In the ancient world, there existed a far different understanding of the nature of life than that which is popular today. The Hellenes in particular recognized a fact concerning the finite span of individual lives. It was fully evident that life required a power to bring it to its end. Life simply could not, of its own accord, bring upon itself its own conclusion.

Seers had long observed this power in action. Artists depicted this force as a beautiful man with wings, Thanatos the God of Death.

The motif of the beautiful man with wings is a familiar one in modern Judeo-Christian society. Few question it or give it much thought. What they don’t know is that the beautiful man with wings, the form of all their angels, derives from Death himself.

Certainty in life is and always has been in short supply, yet the certainty of death is more powerful than all the striving of mankind. Death alone is this irreconcilable might, thus it is no surprise that the religious complex appropriated the image of death for their political purposes.

Death as a force that shapes the foundation of this world of things is a given in ancient thought. The impermanence and changeability of existence was keenly observed. The making of the world was understood as a continually recurring process, not as a static result of impersonal laws or the one-time whim of a god.

Death therefore was intrinsic to any interplay of forces, whose dynamic exchange resulted in an establishment or state that became a foundation for life to flourish and find its own destiny. The paradox is such that what appears most stable, most real, most tangible is the most out of reach.

The identification of death as its own force is almost universally abandoned in modern thought, existing now only in the realm of folklore and fantasy, that region of myth and emotion that is largely immune to the efforts of society to control it. Here, death is still personified as the Grim Reaper, a figure represented everywhere from Graphic novels to Tarot cards, and clearly understood despite a complete lack of religious or philosophical support.

One could argue that the Grim Reaper is none other than mankind’s need to put a face on death, the effort to place unfathomable death within a context to reduce its’ awe and power, to make death into a concept, a personality, an examinable object. Such an argument ignores the reality that from ancient times, mankind understood death as a force that acted upon life. The Grim Reaper is that force, Thanatos, reduced in scope if not intensity to thrive in an abrahamic world.

Studies of the subconscious, as it is called, that repository of memory and the meeting place of archetypes, make it clear that human experience stretches across vast spans of time. A couple thousand years is but momentary, and Thanatos has presence there, despite the best efforts of the rulers of society to change this for their own purposes with mathematics and church bells.

Perhaps the best example of attempting to change this perception lies in the advancement of the peaceful death as an attainable ideal. Peaceful death is a modern creation, one which arises from the fantasies of religion devoid of truth, a modern mythology in its truest modern sense, one where the fierce struggle and the fear is somehow mitigated by a sense of ultimate helplessness, and a conviction the life was lead to please a jealous god.

The Chaldean Oracles declare that those severed most violently and swiftly from life are indeed blessed. Examples abound of those who were otherwise disposed; Democritus died in ultimate agony and pain. Plotinus was bereft, as his best apprentice arrived far too late to receive his transmission, a simple farewell was all that was left. Perhaps the most deserving death was that of Stalin, who howled in the worst imaginable throes for 18 hours, before finally succumbing to the inevitable. Genuine death, vs. the modern fantasy, is one where life is finally, irrevocably overcome.

In modern parlance, myth is defined as fiction, despite the tireless efforts of Joseph Campbell. True myth is itself a form of thought, a cognitive method through which important events are committed to memory, and the journey of a people is preserved for future generations. Myth thus provides for a sense of meaning, explanations for events beyond one’s control.

However, the modern purveyors of thought have never had respect for this faculty. The effort to “correct” it seemed to be at their command. Myth became as it is wrongly perceived today, as some form of fiction to soothe children. In rushed religion and science, eager to grab the reins of control and the result is the fantasy of the peaceful death, with an abrogated and regressive opinion regarding an essential human function.

Modern mythology, the modern fiction of peaceful death, is useful only when it comes to understanding the current suite of hopes, fears, and crushing ignorance that typifies life in modern society today. Doubtless, modern fictions regarding death result from an entirely meaningless concept of life, devoid of any reality yet fanatically loyal to modern ideologies such as materialism.

Fantasies of peaceful death are allayed by the realities revealed through the policies and programs of such as Hospice, which come equipped with a veritable war chest of opiates to combat the often violent and wild thrashing of limbs, ear splitting shrieks, and the impact of vacant, terrified stares that accompany the death experience. Hospice nurses, in moments of candor, confess that death of the subject often arrives to the family as a sense of relief, as the suffering comes to an end.

