It has been many years now, since the discovery of the
oldest swastika in the world. It was found in a long-forgotten place in the
Ukraine. The swastika itself has been demonized and monopolized by a campaign
of terror that continues to this day. Not far from the place of this discovery,
another was made; fully formed Europeans unearthed in a dig from 40,000 years
ago. Neither of these discoveries has meant anything to the incessant dialogue
of current events. The spotlight seeking interpreters of modern moments report
on the unfolding of the events in the Ukraine with an air of disbelief, as if
they cannot quite account for the nexus of activity that leaves them breathless
and puzzled. They too have forgotten, or perhaps never knew that the history of
the Ukraine is all about origins and endings and is as such a very fitting
place for the empire of globalism to crucify itself upon the Ukrainian steppes.

Much has been said of the Ukrainian reinvention of
symbols from the Third Reich, made especially famous by the Azovs, a
paramilitary organization with close ties to the oligarchy and Israel. Yet no
one seems to remember that the symbols of the Reich were themselves returned
from the depths of the past, and that the images that horrify and mystify so
many today have a long and ancient lineage that does not slavishly follow
modern political borders, or conventional thought.

So, while modern reporters will ring their hands over
Stepan Bandera, they are blinded by the bizarre idea that all of mankind must
think, and behave according to their pre-set beliefs, all the while ignorant of
the reality of the deeper forces at play. Deep forces they are, as we have
previously explored.

The symbols revitalized in the Ukrainian mind are thus
not simply the nostalgia for a fascist past. Nor are they truly some sort of an
attempted return to the vision of the National Socialists destroyed by
globalism. Runes are found throughout the Russo-Ukrainian lands, symbols the
modern mind believes are dead, without any potency. Yet the interpreter’s own
fascination with their articulated terror, and their deep search for any
evidence of these symbols currently in use belies their materialistic

Symbols can carry with them an extraordinary degree of
power. The banal and mundane elements of modern society have known this for
quite some time. Thus, corporations all sport their symbols, understanding that
to the blank acceptance of modern humanity, repetition will train the compliant
masses to recognize their brand. Linked to this is the long campaign of
subliminal advertising, using hidden images and quickly flashing forms.

What they don’t know, nor can psychology help them, is
why certain symbols carry an inordinate authority.

Of course, if the agents of the cash and carry culture
could comprehend the why, and put it to use, it would be twisted out of all
proportion in the rush to turn it into domination, into control, into hackneyed
and debased forms to serve their inhumane purposes.

We aren’t going to help them here. Our purposes are simple;
we are going to understand that symbols, the symbols that have stood the test
of time, do so due to forces that operate outside of the conscious mind. Why is
this important? Primarily, it is important because for one it exhibits that
supremely important and consistent processes operate over generations of time,
and second, because it illustrates that the conscious meaning assigned to
symbols is secondary to the power of the symbol itself.

In short, such proves that there is a great deal going
on in human life that the waking mind is largely clueless about. So, it becomes
very easy for the waking mind, dumb to its supports and lifeline, to make all
kinds of truly idiotic assumptions, and to believe that they are unalterably

Perhaps the first untruth to consider is that the
waking mind is the ruler of itself and its world, just because it can think
about things, and supposedly manipulate the body. Yet what exactly is the
waking mind, other than a construct designed to operate within the confines of
this incarnation? The waking mind is eminently suited to the discernment of a
world of things, a subject-object relationship which transfers internal processes
to external realities.

What the mind is not-and this is the fundamental mistake
of modern thought-is ultimate consciousness.

If one is to truly comprehend the mind, one must come
to the conclusion that the mind itself is not absolute. How can this be so?
Such is the realization that arrives to anyone who studies and observes the
mind. That mind is directly linked to incarnation, the way a flower is linked
to its pollen, should be completely obvious. The modern mind is absolutely
obsessed with itself. It almost never gives itself rest, constantly mulling
over odd memories that pop into awareness seemingly from nowhere, repeatedly
hashing out the same thoughts, remembering lost hurts, and engaging in regret.
At times, the mind will indulge in pleasurable memories, it will think fondly
of good times, or lavish praise upon someone it believes has done it a good

However, the mind can never exist in the very present.
The mind finds it impossible to think of things until after they occur. Even
when considering the future, the mind is actually dwelling in the past, for it
is considering what isn’t known on the basis of what is. Time, in the framework
of mind, is something utterly beyond understanding, because the incarnate mind
has no ability to sense, observe, note or measure what time actually is. Rather,
time is described as an effect, as a force operating on life. As such, it comes
as no surprise that much of the effort of modern man is aimed at escaping the
power of this force.

