Black sun calling, my soul is falling One phone call away from home could it be done?

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Nothing has been changed

Black Sun calling, my soul is falling

One phone call away from home

could it be done?

many times I see there in dark skies

well hidden eternal prize

naked without the disguise

lending me a smile even just for a while

I lost my head, maybe I am dead

, maybe I just think Ahead

The black sun is calling, the

sun and moon together are falling

Everything is weird it must be seen

you cant be keen, it is a thrill

to go downhill, to fall but

to feel nothing at all

This day is not so far away

I dare to say, no I don’t pray

I am chasing the first light from this source

my new course, my hidden star

not so very far

My heart is dying art given to the smart

Black star is calling I am falling

Nobody is on the line but I am feeling fine

Black star

Black Sun

White sun

White Moon

See you soon

Too long I have been gone I am ready to see my son

Too long I am here, I don’t want to interfere

I persevere, because I must

One word: trust

I go here and there because I care

This time I will be gone, my destination

sweet correlation, suspended in animation

Black Sun, Black Sun…

Life without the loaded gun

What fun, just me and Black sun

Holly Vortex breaking old, miserable Cortés

I say goodbye to Mayan clocks

open the locks and no more uncomfortable Box

in me, a living, preying Fox,

Riding high whispering goodbye for the last time

with or without the chosen bride

In but outside, flying high

chasing the hidden light in the sky

Black Sun is calling, Hey darling

All is here

All is there

for those that care

for those that carry the cross

In you, sleeps well-hidden Boss

New Son, for a new man

just because he can

On new wings, I fly in the heart of the New sun

This feeling can’t be undone

I fly even faster, here I come

Even if I die, don’t cry

dont say goodbye

In this moment there is a total absence of torment

my Soul travels like a sacred unstoppable comet

I will wait on the other side for you just to know you will be fine

Me, always by your side

Don’t shed one tear because I will be always near

don’t live in fear, don’t fall apart

I will send you a love dart

just to feel one silent beat of your heart

It was always just you and me

it was meant to be

From Black Star, this letter tells you I am not far

I am now a smiling star, wishing you all the best

remember the rest

remember the life

remember me by your side

don’t hide, don’t fall

I will tell you all

I am on the other side waiting for you my beautiful bride

Black Sun is Calling, she is on the phone

Welcome home…

Two are finally one, another story awaits before this reality breaks

The Black Sun is calling…

Will you answer?

Will you take this call, even if you fall?

Too many questions

too many directions

maybe just one objection,

for achieving this perfection

To this rule, I say

greetings from Thule…

my will is a gift from Vrill

I was sent to kill this monster, this amorous lobster

this fate is my task to love and let go

to say no

to this disaster, falling on my heart

tearing all I love apart

Sending all that is bad kin to swim

to swim with deadly loin in devils groin

I was sent to see this world wept

I create this another kind of fate

absence from hate,abjugate from Satan’s plate

here in my hands is your date,

come with me and change your fate

Be the MAN a spear close to your heart

a sword that obeys his sacred word

an inseparable cord, timeless accord

a link that makes you think

To see the fruits of this labor to seek true God’s favor

Allfather are you there?

Do you see what happens here?

How, is the mighty three?

Do you see…

I am not askig for help

I am not asking for providence

I am not asking for a guiding hand

I am not asking for an easy ride

I am asking to save the souls

to do what is right, to let them out of sight

to hide them, from evil

deceive this dark evil

let the sword be the last word

a new accord must be told

The message must be sent

This world will wept

The Night will fall, the day will lose the shine

The Death is coming to nine

The tree will shake new picture will take is form

This is a message for every true Nord

Being moral is not just a phrase or delusion phase

in different shape, a new world will awake, a new seed planted that will take

Robots are going away, even if they pray

even if they hide inside the hay

Love is honor, a welcoming donor

Stranger things, make you think

without a blink,

the world is shifting, saints are gifting

to those who a appose

this ancient evil, this deadly disease

is given to Humanity to see

to make things right, to send men to the last emerging fight

To kite, to bash to slash

New meaning must be born because all this can’t be the lost cause

arousal and betrayal, sleeping with a mouth full of denial

In the darkest night

be a knight

be the force without the divorce

am I asking too much?

