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Erasing Memory under the Moon

The ’material’ that we develop around ourselves subtly ‘conditions’ and even ‘imprisons’ us. Until we find the ‘will’ to erase this conditioning , all the forces of the cosmos are focused on us ‘developing’ a material life, which eventually turns out to be a prison.

A Lifetime of Planetary Cycles

Living the cycles, being conscious of the cycles to come, and learning through them. That is what your 'soul' purpose demands, as it pulls your spirit, mind, body, and community forward...

Drawing Souls towards the Sun

Daylight dawning over the horizon signals so much more than just the beginning of a new day here on Earth. The celestial orb of...

Know Your Chart: The Basics

Cover Picture Source: PinterestAs the subtitle suggests, no ‘system’ is superior to another, and each of us should embrace a philosophy and the practices that...

Grounded within Man-made Time

Cover Picture Source: PinterestGuided by the stars has always been an integral part of the human condition. In the ‘ancient’ world, Astronomy and Astrology were...

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