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Meanwhile, Uranus is transiting Taurus (the archetype most resistant to it) from 2018 till 2026, its last transit (1935-1942) brought WWII ‘Hitler’ and the ‘Great Depression’.

has a poor reputation these days, reduced to the banality of horoscopes,
deciding which sexual partner to pursue or avoid, what ‘lottery’ numbers to
pick, and to provide the ‘lost’ with a feeling that they are not ‘alone’ in the
world (that there are others, just like them). It is peddled by an industry (largely
driven by the quest for money) that has perverted a sacred, epic story of
creation, and diminished its wonderous cycles and characters into something
mundane. Astrology speaks in a language of symbols, archetypes, and geometry,
and like all ‘wisdom’ worthy of the name, it provides clarity to (hu)man’s
connection with nature and the heavens, and what is unfolding both within and

(or should that be ‘Tabloid’) Astrology endeavours to ‘shoehorn’ (hu)men into
12 Zodiacal ‘Sun Sign’ categories, or archetypes, placing limiting
labels/identities upon all; in the same manner that Carl Jung boxed (hu)man’s
psyche into 12 universal prisons of personality (although there is truth in
this condensed view, it does not allow, or account, for the much richer
tapestry that can be observed and experienced). We are so much more than these
simple zodiacal sun signs, and through Astrology we can understand this and use
the knowledge to guide and shape, not only ourselves, but the world around us
(this manifest reality we call life).

great deal of astrological knowledge survives to present day (although by far
not all), it survived the fall of Rome due largely to the emerging Arab culture(s)
and has been passed down in works such as ‘The Picatrix’ or ‘Ghayat al Hakim’
(the aim of the wise). During the 17th century Astrology started to decline,
due in large part to the intolerance of the Christian religion and was driven
out of universities and the public mind/discourse (other than the farmer’s
almanacs, which continued to show the ‘correct’ time for planting during
‘fruitful moon signs’. These are available to this day – the author would
strongly advise to seek such out).

follows is not an attempt to teach one how to become an Astrologer, there is no
need – we are all already Astrology’s pupils (whether we acknowledge such or
not), it is/has always been working through us, and we through it. The cast of
characters in this great narrative have been playing out their appointed roles
across this manifest cosmos since its birth (and within all of us since ours –
the term ‘Fate’ comes to mind).

brief, these characters are: The 12 Zodiac signs as the great archetypes* (a
fixed procession of constellations), the four ‘terrestrial’ planets closest to
the Sun (representing the Self – both Ego and Soul purpose) who
describe/influence the personal realm – Mercury (Mind), Venus (Love), Mars
(Will), and Moon (Memory). Earth is where their play manifests. Beyond them
lies the belt of asteroids (the disintegration of Ego in death), and beyond
that are the ‘gas giants’ – Jupiter (Meaning/Expansion) and Saturn
(Destiny/Contraction), abstracted from Ego with spiritual quality removed (they
influence the larger ‘social’ reality on Earth or its ‘evolution’, and Saturn
is the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’). Lastly are the three ‘outer’
(Trans-Saturnian) planets – Uranus (Disruption/Liberation), Neptune
(Inspiration), and Pluto (Transformation), these are the generational/spiritual
planets that embody principles that lie beyond the realm of Saturn, with Uranus
allowing the ‘breaking through’ of the boundary – this character is the focus
of what follows.

Greek mythology Ouranos (Latin: Uranus or Caelus) was the oldest of the Gods of
antiquity. The story goes, that Gaia (Earth) gave birth to him with Aether
(Sun), the god of the ‘upper air and light of heaven’, and Ouranos was
understood to be both a male deity, as well as the ‘dome of the sky itself’ (the
heavens). In the mythology of creation, from Chaos emerged Gaia (Mother Earth)
who had her counterpart in Ouranos (Sky Father), who brought ‘fertility to Gaia
in the form of rainfall’ or ‘life’, that is until the ‘God’ Ouranos was deposed
by Cronus (Latin: Saturn) and subsequently by Zeus (Latin: Jupiter).

