squeal in unison that the Saxon author copied it wrong from Bede’s Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, or An Ecclesiastical History of the English People, pointing out that Bede said Armorica.

There are three problems with this explanation. Bede, supposedly writing a couple of centuries before the Anglo Saxon Chronicles were begun, was a Benedictine monk. The Saxons were well aware of who the Armenians were. They had settlements with them on the Black Sea, as the language Crimean Gothic attests too. The author knew just what he was saying. And, finally, no one has accounted for the Armenians fellow Russians, the Scythians, being treated like comrades and not invaders.

There is an account in Old English by a man named Wulfstan who took a ship from England sailing up the coast of Northern Europe to a place called Truso now in Poland. Back then Truso was in Estland, the land beyond Denmark. Wulfstan describes Estland as being “very large, and there are very many walled towns, and each walled town has a king.”

He gives a vivid description of Estland funerary rites where the dead are left uncremated, sometimes for months depending on their stature in the community, while their friends gambled and drank away their possessions in the company of the corpse. He explains that they are able to do this because they are able to freeze the body, even in the summer. He writes “If one puts down two vessels full of ale or water, it happens there that both become frozen over, whether it be summer or winter.”

So much for the “Dark Ages.” Back at Malmesbury Abbey in England, from high atop their dark citadel the black monks were teaching themselves to fly. Writing in Latin in the Gesta regum Anglorum William of Malmesbury commemorates mans first actual attempt at flight made by a monk named Æthelmær (Elmer) a thousand years before the Wright Brothers were born:

“He had by some means, I scarcely know what, fastened wings to his hands and feet so that, mistaking fable for truth, he might fly like Daedalus, and, collecting the breeze upon the summit of a tower, flew for more than a furlong [201 meters]. But agitated by the violence of the wind and the swirling of air, as well as by the awareness of his rash attempt, he fell, broke both his legs and was lame ever after. He used to relate as the cause of his failure, his forgetting to provide himself a tail.”

The alternative to paleography, Carbon dating is in itself notoriously inaccurate, particularly with objects less than a few thousand years old. Creationists recite with glee how the fossilized remains of an Allosaurus was dated to be sixteen thousand years old.  Radiocarbon dating labs almost invariably will only accept samples with an age estimate suggested by the submitting historians or archaeologists. This alone is damming evidence of fraud, it’s akin to a psychic requesting a biography before they do your Tarot cards…   

The great Anatoly Fomenko has a lot of fun with living mollusks that have been carbon dated to be twenty-three hundred years old and seven-hundred-year-old castles dated to be seven thousand years old. He sums up the practice of carbon dating objects from recorded history by citing German authors Christian Blöss and Hans-Ulrich Niemitz 1997 book C-14 Crash. “They have collected a great body of modern material demonstrating rather convincingly the fact that the radiocarbon method in its current form cannot serve as a valid reason for absolute dating’s of historical artefacts.

Common sense should tell you if you do not know where you came from you cannot know where you are going. To proceed in a linear fashion you must have a beginning to get to the end. Collectively western man pointlessly stumbles forward like a Hollywood zombie in a malevolent quest for the brains he does not have. He did not get this way by accident.

In order to make a zombie the bokor (voodoo priest) or caplata (voodoo priestess) must administer a poison virulent enough to make their victim appear dead to the medical profession. The unfortunate victim is then buried and allowed to resuscitate in their subterranean tomb. The subsequent trauma and horror experienced by the victim is enough to wipe out all memory of who and what they were that the drug itself did not wipe out.

Before they really die the victim is then dug up and the Shaman mutters some mumbo jumbo like a mantra into a mind that has been traumatized to its maximum pliability. From the time they emerge from their tomb, over and over again, the shaman tells the zombie all hope of transcending their now miserable existence, salvation from the pain that the shaman themselves have inflicted, lay only through the shaman…

This has been excerpted and edited from:

The Year of the Dragon, “Let Us Pray…” By Jack Heart & Orage

Devils and Gods Among Us by Jack Heart & Orage

Matilda, the Devils Mommy (Devils and Gods Among Us II) by Jack Heart & Orage


Fitzgerald and Gould have recently published a book that we are strongly recommending:


