This is my own reading, not a copied audiobook, so I appreciate you listening here on my own channel. A reading of the full narrative poem. – Culain ruled by Venus


  1. What a beautiful voice of the narrator! The poetry sounds just as advanced as I am sure Shakespeare must be, though I only endured reading about one-two pages of his lyrics in school "you" made me listen to everything you said. It would have been much easier for me to grasp, envision what you were saying if it was illustrated with pictures. If souls can communicate to each other, though I was lost somewhere in that beautiful fog all the way from here back to there somewhere in Babylon and up to the North (pole?) and beautiful villages, your voice reminded me about Orson Welles reading the writings of Nostradamus.
    You also made me think of the Norwegian Hanne Krogn and Swedish Elisabeth Andreasson; "Bobbysocks", singing; "We will all be waiting for that morning":, and also Gladys Knight, "I smile" (dr Martin Luther King concert, at the Kennedy Center):

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