Cronus was successful in overthrowing Ouranos (at the behest of Gaia, due to
the unbearable state of continuous ‘creative folding’ or ‘harbouring of forms’
between Mother Earth and Sky Father, Chronos castrated Ouranos with a diamond
sickle), this deed created unforeseen consequences. Aphrodite (Latin: Venus),
rose up from the water where Cronus threw the ‘castrated member’, and from his
blood (that had touched Gaia) rose the Erinyes, fearsome goddesses of revenge
who would appear and punish those who broke natural laws.

story of Prometheus (the foreseeing one), the one who brought the divine fire
of rebellion to all of humankind, and by so doing rebelled against Zeus (king
of the gods) has Ouranos as a more appropriate figure (although many
astrologers would disagree with this point).

Uranus being known to humanity in antiquity, it was the first planet to be
‘discovered’ beyond the traditional threshold or ‘edge of consciousness’ of
Saturn (the old astrological and alchemical texts handed down to modernity from
the Middle Ages do not usually contain reference of the three ‘outer’ planets).
It was (re)discovered by telescope in March 1781.

is four times the size of Earth; is twice as far from Earth as Saturn; requires
roughly 84 years to make one orbit of the Sun; and has a rather striking (and
particular) feature – it is the only planet in our solar system that has a
rotational axis that is tilted to such an angle that it lies (almost) on its
orbital plane. It is also associated within the Tarot as ‘The Fool’ (although
that tale is for another time).

are two symbols for Uranus. The common one utilised in Astrology – a circle
connected to an H, which can be stylised so that it is a cross connecting two
crescents on either side of the circle – this is a complex symbol indicating
‘intuitive’ insights and flashes of wisdom (usually rapidly, and outside of our
usual limits). The other, less common symbol is a combination of the Alchemy
symbols for iron and gold – similar to the symbol for Mars, it is an arrow on
top (pointing up) of a ‘solar circle’, with its vitality/spirit directed with
‘willpower’ upwards towards the ‘super conscious(ness)’.

‘individual’ life operates in cycles, our spiralling ‘life pattern’ has often
been measured under the astrological influence of Saturn and was marked by the
20-year cycle (Synod in Astrology, meaning ‘journey together’) of the
conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. Instead, it is the motion of Uranus which
could be said to be more significant, and appropriate.

noted above, it takes Uranus 84-years to complete a revolution of our Sun (and
thus through the Zodiac – staying seven years in each sign), reaching its
opposition from its start (its natal placement in ‘our’ birth charts – an
essential ‘tool’ for understanding and using Astrology, particularly within
ourselves) at the age of about 42 (of Middle Age). This 84-year cycle can be
divided into twelve 7-year cycles (or seven 12-year periods of a Jupiterian
nature), thus the important ‘milestone’ ages of (hu)man: 0, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35,
42, and so on. These periods have meaning/association with the mind/body.
Contemplate this, and see if it resonates with your own life? What insight,
development, achievement, and casting aside was made at each of these ‘points’
in your cycle?

is associated with (hu)man’s nervous system (in its ability to transmit
information or impulses), as well as innovation and change, or more
appropriately – revolution/liberation, and it rules the Zodiac sign of Aquarius
(or partially rules, Uranus is designated the ‘day ruler’, whilst Saturn is
considered the ‘night ruler’ – something to consider with the emerging ‘Age of
Aquarius’?), and has ‘authority’ within Scorpio.

