Stauros, the Line of Confusion (1989)

Rabid wolves Shepard abandoned sheep

Lamentations of the Goddess disturb our sleep

In seven palaces we are permitted to dwell

Seven Palaces on a foundation we call hell 

The saviors been commended to an unmarked grave

And the Whores still here she never was saved

As furious dogs bay through a moonless night

The whore becomes queen and takes her delight

They prostrate on the ground to the most ancient of deceptions

While the church propagates doctrines through immaculate conceptions

And the defiler of the tomb the robber of graves

Is challenged by a God who hid in a cave 

There’s an obscure passage through the vault of time

But in a violent creation amid the swirling sublime

Precept upon precept and line upon line

Here a little, there a little conceals the divine 

We are hurled through the stars

Only to plummet back to earth

Bound by a chain of flowers

To a circle of death and birth

And the precept upon precept

Is a delusion of the illusion

Not even the child of the void

Can cross the line of confusion 

Lucifer (1990)

From a gilded cage reigns the captured queen
Upon the eternal stage unfolds raptures dream
Two armies march on the dreams beginning
There insolence sanctioned by easy wining
While at the waters source
In the shadow of the great rock
They search for the force
That will open damnations lock
And in the name of the queen
They guard well her dream
Tending to the fire in its pale white glow
On one side the yes the other the no
There is a stirring of the eye
Lightning leaps across the sky
And the divine paradox
Descends the trail of the ox
Like a wolf loping across frozen fields
He sweeps over the camels path
Blinding light provides his shield
In a wasteland scorched by wrath
He is the prince of hate
And he is the prince of love
He is the prisoner of fate
And the cutting edge of the dove
Forever cursed to travel alone
Guest of honor upon the great stone
The rattling sword reveals his pride
Beneath the scar that marks his side
Come again Lucifer son of the dawn
Come again Lucifer face the prophets scorn
Take no heed of the tyrant’s warnings
Come again Lucifer and bring the morning
The king is coming for his queen
Break the spell and end her dream 

The Last Warrior (1990)

The Wind howls its secrets through forests of night

As we emerge from the pools that drown our delight

In a fire that burns and consumes all our hate

Bound by our flesh to this earth and her fate

I’ve been alone since that very first day

 cursing this world that stood in our way

The sun and the moon are divided by earth

It’s the stigma attached to the great Gods birth

As I forge through the tide of this receding gloom

In a raft made of pride under a waning moon

The last bloody warrior on a battlefield divine

In a celestial chariot drawn by space and time

Through fields full of fire

And fields of emerald green

Trough the end of hope

To the prophets dream

The Drums of War (1990)

There’s a silhouette in the pale Moonlight

A trickle of blood runs down the Goddesses thigh

There is sorrow tinged with delight

And in swirling violence there is the hurricanes eye

Out beyond the threshold there’s a dyeing king

His daughter wears scarlet; intoxicated with pleasure

In swift streams of thought choirs of angels sing

And the demons scurry to conceal the treasure

There’s an uneasy truce between the left and the right

And in the last world a Fool has been born

Shielded from sinning within a cradle of light

The high priest smiles mockingly at the oath he has sworn  

There’s a crucifixion in infinite space

A terrified scorpion stings itself to death

Signs of awakening in the most ancient race

Exhaled in the vapor of the dying kings breath

In wanton surrender to the god of the mountain

Whose gaze finally toppled the citadel to earth

The lady frolics in a bubbling fountain

And dreams of her lover who has suffered his birth

The king casts his last rattling breath to the east

Where the successor awaits at infinity’s door

Amidst thronging angels enters the holy beast

Distant drums echo from shrouded shores

It is in these hours the angels have gathered

Anxious to settle their eternal score

When the boundaries of reality have shattered

Mortals shall witness the angels War

The Magician (1991)

I am the Magician 

Changing metal into gold

Water that is dry

Fire that is cold

I have wandered through worlds and thousands of years

I have watched Pharaohs die and tasted bitter tears

I am a witness to the rise and fall of Rome 

I have worshiped gods I am now my own 

I am the Magician 

Changing metal into gold

Water that is dry

Fire that is cold

I am the guardian of the grail in the court of Primal Thunder

And it’s what I’ve always known that is the source of wisdom’s wonder

I am the Magician 

I can change water into wine

And reconcile the extremes 

As I balance all the lines 

The circles complete in the anointed Lord 

When I hurl my words at the flaming void

I am the cross that is retributions sword

I am herd become a swarming horde

I am the Magician

I am the voice 

That seals the Vision

The Clash of Two Forces (1988)

A primordial drive or memory beyond the living

An endless love of blood and pain

Biblical dilemma, to covet what gods not giving

Though the tears provide relief like summers rain

Always deep inside I can still feel the pain

In the distance I hear the surging flood

And in my dreams and visions cascades of blood

I look to heaven and demand a reason

And my only answer is the hunter’s season

The mirror casts an accusing reflection

Admonishing you for a casual inspection

Is it the wreckage of expectations flown to high

Or the clash of two forces that never can die

I only hope that in troubled sleep

You can hear the unborn children weep

Although life’s uncertain and filled with surprises

The sun always sets and the sun also rises 

Resin gypsum soap candle mold   Egypt Queen Figurines MOLD image 1

The Goddess (1998)

 Flashing colors in a fading dream

The world issues forth in one frozen scream

Dance, like stars in the night

A Butterfly flits through a battlefield

The essence of all in her flesh has been sealed

Dance forever hidden from the light

White satin curtains and bubbles that float

Over stinking beer breathe their pig eyes gloat

With dirt under the nails of their dollar filled hands

They compete for the chance to defile this rose

And cornered like an animal in the light she stands

With painted toes and delicate fingers tossing off clothes

As music drones on like a satyrs flute

Heavy metal tee shirts and business men’s suits

Some are wearing smirks others say she’s cute

Like obedient dogs they sit straining in their chairs

She smiles like a child framed in angel wings hair

On platform shoes she wades through artificial smoke

Before an empty throne where no verdicts ever spoke


Twilight of the Goddess (2012)

The Moon is a luminous pit 

In a primal sea of black

Whispers beyond memory’s reach

There is no turning back

Like the waves on the beach 

We can only recede

What it means to be born

To be cut and to bleed 

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  1. Really great paeans, Jack. Master Serrano would exalt them. I hereby dub thee, the Shakespearean Spartan.

  2. You were definitely putting to paper some Powerful force(s) and experiences around that 1988-1990 time frame and more. Wowza. Thanks Jack….

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