did I lose my touch…

where is my watch

I must open this sealed hatch

let the light in, to shine in between

Man and droids cabled up in this mortal coil

defacing the sacred soil, making her boil

Something has to fold, some brains have to be sold

other must be bold, even if it is terribly cold

even if they freeze, without the perfect breeze

Black Sun is calling, maybe all this sound appalling

doens’t sound nice, but maybe You should think twice

Don’t judge, don’t be that guy

learn the true knowledge and then press apply

it would make this soul fly

Like Icarus close to the welcoming Sky

Your eternal love inside you can die

So you keep flying

keep dying

Keep making progress, show the finger to ancient congress

Show no love to twisted minds, love your kind

Love them dearly, very clearly

like the sleeping sun loves the flower that is searching for the cover

for lost lover under the white cliffs of Dover

In all untouched places that reflect real human faces

Every race needs a new empty suitcase

fill them with love, fill them with poetry, fill them with all kinds of ART

make a new unbreakable Heart

but be smart

don’t take this task lightly, this is your new fate


world without hate

When you are done let him go and see him grow

Dont kill the nature in him, don’t create an evil twin

Don’t make the same mistake or all around you will be fake

make a new beginning without the father’s sin

look for your spiritual kin

Dont evoke, don’t make a silly clone

The new sun must shine, all must be in a sacred perfect line

in perfect shape, you don’t need the awkward smell of sour grape

You need a new shape, a new cape on your head

Try to see ahead, don’t knead foul bread,

don’t raise the death, life itself is a carrier of sacred breath

You need a new feeling without the Unlawful killing

Mercy is granted to all that, life itself enchanted

true memories implanted

All is set straight

No, you do not need a lesson about faith

You are the New Bell ringer of Notre-Dame

You do not need fame, an envelope full of misery and shame

you are born here in the new world without the blame

You are a newborn star don’t wander too far

Dont cross the bridge, just to feel the ich

It won’t make you rich, but poor without the inner decor

This is not a lesson,

but a warning to those that are bathed in the light of the new morning

This is a gift, not an aimless trip

get a grip or lose it all and again fall

You are chosen to receive Lucifer’s light,

to be a part of the new way of life

most beautiful star is giving you a ride

creating this new unstoppable tide

evil cant hide, true light will thrive

take a dive or get lost, enjoy the fire filled with frost

pay the price, pay the cost

wander in the dark, eternally lost

Hail Mary will carry all souls that can listen

all that are born without faces full of blisters

all will be forgiven, menace driven

Black Sun is calling if you are really there

hear this message answers the call

leave this Ludacris spinning ball

Pick up the phone…it is time

Come HOME.

Listen well

don’t sell

Dont hide, just

to buy more time

so you can invest in this “immaculate” crime

it is not worth a damn dime.

This here is just a one song

it doent’t plays too long

Dont swear, don’t sell your core

ROMA is falling Amor is caring

You can go home, abandon hope

be in the Know fell the flow

feel this river without the influence of the deceiver

Stand on the shore, feel the encore

You are not a deluded fish, but a bliss

waiting for a kiss

A kiss of life will be given to those

who chose, who dare to be in the light

who accept this truth and just fight

Hyperboria is calling, a message for the fallen

Are you ALL in?

Do you wish to be with your kin,

do you dream about life without sin?

Pick up the phone, say a magick word

break this cord, be born with the sound of the Viking Horn


write a new tome and come home.

You have suffered enough, this is not a bluff

the cycles will be broken

all heroes awoken,

the truth will be spoken

The rainbow will be sent so all can attend

All can see the power of mighty three

but evil will not flee

it will cease to be

No more duality, no more causality

The judgment will be sent, that evil can’t comprehend

Creators of chaos will be laid down to páthos

All can ascent that went well

All is forgiven even to the biggest sinner

even to the biggest unbeliever

You can’t be judged for things that you do not know

even if you eat crow, even if you bow

in all wrong holly places that are disgraced

God is within he can’t be seen

He is love, he is stone, he is water, he is fire

carnal desire, nuclear fire

without the Ghost Empire

that preys on the human mind, pushing him behind

trapped in a spinning wheel, without true will

he is ready to kill

to steal, not to feel any

emotion, only erosion

soules droid, taken by the void

To kill his brother, to rape his sister

can it get more sinister?