progression through the Zodiac brings with it discovery and enlightenment, and
usually the disruption of established order(s). The energies of Uranus
(male/female as one of the two ‘neutral’ planets, the other being Mercury) are
electric(al) and highly charged, and this can be observed today, and throughout
history, especially when discerned within the roughly 45-year Saturn-Uranus
conjunctions, as they are both planets of extremes (or is that eternal

a start, the ‘discovery’ of our protagonist Uranus was at the time of the
American (1776) and French (1789) Revolutions (the exact year Uranian influence
returned to (hu)man’s (un)consciousness was marked by the ratification of the
American ‘Articles of Confederation’ and the final surrender of the British – a
case of the British kicking out the British? Or the birth of the Anglo-American

present Saturn-Uranus cycle started in 1988, with the planting of the original
‘seed idea’, during their conjunction together in the Zodiac sign of
Sagittarius. This ‘seed’ was (or at least, appeared to be): ‘America as a
Global Hegemony’, which was birthed out of their previous cycle (1942-1988: The
Cold War Era from World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall).

conjunction saw the ‘Black Monday’ crash, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the
Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, violent unrest in South Africa (leading
to the end of Apartheid – at least for Africa), the formation of Al-Qaeda, the
signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and the
beginning of the ‘Global Warming’ agenda (with the address to the U.S. Senate
by James Hansen). All of these are generally considered to be ‘common
manifestations’ of their planetary alignments, along with technological breakthroughs
and disruptions – such as NASA resuming the Discovery Space Shuttle flights at
the same time a massive telescope collapsed in Green Bank, West Virginia.

this cycle progressed to the next ‘exact’ conjunction(s) in July and November
1999, and May 2000 (during what Astrology terms ‘Waxing Square’, covering the
period 1998-2001), the energies initiated during the 1988 conjunction came into
their first ‘hard aspect’, creating a ‘climax of action’, specifically: The
wars in Kosovo and Chechnya (and the dissolution of Yugoslavia, which had been
formed in the previous conjunction), the ‘Dotcom’ crash, U.S. President
Clinton’s Executive Order imposing sanctions against the Taliban in Afghanistan
(a ‘boomerang’ effect from the arming and training of Al-Qaeda, once again in
the cycle’s last conjunction), and in a similar irony, the U.S. Senate
rejection of the Nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Of particular import
during this period was 9/11 and the start of the so-called ‘War on Terror’ (a
repeat of events in the previous cycle from 1942-1988?).

this cycle proceeded into ‘Opposition’ from October 2007 till August 2011 (with
‘exact’ conjunctions in November 2008, February, and September 2009, plus April
and July 2010) earlier developments ‘maximised’ with Uranus in Pisces and
Saturn in Virgo. This period coincided with the ‘Credit Crunch’ crash
(resulting from yet another ‘bubble’ – see a theme here?) and was the
‘maturation’ of the ‘seed idea’ towards globalism from the original conjunction
in 1988.

was the birth of a concept know as: ‘Too Big to Fail’ – which when viewed
through the ‘eye’ of Astrology, we can see: “When something is too big
(Sagittarius archetype) to fail (Saturn impulse), it requires reform (Uranus
impulse), in order to survival, otherwise it will be destroyed (Pluto
impulse)”. Pluto is a key character in this chronicle because it is a major
player in the story of Saturn-Uranus (another tale for another time), but in
this particular chapter of our tale the reform was not forthcoming – so where
was the destruction?

opposition period also saw: The ‘Arab Spring’, the ‘re-start’ of North Korea’s
nuclear weapon production (and Israeli tantrums about Iran’s ‘uranium’
enrichment programme), Obama elected as the first black U.S. President, whilst
the Tories returned to power in the UK (as an aside, the ‘trine’ Saturn-Uranus
alignment between 2016-18 manifested the election of Trump as well as the
‘Brexit’ referendum – maybe there is no such thing as coincidence?).

brings us to today, during the final ‘Waning Square’ phase from 2020 to 2023
(with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus – the opposite of their positions
in the first square), with ‘exact’ conjunctions in February, June, December
2021, and October 2022 (all momentous months). We don’t need to digest these
events here, they are fresh in our ‘consciousness’, but it is worth noting that
the period for this square ‘coincides’ with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction (another
cycle of significance which is characterised by war, terrorism, and disease –
and destructive transformation/retribution in the case of ‘Too Big to Fail’?).

