Executing your Fate, a New Beginning without the Dreaming

O.k Dear friends, this is my exclusive for Human, I hope you gonna like this one, If the poem, story, or book doesn’t make you think then the writer has failed…this is the sole purpose of ART-HEART to move you, to transport you to places that are before not there…to make you smile, or even draw one tear from your eyes. It is that easy.

Phil if you see this, look if everything has been done by the rules of “engagement”…Thank you in advance. I can’t find some stuff, from your E-mail… for now, I will get better with time, I always do.

Flow state, crate, educate

Opens worlds, cold and hot

surprise this is certainly, not

When all is one this can be done

You won’t even have to close your eyes to materialize

the thing of old, things of new all is on the menu

is it all God’s plan?

do you think you need a magick wand?

Is this a question or an utterly failed erection?

Where are we, when are we…can you see

Above the mighty tree or under in the roots

sneaking in the cahoots

is it all diversion or a great loss of logic and attention?

Do you ever wonder, what is over there?

Are you firmly asleep, the reality of old you want to keep

Do you even care…maybe you should pay for this next Faire

Do you dare, to peek into the other side

to find what you lost at what is the real cost

are you still lost, praying to the sky

willing to testify

to break this mold to usurp this cold

white frost and terribly, spine-chilling hot

we are not, we are more

we must search our inner core

Our tenacious sleepless being is one thing that is worth seeing

please drive away from all things that are deceiving

Another side, another incoming, unsuspecting tide

lost at sea we will abide

We who stand alone, we are not gone

we are coming home

Sooner or later, the veil is coming down

hunters are on the prowl

we are guardians of light, in our hearts beating fight

The holy grail is with us, they can’t take us

We will shine, like thousand Suns

we are the long-lost beloved Son

The Son of the Man is here, right now, right here

in this moment, he is without the endless, unbearable torment

but he doent’t know, the power in him is still too low

find the hidden emissary, promised life without the misery

the evasive dark crow knows,

who is naked, without clothes

who beg and bow on their knees and do as they please

Son of a Man, pure revelation, or a new emerging brand

vigorously crashing castles made out of the cursed sand

Can he find himself? to, wish others well

so he loudly and clearly can tell,

not all that breathes is made for sell

Can Dreamer be awoken, do we need a magick token?

Is he irreparably broken?

The sleep of old, horrible evil lies in him

Like old nasty corroded pin, nasty sin put right in between

Heart and Mind, will he find?

One or another, will he ever bother?

Matrix is an illusion that rhymes with dysfunction

, inclination to declination

addiction to broken fiction,

reaction, to abrasion,

devotion to f. up


Its all just another corrosion, erosion of the mind

that is there but must be put aside…

land of the living or land of things deceiving?

Is Conan there, blue-eyed dark-haired hyperborean is he with us

can he trust this sleepless cast?

Is he real, a real ordeal

Memento mori rising moon looking for his glory

What is hidden what is lost,

who is bragging about the delusional cost

winter brings frost, the sun is pure Unbribable lust

hot and warm, sweaty at the moment

waiting for the sacred, unstoppable cometh

To fall from heaven, looking for the number seven

For the mighty number, left by the counter

over there right in front of your noses

decipher for many lost long-forgotten causes

Seven is the number of heavens

Heaven is seven

rainbow bridge is here to teach

to mercilessly breach

to catch that scratch

the minds of young and old

all will be told, what to expect for the next event

get ready for the ride, catch the next tide

nobody can hide…

anymore, like before

All is plunged into the sacred light

all is incoming, looming fight

Creatures of the dark are shining bright

there is no real night, all is in the open

what was long forgotten

in the land of the Totten

Nobody would believe me but I must say

These days they are the prey

This smelly ugly walking decay

these days don’t want to say Hey!

All their power is now under the runaway lawnmower

looking desperately for the sight of any cover

Under and over, beats are operating undercover

Hooded Silhouettes on the walls praying to the Baal

To the god of old to attack the superhuman from Nord

as above and below

Nobody will ever know

Son of the man will do what he can

He will smite the devil,

remove and save this world from imminent peril

War is high,

high in the sky is filled with red lullaby

Thunder and clouds are now raining treacherous blood

on Earth another devastating horrendous, long-lasting flood

In your mind or not?

Flow state, humanity, and their fate

advocate, resonate,

feel don’t kneel

don’t pray don’t obey

Even in this battle of the gods you will have the last say

In humanity gods now must trust

because nothing ever lasts… my friends

trends, come and go, without the sharp spear or hunter bow

New fair winds are on the horizon looking for a new advisor

The New Son of the man is at hand

will he listen to the sacred song or will he stare into his bong?

will he answer the call?

has he finally arrived, derived from one drop of pure blood

Are you there or not?