This has gone too far, they want the last war

War will be not given, be gone deceivers

I am telling you this, catching the last train

not in vain, not without pain

not for materialistic gain

Nobody has to be slain, nobody needs to die in vain

Hear your voice, you all have a choice

choose your path, leave this magick cat

leave the old world, like a true Nord

use your word, raise your sword

Go North

Find the most beautiful star it is really not that far

Destiny awaits, for all that is a saint

Don’t wait

be there, where two river meets where fate greets

Mark the spot and find the hidden dot

all is not lost, it is just a thought

This voyage cant be bought

It must be deserved a trade for a life well served

Black Sun is calling

A white star is falling

Souls are howling

Dogs or Gods

born against all odds

trust me you are not lost

you are not alone pick up the damn phone

and get safely Home.

Write on your wall, I was here but I heard the call

I love you all, but I must leave

make a better world

make a better life

and you will thrive

fell the power of life on your lips on your hips

in your blood, in every bone, fill the magickal tone,

fell it in your hair

be fair,

be just, don’t indulge in meaningless lust

it is a new beginning for me and you

I will be that star that smiles and shines

don’t lose your ways and sometimes look up and say Hey!

I will smile back, and show you the right track

when the time comes I will take you back

Send me a smile and maybe I will stay for a while

send me pure love and the moon will become a shiny cove

a new white dove

I will answer to prayer, I am not the betrayer

I am a silent watcher, high in the sky I hear every mothers lullaby

every child’s cry, even the voices of those that must die

I will grant you a safe passage to another world

Where new you will be born

Under the white light, you will be given the true sight

but make it right, love adore, love the living, stay away from deceiving

stay away from, lies, stay away from these ungodly spies

do not be weak and you will get what you seek

immortal life is there but do you really care?

Black Sun is in me, power multiplied by the three

I will lead you there, don’t interfere

don’t look for shortcuts, and don’t drown yourself in lust

I will be there, to take you from here

the phone will ring, it will be a miraculous thing

will you sing, or take the “bling”

will you answer this one call even when you fall

I will be waiting, creating, and making new stairways to heaven

close your eyes count to seven,

then go and visit your new life in true heaven

This is the last message, the year is unknown, the time and registry are invalid, the data is corrupted, and all systems have malfunctioned….

The ship is uncontrollably falling, I am sending this message to dark space, into the dark void…In hope, somebody will pick up the phone, answer the call…

This is a message of love, a message of hope, and I am fine with my destiny, no matter what happens, no matter which road this life, this body will take.

I lived my life with full lungs, I saw things nobody has seen for millennia, I have been around…

Now all is coming back, memories are more vivid, more real than ever…

The wheel of life is playing in front of my eyes, all I got left is just a smile…

The oxygen level is low, the critical condition is imminent…..find another ship or escape pod, this is not a drill….sirens are drilling my mind with ferocious blunt sounds, and red lights are dancing all around me, screaming like an animal in agony…

is this it…

is this how all ends…

if it is all good, all is fine…I got no remorse, maybe just one…

Maybe I could have been a better father, a better husband….maybe I should be more at home, not chasing xenomorphs in this vast space…maybe.

Does it even matter now, when my last breath soon will be taken and Allfather will open the door or cast me into Valheim…a place where you can change your fate if you kill a monster or two, and I mean big giant ugly MF…filled with Draugr, walking death…Draugr is the reanimated corpse of the deceased inside the burial mound..nasty, nasty unpleasant beings…They say: “Dead should stay dead”…

Trust me when you meet one of those lovely creatures you will truly understand the depths of this ancient saying.

How do I know this? We were all trained in the case of unjust full death to engage these beings, you can say in Hologram halls aboard this board.

we see things differently here, worlds are not just materialistic Oazis but windows, doors to another dimension, filled with all kinds of “wildlife”.Some good, some bad..and some, let’s say you never want to meet them, not in life or death.

My ship, the vessel that is falling right now, the Great HeimDall, pride and joy of our fleet.

But there are no unsinkable ships. There are no unvoidable dreams….Everything has to die or sink at some moment in time…there are no exemptions, none.

So what do you do if you are mortally wounded, the ship is going down, and all seems lost….embrace fate close your eyes or somehow live to fight another day…

Choices, choices….life is filled with them…good or bad ones…they are there, for smart and for stupid.

I was almost ready to give in, to challenge the Allfather, but..yes there is always some but trying to reanimate your body….for some reason, they can let you go…

Is he alive?

hey, You warrior! can you hear me?

he doesn’t respond….hey you big guy! You are not dying on my watch…I think that you and me are all that is left from the great navigators of mighty Heimdall….Wake up, administering another dose….

Wake up!