There is an inadvertent cruelty and lack of compassion to the modern fiction of the peaceful death. The perpetrators of the fraud espouse a position that brings contempt to those who believe in it, for those in the clutches of end of life. It is as though the trials of death lay bare the foolishness of their claim of peaceful death, exposing their ignorance and devastating their poorly propped up faith. If not this, then of what else can they trust? Such is the nature of political ideologies that masquerade as spiritual truth.

In the end the demand for the peaceful death establishes a condition of anti-preparation for death. It is a puerile fiction from the banality of modern life, an artifice constructed from an overwhelming obsession with commoditization, self absorption, and a pernicious ever present deception that is fundamental to the fraud inherent in modern life.

Into the essential reality of forces, states, and hypostases the dying are irrevocably thrown. Stripped of all protections, the lies and fantasies, all artificial props fail. The true depths of unimagined cosmic forces are revealed. The maelstroms of primal energies are laid bare through a cacophony of chaotic colours. Once occluded, the depths of the inner psyche are made available through the great struggle, even to the dying themselves. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is forgotten. Death reveals all.

So it is that the realities of death are indifferent to the fantasies of life. Life, by itself is unequipped to come to terms with death. The focus of life is the obsession with itself. Devoid of any meaning or purpose, life hurls forward, heedless and crowned by urges onto which it bestows the quality of gods. Life overflows with an endless insatiable demand for itself, a pressing instinct that leaves it blind and defenseless before its hidden eternal struggle with death.

Life is unaware of the fact that individually it is set to succumb to the cold grip of death, while collectively it can triumph simply by recognizing its own urge towards itself, the most powerful of all urges, to continue come what may.

Death is the realm of the hidden mystery intrinsic to life. Death guards the secrets that are impenetrable to any standard waking consciousness. Death holds the gifts that make a life journey effective. So it has always been that the efforts to come to any worthwhile conclusions regarding life have always looked to death.

Modern thought, regressive as it proves to be, demands as much distance from death as is possible. This avoidance strategy only strengthens the ignorance, creating ever more fertile soil for the planting of false narratives. Thus does the modern mind cultivate a kind of stupefying terror, guaranteed to exacerbate the suffering of the dying. The ancestral thought of pre-christian times never so separated the struggle of life from the presence of death. Similarly, any mystical exploration into the mysteries of life require a direct involvement with death.

Nietzsche, for all his brilliance and candor savaged Platonism as a cowardly retreat from the harsh amoral reality of life. He concluded that the goals and direction of life are geared towards exercising the full potential of that life. However true this is when viewed from its’ own perspective, it utterly fails when plunged into the impenetrable ocean of death, that deep and vast key to our ultimate destiny.

Where then, does this leave mankind?

He has no concepts, no measurements, no comparisons that allow a valid extension of his living faculties into the realm of death. Most turn to religion, yet attempts to do so-especially through the politically obsessed abrahamics, require a truncation of faculties and a suspension of disbelief so powerful that it would make a Hollywood producer proud.

What you can take home with you is the deep understanding that death transforms life, and this dynamic is impossible to contain, imbued with unbelievable revelations, and absolutely total.


The Night that moved silently into the alpine forest was electric. An invisible but palpable edge informed all perception, bringing an intensity, a sparkling clarity upon which death moved through the land.

No modern thought contaminated the purity of the night. A more ancient, more genuine energetic danced across the boughs and the starry sky. No modern assumptions dulled the sharpness of the world with their self indulgent fascinations. There was no time for overfed fantasies in the breath of the world. No modern myth flung itself into the jaws of the night. No narrative arranged by the usual suspects kept from public view withstood the reality. The primal awareness of countless forms participated in the vibrating energetic, forms that engaged in their required tasks, some for the last time.

Death was present with the Owls’ talon, and the Bears’ canines. Death whispered to the foraging ungulates, and the marmot scrambling across the field. Be ready, was all he said.

The shining stars carved the towering forms of mighty Ponderosa and Fir out of the darkness. The great white trail of the Milky Way spanned the sky. The struggles of life and death went unnoticed and unobserved by the masses plastered to their TV screens far away.

