This is inspired by many things, living and death, any similarity with one person or another is a pure coincidence.

I take inspiration from real and fictional events or people.

O.k first part has a serious, menacing tone, and the second part is a funny easy-going story, One is a reflection of another, and when we combine one with another we will get a resemblance of the true human state of being and emotion.

Too many times, people forget to laugh, they are angry all the time. So, to break this paradigm here it is, something really different and I hope funny, filled with meaning and purpose.

I am the monster terrible, sensational poster

hanging on the walls, wishing for the death of them all

Monster and Grimm what a team!

These two will take the night, insulated one-way fight

Pictures of forgotten deeds in their heads

the imminent danger for clumsy feds

Dancing stars, moonlight getaway cars

looming menace in all-night working bars

Dream this dream,

this lethargic dream must have to been seen

How are you, how have you been?

Stars and marbles are on the table, making this new impossible fable

the dream state, teaching you how to eliminate

Black shadow and white steam multiplying this excruciating, pompous dream

Are you looking for a concluding fin?”end”

Are you looking for an end, music blasting from this unknown band

reaching for your hand, entrance to another land

This fable is written on the dark smokey table

without mortar and unnecessary corroded cable

Cold Mountains and Blue rivers all world vigorously delivers

because this dream must go on, no matter what

this is an indisputable fact

the truth must be shown, you can’t make just another clone

and be done

Live is more than one and zero,

binary republics and digitalized lands need a true hero

This fact must be known even to the stupid

even to the untarnished Cupid

steal his bow, let him know

The need of many, are uncanny sometimes even funny

the heavy crown is wearing you down, be proud

you are not the fraud or imposter in this fable

written with a shaking hand under the midnight table

She is there, does she care, enuff or all is a mystified, cheap bluff

stay strong and tough, future may get very rough

Take another draft, a draft of beer, she is not near

split the tear, hail to the memory blood,

just maybe you are the God

faraway lands are walking down the hidden stairs

brimming with deluded long forgotten affairs

Wait there, like a stone

is she really gone…

Phone, pick up the phone

maybe she is finally home

Now many days are gone are you still feeling like a lone stone

Is there a reason for this treason

this ruthless, vicious stab, stab in the naked back

give her slack, will she ever come back?

Now your heart is like a stone

looking for anything that feels like home

your calculated mind wishes

to stop swimming in this age of lost fishes

maybe she can be found

and you two can go for another round

Accept the lie or go sleep and die?

The world can’t handle the truth, that is not his regular food

He would turn his face just if he could

Monster and Grimm, a living sin

wrapped in the fragile, hushed-down dream

making his kin, one last shoot for the win

One last Hail Mary because only she can carry

this love from above and bellow

the heart that needs to know

something much more has to come

World has been born, that night without the egregious fight

All felt alright

but the Monster was born, and Grimm was his friend

he will endure together to the bitter end

In him is hidden love, looking for the whitest dove

the sacred grove, thunder, and lightning are smiling from above

I am the night, I more

I feel it now in my core

I can let go, I wish I could and this is the naked, raw truth

I would choose another band, but only if I can

to tell a different story, no I am not sorry

not even a little, I will play you like a fiddle

Monster and Grimm are there for a win

looking for their long-lost kin

is this a new terrible, unblemished sin

tell me, Grimm?

Or monster, who created all this unseen wonder

Soldier of light or midnight fright

gentle groove is your song

can you be wrong?

World on Fire sucked up all wistful desire

the situation is serious and maybe even dire

are we missing the Firstborn Fire?

No names no distant, perverted frames

Blackbirds hidden within the hangovered decades

howling moon, calling you names

Visit the Rivers Seine and the Thames

Say hey to your friends, drink a cold pint of beer

hailing to the distant seer

A prophet that has no mind locked

find the blue Jewels a true appropriate socket

Hey Monster, Hey Grimm what is gonna be?

Sin or Win?

Do you feel death are you naked in the head

When all love is gone will you chow on your bone?

Will you eat your broken heart,

will you listen to this old bard?

Twilight Monster, and Silent Grimm

marching together in sin

Terrible inseparable twins, who wins?

Who will be left last standing?

will you feel rubber banding?

reality is done, are the ugly sins gone

Who are we gonna call for this blood-stuffed ball?

