“This film is one of the first documentaries about Billy Meier, made by a team of American investigators including Wendelle Stevens, the greatest American ufologist of his time, and the team of the counterintelligence company INTERCEP. We see them going there to investigate the possibilities of a hoax, collect the elements, take them away to have them analyzed by the most advanced scientific methods of the time. Examining the three documents CONTACT, LightYears and The “Silent Revolution of Truth” makes it possible to understand logically why Billy Meier is probably a real contact. Billy Meier UFO Was ‘Not A Hoax’ And This UFO Documentary Proves It.”


  1. I once found myself inside a disc space ship traveling, having beings work on me during the night (with a certain 'smell' that accompanied around me before my nightly visits) and sitting up straight in my bed one time exclaiming 'Father!' in an elated tone and hugging a warm embrace that ignited my spinal column. Of course it was my etheric body (or something like that) & my physical being having these experiences….at the time the name that kept being repeated was Pleiadian/Plejarin? And found the Billie Meier info plus other books and dove into a deep dive with all this. This was in my 20's now 30 years later I look back fondly of those experiences. Not sure where they went or I since then but was an interesting time. Jana

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