Lazy Day

it was one of these days, hot, gloomy almost cartoony long day.

One of these days no matter what you do, wherever you go, time doesn’t move, not an inch. Everything looks and happens like an awkward-looking slow-motion dream.

Birds are cheerfully singing, the talk was loud, sometimes cheap…people were just people. running up and down the hot bloated street. Everyone was lost in their own small made-up world…smile, prayer, generosity, affection, decay, jealousy, lust, and arrogance all were there, mixed with the continuous, pulsating loud noises of an overcrowded city.

Another ordinary story in the ordinary world…

But there was a twist incoming a story that was never told, till now.

Nobody would ever believe me, nobody!

I was there…this world was firmly asleep, everything that happened in the last nine months here in this new world doesn’t exist…nobody knows, nobody…

I was a stranger walking in an even stranger world…

You know I was a hero, a hero of nine worlds, but here I was just another strange-looking kid probably looking for the next good-looking girl, obviously doing what teenagers are doing. Chasing girls not waging wars…

War of the worlds…now that I am here, aimlessly roaming these desolate streets all look and feel like never happened…like a dream state.

They think they live in an actual reality… What a cruel joke…

I cant never tell them, it is forbidden…they think they are alive…they are not.

I was not alone, many of us have “fallen” here in every major city in every major country there was one of us.

Our number was 72 or 144, honestly, I can’t remember how many were fallen here in this “place”. The time jump displaced my sense of orientation and I was still feeling like under some hyperborean spell that went horribly wrong.

It was a more irritating feeling than real pain…all I needed was time and rest, bed.

“Kingdom for the bed,” I said thinking aloud…

Bed, you are looking for a bed Kid?

Oddly looking stranger with a red shirt and blue pants looking like somebody you would meet at the circus entrance checking your tickets has heard me…

Are you without the parent here or worse, lost?

No, no mister I was thinking aloud, I am tired, it was a long trip to your beautiful city.

You came on one of these new planes that can reach 5.6 Mach… I was told to stay away from them for at least the next 6 to 9 months….they are still operating under a special license…

So if you don’t feel well, you can’t blame them…it was your choice in your case the choice of your parents (approval).

wait, wait, Mister..5.6 mach…what is the year, current year?

Kid you really need that bed and fast…it is 2045 of course…What year would it be?



What happened, how it happened…it was supposed to be 1911,3 years before First World War (WWI). I suddenly started to mumble, and the earth below me started to spin…I fainted…

Next that I remember were strange voices, commotion, and the loud sound of sirens…I woke up in the hospital, bed was nothing like I ever saw before almost fully automated…

WTF??? what happened, where am I?

This is wrong, all this was not supposed to exist, we won…thy lost.

The hospital was filled with all kinds of semi or automated machines…nobody was there to check my heart rate or pulse…temperature..all was measured and taken in real-time, instantly… blue rivers of gelatinous substance were interconnected through the middle of the wall I presume trillions of connected Cpus in one “living link” but on nanoscale..AI, nanotechnology?

I must admit I was more than confused….

They should invent the airplane not have self-replicating Ai in place…

this is bad really bad and what is even worse I am looking like a freaking teenager….somebody has royally fucked up, this is bad ..really bad.

F. what was my name, my name is…… can’t remember..my head hurts, and the ground still spins when I make sudden move…

Patient John Doe, age 16, male….evaluating….scan needed, DNA code unknown….

DNA code unknown, of course, it makes sense, I am not one of them…I need to bale out an on the double from this place…

The bed was starting to move simultaneously trying to put a few belts around my head, waist, and both legs…I said in my head, all is upside down anyway, I used my inner energy and in an instant bed collapsed like a mortally wounded animal…I was free…

Run, John Doe, run!

we were forbidden to manipulate molecules or flow of energy in this place but, there is a catch-22…I was in the wrong reality and in the wrong timeline…is anyone even alive to care what I am using right now to set me free from this walking, living nightmare…Full automated hospital…I need a mead, not R2D2 to serve me organic tea %^£^!

And I am a full-grown hyperborean warrior, not a kid…MF…ers.

OK let’s find the exit,frye some robot’s metal ass and try to comprehend what and when went wrong.

Amnesia or somebody has betrayed us…I wonder?

What would you do if you are all-powerful, living God and nobody knows who you really are…

“Steal the World”…. sounds plausible..but who?

and the more important question is is there anyone left of our kind …am I the last warrior, the last Son of the MAN?