Few would ever know the electric night that fires all the neurons of life. They would never taste the intensity of life as defined by clear, ever present death. They would not comprehend the need to remove the focus from their personal dysfunction, in order to participate in a world so real as to be beyond words.


Death is the subject of endless modern lies, such helps to promote a new slavery to the commodity world fashioned by myopic mankind. That world fails each and every one in turn as it is shattered by the deep reality of death.

I couldn’t get past the awkwardness, of watching the slow demise. It was clear what was happening, that individual life was losing its struggle with death, as it is always destined to pass. There was nothing to say, to one who was so given to the standard explanation of things.

I noted privately that unbidden, the transition was taking a proper course, as the events of the lived life were carefully relived, revaluated, released with a coming to terms. One who had the unconditional love of others, and their selfless dedication to the continuation of life, had the required time to complete the process of releasing that awareness.

The slow withering took a sudden turn after the final fall. Sprawled upon the floor like a rag doll, picked up and taken to hospital. Efforts were made to understand what had happened. Did they trip on their own feet? There was no obvious explanation.

The hospital discharged them, to the protests of certain family. Nothing more, could hospital do. Hospital is in the business of selling beds, not shepherding the dying through the end of their lives. Hospice was called in, to more weak protests before finally being accepted as the only choice.

The decline was inescapable, and those who cared prepared themselves. Even to those undergoing the process, the theft of dignity and grace is difficult to handle. It was in those final days that sustenance was refused. A chance gaze into a mirror brought only horror and despair.

The recognition of the end brought that edge to perception for the final time. Their last lucid day was a most beautiful one. They savored the sun on their face, and the subtle song of wild birds. It was a last gift for all concerned, to recognize a gorgeous day, and a glorious sky.

That night I slept fitfully. My dreams were filled with the chaotic colours of death, and the titanic struggle, by which death overwhelms the living. I was burdened by the terrific battle, the absolute certainty that death would occur. I spoke to no one, I said nothing. Upon awakening I waited for the news I knew I would hear.

The day was cloudy with a mad wind. The chemtrails absent the day before, played connect the dots to the clouds. Sun beamed through briefly, and was obscured again. I found it impossible to do much, and it was after the sunset that the last breath was taken.

The buzz of the human world after the success of death was muted, since this was fully expected. The chores were completed, in an evening quickly becoming cold and clear, with a somber resolve, when all that time as the sun tracked across its arc I felt the insistence. At the edge of awareness a plaintive call, which I noted but resisted as I tended to my tasks. Finally, a respite, a moment to myself, I sank into a chair, and was almost immediately gone.

A vision had taken me to a verdant thriving place, where white aged stone ruins barely recognizable scattered amongst the slopes of rolling hills beneath a crystal clear azure sky. It was no surprise to see them there, standing once again capable and healthy with a request upon their thoughts.

They gave me a message, which I took to heart, and asked for my help to get to the doorstep. I’ve done this many times, for those who forget their journey, but never for one who so clearly requested my assistance.

A star appeared then in the depths of the heavens, a light which grew in brightness and significance. We waited together, until it reached its full capacity, and then we crouched together, and with athletic force, leapt to the brilliance. We sailed through the sky, in a melancholy flight. It’s always with a mix of emotion, that the transition takes place. Landing on the threshold, they waited for me to communicate, and I explained that I had to return, but they were free to travel on.

I watched then, as they stepped through to the next level. The stars that knew them came to their side. Five stars merged into a single brilliance that filled the heavens, and it was gone. My return was without incident, and I contemplated it all without a single thought.

Later that night I met others and wet with tears their eyes locked into mine, as they told me what they had seen. In the moment of their grief they turned their eyes to the heavens, surprised to behold a rare falling star blazing across the twilight. They knew in their heart that it was the one they just lost, a sign of beauty, of mystery and completion.

They cried that night until the darkness grew old, their hearts heavy, their thoughts free. Their worlds the following day were a little less full, as the tasks and chores occupied their bodies and minds. The light finally faded on their efforts as the sun vanished behind the mountain peaks. The drapes were closed, the fires kindled, lights were switched on whilst above all the stars shone bright in the night sky.


