Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck?

Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine
Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck
by Yoichi Shimatsu (Exclusive to Rense 2-21-23)


In a recent radio conversation, Jeff Rense and I discussed some of the inexplicable anomalies related to the night-time train derailment of chemical-laden tankers at East Palestine, Ohio, which left a slew of questions but very few clear answers. Following the Rense program, I contacted an acquaintance in eastern Ohio, “K.T.”, who fortunately was tracking the local news and independent citizens’ reports online. K.T. disclosed the many inconsistencies in the official cover-up by the Norfolk Southern rail company, the Ohio governor’s office and the EPA, indicators of a panicked cover-up ordered by Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, under pressure from the Democrat-led EPA and the Biden White House.


The bipartisan shunning of the fears of regional residents, along with the heavy-handed mainstream media cover-up, indicated that the train derailment involves a national security issue and official secrets. This analytical article, aided by citizen reporting from the Ohio-Penn border region, exposes in detail the reasons for an illegal unregistered nighttime shipment of chemical weapons precursors as the cause of the near-explosive overheating of tanker cars and the use of an elongated burn pit from whence that ominous column of black smoke arose from the toxic flames.


The Chemistry of Disaster


In this chemistry-based analysis, the findings on the ground suppressed under orders from higher-ups, are examined for the most telling incontrovertible evidence: the chemistry regarding the liquid cargo of the five suspect tanker cars, the contents of which were set afire under government orders in a hastily dug trench. Contrary to official denials and disinformation about their chemical content, the actual payload was disclosed by the EPA detection of phosgene in that black cloud over East Palestine. Phosgene was infamously used for chlorine warfare aka “mustard gas” in France and Belgium during the First World War. Since it is not a byproduct of vinyl chloride (which contains only one chloride molecule, the actual precursor inside those tankers was a more dangerous chemical bonded with double the amount of chloride, just like phosgene.


The questions hereby raised are: Why were five tanker cars filled with a volatile chemical weapon precursor being transported toward the Eastern seaboard? What was the final destination of this chemical payload? Was the chemical cargo to be deployed for military use during warfare in blatant violation of the international treaty banning chemical weapons? Which battle zone was targeted for the massive chemical warfare attack?


The use of chemical weapons is a gross contravention of international law, a crime against humanity. The principle suspects in this genocide case are President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, CIA chief William Burns and their underlings security advisor Jake Sullivan, Transport secretary Pete Buttigieg, EPA chief Michael Regan and other lackeys of the warmongering regime.





Fact Checkers aka Official Falsehood


The mainstream media disclaimers and those denials known as “fact-checkers”, aka apologists for the intelligence agencies, politicians “in the know” and the war industry, have only added “fuel to the flames” of their own exposure and removal. (Most of their hasty claims of factually about the train wreck have proven to be exaggerated or plain wrong.) To spare their own derrieres from the boot, the high-level political felons have been downplaying the near-apocalyptic risks of open-air disposal by toxic chemical burning at East Palestine, a township of 1,300 households without any political clout or sufficient financial resources to pursue their lawsuit to achieve justice.


The actual chemical composition of that liquid cargo was misidentified in a criminal cover-up, obviously for reasons of a planned covert military and intelligence operation in blatant violation of international Chemical Weapons Treaty against the manufacture, storage, deployment and use of lethal chemicals in warfare or domestic turmoil. There is sufficient evidence even at this early stage for those gas-targeted nations (in a false flag operation), including Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, to initiate a case at The Hague War Crimes Tribunal against the Biden administration for planned crimes against humanity with scheduled deployment of a banned chemical weapon in a false-flag operation.


Given the political limitations on NATO alliance member-states, which are forbidden to use or even deploy chem weapons on a stand-by basis, the only possible reason for transporting that large amount of poison gas, approximately 17,000 gallons, in an eastward direction toward a military test-range and on to an Atlantic port was to perpetrate a false flag operation against an enemy state(s) and, in this particular case, against a “victimized allied nation”, Ukraine. Given the present morass in Eastern Europe, the last card in the CIA’s deck is to fake a “Russian” chemical attack against Ukrainians and, more pointedly, targeting Poland for the precise purpose of inciting the NATO alliance to declare all-out war against Russia and Belarus, thereby precipitating World War III. Obviously, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, a certifiable warmongering madman, was neck-deep in this idiotic plot.


