My compliments to Dr. Lee Merritt who is the only internet doctor covering COVID endorsed by the Jack Heart Organization. I’ve admitted my error in dismissing Harold as a crackpot when he first turned up with my colleague Cara St Louis. Dr. Merritt has dug Harold up out of Europe just to find out, exemplary science. I haven’t listened to this yet, but I can wait till I am ready to evaluate it on Substack for the uninfected… – Jack 



  1. I tried, but failed to watch the entire feature.
    Mostly, the discussion seemed to be designed to cement a disempowering mechanical narrative into place. Such is the usual line of thought championed by the priests of the religion of science, the fourth branch of abrahamism.
    I was drawn to watch as much as I could due to the historic events that occurred when Mr. V was a fixture with Cara, events which now belong to a bygone world. Yet even this history was not enough to encourage me to carry through the barrage of Judeo-Christian pop culture fantasy that is the signature of esoteric lite one finds everywhere today.
    If there was a bright side to any of this, it was Dr. M. speaking to her audience from a strong naturopathic perspective, which was once upon a time, our true medicine both historically and traditionally.

  2. Also Jack, he's Jewish. However, not that that is bad but the gentleman talked about Satan going back to source for 1000 years to sleep and because of that earth is on a healing path. He also talked about the projector and the projection as in we live in a simulated reality. So, with the Jew always the truth and the half truth followed by misinformation to muddy the waters.
    Just an observation.

    • Jack, more truth on Netflix, however, there are all these shows on Netflix dealing with the Occult or "hidden" knowledge.
      I know they read you. As they steel from you however, my dearest son in law is currently on strike from work, any work because he knows he is getting robbed.
      I have decided to support him and the general strike of working age men.
      So , is a labor shortage a shortage of men or a shortage of money from our rulers?
      I see weakness here Jack.
      My son has agreed to slavery at a huge food warehouse who's wages have skyrocketed! A living wage yet, their union is pushing for much more then paying rent but owning a house in the local community.
      This large food warehouse has a real union Jack.


  3. Harald is good people, I believe (saw him in 2016). Ironically he is the most melancholic man, a “black bilious” condition :p
    Isn’t lee Merritt one of trumps new age doctors? Anti jibjab but in thrall to angels and such

  4. Ha ha! Poor old Harold. Well I don’t know what is in Harold’s head or what he thinks he knows, but he has never once communicated with me to ask one question, and as I was personally responsible for reintroducing black goo to the modern world, not counting the X files series which also took information from my head without permission just as Cameron did with the movie Avatar, Harold knows nothing of the black goo I have seen or interacted with. So won’t right him off for the same reason I don’t know him. But I can’t respect him as he has no respect for me obviously.

    • Yep, he took some from me too, but mostly from you. Dr. Lee is obviously ease dropping on Substack, my fault for bringing his name back in the conversation, I thought maybe I didn't give him a fair shake, but I did, he's quite the loon…

      I'll blast him proper on Phil and I's next on the porch Thursday

  5. I listened to the whole hour and forty-seven minutes of it and I want to scream but I can imagine how Dr. Merritt felt, I'm sorry doctor but it was an avenue that had to be explored and as scientist you did what the rest of these frauds don't do, went and found out for yourself, and me…

    I made the right call, in fact with that row of chairs behind him, wrapped in his mother's old sweater, Harold appears to be in a mental institution waiting room where he is presumably getting the proper care. Unless of course those chairs are for all his imaginary friends, and he really is still running around loose.

    • I was just about to send you this video, Jack. I hear this cat talking about black goo in the pyramids to Lee Merritt and I was just blown away.

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