Many trees and forests were built to live with fire and in many cases, fire is essential for a healthy ecosystem. Giant sequoias, for example, have cones that dry out during surface fires releasing their seeds so they can germinate at the ideal time to grow with less competition. Ponderosa pines have a number of ways they have evolved to live with fire shown here

As this year comes to a close, we can begin looking forward to the year(s) to come…

The story of 2022 delivered something of an ‘extravaganza’, as well as a reminder that we are in a ‘New’ decade. Astrologically, the year has provided some ‘closure’ (particularly over these last months – with a finale of the ‘Super’ New Moon (in Capricorn – providing a fresh start) still to come on 23 December, right on the heels of the ‘Winter Solstice’), this will provide an ideal opportunity to assess and ‘recognise’ all that came before, and plant the ‘seeds’ of a new ‘beginning’ – (hu)man ‘germinating’ in the emerging Trans-Saturnian years – with the (ir) ‘promise’ of progression regarding (hu)man’s consciousness level/state.

This year saw an incredibly active Jupiter ‘influence’ (our Astrological ‘character’ of teaching, expansion, community, and legal systems), this was particularly apparent during its ‘sextile’ alignments with Uranus (18 February 2022) and Pluto (3 May 2022) – whereby the ‘energies’ created between these planets became ‘cooperative’, each planet’s ‘authority’ inspiring and encouraging the other (this is what is ‘expressed’ during such planetary sextile alignments).

In the case of Uranus (our Astrological ‘character’ of revolution, transparency, destruction, and technology), this second sextile of their cycle (the first occurring in 2012), produced the ‘effect’ of collapse – specifically with the ‘marking’ of two years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a ‘pandemic’ (this alignment brought increasing ‘questions’ over the handling of such, the highlighting of ‘issues’ with the (so-called) vaccines and whether in-fact Covid-19 was a ‘plandemic’); the backlash towards ‘Facebook’ for their change(s) to hate speech policies, which resulted in their ‘user profiling’ and ‘targeted marketing’ business model ‘losing’ adherents; Prince Andrew having his ‘honorary’ freedom of the City of York status revoked due to his unhealthy ‘proclivities’; Donald Trump and his eldest children being ordered to ‘testify’ over fraudulent business practices (shortly after the Capitol Hill ‘episode’ that also occurred during this ‘aspect’); France finally pulling out of Mali after nearly a decade due to a ‘breakdown’ in diplomatic relations with the country (colonial ‘behaviour’ was/is no longer welcome); Russia and Ukraine (in reality NATO) facing-off for the ‘War’ of the decade (that would ‘go-live’ during this aspect); and in truly Jupiter-Uranus fashion (one fit for this ‘Age’) – UK barristers start trialling vegan/hemp-based wigs instead of the horsehair ones worn since 1822 (an indication that Uranus was destroying old ‘traditions’ in/of the sphere of Jupiter, with both in full compliance).

In desperate response to these ‘developments’ the primary ‘seeds’ planted (by (hu)man as much as the ‘cosmos’), in this sextile alignment were the birth of the ‘Meta’ platform, along with an apparent ‘breakthrough’ in the development of ‘practical’ nuclear fusion as an ‘environmentally’ friendly source of energy. It will be interesting to ‘see’ if these seeds bare ‘fruit’ as the Jupiter-Uranus cycle begins again in April 2024. Will Uranian ‘progress’ be provided with the necessary/appropriate Jupiterian ‘meaning’ for the benefit of all? Or will it be ‘corrupted’ for profit, and the benefit of the ‘few’ by the usual suspects?

With Pluto (our Astrological ‘character’ of transformation, coercion, death, and (hu)man’s subconscious), the ‘influence’ of Jupiter (which had been predominantly ‘internal’ until this point in early May) turned outwardly in its ‘direction’ for the rest of 2022. The most important aspect of this Jupiter-Pluto ‘sextile’ was its relationship with ‘Covid-19’. During 2020 these two planets underwent a ‘very’ long conjunction (it lasted almost the entire year), which brought an expansion/community (Jupiter ‘influence’) of ‘humanity’ (souls) passing through the threshold of death/coercion (Pluto ‘influence’). The ‘wisdom’ from those souls started to become available to (hu)man’s consciousness (as a result of this ‘experience’) with the alignment of these planets in 2022. What fresh ‘transformation’ will be brought to bear on this topic (viruses/hidden agenda’s) when their cycle brings Jupiter ‘square’ Pluto in May 2023?

