Not exactly a love poem, but what this really is, You Be the Judge

In the distance, life is filled with a strange substance

Known to all, heading home, hitting the unreachable dome

with unspeakable force, of course

Walls are broken, stars are swollen

the night is taken away even for those who forget how to pray

midnight owl is on the prowl

Gods battling in between,

trapped humans in this grinding terrible howling machine

Sin born out of the immortal will of deluded twins

calling all heroes of the night, who don’t want to say goodbye

heroes who are not without life juices and abysmally dry

Eart is one step away, from one desperate and lousy cry

Somebody has to cut the invisible cord, to testify

Or good and bad, young and old will fry

Humanity will unnecessarily die,

for what, for whom all this inverted doom and gloom?

Something is on the move, something has to give

All world is lost and tainted in cursed medicine

who is gonna save you, from your neighbor

who will betray you

Who will save you when all that lives is against you

Who will save you now, somehow?

from all those that are hidden in the night

broken paradise is desperately trying to arise

looking for a change, all is strange

maybe even sad, utterly bad

arent you not glad?

who is gonna save you,

when all that walks is gonna try to betray you

are you even alive or just another talking suicide

naked bride, looking for hot advice

no matter the price

Will you stay by me even all is free

even if all comes in threes

Who is gonna save you

when all gonna try to betray you

slay you, drag you down,

before the midnight sun is out

night and day ignited, nothing is decided

Freakshow on the front door, looking for more

We don’t buy the lies, we don’t sell nasty surprise

are you looking for new shiny advice

name the price, maybe will suffice

All is broken, nothing is the same

all part of the sickening game

Who is gonna save you

when life will try to betray you

Where are we, is not that easy to see

everybody is looking for more, just to score

big or small, doesn’t matter at all

Picture not spinning world

picture walls that don’t cry

picture lands that will defy

Memories in my head, hurting bad

all is coming back

I am taking a flack

desperation basked in silly devotion

all is Devils despicable lotion

broken, shallow screams without kids’ happy dreams

Drowning world awaiting true Nord.,

all feel mesmerizing incoming cold

Who is gonna save you

when all that you love will betray you

Who will be by your side

who will not hide

who is the man without pride

Who is gonna save you?

tell me, tell me now, somehow

night in the distance life taken without the assistance

demons inside, torturing chosen bride

Why don’t you hide, why chose any side?

Why go so far, even in a black broken car

Hosting events, without uncompromised friends

where the river ends, where the world bends

We are the river, we are the truth

South of the border, lies our promised food

we would run if we just could

Praying mirror, naked hearts

looking for lost bards

nothing is lost in folded cards

life is a bridge, water is unstoppable sige

Glorius prize, naked sucker without the promised advice

Who is gonna save you now

are you lost somehow

In every corner, sleeps a new disorder

reaching his dirty hands, over to the border

devils soldier, the evil throwaway beholder

The song is long, can all that is written here be wrong?

do you hear the sacred song?

Another night is gone, and the day will be again born

tears are gone, we are done

No more lies that are dancing in disguise

no more hollow phrases, without a runaway base

A life filled with desperation and haze

all is going ablaze

Do you still care, can’t you hear

the sweet sound that is going around

Think don’t sink, wink

dressed faces on the wall, nothing or all

you want more, that you deserve

You think of life, you wish to preserve

what a nerve, hidden deep in the federal reserve

looking inside out, nothing is bound

nothing is sad, angels and demons this night

sleeping in the same uncomfortable bed

You are wishing for death

Something has to be done, pick up the phone

There is something going on, the deeds of evil

are gone without Evel Knievel

The sky is blue, it must be true

All devils are in hell, can’t you tell?

Who is gonna save you

when all that you love will betray you

Who will be by your side

who will not hide

who is the man without pride

Who is gonna save you?

