with our special guest, Master Gardener Debbie, who introduces herself and brings her skills to and for our listeners.LISTeN Here: Conversations from the Porch Episode 12 (substack.com)
The Gardener is a gunner too…

Today we broke out of the standard format and brought in a guest. Debbie is a Master Gardener who provides us a wealth of knowledge on vegetable gardening. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about growing fruits, veg, herbs and medicinal plants in line with her local climate.

She has expressed an interest in coming back to explain in more detail some of the things touched upon today. She specifically asked for more time to discuss square foot gardening in raised beds, medicinal plants and her experiences with them, and her use and experiences with cider vinegar tonics and essential oils. She has helped many people in the local community with over 100 volunteer hours logged each year (some years 400 hours) in those activities. You can bet she will be on again. – Phil