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A new outbreak of violent anger has just erupted in France following the french government’s desire to pass a pension reform by an umpteenth passage en force via a legal mechanism known in France as the “49-3” and perceived as anti-democratic when used abusively. Article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic is an article that allows a text to be adopted without the National Assembly although the latter can launch a motion of censure.

As this article of law states:

The Prime Minister, after deliberation by the Council of Ministers, commits before the National Assembly the responsibility of the Government on its programme or possibly on a general policy statement.

 The National Assembly shall call into question the responsibility of the Government by voting a motion of censure. Such a motion is only admissible if it is signed by at least one tenth of the members of the National Assembly. The vote can only take place forty-eight hours after it is tabled. Only votes in favour of the motion of censure are counted and it can only be adopted by a majority of the members of the Assembly. Except in the case provided for in the paragraph below, a deputy may not sign more than three motions of censure during the same ordinary session and more than one during the same extraordinary session.

 The Prime Minister may, after deliberation by the Council of Ministers, engage the responsibility of the Government before the National Assembly on the vote of a finance bill or a social security financing bill. In this case, this bill shall be considered as adopted, unless a motion of censure, tabled within the twenty-four hours that follow, is passed under the conditions provided for in the previous paragraph. The Prime Minister may, in addition, resort to this procedure for another bill or a proposed law per session.

 The Prime Minister may ask the Senate to approve a general policy statement. ”

This article has been used 11 times since 2022 under the current government of Elisabeth Borne, or should I say Bornstein, and 100 times since 1958 under the Fifth Republic.

The French media mainly highlight the beginning of paragraph 3, which specifies that the government’s responsibility is engaged before the Assembly, but do not mention the mechanism mentioned immediately afterwards, which specifies that the use of this article of law exclusively concerns the vote of a “finance bill or the financing of the Social Security”

Because yes, the pension reform not having succeeded by other means before that, it was surreptitiously integrated into a rectifying finance bill of the Social Security in order to be then engaged via this constitutional article having no vocation to make pass this kind of text nor in such a situation but rather in a case where a so-called majority of circumstance would block an important governmental law. The legality of the maneuver is therefore in question.

The reasons of urgent economic necessity invoked, although appearing legitimate to a cretinized population, are of an unparalleled grotesqueness in view of the magic money used to finance the purchase of injections and other indecent financial packages intended for Ukraine.

Needless to say, the motion of censure did not pass, revealing the lies of the parliamentarians and senators who pretend to be the opposition in words but vulgar profiteers in reality; these “parliamentary bugs” thinking only of their personal interest as Hitler called them in “Mein Kampf”. Another blow that stuns the average Frenchman who discovers all this too quickly in the aftermath.

These events have also shown the false opposition for what it is; notably represented on the left in the person of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a skilful speaker who was a presidential candidate, but also a former Trotskyite Freemason who called for a vote on the Maastricht Treaty, and who is currently under attack from the feminist fringe of his party; and on the right by a certain Éric Zemmour, one of the other presidential candidates posing as a patriot but who is a Jew surfing on French identitarianism by trying to instrumentalise the conflict of civilisation between Muslim Arabs and rooted Frenchmen for the benefit of the Jews of the Zionist national right against a woke and libertarian Zionist left in decadence in power so that Schlomo covers all the bases whatever happens. It was Zemmour, by the way, who helped split the right-wing vote in the presidential election, allowing an illegitimate passage of Macron, not without additional fraud of course. Illegitimate because the fear of this non-existent fascism in France – except maybe at the Élysée Palace – materialized through the Le Pen family has been skilfully instrumentalized for 20 years to systematically pass a candidate not wanted by the majority, but always victorious by a sanction vote against the greatest perceived threat in the face of the lesser evil during the final round of elections. It is strongly suspected that Le Pen’s daughter, having taken over the leadership of her father’s party, is colluding in some way with the Macron establishment to serve as a showpiece.

Returning to the subject, it is therefore perhaps curious for foreign observers (but also for lucid french people) to see that after all the exactions committed during the last years (forced sequestration, injections allowed by fear, destruction of health, culture and economy, dismemberment of France for the benefit of US interests, bludgeoning and mutilation of the yellow jackets) this reform which is presented as a lengthening of the working time by 2 years can be the source of this explosion of anger.

But in addition to the aforementioned accumulation leading to this openly spit at the French people, the reason is that on the one hand, it is mainly the way this reform is imposed that came into play, and on the other hand, this reform is in the logical continuation of the meetings between Macron and Larry Fink of BlackRock to get their hands on our pensions which represent a war chest of 350 billion not negligible for the financial caste sinking. In addition to being a stepping stone to future plundering, it is a fundamental questioning of a historical system of retirement by redistribution that financial vultures want to transform into a pension by capitalisation. It is both true and totally inaccurate that the French are revolting against Klaus Schwab and the WEF, but in a way it is this fight that we are leading, even if for those who are in the street, it is above all the breaking up of a historical model marked by social progress to which the French are deeply attached.