Somehow My hearts start pumping blood through my veins, a dim, unclear light comes to my eyes, annoying alarm and red flashing lights still are piercing through my skull…

You…YOU…You should leave me dead, I was near, I could see the sacred Halls..and then this….

For God’s sake!!! Kill these alarms and warnings, maybe, just maybe we can reach escape pods, in the hope we can find a working one that is not engulfed in fire….

Where are we?

Estimate, guess, I don’t care…

Earth sir, the place is called Earth….

Earth, huh…Earth….you should really leave me to die, to cross over….to meet my old friends, drink mead, to feel these old legs with youthful strength…

Earth is Hell, it has been quarantined by the power of the High Council for almost 3000 years…

There is Evil that can’t be named, sleepless malice that creates duplicates of living beings, preying on all that is living….It hates life, with an unimaginable hate…

O.k I have been spared, I must save this young girl, she saved me…the debt is on me as a warrior I must honor my words…but I must tell you she could have picked a better resting resort…

Earth, may Gods help us…

My ears are bleeding and sounds that are echoing through the hull of the ship are being muffled, I don’t know how we will get to the pods, but one saving grace is: our armor can take serious damage and still be functional and operational at the same time…

So nothing is lost, let’s save this young girl and repay the debt…

We successfully passed the dining halls, reaching the warrior’s quarters….

The room was filled with a salvo of sparks and violent electric discharges, happening almost simultaneously in every corner of the room…I just hope our armor is not seriously damaged in that case these obstacles will be just a minor annoyance….you never know one discharge can set a chain reaction and we both will be fried fish in a nanosecond.

Let’s hope Allfather will give me the privilege to save this girl and then I can peace.

I and my new protege are slowly moving true this cornucopia of violent flames and electrical bursts, blinding us periodically without any kind of warning …

Keep going..we are halfway there, don’t stop, whatever you doing, don’t stop here.

If we stop moving we are dead.

And then, then it happed….explosion, violent explosion, without thinking I grabbed my savior and pulled her close to my chest…

She screamed in fear, shortly looking me in my eyes…asking are we gonna die?

No, my girl, we ain’t gonna die today…if we are why save me?

I give her a nod, explosion did us a favor… explosion opened the hangar bay doors, giving us a real chance to escape certain clutches of death that awaits on this now cursed ship.

there were many pods, but none was usable….

I quietly said to my savior..maybe this is the end of the road, but you know my girl, nothing and nobody ever dies…we just change aggregate state, if you know what I mean.

It is not a one-way trip…I smiled at her like she was my flesh and blood daughter.

It will be fine, trust me.

She looked at me with approval, her blue eyes filled with tears …I know…

I know you, know, my dear girl I wish you experienced this life a bit longer…

And then when these two souls lost all hope and embraced the certain death, a beam of light engulfed our bodies..bluish transparent light, I said Earth defense measures!!!.

They scan space for possible defections or unwanted intruders, Heimdall must have fallen so far from the designed course that defense measures were triggered.

Before any of us could say one word we were transported to relative safety, to the place called Earth. Close to us after we arrived was now an abandoned lifeless terminal, without an operator, left deserted but still functioning, and obviously operational.

Mechanical voice: Transfer completed, two humanoid lifeforms, male and female

Scanning for illnesses, parasites…injuries

Male age: 156 concussion, imminent left lung collapse…small leg injuries…medical treatment needed….

Female: 45 lacerations on the face, arms, and legs..not a medical priority….

mechanical voice: stand on the platform and don’t move….this medical procedure will take a few minutes….operate, and all personnel moves from the platform…

the mechanical voice continues after a few minutes have passed: Lung corrections..done…

concussion in left brain hemisphere….done


Starting de-aging procedure….procedure success, all organs functional, approximate age reversal: the subject is now 48 years old

mechanical voice: Female 45 please stop onto the platform, laceration must be treated, high possibility of infection or contamination….

Laceration,sealed….de-aging…not needed….

Mechanical Voice: shutting down, thank you for using our services….please stand down from the medical emergency platform…

The place that should be abandoned by every logical assumption, was clean and filled from bottom to top with white tiles, every few seconds light in the white, sterile rooms would flicker, giving us a hint that the power that was used in this facility was coming from emergency generators. The main power structure already has given up, so auxiliary power systems were in use…for how long..who knows?

Maybe for the next ten years, power will suffice, or maybe just what was left to keep this mechanical wonder going was only enough for the next few days….

We do not want to find out and test our fate.