Where will we go? when all turn into dust and dirty blow

is life a timid whore that we desperately adore,

begging time and time again for more

give us a sense, give us gore

we want to be like once before

Mountains will clash, without thundering flash

rivers will turn death, eyes will be filled with poisonous red

Who will be the next?

The holly crusader dark invader

Archangel, wishing, begging for more danger

Arcangel, eradicator or stranger, divine ranger

Destroying Angel or Guardian Angel

give and take this world is a spinning fake

Monster and Grimm two deadly marching twins

looking for a win, even if it is born in sin

All for the love of their kin

What will you leave behind, will you even try

to say a silent goodbye

Like Father and Son, something new must be born

Grimm or Monster looking for the last relevant frostner (sword)

Leviathan in the void, they say must be destroyed

How about you let him leave, let him conceive

Lady justice, hear me now, if I must I will bow

The inconvenient truth is we must kill the sacred cow

don’t ask me how..and why

This villainy monster must inevitably die

Give me the Sword of Justice

I will strike the cord with more practice

I will overwhelm with red colors the sky

The Great Evil will cry

So much death, so much sorrow

all this horror for a better and next tomorrow

For the insatiable blue sky, many will be given a black eye

Give me the sword, let me finish this like a true Nord

Grimm or Monster, one or another

These two brothers will bother,

to take care of Earth’s mother

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

the ultimate quest for bolder freedom and new divine

side by side, they wish to hide

to elaborate, their fate

hate that ate them,

love that made them

Cruel fate must be remembered when she has lied

Grimm and Monster will give an honest try

One is the Moon other is the Sun, together they are One

Let us slay the beast and the high priest

illuminated One must be gone

he killed the Rose of Life, he tortured his heavenly wife

all can’t be just forgotten,

some sins are too heavy and cut too deep,

they must go to bitter sleep

The reality, grotesque normality, the realm of ghost

is finally lost, no more host and devilish games

no more drunken deluded dames

Survivors are finally free

embraced by the love of mighty three

Allfather we have gathered,

we have beaten the shadowy Night

send us to a sacred, pure place to feel right

send us close to the bellowed Midnight Sun

send us to a place where we can finally have fun

You will let it be done

We are your long-lost Sons, we are the mighty ones

Open the doors for those that are without the presence of fear

let the near, let them finally be

and See.

We don’t bear lousy gifts, all we have are our unbroken hearts and wit

Open the last gate in our hearts there is no more Hate.

Grimm and Monster are no more, blue stones

are now dead bygones…

The heart is not broken, the hero is awoken

his heavy strong heart is finally healed

the final seal has been sealed

At last, It is time to go,

embrace the northern winds of sacred flow.


It is time,

you don’t need another rhyme.

Ministry of True Crime

Ministry of true crime, was a very strange organization, in a normal world, normal reality, all initiates of this unholy organization would be called insane or unlucky because they were chosen by a twisted hand of fate to enter into this even stranger realm of comedy and divine darkness.

Can Divine be dark you ask?

yes, sometimes she can be, but most of the time is highly neutral being separated from white or black ways of thinking that are oppressing the general human population.

The main agents of the Ministry of Crime were Grimm and Monster, two psychically separated beings but put together, our heroes were one skilled, terribly smart mind and strong unbeatable heart.

The monster looked like a monster and the Grimm was exactly what one would expect that Grimm should look like…

No mystery here…

So why waste the ink on their looks? what mattered the most was their heart. The heart was in a symbiotic relationship with the brain, this fact alone was giving these two impeccable-looking heroes a well-needed edge in any possible outcome, physical or mental.

They were perfect hunters, the question was: did they hunt for money?

maybe for food, everybody needs something to eat?

Did they do this strange job just for kicks? I mean they are Monster and Grimm, not a ballerina and sad poet…

So, did you guess? did you even make an honest try?

They did it because a terrible curse was cast on our unsuspecting heroes.

What curse you ask?

I answer: The most terrible curse of all terrible curses.

They could not die…

This doesn’t sound that bad you say…but did you try to live for 10000 years and hunt the creatures of the dark so evil that darkness doesn’t want them anymore?

Every day you wake up you clean your fangs, brush your monster teeth, oil your trusted crossbow, and again go and hunt Evil and his even eviler forces.

You do this ten thousand times, with the passage of time one day morphs into another and they all start to look the same. What happens when life itself losses the power of surprise when the great mystery and revelation of the next day are suddenly gone? When reality itself becomes blurred, a programable sequence without joy and you just replicating days that happened long ago in the past.