Why Son of the MAN, our essence is made out of what you call SUN, one part is made out of White Sun other is made of the so-called Black SUN.

This is done so we never can pick one or the other side, we must stay in perfect balance.


we drain our primary power from the Sun but when night falls we must remember that we are just instruments of the divine and our power is truncated. Moon has a light but it is not powerful as Sun..we can still do some street magick skills but nothing like building Pyramids in Egypt or in South America…

Why do we function like that: humility, we must never forget who we really are…this is similar to humans’ Ego…you must devour your ego he will be part of you but gone, his function will be more natural. There will be no will, or pleasure for seeking power, material things, jealousy, treachery, envy…and so on…

Let’s si who could do this…nobody, on the lower side, there are only four possible candidates…

First on my list is Angel of Death….an obvious choice or candidate for this level of treachery….has he fallen morally or has an even worse fate happened to him…Can the Angel of Death be actually death?

Yeah, I know how it sounds…you can make this shite up…if he is gone and this has been done because there is no more guide for souls then we must find another…

Michael, Gabriel, or Lucifer?

My relationship with the first two is let’s say, complicated…so according to this fact my target is my old friend and I really hope he is still alive, not doing this…

Lucifer…I really hope is not him, I mean he was the purest of all. I can see any reason that the source of this travesty, this madness…would be him.

But you never know what the day will bring. In the morning I was pretending to be a teenage kid, now a few hours later I am chasing the perpetrator of immense will and power.

I mean what could possibly go wrong…I am in the wrong time, the wrong timeline and there is a real thread I might die here in no man’s land from the hand of my best friend…

let’s not forget I have an army of pissed-off robots on my ass…chasing me in the lovely futuristic hospital…aahh life, life is wonderful….(sarcasm and smile combined)hahaha

Common you no god, lousy metal trash cans…meet your maker!

Three of them, robots were different they are running towards me, trying to detain me and put me back in a lovely white room again…

No today, my “metal friends”!!!

I superheated the air around me and send a sudden surge of fire in their direction…two are instantly eaten by the heat and flame, but one robot still persisted and just keep coming closer…I could see his parts…so to say…polymers/plastic-made outer cover was stripped down from my super-heated blast. A place where should be a human heart was a spinning yellow almost golden core….Fusion?

And why they are always building this mf..in human resemblance..I mean I knew the answer…but maybe is time to end this monolog and take care of this emerging metal Threat…

I can damage that precious fusion reactor on that metal abomination but… I can use my telekinetic skills, without thinking, a machine that was running towards me was lifted into the air slammed into the ceiling, and then back to the floor…

“Shaken but stirred”

Metal abomination lost his left leg, no he was jumping only on his right leg he was coming towards me, at the same time reading me my rights…to tell that this was a surreal moment would be the understatement of the year…haha

I said to myself: time to finish this nonsense….

Again I used my skill, to tear down the wall on my right side….I plunged my metallic friend down a few stores, he was still twitching like a wounded metal abomination he was falling into oblivion, into the abyss…it was a long fall…

Fallingly, to my amazement and my amusement, this metal idiot was still trying to read my rights…I mean..now I have seen all.

I was standing on the 13th floor, the wind was gently stroking my long hair, and there was this feeling again, I felt like a true Son of the Man…

Testosterone was slowly filling my head and my strong heart was pumping and brimming with radiance in the almost synchronistic rhythm. I had a kinda wicked smile on my face….

OK, that was fun…I said

To ensure there will be no more unwanted followers I teleported onto the next, nearest building…and then to another and another…I jumped maybe 20 buildings.

Enough…stop running…this is far enough…I am safe…

I could take on them these metal animals, walking talking programs, but I could danger humans in the process..second thing as they say the night is still young, in this case, the day, and…we won’t unnecessary attention on my ass, at least till I find out more about this place and who is who…what I am after.

I started to think sitting high above the ground… maybe I was wrong, maybe all this was not the evil doings of my brothers but the doing of one Old twisted old deity. Deity filled with immeasurable amounts of hate and corrupted beyond anyone’s comprehension.

There was this old Electrical dark “god”

“Eater of the Worlds”

I could not feel anyone I send the search pulse, radar-like signal…maybe I could find one of us close by….Search pulse was limited to 20 miles radius and could be not tracked by humans or robots.

At least I hoped that was the case…somebody or someone was creating almost a steampunk world…

On one side you can see flying zeppelins in the air on the other we had AI, nanotechnology, robots, self-replicating machines…All looked like some twisted neurotic invasive experiment, there was no rule book and all was allowed to” thrive” without any control or supervision.

