Rise a Knight!

The Angel of Death is looking for your head

he is silently sleeping in your bed

Colors of red are begging to be spread

looking for your disfigured no good head

Blood or pain no more gain

do you wanna be slain?

do you wanna die in vain…

remember Abel and Kain

One night I will be there to kill those that don’t care

I will take your blood money, your sweet green honey

your nasty whore, will beg for more

nothing last, but you will not die fast

You will experience the torment of living

the real pain of those you are deceiving

My sword is my merciless word

unbroken will made of unnatural steel

ready to kill,

ready to slice to turn the odds on the life dice

you last sacrifice, your last horror

all will burn in the land of Mordor

I am your living hell you better prey very well

prayers don’t sell, can’t you tell

Go to hell…

Meet your maker, you tribal faker

Go and visit your false God, who thinks all can be bought

for one lousy dollar all that will you get is a death collar

In green you trust, the sword of death is coming fast

without the warning, without the next morning

no reckoning for you and your race

no salvation for your despicable face

I am the Angel of Death I don’t lose I prefer this abuse

The kill made in the witching hours devours

Eats sin alive, evil stops too thrive

Hive mind, go and maybe I will be kind

maybe mercy can be found, on this rainy, holy night

maybe I will turn the blind eye

maybe I am that guy

Your body is full of blood, lifelessly dancing there you clueless sod.

You were on my list what a twist

I strike I don’t think twice

I don’t give any foolish advice

The Angel of Death is in your bed looking for your head

did you make a lifelong bet?

I am a last shining star that will Set on your nasty head

I am Seth, I am dead

you are my prey I just came to visit

I just came to say hey!

Once more I am running against the time

my bloody sword tells me:

all is fine

I don’t care about your last wish

I am your last dish

you will not flourish,

You can choose, this wacky caboose

The ride is here you better not interfere

do not blame you have chosen this game

your life has been nothing but a shame

filled with stupidity, and reckless fame

I came for you, bloody morons

who created this world haunted by horrors

tomorrow can’t be broken or I will be awoken

to give you a last call to give your last ball

the halls of death must be fed…

fed with decomposing bones and rotting flesh

filled with dead

You must fall…this is not a question at all

Disgrace is now your face

Dishonor is now your horror

The decadence of the lost now travels with your post

everything ends, everything is a lost ghost

don’t beg I will break your bloody neck

what a heck!

Angel Of Death is looking for you “pretty” heads

When the moon is high in the sky

I am looking for those that will die

You are on my list, what a miraculous twist

You beasts…

My eyes are red, my skin is white

I am a divine rider riding this night

I am the fight, I taking back my right

dont fight, it will be all alright

I will take your faulty bone, be gone

be gone from my sight I am the ruler of this night

I will take your faith filled with sorrow and hate

I will be the devil’s advocate

I will find you a new better fate

a new white empty slate

open the gate!

Open the gate and accept your fate

or I will break the red walls that surround your sacred halls

I really “care” I am your floating nightmare

I don’t give a damn about the original plan,

I will take you there

where you belong, I will cut off your dong

with your most popular, twisted song

can that be so wrong?

You will feel whole I am the bringer of Amore

I will love you to the death even without your precious head

all is set, for your irrevocable death

for your last destitute breath

for your last empty wish

but there will be none because your kind must be gone

leave this world alone,

be gone

I don’t give sermons I don’t preach I don’t teach

I will take your fool’s gold do as has been told

I have no master, I have no mistress

I don’t take calls made in distress

I don’t wish you well, your destination is and only can be


Laying on the floor don’t beg for more

dont test me don’t try to infest my mind

I am not your kind I am not precious find

I don’t like your kind

On this night, the world will stand still

it is time to kill, no more your pretentious will

I am sent here to collect the bill,

to settle the old score

All is gone, sin and death trembling alone

my will will be done

My sword is made in great northern halls with one sacred purpose

to cut your balls

You will lose it all, the Vikings are coming they are taking over this “Ball”

Can you feel it, can you feel the antagonizing frost

my blade put in the middle of your heart and delivered without any cost

You are not lost…anymore

There will be much more… I will love you to the core…

and back feel my next volatile attack.

When all is set and done with faltering silence your body will be gone

my will sets you free, you will be naked and carefree

A town full of vipers, now kids with filed diapers

fear is in town, death has come

not just for some, looking for best the outcome

You that have killed, pillaged, and plundered this world

only death so cold will be sold…

Come now, come a front be bold

Meet your destiny, meet your maker

show courage, fell my skull breaker

Fell my shadow, feel my trusty sword

you will wish you never had been born

all I feel now is scorn

Night bated with blood, wishing for the last nod

chasing the lonely star, crying from afar

Star is red, screaming: no more death!

Will I listen to the white lady in heaven?

Will I stop and count to a hundred and eleven…

Is this enough blood?

Enough death,

is now Earth the epitome of health?

Star for you I will end this war!