However, we should not be mistaken: the legitimate anger that is currently being expressed is mainly the result of a grotesquely organised passage en force, but our politicians and the french oligarchy are masters at manipulating protest movements and, above all, turning them around. It’s not the angered workers, the trade unions that are being steered behind the scenes to curb the anger by scattering it, nor the french woke youth who are so stupid and manipulated by self-destructive currents as Julius Evola had already analysed in his time that will change anything.

The only good thing is that these spontaneous outbursts and the violence is moving up a notch towards a possible overthrow of the authorities. This was of course anticipated and it is in this respect that the police repression was all the more brutal. One comes to wonder where these so-called police officers come from. But some of the protesters don’t take it lying down.

It should be noted that two demonstrators are between life and death during a huge demonstration not directly related to the reform after the use of equipment categorized as weapons of war, although “non-lethal” please note. But above all, the police prevented the intervention of the SAMU – the emergency workers. Denied by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, everything was revealed a few hours later while the demonstrators are still in a coma between life and death.

This is reminiscent of the order not to intervene at the Bataclan for the Sentinel soldiers who were next to the 2015 massacre…

Usually, the death of demonstrators in France signals a certain end to this kind of project and these events generate worries for the authorities, who are managing the sequence extremely awkwardly, and Macron’s contemptuous intervention supporting this reform is just one element among others.

All this makes the democratic lie appear more and more to the average Frenchman and reveals for the most blind that Macron is indeed the « hedge » of David de Rothschild as he himself had stated unequivocally in the newspaper “Marianne“, but also of the Davosian oligarchy missioned as Young Global Leader to completely liquidate France for the benefit of the Anglo-Zionist empire. Macron is also the creature of a certain Jacques Attali who boasted about his possible presidency already in 2014 when nobody knew him; and he is surely piloted as closely as possible by his wife (who is suspected to be in reality a man, Jean-Michel Trogneux, and who would have, moreover, a family link with Macron himself) who is without any doubt the real President for what concerns current affairs. She wears the pants as we would say at home. Macron, behind his miserable figure, is indeed a historical figure in the sense that he is the living embodiment of all these destructive currents that converge in him. In an interview with the Financial Times, he said in a messianic tone that the current generation would see the advent of the beast of the event.

However, France, although a country known for its revolutionary spirit, will not extricate itself from this situation and the saving hand will come either from Russia and the victory in the east or from the inspiration that France will arouse in the Americans to purge their country of the vermin within, as they have the means and, above all, the weapons.

And here I turn to you, Jack.


  1. Unfortunately, it further contributes to transforming more of the Henoch Prophecies, from 1987, into now unstoppable…predictions:
    248. Yet Russia will not rest and will attack Scandinavia, and in doing so will embroil all of Europe. And months before that, a terrible tornado will have swept across northern Europe, causing great devastation and destruction.

    249. It must still be stated that the Russian attack will occur during the summer, in fact, starting from Arkhangelsk. Denmark will not be dragged into the war, due to the insignificance of this country.

    262. The aggressors from the East will force the French Army to join their military forces and lead a war of conquest against the northern countries of Europe, invading and conquering Sweden and Norway. Subsequently, these northern countries will be annexed by Russia.


    • I remember when this fellow came on the scene. Quite an uproar developed. Had a book too, which in hindsight of things that came to pass, made it the more interesting.

  2. Romaine as a Frenchmen could you folks riot and tear up Paris so hard that by July they will cancel Paris Brest Paris that I am not to allowed to ride in because I refuse to get vaxxinated.
    You'll cave by July and those vaxxed American mothers will do Paris brest Paris.
    The cafes will be full and Frances oldest bike race will continue.


  3. It is never enough to simply decimate the force used against the people. The reduction of enforcers is a necessary element for the people to have a voice, but beyond this necessity, the acolytes of anti-human and anti-life policy must themselves face dramatic decimation.
    Example; newscasters who willingly spout lies should be removed, but without also removing program directors, and buisness strategists who advance those lies, changing faces behind the camera has little effect, especially since there is a near inexhaustible crowd of newscasters to draw from.
    Thus so with politicians.
    The real issue is to strike in ways that directly effect those who orchestrate policy. Here, one will not find large numbers, but very few. A correct strike, properly aimed will then actually have an effect. A good example here is the Russian missile strike against NATO command in Kiev. This has the verifiable results of completely stalling the planned Ukrainian counter offensive operation.
    The highly centralized structure that is currently used to oppress is actually extremely vulnerable to such a strike. It will be interesting, should those capable of exploiting this condition take note.

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