What do you get when you mix a thousand-year-old hereditary feud, bloodlines, Oliver Stone, the holographic paradigm and Christian mysticism? You get The Valediction Resurrection! Seldom am I impressed with a professional writer’s knowledge of the occult but move over Umberto Eco, Gould and Fitzgerald will teach you how to play this haarp. I was astounded by the depth of Mr. Fitzgerald’s understanding of the hidden currents that carry this world to an as of yet unknown destiny. By the time he got to the Tuatha Dé, entities of which I am intimately acquainted but I call Djinn, and the importance of quartz for time travel I had to slow down to reading only thirty or forty pages a day. Because that’s the way I read when I am taking mental notes. This book belongs in any good occult library, and I have already begun recommending it to my Christian readers who are troubled associating the very real unseen world with the artificial dogma they’ve been inculcated with for generations. The Valediction Resurrection is a must read for every Christian with a three-digit IQ. I may just read it again myself. – Jack Heart

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  1. Alien invasion is coming. Lindsey Graham has already volunteered to be probed anally a peace offering, they will refuse to pleasure him and vaporize him on national television. Fox News ratings will be out of this world. Sean Hannity will be telling his viewers the aliens are our greatest allies the only democracy in space, we are an Alien-Christian nation with Alien-Christian values.

  2. They’re destroying everything on purpose, their homelands and their colonies. It’s too late to save the Divided States, we would need to free ourselves from the British again a necessary first step in freeing ourselves from the Zionist stranglehold.

    We don’t have a government is ours or a population is willing or capable of doing anything to save anything, destroying everything is what they do best, it’s purposeful, people support it, they support and worship their rulers. I have nothing to offer as a solution because there isn’t a solution not a realistic solution. I know what they deserve that’s about it.

    Commenting is venting frustrations. I will continue my own search for the truth, it’s a purpose won’t result in changing anything other than myself. I do appreciate your efforts, futile as those efforts may be.

    The Divided States is a lost cause. I would leave if I could. It’s going to get worse, and they’re not done killing people. You never did get healthcare, and you never will. Don’t use alcohol or drugs or allow yourself to get fat is my advice assuming you want to live a long time in this world, and I can’t imagine why anyone would? Why would anyone want to live forever? Does it get anymore selfish and self-centered than that?

    I won’t be attending any funerals for America on 9/11/2022, they’re dead, get over it, nothing good will ever come from it, they got away it, and they will get away with the bioweapons and bioweapon vaccines aren’t safe and effective, and they will get away with everything else. I don’t honor lies anymore that’s why I don’t honor that fake and gay American flag, and I don’t want any military honors, and I will never be buried in a Veterans cemetery with all the other fools. I despise these flag waving Veterans too, they’re all posers enjoy the undeserved hero status they’re given and the pity party, they don’t deserve pity. There isn’t anyone has the excuse of being ignorant not anymore those days are over too. I’m a lifetime member of the VFW and DAV stopped honoring lies years ago, and I no longer go to the VFW or anywhere because I’m not an alcoholic or a dork. I’m so sick of it, it’s all fake, people are fake, everyone is a cartoon character today.

  3. The British people are the pit bulls among us Greg, unfortunately they are lions led by lambs, degenerate lambs at that who won't be happy until White Chappel and all its glory days of Jack the Ripper are resurrected. They are off to fine start with the war in the Ukraine which they instigated and are now using as an excuse to turn off the lights in England…

  4. Explains my unexplained heavy dislike for Britain and the U.K. Jack. I have told myself a ton of excuses for why England just about makes me sick to the point I can't stand the condescending way language flows off their tongue, accent, or that stereotypical pompous attitude that can even make a French man bat his lashes. I chalked it up to just good ole fashioned, "Merica fuck yeah" patriot attitudisms in the 90's and then WW2 secretly crushing on the German side hiding my passion like being caught with some nudie mags. It was something more than that down to those early experiences where I'm only now starting to unravel these last couple decades from the moment I met the King of Fear in my dreams wanting my knee to bend. I'm sure if I unravel more it'll make sense but it always bothered me when I felt so giddy to realize it was the Jew and his cronies only to be quickly deflated by a bigger realization that as bad as they are they are considered irrelevant by the true powers. An after thought when you realize what the game is and how its really being played.

    It is good to remember though that it was Britain who started the "We're the real Isralites" movement centuries ago. Might as well call the Puritans and their ilk the shock troops that colonized America.

