I’m going to
come out from behind the cover of my Substack paywall and level with all of you
fortunate or considering the circumstances perhaps unfortunate enough to read
this. I am not a naturel man and the life I have led is completely alien to
anything you have grown accustomed to believing is reality. I have always been
a stranger in a strange land, I believe the pre-Christian Gnostics called it
Allogenes. Beyond love and hate I am devoid of all the rest of the emotions you
consider imperative to your own humanity. Indeed, I have always looked at life
in the same way you view a television show that you are not really interested
in. Ten years ago, one of the Others, the one I am here for, told me my demons
had found me. As far as I was concerned that was their problem…

I began to write, first a book about Her and I, then the history
of the human race and all the ways men have been deceived. The writings, aided
by my uncannily perceptive researcher Orage, took on a life of their own
building to a crescendo with two pieces to close off 2015: 
MK Ultra
– Cybernetic Mutation, Remote Controlled Slaves, Dragon Soldiers and a Zombie
Empire; Paint it Blue
 and Blood of
Christ: Paint It Blue Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable Humans and Bacteria Gone
. A lot of words, which is why
I just call them Paint it Blue in homage to the famous line of the
 great Irish novelist James
Joyce who said, “I have to turn my head until my darkness goes,” the
inspiration for the Iconic Rolling Stones piece
 Paint it Black

Paint it Blue was about the science currently being feverishly
deployed by the upper echelons of your world to control you but surely would
destroy your world, hence paint it black. I did not come right out and spell
things out for the readers, which were millions. I merely listed the facts
stopping short at Morgellons in everything but my notes, long ago lost. My
warnings, which I knew they would be, were either ignored altogether or
dismissed as mere curiosities by my target audience.

Aided by
cinematic genius David Lynch I spent the next few years trying to explain to
Her and the others why we were here and how useless it was to try and resist
our fate. Again, no one listened, and they responded by killing my cat Tookie,
which was also my familiar and the thing I loved most in this world, outside of

could I do, now I felt hollower inside than ever before and I responded by
writing, again with the help of Orage and this time David Lynch, 
Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling I 
and Chaioth
ha-Qadosh – Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling II
. I went to Europe and
participated in a series of miracles that should have astounded the whole
world, but instead due to the nature of the Mandela effect went largely
unnoticed by all but those who were observing and only catalyzed those forces
aligned against me. When I returned, I was Grim and resolved to watch their
world burn, and each and every one of you, sentient or not, die right along
with them. You had your chance, instead you choose Facebook and Twitter…

this late hour Dr. Gabriel with a very big assist from the enigmatic Poornima
Wagh seems to have put it all together. It won’t do anyone any good now unless
these great ones among you are given far more than YouTube podiums, something
more in the line of control of the world’s military assets. Vladmir Putin is
trying but I really don’t know if he knows what he is up against. We will be
watching from right here on this Substack page. Mike Kay will be instructing
you as to what it will take to transcend the destruction of your physical
bodies in The Human. Because as that woman who is with Dr. Gabriel, God bless
her eternal soul, says, you have an etheric body which the Black Goo cannot

“a reminder

The Intel Drop is now www.theinteldrop.org and moved to Iceland
after NATO ordered it seized” – Gordon Duff

Glycol – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

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  1. Well Jack, the vaxxed simply will double down on the narrative and I now lay low and as you know, I used to participate in cycling events but no longer. Cycling has gone totally woke and the vaxx is the mark of the cyclist along with massive support of the transgender Movement.
    Soon the unvaxxed will be labeled as domestic enemies but for now the focus is on tRump supporters.
    Most unvaxxed identify in America as republican and educators openly talk about this at the liberal universities.
    Best to lay low and watch the zombie apocholypse unfold.


    • What I propose is the notion of denial of blood

      We shall not shed our blood

      For another war

      As our elites feel blood gives them power

      Spirit above blood

  2. Wagh, more duck and cover as our elites always tell us what's up.
    Look at our world post vaxx as the best vaxxed athletes drop dead right in front of them and no one questions it?
    It is the zombie apocholypse with the surviving vaxxed. The vaxxed I know simply have doubled down on their stance and this is an example of the mind control properties of the vaxx.
    The world we used to know is gone just like the vaxxed are and look at the narrative which is pedo/homo/trans and vaxxines all rolled into one. For vast swaths of the western population this is the new normal.
    I hope Putin is for real but at the top levels most leaders run together as we shall see.

    • As someone they have been trying to expunge from the internet for six years, I am amazed at the naivete of even the unvaccinated. If it would have suited their purposes, they would have produced "proof" that Dr. Wagh was a pirate serving under Blackbeard. Some fucking moron with a newsletter, which makes him a dangerous moron, writes me to tell me no one has ever proved there is Graphene oxide in the vaccine. Well, they just did stupid that's why we published this, oh well maybe he's vaccinated, and I would be talking to the dead answering him which is why I only sent him a link to pictures.

    • It's covered in the podcast and the videos by both us and Dr. Gabriel, her information is on the money, the reason they are only finding dead material in the vaccines is improper handling, you cannot character assassinate someone as politically connected as Dr. Merritt, but now Wagh she is fair game for anything. If she's so uneducated how come she seems to know more about microbiology than Fauci?

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