Do you know somehow, please tell me now

before this song is done before my soul is gone

What was behind it, are we the last of our kind

Castaway Lovers making double crossovers

chasing derelict dreams and anomalous, emerging powers

swinging and fighting, searching for the lighting

The day is dancing with the night, all is on our side

we don’t need fucking, useless pride

we who know, we don’t bow

terrible insanity in our close proximity

delusional clash with bowels of infinity

allusion without feelings, now death in thousand pieces, deceiving

It is your decision, start the car and hit the ignition

There are no plans, there is no secret advance

this silly trance is a wicked romance

born in heaven, slay the dragon

fell the empty, sad wagon

with flesh and bones, smoldered attire

kill invoked, unnatural desire

Nothing is for hire all I see is death bated in fire

come home when you are done

Even William Tell can’t sell this arow very well

he says: all has gone to hell

even without the reawakened sound of the bell

Born in the fire, fire walks with me

Dream is there cant you see?

Red sky in the distance begging for your passionate assistance

The mad hatter is finally dead, he killed the white twins

the world was born, and nobody wins

Sins of the Fathers, representing death that gathers

Who is gonna save you

when all that you love will betray you

Who will be by your side

who will not hide

who is the man without pride

Who is gonna save you, now?


constant voices in my head, devils, unwashed bread

Morning is very corning, the day is a wishful try

my naked and only alibi

dont say a word,don’t hit a wrong accord

look at the state of the world

Can you see now, can you feel somehow?

The day is a long-lost prey, nobody is saying hey anymore

all rotten to the core, no more

Lost twisted sword, looking for the ultimate unicorn

who is born, who will die?

Adieu,Auf Wiedersehen, and goodbye?

when all is gone, has Ragnarok come

For you and me or some, his will must be done?

Everything is wonderful, everything is fine

just sit here and dine, drink that polluted vine

don’t think, don’t even send a wink

ship of fools will sink

Me by your side, nobody can hide

my beautiful bride, we together are the tide

I have finally come, in me wolf finds his home

No more sleepless nights, no more devastating cries

no more silly goodbyes

This here is my vice, wood splintered twice

hunter without a face, broken mirrors clashing in his face

Secret race, secret war, all in this stricken hour

ready to devour, ready to bee

let the Evil flee

Hounds of Justice need more practice

In the distance, in the side mirror world is burning

is this invokable news very concerning?

The road that leads to hell must be well

aroused and fast all will be there at last

all morbid, wretched, devoted cast

stripped from life very fast

Can you feel the atomic blast?

Ship of Fools is sailing there,

for once in my life I really don’t care

Who is gonna save you

when all gonna try to betray you

slay you, play you

is love just a feeling, or a miraculous wonder?

beautiful, innocent young disorder

beast born without raging orders

sleepless street performer

Love conquers all, my love devils will fall

once more, I will adore, I will look for more

guilty or not, doors of light

expect the merciless fight

respect, detect don’t infect

until the bitter end defend

Your eyes are incurable blue, my love is the free wind that is true

even in total darkness, I can’t be heartless

Sulfur is in the air, nothing in life is fair

Nothing comes easy, in this cursed world

I found the well-hidden door

Should we stay or should we go, do another encore

The world keeps turning, without us he won’t be silent

maybe he will stop being violent

maybe he will find the mirror and see his butchered face

find his disgrace

storm and thunder, the new world will be born as eight Wunder

nothing ever last, memory and thought cant be fought

Who can say we didn’t try, who can say we didn’t fight

try to set things right

We are midnight hunters, unavoidable twilight encounters

we are the night, all roads lead to us

we are those that create all this magnificent fuss

all is forgiven, it was just a game, insane but profane

Who is gonna save you now

when all that you love will betray you

Who will be by your side

who will not hide

who is the man without pride

Who is gonna save you?

When whole world

will betray you

I don’t play silly games made out of clay

I found another way

This is not me, I am done

I’m gone


I wrote this poem, or whatever this last night, and slept 3 hours, so if are any mistakes present(probably are), I will look and do the update later tomorrow.

I can write this in one hour but to find presentable pictures these days is slowly becoming a real pain in the ass.


  1. Sleeping three hours, driving long distances seems to be de rigeur. Cross reading Yeats, thank you HP.

    My Soul. Such fullness in that quarter overflows
    And falls into the basin of the mind
    That man is stricken deaf and dumb and blind,
    For intellect no longer knows
    Is from the Ought, or Knower from the Known—
    That is to say, ascends to Heaven;
    Only the dead can be forgiven;
    But when I think of that my tongue’s a stone.