  1. Just finished the book "Entity Possesion" by Samuel Sagan, M.D. – some absolutely fantastic revelations on death and why and how certain rituals are observed in different cultures. I won't be wearing black to any more funerals after reading that book. As useful a book as the Tibetan Book of the Dead in my opinion.

  2. The question to the great sages of yore was what could be done to better the human condition. They understood that the path to improvement was rooted in higher functioning. Thus, the correct development of the person was paramount.
    Today the effort is spent in an opposite direction for opposite goals.
    Such a condition alters the perception, but not the truth. No matter how the furniture in a room is arranged, it cannot change the fact that it is furniture in a room. So it is that trading noble goals for contaminated ones cannot change the fact that higher functioning is the key to mankind's liberation.

    • I agree. I live on the west coast, destroyed by California is a weapon and a place the Zionist Bolshevik Trotskyites use as a test platform to see what they can get away with. The Zionists on the left are just as fraudulent and just as hypocritical as the Zionists on the right. They know Israel’s history involves terrorism, they know apartheid Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity the United States, Britain, and NATO are also guilty, Jewish Mafia. They don’t care about anyone they use, exploit, and sacrifice. They don’t care about a transgender child they create or a Veteran fought their wars, and both might attempt suicide at some point when they realize what they’ve done, and they realize they were being used by sinister evil people use people.

      States like Oregon are totally corrupt the government is Antifa, subverted and usurped, but so are states like Texas and Florida, and they all serve the same master, Jewish Mafia and Israel is Zionism. Oregon is a lost cause but it should be watched closely same as California is their vision for Soviet America. Kate Brown supports Antifa and far left extremists like BLM, they all support the rioting, burning, and looting is forgotten thanks to 1/6/2021. Donald Trump lured Trump supporters to the capital, even Rudy Giuliani was involved. Rudy Giuliani made a career going after the Italian Mafia as he was working for the Jewish Mafia, he’s involved with the perpetrators were responsible for the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001, they’re all involved with the perpetrators, and they’re all involved in the coverup, and now it’s the same thing on a global scale the results more deadly and catastrophic, same perpetrators responsible.

      I abandoned Donald Trump not long after I voted for him, it was all Israel first the Trump Whitehouse the Netanyahu Chabad Lubavitch Whitehouse the Trump administration the Bush administration, including people were involved in Iran-Contra, people like Elliot Abrams, convicted and later pardoned by Bush 41 Mr. New World Order himself. Elliot Abrams was Trump’s Venezuelan envoy then his Iran envoy, he’s a mass murdering psychopath and criminal traitor like the rest of them involved in destabilizing entire regions and toppling governments, involved in drug, weapon, and human trafficking.

      I don’t support what happened on 1/6/2021 but it was nothing more than a setup, it wasn’t an insurrection, it’s ridiculous anyone believes any of those people could have overthrown the government. Brainwashed Trump supporters that entered the capital are no different brainwashed Saudi hijackers were required so the public would believe radical Islamic terrorists flying airplanes brought down the towers. The Zionist Bolshevik Trotskyites in power would crucify Trump supporters if they could. Jesus was found guilty of insurrection. The truth doesn’t matter to the people in power. We’re ruled by warmongering mass murdering psychopaths the Biden administration is Project for the New American Century as Zionist as the Trump administration a threat to the world and humanity. Zionism is the greatest threat to peace, prosperity, and humanity in the world.

      I apologize again MK. I still care that’s my biggest problem. I don’t believe I will die a natural death. I’m only anonymous on here. I’ve contacted my so-called representative many times in the past, it’s a futile effort. I will never involve myself in politics, Jewish Organized Crime, again, and I will never vote again. Defeat is our only hope, military defeat. I don’t root for the military anymore. I want the military to lose every battle and the war, it’s our best and only hope.

      Soviet America deserves and needs to suffer the results of yet another manufactured war the brainwashed masses are supporting another avoidable manufactured war is is being fought for our wealthy and powerful Jewish rulers as they roll from one manufactured war to the next in their quest to rule the entire world and make everyone a slave. The New World Order is Judaism, Talmudic Judaism.