Science, as people like to call it, is essentially careful
measurement, and thus the scientific description of time is little more than
careful measurement of celestial bodies in motion. Time, as motion, was fully
described as a phenomenon thousands of years ago. Thus, not only has the
understanding of time not advanced, but it actually has regressed, as it must
to fit into a mechanistic model of the universe.

Most commonly then, the symbols of man are conceived
as something arising within time, from the waking mind. They are claimed to
arise from keen use of the senses, and applications of principles of design,
proportion, and symmetry. The reasoning goes that some symbols merely embody
these principles to a greater degree, making them more successful in a huge
field of symbols. This type of explanation prides itself on its rationality,
all the while ignoring the fact that it truly explains nothing.

Just as no one in the modern world can present time as
an easily consumable entity, no one can describe where the principles of
symmetry, proportion, and repetition derive from. Intuitively, the best artists
throughout the ages held to such principles, keeping the mind in check to allow
a deeper sense to flow into their work. They never sought to explain the
exquisite beauty of the fully realized feminine form, for example. Botticelli,
in his famous painting of Venus, merely celebrates such as an experience.

Similarly, scholars today look to what they believe
are previous symbols, in order to explain the existence of other ones that
escape their rather narrow confines of belief. This is a practice of simply
pushing back the explanation of origin without answering it, on the basis of
classification, or in simpler language; visible characteristics.

The swastika discovered in the confines of Russia does
not, nor ever has followed this type of mental gymnastics. The Runes cannot be
explained as a continuation of an older system with similar features, simply
because scholars have no idea of the structures the Runes derive from, or for
that matter, the derivation of the older ”parent” script.

Previously, we described natural language, and
identified the Runes as symbolic forms of this language. We demonstrated how
the hybridization with Christian forms followed a hybridization of Goth
society, and recalled the historic fact that such actions led directly to the
fall of Rome, and the annihilation of the Goths.

We pointed out that natural language develops with
biology according to the fractal, holographic nature of biological
manifestation, and that such manifestation is both seen and understood as
developmental in the quantum description. Symbols, however do not necessarily
develop out of a finished language, they can just as easily develop along with
it, remaining in place as templates for experience, the way a mannequin is a
template for wardrobes. When we understand this, we will realize that the
resurfacing of Runes and Swastikas in the Ukraine is hardly explained away as
some fascist fantasy. Further, perhaps it is possible to develop some respect
for the struggles of a people, and an inkling of the great forces at work,
instead of trying to reduce everything to the level of stupidity and banality.

The highest levels of the mind move beyond the
physical, before disappearing completely into the ocean of awareness. It is in
this dimension where the Platonic solids and the world of forms work their
magic. The highest frequencies of the mind are realized as geometric forms, a
crystalline structure open to the direction of Kurt Gödel’s absolute set.

Such is an ancient view of manifestation of the
cosmos, and as such, even the compartmentalized ego tripping of modern science
is beginning to return to the root. The Swastika and the Runes are intimately
related to number, in the sense that number is itself symbolic. The sages of old
studied geometry and number, not merely to build better monuments, but to
correlate their inner experience with the outer. They discovered the exact
forces that modern science is desperately attempting to master in order to
debase and enslave all of life.

To the modern mind, there is no mystery to the
Ukraine. That which is identified as the source for the symbolic resurgence of
forms which currently inspire such strong reactions do not explain this
resurgence. However, the understanding, even topically, of Emanation Science,
the quantum explanation for biology, and the parallel development of language
certainly do. Further, this comprehension of higher orders fully illustrates
the power of symbols beyond locally assigned meanings, which accounts for their
resilience and longevity in the human experience.