I will lose my scar, I will even go that far

Come down and see all that you love is free

I am a necessary stranger, cleansing the Earth from current danger

Maybe my heart is cold, but if I can hear your cries

I will stop and rather watch Your teary blue eyes

I am the Angel of Death, share with me your heavenly bed

not for carnal lust, we must change the past

so the future may roam free, don’t disagree

trust this old soldier, nothing will get older

if we are not a bit bolder

Take me in the sky, don’t ask why

For Your white light, I will stop this bloody, cursed fight

I will Make it right, even for just one night

Shine bright, show me your grace

let me see your beautiful face

I will show you my desolate heart and my hidden face

lady in heaven this has to be done,

these treacherous creatures must be gone

before the first dawn, the last sword will be drawn

Can evil be gone, I ask you can justice be undone?

I am a killing storm, born in heaven, sent to lay this evil to rest

I am not making any wrongful fest, is this all just a test?

test to find the best, to set them free

tell me Star, do you agree?

I am not drumming on my chest,

this holly warrior is looking for the lost quest

The Holy Grail is not for sale

Star what is your name, why did you come?

Why shine on this place filled with demons and old evils?

have you lost your tongue, I am not asking for your sweet song…

are you numb, numb from all this violence?

this world is decadent, I don’t kill

because I feel the thrill, I don’t slay because I lost my way

I kill because I must, old iron is subject to corrosion

to devil devotion, an unpleasant concoction

a tragic unpractical notion,

I am sorry you have seen me in my hellish glory

Star I got a heart at last, I will just kill the old delusional cast

Those that do wrong, those that are carriers of this old evil but not strong

Good people won’t be touched

look away just for a moment, this is not a falling cometh

not a raging torment

not for you, you see through

You see all, tell me who will fall?

Good or bad, it is not that sad…

look at what will be born if these devils are torn

look in the future, see the night on Earth

see from London, Zagreb, Tokyo to Perth

What I have resurrected, who is offended?

Is there a life, or a deadly knife?

Is there evil that is wrong or people that are strong

bright and smart like you, they are not just a few

They know your name, you found a newborn fame

Life here will be never the same, it is not another lame game

A new beginning is leaning

There is no presence of hell, you surely can tell

you are being of old, known to every Nord

bellow are thousand beating hearts

the earth is filled with new charts

Stars are now in different places, in many cases

but there is life, born without the midwife

Dont cry, this is not a final goodbye

Some things have to be done

Things that are not pretty, things

that are causing evil in every city

They must feel the power of my sword

so new clean and healthy life can be born

I am the messenger of love but a different kind

I visit this place when stars align

I can’t be bound and I won’t be found

Have you seen enough of death,

enough of foul breath on the deathbed

If you did I will go, you must know

this is my show, even without the romance

this is not a game of chance

death is a natural thing, not a fling

my sword has to sing

when the time comes I will again visit a few homes

I will be quiet like Sherlock Holmes

the crime scene will have no yellow tape

I came for those that are out of shape

I cleanse this world from evil spells

from ungodly hidden affairs

my sword is not a butcher, he is the future

he belongs to the past, he is not an outcast

Where all is finally gone he will last

he will stand the test of time

and you all in new Heaven will be fine

This is my wish, to see you all there

because I care, this is the message I will share

far and wide, accept this ride or stay lost in the shadows

in this naked ugly meadows

I will see this fight through I will even bring down Mount Meru

my job is done when all that does not belong are gone

good or bad, trust me ending of this story won’t be especially sad

somewhere here, the story ends

The message has been sent

accept or don’t

I can’t offer you dazzling gold

just my Hartfeld word, and my piercing sword

maybe all will die but all is better…

then living in this….lie

never to be able to truly say goodbye.

Every true Nord will receive my sword

this is my final word.

Go quietly in the night or take a chance

and accept this glorious fight

Rise a knight!

o.k I will finish this in the morning if I find the time…if not it will stay like this…

Nur der Tod währt alle Zeit

Er flüstert unterm Tannenzweig

Muss alles in sein Dunkel zieh’n

Sogar die Sonne wird verglüh’n


Doch keine Angst, wir sind bei dir

Ein letztes Mal, so singen wir


Adieu, goodbye, auf Wiederseh’n

Den letzten Weg musst du alleine geh’n

Ein letztes Lied, ein letzter Kuss

Kein Wunder wird gescheh’n

Adiеu, goodbye, auf Wiedersеh’n

Die Zeit mit dir war schön

This is copy pasted, from the Substack…I never used this tool so Phil or Jack if you see anything that that is out of line, please intervene…

I will press publish button, I hope nothing will explode…


  1. Nice one HP, it looks better on here than in substack…
    And thanks Jack and Phil, for the honour and the privalege, it really is greatly appreciated.
    I better get writing….

      • Now this is what I’m talking about, this site has a million and a quarter hits, it was doing 35000 a month before they torpedoed it and Phil switched it off to an Icelandic server. It’s already up to 6500 per month and is quickly gaining back its extensive international audience. Anyone reading this I’m going to tell you right now if you’re sending your money to Substack or Patreon you are aiding and abetting your worst enemy. Unless of course you are a big fan of wokeness and American Stupidism. We will give you real writers and real issues on this site without the interference from the congenitally ignorant American federal government which is now mandatory on Substack for anything of value.

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