“RFK Jr. Taken to the Zionist Woodshed”???

Vaxxed up Jews are no different from Vaxxed up Goyim, they are tools in the hands of creatures like Albert Bourla and Pfizer, Blackrock, Vanguard and the World Economic Forum (Bilderberg's, see our Bormann Faction pieces). This slimy headline which seeks to depict RFK Jr. as being subservient to a vaxxed up Jew named Shmuley (what else?) when in fact he acquitted himself splendidly is just one more example of the relentless attack of the podpeople, be they Jew, Muslim or Christian...


Recently the parasitical infestation euphemistically referred to as New York City took exception to RFK’s citing of a peer reviewed paper published in the National Librery of Medicine, among other scientific journals, because it shows Ashkenazi Jews have immunity to COVID.

Read Full Paper Here: ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity.

Now “Rabbi” Shmuley another Jew with a silver tongue and shit for brains attempted to paint RFK into a corner where 2% of Americas population, all very wealthy and benefiting from the Biden Crime Family’s stolen election, would stone him to death as an Anti-Semite. Although why it is true that Shmuley got RFK to endorse Israels right to exist, a mistake, he did not back RFK down one bit from the established medical science. Because 70% of Americans are just as vaxxed up as Shmuley and the rest to cowardly to take back their own country RFK has been put in a position where he must answer an idiot who had his own children juiced up with injectable neural networks, courtesy of Charles Lieber another vile Jew, instead of taking the appropriate action and slapping him into next week. Only RFK’s haters (the CIA) would construe this as him being “taken to the woodshed,” a term popularized by Joe Biden who has only taken his own daughter to the woodshed and maybe Hunter in a pinch.

If you are reading the alternative media outside of here, you are the problem not the Jews who are just as vaxxed up as you. Long ago in Z Plan we produced the study proving that vaxxed up automatons like Shmuley supported the war in the Ukraine no matter what the damages done to the economies of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and for that matter Israel itself:

This is not something that is just going to go away. What will go away is the aforementioned country’s along with, regrettably, the 30% who were smart enough not to get themselves injected with the Happy Juice. There are only two kinds of people in the West, the injected and the uninjected. Religion, skin color and nationality no longer have anything to do with it. The CIA who are responsible for the vaxxine, will do anything, anything they can to slow RFK’s momentum because they know if he gets into office, they will pay for sixty years of treason culminated with the Happy Juice and beginning with the murder of RFK’s uncle and father. It’s bad enough the drooling homosexuals at Langley have two hundred million animated mannequins to work with but if you fall for their lies so shall fall any future the West may have had…


  1. Particular timing, now!? they noticed this research? Took their damn time.
    Always wondered why they didn’t pull it. Now we know.

  2. Really excellent write up Jack. I agree, RFKjr has to play the game. Schlomo controls the game with 70% juiced with the mind control vaxx. However, scientific studies showing that jews are immune from the bioweapon? The fact that RFKjr got this into the talking points is a victory, be it a small one.
    Sure pyked up my interest.
    Who else we got?
    We shall see and perhaps good players in the Fed establishment will back RFKjr.
    I know for a fact our agencies are in undeclaired civil war. We shall see.
    This is good news Jack.

  3. I watched approximately 10 min of this video, what is all the fuss about …WE ARE NOT THE target AUDIENCE…normal Americans are..that is an irrefutable fact…I read comments on YT, and 75 percent are mostly positive…tribe will do what the tribe does, what is new here…nothing.

    Sadly, because Americans did nothing with all their guns and rights(made up or not, they are there and can be executed if bravery could be found), this guy is your voice now and the only chance to actually stop the madness that has been going around the world for now over 75 + years…

    in a few days, this will be probably old news. Another candidate Trumpistador is no better, he absolutely loves the tribe…so can they paint him as an antisemite, hardly…whatever that word even means, it is made up word like racism.
    And this guy of all places he can be he is right now in my country..wtff..LOL
    The clown world strikes again…

    I don’t see the video above as something really important or as definitive proof of something, what will be important is what Kennedy will do in the oval office if you even get the chance to vote in 2024.

    There is a lot of chatter lately coming from high above that the 2024 election in America could not come to fruition.
    from time to time, you will hear this even on YT videos from former” generals”…..so this is definitely an possible option…
    dominion machines, machines in these days and age can be rigged from both sides…so may the better man win in this case.

    truth is every day Kennedy is talking about injections, Fauci, and Phizer it is a win in my book.

    Cheers guys

  4. For a people supposedly immune to COVID as were the children, once the experimental gene editing poison was administered,the 4,,×2 s and the children are falling like bowling balls and are getting sick at a incredible rate as are all the white majority countries , even the ink used on medication is showing to be magnetic, hospitals are at bursting point everywhere, funeral undertakers are quitting in disgust at the deaths they are witnessing and this is only 2.6 years since the DARPA weapon was rolled out , the prediction of autism going from 1 in 36 to 1 in 2 soon, as have the figures for cancer and dementia, enjoy the bread and circus while it lasts lads and lassies, because something Wicked this way comes?