Tellingly, President Joe Biden has since made a secretive visit to Kyiv, two weeks after the East Palestine disaster, which seriously dented his surprise war plans, to confer with Volodymyr Zelensky, another conspirator who was visibly disappointed to hear “the bad news” of termination of the poison-gas attacks. Biden rode the 10-hour train to Kyiv to mourn the demise of NATO’s clandestine plot to ride to Ukraine’s rescue. Since no tears were shed for East Palestine, I won’t be crying for war criminal Zelensky or his overlord Joe Biden. We can only be thankful, to some hidden force, that nobody was immediately killed in East Palestine, though the health threat will linger for many months, and maybe years from now.




Liquid Cargo from Dow’s Toxic Waste Site


The source of the cargo in Madison, Illinois, was a shut-down uranium-rod production facility of the infamous Dow Chemical company (of Agent Orange notoriety), more recently operating under the cover name of Spectrulite. Since the mid-1990s, the radioactive site, located across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, has been under a “clean-up” (toxic containment) effort by the EPA, which has resisted designating the huge mess as a permanent hazardous waste dump. The chlorine-based compound inside the five suspect tanker cars was falsely described by the EPA and Norfolk Rail as “vinyl chloride”, a rather innocuous substance, in a cover-up of the actual content of highly volatile vinylidene chloride. The latter, a powerful oxidizing agent also known as 1,1 Dichloroethene, was used by Dow to clean uranium fuel rods at the Madison facility, where it has since been stored in steel holding tanks.


The logical question that rears up is: Where was that lethal cargo going to be delivered? The Norfolk Southern destination was just across the state line in Conway, Pennsylvania, located in Beaver County adjoining East Palestine’s Columbiana County. But that was not the end of journey. The Conway Rail Yard, operated by Norfolk Southern for more than a century, is a massive switching facility, the largest in the USA until the 1980s. Conway adjoins the Ohio River, and therefore has no major chemical plant or waste-disposal facility to accept tankers with a 30,000 gallon capacity. Therefore, it is safe to conclude the suspect five tankers along with several other chemical haulers were at the rear of the train for the purpose of decoupling and route transfer toward a completely different direction from the boxcars filled with foodstuffs from the upper Mississippi region heading to warehouses near major eastern cities.


Deadly Destination


Since the Madison (Illinois) site was a large-scale EPA holding center in an elbow of the Mississippi shoreline, it would have made zero sense to move the sensitive cargo hundreds of miles to a densely populated region located a mere 25 miles from Pittsburgh, which is not a center of the chemicals industry. Nowadays hazardous chemical plants are located by the sea, in event of major spillage, mostly along the Gulf Coast. There are no alternative narratives other than the obvious “usual suspects”.


Thus, the unmarked toxic tanker cars were obviously bound for the Edgewood Chemical Weapons Arsenal, located on the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, fronting Chesapeake Bay north of Baltimore, Maryland. For those Pollyannas who still believe the great Joe Biden can do no wrong, I hereby lay out the probable planned route of the second leg of the train journey: resuming the journey from the Conway train yard through Pittsburgh, then onto Altoona and the Harrisburg junction, from where the toxic train takes a brief northerly dog leg and resuming the easterly movement along the Maryland tracks toward Baltimore, and then a leftward split-off onto a secondary track to Aberdeen at the northern Chesapeake shore. Any further questions or objections?


On arrival at the Edgewood facility, the vinylidene chloride payload is readily weaponized into pure chlorine or far likelier “less lethal” phosgene for injection into canisters, for attachment to bombs and artillery shells. The tactical objective is to fell Polish civilians, not render them dead in less than an hour, although many will surely die from poisoned lung tissue in sufficient number to muster a NATO declaration of war against Russia and Belarus. This sort of secret use of phosgene is illegal under U.S. law and the international Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) ratified by 53 nations, including the United States, in 1963. A defacto ban on CW has existed since the end of World War I. Joe and Volodomyr, what in hell were you two crazy fools planning? Now let’s be done with the legal formalities for your war crimes trials and just swallow the cyanide capsules as if they are jelly beans.





Kill the Poles, Blame Moscow


The sole explanation for this blatant and secretive violation of global governance is quite typical of the many illegal international black-ops that have involved Joe Biden, the main sponsor of NATO-US military aid to the rogue Zelensky regime in Ukraine.A mysterious chlorine gas attack in western Ukraine and against NATO-allied Poland, with televised CNN-BBC-ABC scenes of chemical burns inflicted on thousands of Polish citizens in their pastoral homeland would absolutely invoke NATO war authorization on grounds of protecting allied civilians from illegal gas attacks by launching an all-out bombing campaign and ground invasion of Crimea, the Donetsk region and Russia itself, basically starting World War III.