As if these Jupiter-Uranus, and Jupiter-Pluto ‘sextile’ alignments were not enough for the great ‘harmonizing’ planet (Jupiter), we also experienced a Jupiter-Neptune ‘conjunction’ on 12 April 2022. Since these three ‘events’ all occurred whilst Jupiter was transiting the Zodiac sign of Pisces (‘I suffer’), we were able to directly ‘feel’ the strength of these characters influence, which was remarkable. It was also ‘important’ when viewed in conjunction with Saturn, who was bringing hard/difficult times for (hu)man’s endeavours/society (these Jupiter alignments all occurred during an equally ‘enlightening’ period of the eternal Saturn-Uranus conflict/cycle, which had moved into its current phase in 2020, with some truly ‘momentous’ conjunctions of their own through 2021, and particularly in October 2022).

Jupiter and Neptune (our Astrological ‘character’ of intuition, mysticism, dreams/illusion, and compassion) provided ‘new’ spiritual insights/impulses during their ‘conjunction’ in April. Their union produced a birth of altered states of consciousness and ‘transcendence’. With Jupiter transiting Pisces, Neptune (whose home is within this ‘sign’) amplified the Piscean ‘significance’ and traits, bringing ‘wisdom’ and ‘feeling’ from our life experience, and inspiring renewed ‘moral’ values and ‘mystical’ principles. Every 13 years (roughly) these two planets ‘conjoin’ and thus birth a new cycle (the April 2022 conjunction was the start of a new cycle that will last until March 2035).

This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction saw – the day being ‘marked’ as World Press Freedom Day by the European Union (EU); the US Supreme Court ‘overturning’ abortion rights in ‘Roe vs. Wade’; the Indian Supreme Court ruling ‘against’ mandating Covid-19 vaccines, citing the importance of ‘bodily integrity’ (a case of the Piscean ‘flip-flop’ of ideas when viewed in light of the former event); the ‘oil cap’ on Russian energy exports being imposed (in a failed bid to pressurise Russia to ‘halt’ its war with the West – an ‘effect’ which played a large part in the ‘illumination’ of the phoney, and self-imposed ‘energy-crisis’ across the West); and in a case of ‘immediate’ causation/meaning from action, UK interest rates hit a 13-year high, plunging the whole of the West into new ‘uncharted’ waters.

It is important to note the timing of their previous ‘sextile’ alignment back in 2020 (which was in ‘partnership’ with Pluto and ‘pivotal’ to Covid-19), a catalyst that none could ignore. At this ‘time’ (hu)man was confronted with a highly ‘materialistic’ worldview (Jupiter was transiting Capricorn – ‘I use’), the ‘seed’ planted then has now germinated, and its ‘lack of compassion’ (as well as its ‘frailty’) can be clearly observed (Neptune ‘influence’) and worked upon during the cycle(s) to come. What ‘enlightenment’ will come out of what came before? And how will such ‘illumination’ be utilised by (hu)man?

The story of ‘Earth’ and (hu)man’s development (community as much as self), from 2022 onwards is a ‘Trans-Saturnian’ tale. This term refers/relates to the ‘generational’ planets of our solar system – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – the planets that work ‘outside’ of the sphere of the ‘inner’ planets and do so ‘within’ the consciousness of those (hu)men who are able to ‘see’, and ‘without’ in relation to (hu)man’s society and meaning/purpose on Earth.

In Greek Mythology, Poseidon (Latin: Neptune) and Hades (Latin: Pluto) were the sons of Cronus (Latin: Saturn), whom after being born were swallowed by their father (along with their other siblings) due to a prophesy told to Cronus by Gaia (Earth) and his father Ouranos (Latin: Uranus). A prophesy that spoke of Cronus’ children someday ‘overthrowing’ him. Poseidon and Hades were eventually saved by their younger brother Zeus (Latin: Jupiter). Zeus was not swallowed with this rest of his siblings thanks to Rhea/Cybele (Latin: Ops/Opis – Cronus’ wife and sister), who had tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock instead, raising Zeus in secret. After they were freed, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus banded together to overthrow Cronus (cutting him up and throwing the parts into the pit of ‘Tartarus’). Rhea had previously been imprisoned in Tartarus by her father Ouranos – but had been saved from her fate by Cronus.

In a vicious repeating ‘cycle’ – Ouranos had feared being overthrown by his children and was subsequently overthrown (on the advice/behest of Gaia) by his son Cronus, and later/again by his grandson Zeus. Cronus was also fearful of being overthrown by his children (and took measures to prevent such), but was ultimately overthrown by his sons Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus (when he became father/ruler of gods and (hu)men), was likewise fearful of being overthrown by his children and so (once again on the advice of Gaia, and Ouranos) he swallowed his first wife Metis (‘Wisdom’) so that she would not bear a son (a repeat of his father’s actions). Metis remained within Zeus, but Athena (Latin: Minerva) was ‘born’ out of his forehead, because Metis was pregnant with her when she was consumed. And thus, the prophesied ‘Son of Zeus’, the one that would overthrow him was never born.