  3. This is what should be the focus. What more does a person need to know? It explains everything. I never knew about this. I never knew about anything we weren’t taught in school, and I graduated high school and attended college for a year before I quit, and later continued my education but never earned a degree. This should be the focus, it’s everything happening now, it explains everything. They can only deny it. Their entire agenda is Talmudic, including the transgenderism. Childhood sexual abuse is how gays and lesbians reproduce, and nobody can claim they’re not creating transgenders. Where are all the missing children? The Q PSYOP is being used to discredit everything. Donald Trump is everything the Q PSYOP accuses others of being, they were trafficking boys during the Reagan/Bush era, Jimmy Savile in Britain. There’s always a British connection, history is being repeated in Europe, their power and control total and complete now that Israel exists. Anyone else get threatening telephone calls on their cellphones? I have but not for a couple years now. They were telling me I wasn’t safe, to not going anywhere, stay home. I told them they know where I live, to come on over, they wouldn’t be leaving alive. I’m nobody. I can only control myself, it really is a lost cause isn’t worth your life, your job is survival at this point. The strong will survive unless it’s a global nuclear war or deadlier bioweapons.

  4. Can’t save a rotting corpse, and there will be no resurrection. They’re going to bury what’s left of America is now Soviet America. I could actually support Communism if it wasn’t Zionism, Capitalism and Corporatism, and if the solution to every problem they created didn’t include sodomy. Corporation serves the government the government serves the corporation, and they all serve the same master controls all the money. Money magick and sex magick. They know what motivates people, including every member of Israel’s Congress in Washington D.C.. Some people are motivated by their sick need, and others are motivated by wealth and power, our sinister evil rulers can provide it all, they can provide access to wealth and power, access to victims, and immunity from prosecution.

    Merrick Garfinkel doesn’t have the power or authority to prosecute Orange Jesus, and he won’t, he serves the same master Donald Trump is serving. Destroying it is the right thing to do, and they’re doing a better job than I could ever do, and nothing is all I’m going to do. I will never vote again, and I haven’t since 2016.

    At least people like the corrupt Oregon Attorney General didn’t change their name, they’re easy to identify now. We’re ruled by sinister evil people, they’re all Zionists, Chabad Lubavitch, they’re no different than Jared Kushner. They’re all Zionists and Bolshevik Trotskyites. Benjamin Netanyahu received more standing ovations than Barack Obama last time he addressed Israel’s Congress in Washington D.C..

    The constitution and the citizens abandoned long ago. California is their vision for all of Soviet America. California is a weapon, they’ve destroyed the entire west coast. The government will never be legitimate, its been subverted and usurped, it’s a foreign and corporate controlled Talmudic kleptocracy, we’re being ruled as they lead us down a path of destruction. We don’t have representatives, we have rulers serving themselves as they serve our sinister evil Jewish rulers. They don’t even refer to themselves as representatives anymore, they refer to themselves as lawmakers, measuring their success by how many laws they make so they can rule over all of us. Their solution to every problem they’ve created is the agenda, watch Oregon, it’s a lost cause same as the rest of Soviet America, they’re corrupt and compromised from the top down, sinister evil hateful tyrants, man hating lesbians, gay men, and the brainwashed degenerates that support them. The lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum, they won’t be creating a functioning society much less a civilization. There isn’t anyone in government at this point has the excuse of being ignorant, they’re serving themselves as they serve and protect our sinister evil rulers.

    COVID is a hybrid bioweapon, it wasn’t the result of any legitimate research, and if you believe the government then the government developed a bioweapon in a bioweapon lab in China. COVID is a hybrid bioweapon, it’s not the accidental result if any legitimate research in China or anywhere else. The vaccines are not safe and effective, it’s unprecedented.

    We’re ruled by warmongering mass murdering psychopaths need to be held accountable, it’s a crime against humanity on a global scale the UN and NATO involved. It’s the west is losing economic, geopolitical, and military power, it’s the west had motive and means. Don’t surrender. Don’t roll over. The threat is from within. Traitors support Israel, it’s that simple.

    • The above comment by unsigned would be better placed with a different piece. I do not write according to any current contrived narrative, thus I will not be addressing its content. If you wish to leave comments, dear reader, please make them pertinent to the piece.

    • It’s all relevant. It’s all related. You can delete the comment. I don’t care. Time is the one resource we no longer have.

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