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Podcast: Consciousness Stream, a Diversified Rant

Instead of pedophile popes and pastors you need to be listening to people like this: The Old World is Ending NOW



  1. Jack, you have given me new insights regarding Mr. Crowley and Thelema, as have this young guy Morgue on YT and the series Strange Angels that I am currently enjoying on Paramount +
    But the detractors always come back to passages he had written about human sacrifice. A non-starter for me also, I have to admit.

  2. The late Dr. Roger Lear,alien implant remover extraordinaire,use to put out very informative vids. Liquid metal until placed in your hand. They then organized into a solid structure.
    The Hindus core religious belief is that the Universe is
    sentinent,self aware, infinite ♾️ & timeless. I reckon that makes them a monotheistic religion. Fine with me. Now,WTF is said universe located? Do a web search on They Fly.

  3. Jehovah Witness Elder vs. Green Eyed Human Alien.

    After Hermano the J.W., realized what the F was happening, he proceeded to inform the alien that Jehovah God will not allow this event to take place and he just kept going on and on and on about Jehovah God, until he lost his voice. When that happened, the alien asked him, "Are you finished?" Hermano was told by the alien "There is no God, we have no God, there can be no God, ….. only the Energy Of Creation." Hermano understands and later, quits the Jehovah Witnesses and becomes a Yoga instructor.

    Wendelle C. Stevens interviewed by Jerry Pippin about the UFO encounter and alien abduction experience of Hermínio and Bianca Reis (Maria Aparecida de Oliveira).

    Date and location of UFO encounter: January 12, 1976; Matias Barbosa (state of Minas Gerais), Brazil.

    Book: UFO Contact from Klermer (Wendelle Stevens, Rodolfo R. Casellato, M. A. O. Bianca).

    Photo: Hermínio and Bianca Reis (left); "Karran" (right); middle photo for illustration purposes only.

    7,430 views Feb 24, 2023

  4. The trouble with organized religion is that most believe

    Orders come from up high

    Instead of within

    The few get the orders within

    The many from up high

    The antenna needs to be readjusted

    What I see

  5. Well Jack, the picture on the left aren't they people you would like to punch? Trouble is that group owns everything so you don't dare even think about punching them however, what if that attitude changes everywhere all at once in a last monkey type of scenario?
    Just thinking banned thoughts.


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