the Saturn-Uranus conjunctions during the Waxing Square phase of the cycle were
characterised by a ‘climax of action’, during the Waning Square phase it
manifests as a ‘climax of consciousness’. There is a requirement to undertake
new ways of thinking, rather than just new actions, in order to address the
symmetry and role reversal (which is evidenced dramatically by the events of
last year and this October – Did Saturn ‘win’ round one? Is Uranus winning
round two?)

compelling interest is Saturn-Uranus cycles correlations with vaccines: Edward
Jenner tested the first vaccine (smallpox) in 1796 (during a square), the first
UK Vaccination Acts of 1840, 1853, 1867, 1898 and 1907 all correlated with
conjunctions, the UK Anti-Vaccination League was formed in 1866 (trine
alignment), the 1905 U.S. Supreme Court ruling of ‘Jacobson v. Massachusetts’ a
landmark vaccination case which determined that government could not force
vaccination, even for the benefit of ‘Public Health’ (sextile alignment), and
the first vaccination certificates required by law (although later rescinded)
in India in 1897 (a triple conjunction). This ‘dance’ through the past, and the
recent Covid ‘plandemic’, shows us a notable pattern, as evidenced by the above
dated ‘exact’ conjunctions.

new cycle begins in 2032 with Saturn-Uranus in Gemini. So, what can we expect?
That’s what Astrology is ‘for’ isn’t it? In previous such conjunctions (if
history can truly be any guide for the future) a revolution/subversion of
travel can be expected (most likely from 2025 onwards), and new ‘lines’ will be
drawn (both physical and ideological). The ‘seed’ that was planted in 1988
(having matured and declined, like plants in nature) will give way/birth a new
‘seeding’. This will most likely take root in the youth of this phase (an
Aquarian time with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions within this archetype) – those
that have ‘ripped’ their parents apart (along with the manifestations they
enacted during ‘their’ time), who believe they are (re)manifesting a ‘new’
Earth – will need guiding/tempering in their thoughts by those of the ‘old’

Uranus is transiting Taurus (the archetype most resistant to it) from 2018 till
2026, its last transit (1935-1942) brought WWII ‘Hitler’ and the ‘Great
Depression’. During this transit we can expect to observe an ‘illumination’ of
the ‘dance’ of vaccination described above, and there is the potential ‘effect’
of reversal/dissolving of authority – responsibility will have to be taken for
any ‘harm’ caused in the time Saturn was transiting Taurus (it is also
important to note that the Saturn-Neptune cycle comes into play. Between July
and November 2026, in company with Saturn-Neptune will be Uranus ‘trine’ Pluto
– the ‘coming together’ of external/internal, rational/spiritual, and mind/soul
relationships and progress – What new ‘reality’ will emerge?).

marks the ‘Path of Progression’, not through the linear ‘Time’ invented for
(hu)man’s convenience, but the ‘State of Time’ which emerged as creation. Its
application is an ‘individual’ pursuit, as much as it is a ‘societal’
manifestation/observation, to a greater degree in fact. So, are we ‘Fated’ to
repeat the same past events, spiralling around-and-around at the whim of the
zodiacal archetypes and planets? Or is the ‘wisdom’ of Astrology known to
‘Earthly’ players who know how to use its cycles, and conjunctions, to manifest
their desired future?

story ‘inscribed’ above, is but a tiny paragraph of a larger chapter, in a much
grander book. We have touched on only a part of a single cycle, of a
‘wheels-within-wheels’ tale of multiple spiralling cycles, that make up the
chronicle of (hu)man’s perceived cosmos. Astrology provides the ‘sight’ to
perceive beyond this mundane manifestation we call life and have awareness of
both above and below – and it is Uranus, functioning in those who can think
apart from the brain (who planned immortality for (hu)man), that will lead us.