Mystery Ukraine exists for those who perceive it.
Right before our eyes we can see the deep forces manifesting, passing directly
through the materialist reductionist explanation to reveal themselves as the unlimited
horizon they truly are.


  1. The modern mind is trained, largely when very young, to believe that it is encased in a body, and thus the focal point of the organism refutes its higher root. This point of view is a tyranny.
    It is this point of view that hides the activities of higher power.
    Modern science understands little concerning thought, and even less concerning the emptiness in which thought arises. Today, symbols are grasped by greedy hands, and assigned arbitrary meanings no one understands in order to better own them.
    Ownership is a very big deal to the modern mind.
    Yet symbols of true power always manage to defy simple categorization. They always offer the exception that disproves the rule, and they cannot be owned. In fact, as we see in Russia, participation with them defies the simple concepts of mind, and that should open our eyes to the fact that we weren't created as anyone's slave race. Nor is this our fate.
    Remember the light of the stars.

  2. Spirit is a vibe. Passed over the internet Jack as they better watch out.
    Another example of why Hendrix wanted to join this band. A vibe is like the wind as it can be soft or fearsome best not to blaspheme it!
    Thanx for the kindness.

  3. That picture of that Rune on the front page of this article. A coin like this for sale anwhere?
    Would love to flip it.
    Best to avoid the ill.
    Believe I have been given a bio weapon.
    Of course the Evangelical Queen prayed the weap9n away.

    Sick as a dog Jack.

    Actually I liked your pal Tara.

    Was sorry to see her go.

    You need to reign in some of your women.

    However, I have a bad case of mental illness called covid.

    We believe prayer prays the gay away.

    • Crawl under the covers and stay there till the fever breaks even if it takes three weeks as it did for me. At least you got woman folk to care for you nine, I lost fifteen pounds but hell now I look the best I looked in five years. You'll be alright my friend…

  4. Vectors, crossings, bifurcations, precession. Runes seem to be basic, with endless layers of complexity unfolding by contemplation. I had deep insight into the platonic forms and their holistic quantum nature, at least for some euphoric moments. I will have to do some deep meditation on runes, too. Thank you for this inmesurable and precious input Mike.

    • I've decided to come forward a little bit about Runes, because I sense that some, like yourself, are ready for it. My primary focus here is to point out that Runes are legitimately available to the Russian people, which of course includes Ukrainians. The western media is built upon avoidance and hysteria, and their examination of the resurgent use of Runes has also been shallow and stupid.
      If I'm presenting a clue regarding the higher order of frequency and structure that is essentially non-material, it is because it's past time for White people to stop abdicating authority of those higher frequencies to others, and to remember.
      Enough said stories.
      It's time to get to work.


    • I can tell you the one book you should only read for comedic relief, and that would be Ralph Blum, The Book of Runes. This hilarious distortion offers slapstick skits on a number of our traditional symbols. The less said about this book, the better.
      In terms of what is available today, I don't know. When the government burned down my place, they also destroyed my library, and reduced me for years into a shadow who could no longer read. To this day I have barely recovered. I would like to offer some good material on Runes, but unfortunately I simply can't.
      However, I have caught a couple of YouTube's offerings that seem pretty okay. First world be Jackson Crawford, who is a scholar, and takes a strong scholarly approach. Please understand that the scholars begin and end with a very specific view. Nor are they open to change. Mr. C. has gone on record mocking the Kensington Stone. Despite this, he offers a current perspective that is representative of current thought on the subject.
      Second, and to be honest I've only seen a few of his videos, is Arith Harger. Arith is also from a scholarly bent, but far less rigid. Some of his ideas are purely speculative, and thus sometimes without much evidence, but he at least seems to comprehend that Runes are not simply a Viking alphabet.
      I believe that with both sources together, one might get a sense and perhaps some bearing in this expansive world of Runic expression.