Similar provocations to justify intervention were cooked up by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to invade and dismember the Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999-2000. The sinister plot behind a false flag op to gas “expendable” civilians in Poland and Ukraine is all for political self-aggrandizement of that doddering imbecile Biden, who belongs in a psychiatric asylum. Who else could be in on the plot, not mentioned earlier? That murderous pervert Adam Schiff, First Lady Mrs. Zelensky, and of course that mental misfit of a NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, killer clowns all.


The Boring Part: Chemistry


OK, I realize that the vast majority of sensible humans dread chemistry class. As part of the Sputnik catch-up with the Soviets generation, I embraced organic chemistry in college as the magic wand that would save humankind from self-destruction. My dream of a world without suffering was naive, indeed folly. So please put up with this “blackboard lecture” for a few minutes to comprehend the hidden danger in those five tanker cars, and then go out to your favorite bar or cocktail lounge to wash away the horrifying thoughts.


The giveaway leaving no doubts was the midair detection of phosgene in the black cloud over the rail-side burn pit. Its formula is COCl2, translated as C for carbon, O oxygen, and CL-2 being two chlorine molecules. Its name is derived from Greek words for light and birth, as it was first synthesized by exposing carbon monoxide to strong sunlight giving birth to a weird yellowish compound that smells like fresh-mowed hay. The bizzare name of the Dow successor company Spectrulite is inspired by the eerie yellowish glow of Vinylidene chloride and phosgene when heated. On contact with humans and animals, it burns the eyes, ears and nostrils, inflicting unbearable pain and horrific scars.


The French deployed phosgene during trench warfare in World War I, resulting in the deaths of 85,000 German, English, American and French soldiers; the Imperial Japanese Army used phosgene to decimate China’s civilian population in the 1930s, to the dismay of the European powers. In these well-documented footsteps, Joe Biden and his sidekick Zelensky aimed to use this banned toxin against Ukrainians, Western military volunteers and Polish farmers to justify their madcap campaign to depose Putin.


The detection of phosgene in the black cloud of smoke over the East Palestine burn pit indicates the chemical content of the five mysterious tanker cars was not vinyl chloride as falsely claimed by Spectrulite-Dow, Norforlk Southern andthe EPA but actually comprised the more volatile vinylidene dicloride (CH2=CCl), a molecule containing carbon (C) and two chlorine particles (CL, the latter lower case L not to be confused for the numeral 1). The carbon element increases volatility/flammability during exposure to heat (as occurred due to the friction of toppled steel tankers sliding over gravel).


The disproportionate mass of the chlorine particle, as compared with the lighter elements, enables it to breaking free of its bonds. The atomic weight of chlorine is 35.45 or three times that of carbon at 12, and hydrogen at a mere 1.0. The imbalance in atomic weight means that volatile chlorine can break loose from its micro-electromagnetic bonds to become a free-ranging radical, generating heat of explosive power during inter-molecular collisions, especially when agitated. The capture of oxygen component from the air, during the final step of self-synthesis of phosgene, results in intense oxidation, aka burning, as seen at East Palestine’s infamous trench.


Since I trained in college to become a lab chemist rather than a chemistry teacher, I hope this simple-as-possible description shows the reader how the violent flames and towering black smoke were generated, along the potential harmful effects for any humans or animals that ingest the fumes (some 3,500 wild animals reportedly were killed, and many local residents suffered “painful smoke inhalation” aka chemical poisoning from the Norfork-EPA pit burn). OK, class over, let’s switch over to my personal recollections triggered by the Norfolk Southern catastrophe.


Continue Reading: Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck (





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    NATO has failed.
    In case you were wondering, this battle is decisive, and the best NATO has simply isn't good enough. Certainly NATO will try to find more defenceless countries to beat up on, but no one will take them seriously any longer. They will be remembered only as the organization that created the doctrine of domestic terrorism, A puny tyrant that beats up on his wife and kids, but has no power against outside threats.
    NATO, like the entirety of the west, loves it's self deception, and it's rebellion against reality. Both are getting a reminder today.
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    A large chemical fire to burn off the spill. What was spilled? What was on the trains bill of lading? Speaking of bills who paid them? Where is that great alt media to go and test the air, soil and homes privately of some of the residents? How about Stew Peter's? Or Alex Jonestine? Or Mike Adamowitz, I mean the health ranger.
    So, we send someone to east Palistine and collect some soil and some air and take samples of afew homes. Would that let us see? After it's sent to a lab for evaluation but that's like a medical test paid for by an insurance company.
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