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Mike Kay


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A Transhuman Chronicle the Rainbow by Mike Kay

Lena stared into the mirror. Her eyes locked with their reflection, a pale blue bright and clear. Nowhere within them was the slightest hint...

The Avatar of Wyrd

Living in America, the standard Hitler narrative is clear and simple. It is crafted via countless Hollywood productions, promoted endlessly by cardboard cutout politicians,...


In the ancient world, there existed a far different understanding of the nature of life than that which is popular today. The Hellenes in...

Immortal Impermanence

Pinterest Within the heavenly embrace of the cosmic mystery, the intricate assemblage shone. From all possible points of view it was breathtaking in its design,...


(5) Pinterest I awoke from a particularly haunting dream. The dream itself was about the structure of the Cosmos. I rose out of bed, sitting very still...

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Revenant Ash by Mike Kay

The power was out. In the darkness the street...

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