The Zodiac Archetypes: Aries (‘I am’), Taurus (‘I have’), Gemini (‘I think’),
Cancer (‘I feel’), Leo (‘I will’), Virgo (‘I analyse’), Libra (‘I balance’),
Scorpio (‘I desire’), Sagittarius (‘I see’), Capricorn (‘I use’), Aquarius (‘I
know’), and Pisces (‘I believe’).


  1. Thanks Jeff, I think war might be the least of our problems given current events since the 19th 'Yod' and moving into the Sagittarius New Moon tomorrow. The 'burning platform' Anon, ohh… What a name. Although thanks for the link… My comment about the Millennial inability to grasp the wheel anytime soon. Is because the old guard of Generation X are standing in their way, and the new guard of Generation Z are nipping at their heels. Why were they not named Generation 'Y' as protocol would dictate? Was it because of the fear that it might hurt their sensibilities with such a moniker? As if Millennial's isn't derogatory enough? No offense intended.

  2. Back around 12 to 15 millinium ago,the Hindus built a device to keep up with the two most important planets in astrology. That was the sun and the moon. The name of the device was the Antikythera mechanism. The Biodynamic have the best farming system I've seen. I used their planting calendar which gives you all the right times. The link below is to Demeter. They have world wide contacts,probably in your country I hope. Best of luck.

  3. Interesting coincidence that this cycle has about the same duration as the dreaded fourth turning that is so infamous right now.

    • Hi Jeff, if by the “Fourth Turning” you are referring to the book by William Strauss and Neil Howe in which I am led to believe they discuss some sort of hero generation, that is entering young adulthood, and facing off against the prophet generation that is entering elderhood. In other words – the Boomer Generation retires and the Millennial generation takes the wheel. I cannot comment, as I have not read the book. However, I would not be surprised if the authors used Astrology to abstract their agenda into something palitable. Rest assured the Millennial generation will not be taking the wheel any time soon.

    • Hello Oprah's. Thanks for the reply. I haven't read that book either but you're correct; that is where the "fourth turning" phrase that appears frequently in our culture is derived from. It noted the approximate 80 year gap between the War for Independence, the War of Northern Aggression, and WWII. Now it's eighty years after that and we're due for another War. Looks like it's coming too.

  4. I don¨t know who Opeaus Blair is, but the other day I was wondering if I should ask Debbie Ward, at your latest conversation on the porch with Phil Hunter, if she believes in sowing seeds etc in accordance with the different phases of the moon? The moon looks the same I suppose from the U.S. point of view and from the Scandinavian angle, but the ground we are standing on are quite different. When we have snow, you have warm soil, so I did not really know what to ask. Even greenhouses don¨t work outside, if it is minus 20 degrees outside, no matter how beautiful the moon is, so it is all comes down to some kind of "converting" of the info which the moon is displaying. 🙂 – sort of like different time zones, subtracting and adding a little here and there, adapted to who the viewer of the moon is…. Sure is complicated to govern the ground below here by reading the moon up there.

    • Turquoise, I would say (although I can only really talk with any authority about the soil in the UK) – plant predominantly in the waxing and waning of the moon, seasonally (based on your geography). It is best to plant all things which yield above ground in the increase of the Moon and things which yield below ground when the Moon is decreasing. As an aside, you can also use the moon to plant the seeds of your own life, the garden of your manifestations and experiences. At the full moon, cut away and remove the things in your life you no longer desire, those you wish to remove. And at the new moon plant the seeds of that which you do desire. As the moon moves through the zodiac, tend these thoughts as you would a plant and they will bear fruit at the turn of the revolution. Good luck with your growing, it must take perseverance where you are.

  5. More of this esoterica would be appreciated. Time for the Piscean age to die off with the kike on a stick. New World Order, transvaluation of all values.

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