NOV 11 • 59M

Veterans Day Tribute 2022

We tell you why Veterans of the Armed Services hold a special place

Dear Listeners,

If you are a Veteran, this is your day. I assure you that we know the struggles you face every single day. Adjusting my attitude away from the inculcation of a lifetime to direct my anger directed toward the liars who will tell you anything to get you to do their bidding made a huge difference in determining how I looked at wearing the uniform, the sacrifices made, and why we should go armed to foreign lands. Wishing you all health and happiness on this and every day. We all have our heroes, I have met mine…and they are not on TV or in the movies.

Today was an even dozen conversations from the porch. We are still working through the issues associated with equipment and recording. Please overlook the noise associated with my microphone being a bit noisy. One day we will get it down. Today wasn’t that day. Please enjoy the conversation between Jack and I as we discuss what veterans mean to us. – Phil Hunter

A Command Sergeant Major giving recognition across the generations


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    • Well Dave at least they fought for something, kind of refreshing from the current crop of Americans, who would prefer to be sodomized with Schlomo's dreidel

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