  2. Jack, I see the migration from substack is looking good. What we need are our own graphic artists, musicians and poets like our HP and your cousin Jack.

    My Jewish unvaxxed pal is mad at me because I called his beloved film “sound of freedom” a psyop. People can believe as they please and give their money to Hollywood the originators of filth and psyops. Yet my pal can’t grasp your work on where covid came from and movies like “sound of freedom” are distractions from real issues like getting RFKjr into the Whitehouse.

    It’s a crazy world as I avoid it like the plague that it has now become. America doesn’t deserve RFKjr it deserves destruction and chaos and I hope authors like on the covid blog and Ed Dowd are correct and along with Deagle that America will go from 300 million to 100 million. The and only then if we survive can the place be salvaged. Look how both parties support that Ukrainian slaughterhouse? They deserve what’s comming.

    • Now, my pal refuses to register to vote even for RFKjr yet he will go to the theater and put his money down to see “sounds of freedom” where if RFKjr gets in his office can direct the department of Homeland security through executive order to clean the place up. All federal agency law enforcement and intelligence reports to the director of homeland security. You can not imagine such power if unleashed Jack! A chain of command was put in by Bush 2 after 9/11 to control the national narritive.
      That’s why they don’t want Kennedy in there and that is for both political parties since they are all parrisites dining upon the host feeding the various grifts.

      • Speaking of pedophiles in high office, could you imagine an executive order from RFKjr unblocking the prosecution log jams at the highest levels of the Federal Government? They are in terror. Look at his record going after wrong doers! They know that the office of the president now has almost unlimited power. Look how Biden is prosecuting a proxy war against Russia? RFKjr will have unlimited power to direct prosecutions and remove logjam inthe system as they he can and will do so and now they try to put the kiss of death upon him! He’s an anti Semitic! Well, Schlomo has played his hand let’s see how this plays out.

        • Organized Schlomo is amazing to watch as they turn on RFKjr. Talk to any intelligent Jew and they will agree that Netanyahu is bad for Isreal turning the place into a rabid theocracy run by the most despicable actors yet Netanyahu sides with such folks for power in that parliamentary system of government. Without those rabid religious jews Netanyahu would be done and the rest of the country be dammed.
          This is a talking point for RFKjr reaching out to the Jewish vote. We preach democracy they want theocracy and that is not an American value. Do American Jews really want Israel to become a theocracy? Seriously this is a threat to America’s national security if anything is.

      • Oh I can imagine nine, that’s why I recommended RFK in 2020 to bring that power to bear upon the heads of these sissified homos. Wagner could have taken Moscow with thirty thousand men! Give me John, Phil, the Murphy brothers and a couple of more from back in the day and I will take Langley and leave not one fucking insect alive on the grounds…

        • Well then, we got their attention perhaps we let RFKjr play the election game.

          I will go to the movies, make peace with my jooish pal since he thinks a movie paid for by the usual suspects will make a difference.

          So, ground up. Can we get organized Schlomo to vote for RFKjr? I believe that we can.

          Said this that love covers sin, in America we have the Evangelicals grafted into the tribe. Without the Evangelical community schlomo is done.
          Please tell me that this is not a fact?

        • Again not to be unpopular as I just am so, I have not seen this in my local community, that the many who have taken said vaxx are dying in droves. The vaxx is part of the plan along with the Nazi TV invention to control humanity, my humble observation? None of their plans are working, so I am thinking of throwing a massive party on my property.
          Jack, how much you charge to run security? I will need a competent man to run the show, what do I know? However, you gotta admit it would be fun.

  3. I had four hours sleep HP after driving sixteen hours, we are both very tired. The only way to avoid betrayal these days is to realize those who have swaddled themselves in this darkness have become part of it. Avoid them and never count on them. We have only each other and the future, so much more than they have…

    • “We have only each other and the future, so much more than they have…”

      My tired friend I could not agree more.


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