This tale of repeating cycles is a ‘story’ of our solar-system (macro-cosmos), and indeed the individual life of (hu)man on Earth (micro-cosmos). By looking to the stars (and observing the dance of constellations, planets, and comets), we can therefore ‘augur’ what is to come through their cyclic movements.

The next ‘chapter’ of our story starts with Saturn (our Astrological ‘character’ of contraction, order, discipline, and also (hu)man’s ‘karma’), and its transit into Pisces (7 March 2023 until 13 February 2026), which culminates a cycle begun in 1996. As the last ‘archetype’ in the Zodiac (Pisces) ‘receives’ all of the lessons learnt over the previous 11 transits through the Zodiac in a ‘concurrent’ fashion. As alluded to above, Pisces is the sign of ‘high-vibrational’ inspiration, so when Saturn is passing through its ‘expansive’ waters it has a challenge on its hands to work its usual ‘order’ and ‘karmic’ contraction.

One thing we can ‘potentially’ except during this transit (with Saturn ‘opposing’ Virgo (‘I analyse’) at the start of this process) is a return to/of ‘Covid-19’ and all that entails – whether this takes the form of the WHO announcing a ‘new’ variant or even some new ‘virus’ only time will tell but keep an ‘eye’ on the date Saturn ‘returns’ to Pisces, because there is also a ‘Full Moon’ in Virgo on the exact same day! Will we ‘discern’ the impact this will have on the current Saturn-Uranus cycle? Will (hu)man be ‘forced’ to repeat the cycle of 2020? Or will the Covid-19 narrative be ‘overthrown’?

The last time Saturn transited through Pisces was a time of overwhelming and rampant ‘capitalism’, this time we can expect increased ‘accountability’, which will be across the entire spectrum of ‘ideas’, and (on the flip-side, for that is the ‘character’ of the Pisces archetype), we can expect Saturn to ‘endorse’ the recent growth in the use of psychedelics as well as ‘self-definition’ (including the current scourge of ‘wokeism’ and ‘transgenderism’).

There is also the potential to create new types of ‘community’, which will ‘analytically’ review, and potentially ‘deconstruct’ spirituality and materialism (service and self-sacrifice are highly likely to replace the ‘old’ drive for power and/or wealth). Pisces is the ascetic who renounces the distractions of the world, whilst still carrying all its ‘woes’, and so this will be a period of ‘letting go’ of all that had been ‘built’ during Saturn’s transit through the Zodiac since 1996.

Then, on 23 March 2023 Pluto lands in Aquarius (‘I know’) for the first time since the 18th century (although it will go retrograde in June 2023, then return and settle in for the long-haul from 21 January 2024, remaining there for the next two decades!), where it will initiate a number of massive ‘transformations’ for the coming ‘era’. Since 2008, Pluto had been producing an ‘awakening’ in Capricorn by transforming the global power hierarchies and structures in an ‘irrevocable’ way. The ‘recovery’ of all that had been buried (secrets and treasures) will be brought back to (hu)man. How will ‘we’ react to this? Can (hu)man (both ‘individually’ as well as ‘communally’), ‘utilise’ what is/will be recovered for the benefit of all?

Pluto is the ‘character’ who is (represents) the ultimate agent of ‘Fate’, bringing ‘form’ from the ashes and a necessary metamorphosis/destiny fulfilment (a literal ‘phoenix’ from the flames – as the planetary ruler of Scorpio). It is interesting to note that ‘America’ experienced her/their ‘first’ Pluto-Return in February 2022 – much like the oft discussed Saturn-Return(s), and we can ‘observe’ how events since then are having a profound effect on the Nation – as well as equally profound ‘responses’ from the rest of the World. How will Pluto’s ‘time’ in Aquarius further ‘change’ America, and the World?

The last time Pluto transited Aquarius (1778-1798) the ‘life’ of (hu)man saw some sweeping changes in the social order (including in relation to ‘public’ rights, and expression). Can we expect the ‘water-bearer’ to pursue ‘righteousness’ and revolution/change at all costs unaware/uncaring of any collateral damage? How will this ‘influence’ Uranus in its eternal battle for ‘freedom’ with Saturn?

Whilst Pluto settles in Aquarius, several planets will transit through Aries (the sign of ‘War’ and aggression) – Jupiter (2023), Saturn (2025-2028), and Neptune (2025-2039). Aries ‘characterises’ individual liberty whilst Aquarius characterises a ‘theoretical/autocratic’ one-size-fits-all mentality (which can often be ‘cold’ and very ‘unforgiving’). So, what clashes and literal ‘re-shaping’ of politics, borderlines, identities, beliefs, and/or communities can we expect during this time?