    • George, In my circles, high performance cycling, no one I know of who is vaxxed has died but some have got sick but have recovered. However, as Jack proved in this article these vaxxed are lock step with the talking points, like the Ukraine war for example.
      I know hundreds of riders and only know of 3 who are unvaxxed. Mater of fact the vaxxed are faster on the bike. My theory? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. However, all of them are brain dead automatons that will do and believe as their told.

  5. I would like to begin with a disclaimer: I fully expect the following comment to land me in hot water once again. However, this is my true and genuine point of view, thus it is not written with any intent to warrant or cultivate any specific reaction.
    RFKjr mention of AshkeNAZI immunity is neither a problem, or a mistake. It is a rational approach to a direction that RFKjr. has taken, to follow evidence and reveal truth. It’s actually quite courageous to take this step in a country literally disintegrating due to its own bizarre death grip upon fictions and falsehoods that it would rather murder to protect than to change.
    If anyone is going to cry for a certain over privileged “ethnic” population with a strong history of working tirelessly against the interests of the populace, then they are rooted firmly in a world that is already dead in the water and sinking.
    I am watching the RFKjr campaign with great interest, because in a number of really unique areas, he is walking a road poorly seen, one only vaguely emerging from the dust of the great collapse.

  6. This was not good for RFK. To quote a comment from YT comments section “It looked like a scripted hostage video”. RFK has stated in a number of interviews that Sirhan Sirhan did not kill his father. It was a CIA assassin who shot RFK Sr. in the back at close range. When the “Rabibi” handler pointed to Sirhan Sirhan as a Palestinian who shot his father, RFK said nothing. Zippo. He let it roll along. Robert Jr. looked weak. I’m being honest. There was no reason for him to do this interview. He could have come out with his own video explaining his position without being “framed” (a term used by the “Rabbi” during the “interview”) and feeding the Zio propaganda machine. In my opinion, the only reason he did this video is because there is compromising (embarrassing) material that he was told would be released unless he got on his knees.

    • That’s a whole lot of assumptions Michael, particularly the part about the compromising material. Starting with Jane Ruby I’ve watched an assortment of internet shills and internet psy-ops relentlessly attack RFK in the hope of getting the ignoramuses on Bitchute to turn on him, as if they got a choice. I’ve even had to ban them from my own Substack page. Tell me what is it you really don’t like about RFK? Is it that he will disentangle the West from the war in the Ukraine? That he will put an end to mandatory vaccinations and get to the bottom of the DoD and the CIA’s attempt to inject the entire West with an unknown substance that quite obviously turns them into soulless automatons? That he will bring justice for the crimes committed in the sixties by those very same federal agencies that embarked the West on the road to ruin? This is nothing but a desperate ploy by the Langley faggots to slow RFK’s momentum after FOX gave him a minute or two of airtime last week, just like getting Carlson fired on Monday when he had RFK on for five minutes on Friday. And the fact that he answered Shmuley instead of challenging him to duel, like the real men of yore would have done, is nothing but a sign of the times where we have no more real men, present company of course excluded. I’m in New York City and the Jews, vaxxed up as they are and unamerican as they have always been, are already howling that RFK is an Anti-Semite. Your suggestion that he do his own video only would have exacerbated things. He answered Shmuley in the accepted conventional method and exposed him as an overopinionated vaxxed up fool that had his own children sacrificed at the altar of Pfizer, “and would do it again,” not to mention that he “thinks” the Wests debacle in the Ukraine is a good idea. I fail completely to see how this was not a good look for RFK. That’s the narrative their pushing at Langley…

      • George, you know how the Tribe operates. They know no boundaries. Mark my words, this “interview” regardless of how vile Shmuley is will hurt RFK far more than it will help him. Perception is reality and the perception is he kowtowed to the Zios. We cannot assume after watching this that he’s going to be able to do anything (if elected) that doesn’t align with the Israeli first agenda. I hope I’m wrong. We shall see.

        • Usually, we are in agreement Michael but here I strongly disagree with you. This is an election and things have to be done in certain ways, RFK followed the correct protocol. Yes Shmuley, and every other Jew who believes a scientifically reviewed paper should be censored because it offends them, need to have their guts stomped out but all I see Americans doing is posturing on Bitchut, most not even using their real names. Punks that want Kennedy to fight their battles for them are not exactly a presidential frontrunners target audience. Kennedy has real battles to fight, if certain Americans don’t like the fact that Schlomo has commandeered their courts, schools, politics, media and medical systems then let them behave like men and quit trying to hide behind a political figure. I have no respect for White Nationalists and as far as I’m concerned, they are just as soft as the woke and have no place in this fight. Which I personally began in May of 2020…

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