  5. The White race was the original humankind and was found on every continent on Earth. What disturbs me as a European-American is that we have been in decline for the last few millennia, and zionism (I refuse to capitalize) may be the final nail in our coffin for now. We once immigrated from Hyperborea to all the continents. The last autochthonous Hyperborean people in the Americas were the Mandan, and they have been thoroughly erased by the Smithsonian, who portray them as brown-skinned, black-haired American Indians. When George Caitlin encountered them, he described them as blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned. The Kennewick Man of the 2000s was of Celtic descent and somehow made it from Ireland to North America's west coast. No, he came from the north pole. The Indians won that battle, though. There is nothing left of the Vedic of India except legend and lore. The Mediterranean race, which included the Ancient Egyptians, is still represented by the light-skinned Berbers, Assyrians, and Yezidi. Still, to no surprise, they are forcefully miscegenated or killed in genocides the U.N. refuses to prosecute. The Kalash of northern Pakistan are treated the same way and fascinate me because they could be the best indicator of the Hyperborean diaspora still existing. Genetic tests and theories point to them being descendants of Alexander the Great's conquest across central Asia, but none of those theories can be proven. I think they come from somewhere else, personally.
    To summarize, we spread throughout the world and were made minorities in our lands by sub-humans who came out of Africa and went north; now, history is repeating. I think the best thing that could happen to us to defeat the scourge of zionism is to become minorities in our own countries again. It is the only thing that will unify us; that is all that is needed.

    • All very good points, RP.
      The decline of the White race is not a topic I have moved into, primarily because we really don't need more sad stories right now. Besides, we all have plenty of examples right before our eyes.
      However, in short, I will say that the Aryan path has always been one of near insurmountable difficulty. It was a heroic choice, to embark upon this journey.
      There is a word that applies all too well, geas. A geas is, for lack of better words, a do or die pact with higher power to live strictly according to celestial law.
      The lower orders of man do not carry the blueprint of the stars, but the Aryan way is to bring it to them. A heavy burden indeed.


    • That is sort of my point; it ebbs and flows. The twentieth century was an unmitigated disaster for the White race. The twenty-first century is getting interesting, with Nationalists rising in Europe and North America, although a "wog" is about to be elected British PM.

    • Well Robert the White race is under attack, mostly by its own who have grown fat and stupid in their McMansions and tolerate if not condone imposters like Biden, semen swilling vamps like Trudeau and Macron and the installation of the Brown Bumbler in England. Italy thinks they have scored some great victory because they have been granted a Mussolini knockoff that is in reality Claus Schwab's cleaning woman and Germany? We will see if they form an alliance with Russia. If so the East has zero tolerance for the Kalergi plan, and I pity the Africans who think they have found a home there. I can't stand idly by even though most Whites had this coming because some did not. I'm bringing you writers like Mike and Loki not for the drooling fat porkers who read Stormfront and can't bust a grape in a fruit fight, but for a new generation of Whites modeled after the ones in the Ukraine but who will fight for themselves and not a greater Israel. Because fight you must if you are to survive. You will find out that is the only thing that justifies a man's existence anyway, the Norse knew that. Relearn it…

    • I learned all of that the hard way, through OIF. The zionists created more than a few White Monsters, like me, with their neocon ways. Ex-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano nailed it when she said words to that effect under Barack Obama. We aren't a danger to our country; quite the contrary. The land that emerged in the twentieth century from America is dangerous to us.

    • Somewhere Jack,there is a remnant left. Back in the 70's white folks refused to stand with the vets. However, still haven't given up the search for said remnant. I thought about trying that trick a certain Greek fella used. The one with the "birthday suit" and the lantern. Not sure what results I would get.

    • The condition of western civilization is similar to a distraught hairdresser who hangs themselves to protest a change of brands in hair gel. Personally speaking, if it wasn't for the unprecedented damage unleashed upon the world, this whole affair is hardly worth my, or anyone else's time.
      It is obvious that the amazing geniuses who run things are determined to destroy the very civilization that has shamelessly rewarded them for contributing exactly nothing.
      This brings us all to a very important choice…
      Either place one's efforts with those who are wrecking it all, or not.
      Politics are always sold as a cure, which is absurd when one understands that politics make the destruction possible.
      This time that we are leaving behind was all about fashioning and obeying monolithic institutions and centralized leaders. Most still follow this dead paradigm, but it is dead, and the future of mankind lies upon a different path from what was. Again we are at a time when destiny is energized.
      This is the world that speaks to me. The question is, does it speak to you?