On 16 May 2023, Jupiter (who still has a pivotal ‘role’ to play in the coming years) joins Uranus in Taurus (‘I have’), with the two planet’s aligning together in a ‘conjunction’ on 21 April 2024. It will be interesting to ‘observe’ how their time together in the sign of the ‘Bull’, and their subsequent alignment will impact on the Saturn-Uranus cycle that is continuing through till 2032, when these battling ‘characters’ will come together in Cancer (‘I feel’) to start a ‘new’ cycle.

The coming year (2023) is a ‘launch-pad’ for an intense period of Astrological alignments, that will ultimately ‘birth’ a new Earth, and potentially a new ‘(Hu)man’ – both physically and spiritually/mystically. So, with that in mind, the author would like to conclude this story with some ‘points-in-time’ to anticipate/prepare for over the coming ‘Trans-Saturnian’ times. May they prove useful/insightful in the days ahead, and aid those who also look to the stars as they chart our characters ‘movement’ in relation to their own ‘natal’ (birth) positionings.

Neptune transits/enters ‘Aries’ on 30 March 2025 (going retrograde back into ‘Pisces’ from 22 October 2025), before Saturn aligns ‘sextile’ with Uranus (4 April – 12 April 2025), in their last alignment in their current ‘signs’, with Saturn then transiting into ‘Aries’, and joining Neptune on 25 May 2025 (going retrograde back into ‘Pisces’ from 1 September 2025). We have Uranus transiting into ‘Gemini’ on 7 July 2025 (going retrograde back into ‘Taurus’ from 8 November 2025). Uranus then aligns ‘sextile’ with Neptune on 29 August 2025, in the same month that Saturn has a ‘conjunction’ with Neptune (this is not exact but is close at 0-1 degrees ‘Aries’ and this ‘aspect’ will actually cover the entire ‘period’ of May – August 2025).

As a result, 2025 ‘looks’ to be bringing an interesting ‘play’ between Saturn-Uranus-Neptune. What intuition/insight can Neptune provide to the ‘conflict’ between Saturn and Uranus? And will the latter’s ‘revolutionary’ spirit bring a Taurean ‘promise’ of freedom from Saturn’s ‘malefic’ influences? Or will it require an Arian ‘war’ to manifest in the dying embers of the Piscean Age?

Neptune will return/transit back into ‘Aries’ on 26 January 2026, kicking off a busy year. Saturn will join Neptune in ‘Aries’ on 14 February 2026, before there is a Saturn-Neptune ‘conjunction’, which occurs on 20 February 2026. Then on 28 March 2026 we will see a Saturn ‘sextile’ Pluto alignment, before Uranus returns to the ‘show’, transiting back into ‘Gemini’ on 26 April 2026 (from the sign most resistant to it – Taurus). Uranus has a ‘sextile’ alignment with Neptune on 15 July 2026 as well as a ‘trine’ alignment with Pluto on 18 July (repeated on 29 November 2026). What manner of ‘transformation’ will the arrival of Pluto bring to the ‘activity’ of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune?

The period from 2027 onwards is a tale for another time (as all the planets play ‘significant’ roles during this ‘time’), but of interest/import to our story are the coming ‘sextile’ alignments of Neptune and Pluto. These two planets formed a ‘waxing’ sextile in 1950 – between Libra (‘I balance’) and Leo (‘I will’), which will end in 2032 – between Aries (‘I am’) and Aquarius (the sign of (hu)man’s ‘new’ Age).

As ‘outer’ planets their transit around the Sun takes a long time (it takes about 493 years from one ‘conjunction’ to the next), and so the ‘periods’ of sextile ‘exactness’ were 1950-1955, 1976-84, and 2026-31. The dates of these ‘alignments’ over the coming years will be 25 July and 16 September 2026; 29 June and 15 November 2027; 9 June and 8 November 2028; 22 May and 30 November 2029; 4 May and 26 December 2030; and 12 April 2031; finally ending on 10 February and 29 February 2032. It will be ‘transformative’ and highly ‘illuminating’ and to observe how the ‘energies’ created between these planets will cooperate with each other and ‘shape’ the emerging ‘state(s)’ of (hu)man’s consciousness.

The story told here of our solar-system’s planetary bodies is the tale of (hu)man time, and the ‘dance’ described above is preparing the ground for a final ‘showdown’ between these planetary ‘characters’ during 2031/32 (in the ‘birth’ of a new decade). This will culminate in the ‘start’ of a new Saturn-Uranus cycle (in ‘Cancer’ the sign of home and security) on 28 June 2032. What brave ‘New’ world/home will the ‘cosmos’ birth for (hu)man’s existence?