Exit, dear girl, focus let’s find the nearest exit…from this abandoned tomb.

We don’t wanna be locked here, …I dint survive all this to die here like some young inexperienced foolish boy.

Exiting from the “safety” of this building doesn’t mean freedom, just more trouble, and more exposure to unknown forces that are preying on new arrivals.

Nobody has been here for a few thousand years, what awaits us outside we can just guess and hope that Gods are on our side…or at least they are watching this unfolding spectacle.

There, girl..on the right…Door…

Do you see it…I pointed at the small green door with my finger…There is our exit…

One part of me didn’t wanna go out, and another part of me knew we had no choice…

I was still weak from that damned machine that gave me back my youth.

I needed a pillow and a good bed badly…in this state, I was no use to anyone…

Help me, open the door, I must rest for a while, scan the parameter.. look for any sign of trouble, and don’t wander too far…right now I can’t protect you… I can barely keep my eyes open.

No heroism, quick swipe of the place and then come back here…understand..this place is not safe…that was the understatement of the century, but I didn’t want to scare my new protege, somebody has to do this dirty job and I was in no condition to do this job…this task was now on her.

She gave me a silent nod, and then quietly opened the green door, leaving my sleepless ass behind…

Gods protect her, these were my last words before I passed out, holding with my right leg door open, just in case…

I don’t know how long I was out, but, when I woke up the sun was still high in the sky, slowly but steadily moving toward the east…

Suddenly I remembered…The Girl!

In one instant I was already on my feet, ready to rip heads off if need to be, but this sweet girl was sitting on my left side, laughing her ass off…

Hello sleepy, I mean sir…all is clear, no signs of trouble in our vicinity…she gave me a wink with her right eye …

I said almost in disbelief, mixed with an ounce of embarrassment.

Good, no trouble on the horizon…

You know for the old man you are an extremely good-looking guy, pardon Sir.

She said it with that irresistible smile on her face, and this old ass was dumbfounded.

I guess I am, now…I wanted immortality but I guess that is the second-best prize, youth.

I have seen many women across the galaxy but this girl, this young woman was one of the most beautiful things I ever had the privilege to lay my eyes on…I guess my new younger version of me was starting to kick in, blinding my mind and reason for a moment.

You are not bad either….I said it without any thinking…

She smiled back, blushingly at the same time.

I forgot we never have been introduced properly…Your name is?

Arya…Arya Steddart…and Your name Sir is?

Loki Longsword…if my memory serves me well…

It is good to meet you, Arya…Arya like a song….it suits you very well.

Likewise Loki Longsword, pleasure…I just hope we met under better circumstances…

Yeah, I guess there a far better places to meet young beautiful girls than this one…haha

You are funny I got the feeling we will get along just fine…I like funny girls and you got something under your roof..brains.

She was affected by the last sentence I could see on her face..whenever you say to a woman that she has brains and she is actually smart, you will score major points in the courting game…converted in human age she would be around 25 years old, a real

Asgardian woman, for me still a girl that saved me on the board of Mighty Heimdall, but that might change, guess who was also brimming with youthful energy….wink, wink…

yeah, that was one of the “side effects” of being a young male again…

OK, enough of exchanging pleasantries and shameless flirting..time to move…

In a split second I was again in military/warrior mode, I guess old habits don’t die no matter your age…In my case I was young and powerful again, I could fill the flow of energy in my muscles and bones that only a young man could was almost intoxicating, a sudden burst of testosterone filled with dopamine creating a masculine explosion in me….I was like a loaded gun, ready to be set loose on unsuspecting prey…

Trust me I was really good at my job, yeah shapeshifters will be a nuisance, to put it mildly, but deep inside me, I was thrilled by the possibility of becoming the hunter or even hunted.

My dear girl, we must find a resting place, possibly high above the ground in the trees ..that way we will avoid hungry predators and that dark oily shapeshifting thing that should be not named.

Come, let’s see together what kind of future awaits us in this wretched place…I said it in a commanding tone.

As night was settling in I could feel it, nature was coming alive…will we be the new predator on the rise or prey that is over his head and represent just another daily meal for bigger and faster creatures who own the night…

There is just one way to find out…

OK, this is the end of the line…I got the message that if I write any longer this article could not be sent as an E-mail.

This is my attempt at something, many of you could see what I am trying here to achieve…but that said if you like this article, unedited version…there are spelling mistakes, probably even wrong words…sometimes your mind works faster than the keyboard.

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