  5. I appreciate the feedback Jack. It’s strange being on the outside looking in. I removed myself from being involved in failed politics is a futile effort. I’ve tried hard to convince people the right wing I’ve communicated with that they support and worship the people are responsible for everything they claim to oppose, we know they exist on the right, they’re in the church. We all grew up believing what we were taught. I always knew something was wrong, would try to convince myself they would do the right thing in the end. It’s so much worse than I could have contemplated. I used to say they would never do that…yes they would, they will do that and much worse, they really are sinister and evil. Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m numb. I’ve witnessed the worse humanity has to offer, and I do have regrets, anyone doesn’t have regrets is a liar. I know there is more I don’t know than I do know.

  6. I look at it as archeological vindication for our Devils Among Us pieces, those Goths which include Vikings, Saxons, Frisians and basically anything with blond hair and blue eyes were from Scandza, they were all Goths, and all of northern Europe was once called Geetland. We could go on and on about this but until assholes except that there other dimensions and other worlds why should we bother? Duhhh, Look! It's Donald Trump and Senile Satan. The Russians know, so do the Chinese and your oligarchs. At this point Orage we are the best there ever was and we don't perform for cockroaches…

  7. And at some point after the end of the last glaciation, those Hindus were quarrying rock in England. Slid them down the hill,dropped them in some holes, called it Stonehenge. Then in the 70's some hippies decided to camp overnight,smoke some weed in the "circle". Big storm hit. The locals said the last thing they heard were their screams. Most interesting the prehistory of the united kingdom area. Keep poking the bear and their could be green glass circles.

  8. That's what Goethe said with his last words. Mehr Licht! Whether there was more light or he needed more light to see clearly has been debated ever since.

  9. I got in this game late myself anon, only eight years ago and I wasn't allowed to play until 2016, the first thing I learned is the British run the show, America is naught but their glorified attack dog…

  10. British involved in so much history, including the history of the Middle East, it’s interesting. You can spend a lifetime searching for the truth, my search started late in life after becoming a war criminal serving our rulers and their dishonorable evil purpose.

    Mecca the House of Saud and the history of the Saudi monarchy and Wahhabism is interesting. So many lies, layers and layers of lies, fraud, and extortion. You’d think Arabs would wake-up to these propped up phony monarchies?

    China, Russia, and their allies need to create a new United Nations and a new International Criminal Court so war criminals and those guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity can be held accountable, and eventually put the current United Nations out of business. The current UN and ICC is corrupted same as every subverted usurped western NATO ally, includes every Five Eyes partner the head of the Five Eyed snake is in Britain. Why do the British have anything to say about anything happening anywhere in Europe or anywhere else?

    Ukraine is still about Israel, they thwarted their plan for greater Israel after 9/11 the phony war on terror the result of a preventable 9/11 was always about creating greater Israel and war profiteering. Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. Syria and Iran on the list. Russian thwarted their plan, they can’t rule the Middle East, Europe, and the world if Russia won’t let them, and like Russia and others China knows what will happen if they open their borders. Multiculturalism and diversity is used to conquer nations. Their vision isn’t a diverse world, it’s quite the opposite and it includes depopulation.

    Expect a false flag in the Persian Gulf or somewhere in the region blamed on Iran. Expect another 9/11, this time it will be blamed on Iran. Biden has already committed to defending Israel, and they haven’t abandoned their greater Israel plan, they’re like rabid dogs need to be put down, their warmongering has increased, they’re extremely dangerous right now because they’re losing and shedding support at the same time.

    Sorry. I don’t mean to stray off topic but it is relevant, and the British are involved in everything. I would also expect another Oklahoma City, this time it will be blamed on a Trump supporter or antisemite, they will be White, and it probably will be a White man responsible, they’ll have had plenty of encouragement and assistance.

  11. The letters I and j were added to the English language in 1542 causing a bit of confusion as the letter I was already used before the date /year to signify isheua so to get around this the I was made to look like a 0ne with the aid of a chisel , it might explain why certain photos show the dates being a thousand years off and then a X was added on in the Roman numerals, both sir Isaac Newton and Immanuel velikovski hinted at this but only velikovski had his work burned

  12. Another spark in the darkness of our everyday zombie life. Suddenly shadows flitted by, only to disappear into the void. I need more light!