“I wonder how legit it all is, were they really planning a coup? Could be an operation to smear the “right wing nationalists”

In Belgium they shot and killed a man in his bed. He was a “free thinker” promoted decentralized governing, a silver and gold dealer who in the middle of the night was raided by French speaking stormtroopers that flash banged him out of bed. Probably thought he was getting robbed as police enforcement in that part of Belgium by law has to communicate in native language, grabbed for his gun under his pillow then got executed.

Article in Dutch is here, can use google translate.” – anwn 


Well now there you have it. This is why the Magas are far more dangerous to what’s left of liberty in America than any vaxxed up child molesting “liberal.” Twenty-five Germans who wanted nothing more out of life than to take a hot shower and not have Germanys foreign and internal policies dictated to them by the rabble impersonating a government in America. Rounded up, in their homes, in their beds and in their hunting lodges by thugs with badges pinned on them. But as Tucker Carlson likes to remind the Magas here in America, we support just this type of law and disorder.

The helpless Germans don’t have guns. They were trying to get the snake in the kremlin to supply them with arms, but it was probably Putin who dropped a dime on them. Putin has proven himself to be perfectly content to keep feeding the cream of Russian and Ukranian youth into the Jewish meat grinder masquerading as a Ukranian state, long as the Russian oligarchs who pay for his yachts and watch collection continue to make rubles by the truckload.

Of course, these vile war criminals impersonating newscasters in the above video linked the German resistence to the American Q, a CIA psy-op designed to neutralize sentient Americans with double digit IQ’s. Many Q aficionados proudly sport their Maga hats like a grinning toddler who has smeared itself with its own feces as they chant mantras like “Blue Lives Matter.” Well now their theory has been proven correct in Germany. The police certainly do matter, and no police state can ever have enough police… – Jack


  1. Let's take a look at the logistics here Jack, since Belgium is a small country and let's face it Germany has a fully developed snitch culture that really is not in America, it would take a million men to do what the Germans did with 3000 men and 3000 men to arrest 25 men?
    Mega is huge where I live in Wisconsin there are millions of them in varying degrees of commitment and "Q" is much smaller but much more committed to the ideology.
    Look at how the unvaxxed are treated in Germany? America has way more anti vaxxers but we shall see how this gets spun.
    One thing is for sure that their plans have been blunted and Belgium might be a sign of weakness.
    Time will tell.

  2. Well Jack if they stole the elections but made even talk of that terrorist activity then they will be crushed next followed by the unvaxxed this might be how they go for all the marbles in america.
    My advice knowing how they operate? Lay low prepare for the empires collaspe and pick the right time and place to strike.
    Remember Virgina Jack of a couple of years ago? They still got their guns.
    The Feds and the local yokels can't be everywhere and if they attack mega they will open a can of worms.
    Putting this in perspective homeland security has 200000 employees but how many are agents ready to be deployed in the field? America is a big place.
    We shall see what they do.

  3. Jack, I simply can't figure out who is dumber "Q" or the local Jew? One point in the Qtard's favor is most of them haven't been vaxxinated but the local Jew? Those local geniuses are all vaxxed up and use social shaming on the unvaxxed Qtards and go figure?
    Another question? What came first the jew or "Q"? Curious minds, and all.


  4. Biden's recent remarks about having "spaghetti," "ice cream," and "hot dogs" for his dinner with Macron indicate "Q" may be on to something. The Q entity probably is a group of rogue intel agents who don't like the NWO or the pedo-adrenochrome industry. The symbolism of Biden eating ice cream all the time is not lost on those deprived of 2016-2020. Obama and Podesta ordered $65K worth of "fast food" while Trump served it to "Activist Athletes." The Times We Live In…

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