  6. Until about seven thousand years ago, the Hindus were a world wide civilization. There most sacred symbol was the swastika. Look around in Ukie and you'll probably find a lingam or temple foundation. Assuming it hasn't been destroyed. Of course, in Egypt, they were known for their "piles of rock".

    • World wide in influence, yes.
      World wide as in the British Empire-no.
      The beauty, symmetry and geometry found in the Vedas is simply remarkable.

  7. So, is not the Ukrainian regime usurping these symbols to expand their power against the people and they are weaponized and perhaps the Germans rediscovered this first?
    But the Germans lost the war against Russia and so will Ukraine as it appears.


    • A bit more complicated than that Nine.
      Remember, The National Socialists had the atomic bomb. They even tested it, over the Baltic, and it worked. The US nuclear plan was dead in the water until they got their gift from Martin Bormann of essential nuclear materials, together with a couple of scientists who knew their way around the stuff. They also got the blue prints for the first jet fighter, and the beginnings of their space program, all given to the barbarians who declare themselves the beacon of freedom.
      Hitler, that very bad guy from a wholly bad people ordered the atom bomb project shelved, due to concerns regarding life on the planet. If they had used it, they would have fried their enemies and won the war. Aryans however, are not naturally attuned to genocide.
      They threw the war to save the planet, nine.
      Remember this the next time some fuck head dripping Zionism starts screaming holocaust in your ear.
      Take a look around. Who is has used the bomb all over the place? Who makes it a national priority to be nuclear capable? Who recently nuked that bank in Lebanon? Please, don't even try to make a case for it being a military target, we know the truth here.
      The Ukraine is caught between deep memory, biology, and the mad nukers who call themselves advanced. Y'know, the same people who release bio-weapons as vaccines, crush your life for the profit of the oligarchs, and make sure you see dancing perverts every time you turn on the TV…the good guys.
      Runes and other such ancient symbols are found outside of the Ukraine as well, Nine, deep in the heart of Russia. This phenomenon is much larger in scope that simply in the Ukraine, but it should give people a little perspective regarding current events.
      As always, thanks for reading.

    • Heretical speaking, they even arranged the stalemate of MAD by providing the means of nuclear to both winning sides, respectively. Borman and Ardenne. It worked for a while, preventing hot mayor wars. It's one of those what-if thoughts.

  8. Runes are the ur-riginal magical language employed by the Aryan race. The oldest swastika was discovered in Ukraine. Check into Armanism and Rudolf Jon Gorsleben

  9. Another priceless gem from Mike. I once read that the most ancient Christian church known was located in southern Iraq. The inside of it was adorned with swastikas. During the Talmudic war against Iraq, under the administration of fagot, sock puppet, imbecile Dubya Bush, the U.S. Air Force bombed it into rubble. I suppose the, "perfumed princes of the Pentagon" believed it had military value. Somehow I discern the hands of the chozen pipple behind that. "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."

    • Thank you HD, for reading. Always appreciated.
      The USA in the desert has meant a huge desecration of the heritage of that region. I recall even the lapdog media howling about the wholesale looting of museums, so blatant was it all. Apparently, what they couldn't steal, they destroyed, an ongoing policy in Syria, where archaeological sites of great significance were utterly flattened.
      The Swastika is an important symbol to the Navajo, the Tibetans, the people of the Balkans, and of course, Aryans. Today, your eddumikashun insists it was only an awful symbol from those very very bad people they call Germans.
      Part of the reason I write is to correct the destructive effects of an insane society. Glad you found it valuable.

    • Great piece Mike, thank you so much. Swastika's were definitely around in the US in the early 1900's. There is an old Rancho in the San Fernando Valley in California — The old homestead is there and low and behold full of swastikas that are etched into the masonry all over the place. Really cool actually…

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