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La Chevalerie Amoureuse Troubadours, Felibres and Rosicrucian’s – Translated by Romain

Hi Jack & Orage, Here are the last 3 parts. I’m also including the link to the final compiled file. I’ve gone back over a few things, particularly at the beginning of the translation. I don’t know if I’ll do it again, it was pretty hard and exhausting. I’m off to crack open a cold beer and wish you all a great day! The Complete File : Part 7/8/9 : § 73. But ierne is above all a synonym of verne, from the Latin verna, feminine of vernus (a pun on Venus), “spring”, the season of flowers. Verna is therefore Flora and Laura by apocope, Petrarch’s Laure, the lover, the courtesan, because verna conceals verrina, the naughty girl, the secret grid or tongue, from grullos, “pig”. This is where the expression “to play a dirty trick” comes from (pig’s trick in French). Verna also refers to a garden where flowers are grown. In the Middle Ages, houses of pleasure were – according to history – called “champs-florys”, as we can see in the old texts and, in Provençal troubadouresque, “camps de flours”. These were Flora’s paradises, the courts of love, the Lodges of Massenia, of the Holy Grail, which have been confused with public houses. Boccaccio, in his Decameron (theka-êmerion, […]

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La Chevalerie Amoureuse Troubadours, Felibres and Rosicrucians – Translated by Romain

§ 11 The writings of the humanists are full of surprises. What is a humanist? Convention has it that ahumanist is a man versed...

As France Burns

Cover Photo: France riots - Bing imagesI'd also like to take this opportunity to submit a translated article by an ex-gendarme that sheds some...

On the Ground Report from Our Man in France (4/16/23)

Jack,I feel so dirty for wearing the investigative hat and spending so much time looking for the misdeeds of these bastards that I can't...

On The Ground Report from France 3/30/2023

  English publications. I have included some background information to help situate this sequence of events, and as many relevant hyperlinked sources as possible. Feel...

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