Discussed on Podcast are Internet stupidity, The war in the Ukraine, Dr. Lee Merritt with Dr. Thomas Cowan, humans transforming into devils, and just where did the earths water come from?

Podcast: Conversations from the porch – Episode 16

WHO=evil. Saboteurs run the world and must be weeded out. Fake news WEF ...


Dr. Lee Merritt with Dr. Thomas Cowan exposing the lie of The Covid-19 Virus & mRNA. – medical-pharma complex has been pushing this unicorn theory of disease since last century, and the really big global push rammed down all our throats hard sin…

Audiobook: A firsthand account by perhaps the Wests greatest warrior about what it’s like to wage war to the death against Russia in the Ukraine (give the link time to load it will take a while) Leon Degrille, Campaign In Russia

(from left) Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills, Jr. and Justin Smith.The five Memphis police officers (from left; Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith) fired after the January 7 fatal beating of motorist Tyre Nichols have each been charged with murder.

Three weeks ago, Tyre Nichols, twenty-nine years old and suffering from a severe case of Crohn’s disease which left him struggling to maintain his hundred- and forty-five-pound weight, was pulled over for reckless driving. The routine traffic stop ended with the unarmed Nichols being stomped to death by five two hundred pound plus cops, two of which played college football. This time, perhaps fortunately or perhaps unfortunately for America, the beasts in blue were all Black. They have all been fired and charged with murder…A picture of Tyre Nichols in the hospital before he died.

Tyre Nichols, who died in the hospital three days after his brutal beating at the hands of five thugs with badges.

4 videos of a murder

Video 1, corpulent White cop and slightly less corpulent Black cop pursue Nichols at speeds between 40 and 80 miles an hour. Nichols pulls over in not an unreasonable amount of time. Another Black cop pulls Nichols from his vehicle using totally uncalled for excessive force as corpulent White cop waves his pistol around. Nichols is thrown to the ground as cops scream incoherently at him to roll onto his stomach. When Nichols rolls to his side saying he did nothing wrong and telling the cops their really accomplishing big things, all he wanted to do is get home the cops begin beating him and slightly less corpulent Black cop starts spraying everyone and everything with pepper spray, including himself. Nichols runs off pursued for about a hundred feet by corpulent White cop who apparently is the only cop who can still see after being pepper sprayed but he has lost his glasses and is badly winded after waddling behind Nichols for a hundred feet. Corpulent White cop goes back to car and rinses slightly less corpulent Black cop’s eyes with saline solution as he remarks that he hopes the other cops stomp Nichols good. He stays with car as the now fully recovered slightly less corpulent Black cop drives off in pursuit of Nichols, obviously now on a vendetta.

Video 2, pole footage about a minute and forty minutes in shows three Black cops casually beating the prone and helpless Nichols as fat Black cop kicks him in the face. Bald Black cop arrives and “batons the shit” out of Nichols as the other two stand him up. The fat Black cop lands a series of roundhouse right hooks to the dazed and restrained Nichols, who is now mortally injured. Nichols is dragged into a sitting up position against the car, but he cannot maintain it and sprawls out on the street while he is left dying without medical attention for twenty-five minutes after which EMS carts off what is left of him.

Video 3 shows the same beating as video 2 but with audio as all four cops appear to relish the beating, they are giving Nichols with baton, pepper spray, fists and feet as Nichols pathetically screams for his mother.

Video 4 is mostly blacked out in the beginning but winds up showing all the cops preparing their lies as to why it was necessary to beat Nichols to death, saying the hundred- and forty-five-pound man was berserk and going for their guns. Nichols never raised a hand except to try to block the pepper spray they were gleefully spraying into his eyes as he lay helpless in the street.

 Videos: City of Memphis (vimeo.com)


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  2. https://prepareforchange.net/2023/02/01/celebrities-call-for-total-hollywood-strike-until-every-last-person-gets-jabbed/

    2023? They will target the unvaxxed.
    The Jews want this and will get it.
    Anyone in your social arena who thinks like this needs to be told in no uncertain terms that a line has been crossed and that self defense is a natural human right.
    I have had this happen to me in my family which includes members of the military.
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    • That last Metallicman link, concerning the shot,was most informative/interesting to say the least. DR Andreas Noack put out a really informative video about graphene,which is nanoscale razor blades. Four days later he was murdered.

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