These people down there should be emerged from the 20th century, from the first glances of the Industrial Revolution, but now they are having flying machines that can reach Mach 6.5, and automated hospitals….all feels like a sick joke.

Who is the master magician, who is the devious brain of this ungodly operation?

I must give to the people down there they all had good manners, that weird-looking gentleman stopped and ask me if I needed help, I was not left to the mercy of cruel fate.

Second, can I somehow, change this body, shapeshift, and morph into a more menacing-looking avatar, I mean teenage kid, doesn’t spell danger…

Alone with my thoughts, I got a positive hit, my search pulse detected someone, right 15.5 miles North East direction from my position….hmmm

For some reason signal was very weak almost undetectable..like someone or somebody is trying to hide his true essence.

I said to myself…this could be good or horribly bad, but like many heroes before me in any story, I really had no choice but to find out and investigate this strange but darring anomaly.

I teleported to the nearest zeppelin that was cruising in the desired direction…

It was strange, 19th-century visuals were blended with wonders of modern technology…

automated barmen are delivering delicious hot stimming meals and poring red crystal vine or cold beer.

Above them and in front of them are giant Oled screens, all people were dressed well and they had a blast on board these flying machines. It was again too surreal experience, to take it all in.

I just stood there in disbelief, scratching my head…

Where the hell am I?

Some parts of the city were looking like they are from the past but were filled with all whistles and bells that wonders of technological progress are bringing with them self. Other parts of the city were beyond any futurism I have ever seen…and I am old really old being, I have seen a lot….Nothing should surprise me…

It was like some kid got the God powers and he was just throwing tantrums on one or another part of the city, making them look different on purpose. Parts of the city didn’t look alike, but they all got this guiding idea: all were filled with the same insane levels of technology.

Even I was stunned, by all this madness, that was unveiled in front of my hyperborean eyes.

I mean what is next a living breathing Cromagnon will club some innocent girl and take her in his love nest, to make sweet love to her?!? LOL

Hey, Metalhead! I shouted… pointing at one of the serving robots.

I need Mea…..Beer, a cold one…

I really needed something to drink… self-playing piano was playing “All Over the Watchtower” and the cheering crowd has having fun, beers, and vine had been spilled, and fine-tuned melodies were piercing the inner of Zeppelin reaching the emerging well-deserved sunset…

The day was becoming the night and I…

I decided to let down my guard and just enjoy the ride/flight….

Verse 1]
“There must be some way out of here”
Said the joker to the thief

“There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief

Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth

None of them along the line
Know what any of it is worth”

[Verse 2]
“No reason to get excited”
The thief, he kindly spoke

“There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke

But you and I, we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late”

[Verse 3]
All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too

Outside, in the distance
A wildcat did growl

Two riders were approaching
The wind began to howl


  1. And a well told story speaks a thousand words more than anything the MSM puts out there, and sticks in the memory better because you relate to the characters and the tale being told…
    Plus you are not bound to any convention other than your own imagination and view of this reality. Two things they can never take from you (no matter how hard they try).

  2. Why HP I think you’ve found your (a) calling with such vibrant literature…
    I am really loving these stories, that are in truth so much more…
    Thank you my friend.

    • Thank you, maybe you are right, for me who has 1011 ideas constantly battling with each other in my head, this is maybe the best way to do things, Nothing is really hidden but is there, right in your face, without politics or unwanted “trending” MSM-promoted agenda.

  3. Very interested in that newspaper headline and what year it is from etc anyone got some information, nice find

  4. Fucking awesome. Fuck the Demiurge, his archons, and his kids, the Yids. Ragnarok, bring it on. Hyperborea here we come. 88!

  5. An interesting thing, the word ZOHAR can morph into ŽOHAR, translation…Cockroach

    Looks like Kristallnacht II is long overdue…” Mostly peaceful protests around the campfire” as babbling baffoons from Black Idiot Box would tell us…

  6. Thank you all, for reading my expose about the Zee Flow State.
    I need a better spellchecker, it looks like some letters were twisted(is /si), and thread and threat are the same for this “AI”
    I’m glad you all had fun reading, it was a fun little story to write, it really was.

    Cheers guys, maybe will be a part II, who knows…

  7. Them be some powerful dreams my friend. You tend to wake up in bruises thinking you can punch your bed posts until the afterglow of the dream wears off and you reacted too quickly before the pain could set in haha.

  8. “Why Son of the MAN”
    Read the Zohar. The tyrant god cares little for his creation and even less for his chosen people. He spends his days preparing for his final battle against the Son of Man. That day has come and everything you see before you is the result of it. Sic semper tyrannis! “And their gods will die with them…”

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