I mean now you are chasing some frigid vampire, or maybe a lonely werewolf who just wants to be loved.

What are the odds, that our heroes did this at least 100 times before with almost similar outcomes, very predictable many would say, the biggest sin of every story is if she becomes a predictable mistress, nobody wants to taste her sweet lips anymore…

You have seen ten thousand scripts, ten thousand different situations, and outcomes that will involve something our Brothers have seen before, what happens when nothing and nobody can surprise you anymore?

Does this sound like great fun to you?

Enough, enough of the author’s ramblings, let’s continue with this very unusable and highly unpredictable story…wink, wink.

Many of these beings are highly misunderstood and very lonely, and yes also cursed.

Our heroes on this very usual day did wake up, they both did all necessary chores and with strange easiness exited the building with the inscription

Ministry of True Crime and Unwanted Truth

yes, that was the full name of this organization, nobody wants to hear the truth, no human or monster, this was the horrible fact that was lingering around their hearts like some devious snake, ready to strike at a moment of notice and break the gathered illusion of all inhabitants of this also cursed land.

You ask why land is cursed.

it just is…


Because the author says so and sounds pretty menacing…

OK back to the story….as I was saying:

Monster and Grimm, two inseparable brothers were ready to “kill” another day or monster or two. The day has been taking his usual, interrupted route.

First, they killed a cursed, laffing rabbit with the knife, then they caught one nasty vampire who overslept the night and greeted the day literally in flames.

Next was the obnoxious little nymph with the gigantic knife, they cut her head.

It was just another normal day for our two heroes, all was going well, and they even had an early launch, on time.

That is a really rare occasion, you know these creatures really don’t care about the plight of the working man has to endure during working hours.

When you have the sweetest slice of Lembas bread in your mouth, instantaneously monsters need to chase some innocent farmer or try to bite an unlucky girl who drifted away from the main road.

These cursed creatures don’t respect your time and if you ever decide to do this job, this would be a major minus in the eyes of any new freshly educated, and well-trained hunter.

Don’t mind the long hours, pools of blood, flying cut-off rotten limbs, and overtime but the impossibility of early lunch for many New Adventurers Would Be a Real deal breaker.

The place looked like an oasis in the middle of a big bad, vicious Forest, in the center was an old washed-away giant oak log. The Log was so big that Monster could finally sit and eat like a true Monster, armed with his remarkably well-refined, exquisite table manners.

Grimm just sat on Monster’s foot. Giant Monster’s foot felt almost like a swinging furry chair. Our two brave souls embraced this unexpected gift, an Early lunch, and yes he will be finally eaten in peace and tranquility.

It was a glorious almost heavenly feeling, and these two forgot about all troubles in this unlucky world….ahhhh…

This, this is life said Grimm to the Monster…

Hmmm, hmm….answered The Monster back.

These two brothers felt something that they almost have forgot, it was a really strange feeling. They were…. happy, The strong tirelessly beating symbiotic heart was finally filled with happiness, and now these two heroes were patiently enjoying the welcoming rays of the morning Sun.

Above their heads, the White Sun was slowly marching to the West.

All was peaceful and slow, even lazy….Birds were happily chirping in the background, the forest looked innocent and displaced in this cursed place….

The malice and swallowing menace disappeared from the most the time very violent and dangerous forest.

it was so quiet, you could hear a warrior hornet’s silent wings flapping, and that, that my friend, never happens….it was odd and strange but Monster and Grimm for once didn’t care about their surroundings, these two just enjoyed a well-deserved break from unspeakable violence and cruelty that was preying on anything that moves in this place.

and then it happened…

The Door plunged into a place of green tranquility filled with gentile sounds of peace…

In one instant green oasis was full of dust and black earth….

Confused with a new visitor, that just for no reason fell from the sky, our two heroes reacted fast as the lighting….

The monster pulled out its sharp, shiny claws and Grimm cocked his longbow….

for thirty, long neverending seconds it was a status quo between the Door that has fallen from the sky and our two brothers who shared the same sad destiny and uneasy fate.


Please to meet you, both of you gentleman, I would shake your hands or paws but you know I am just a simple wooden door, flying door in this case, may I add…


Of course, I speak, I am a talking Door, model ZX 2023!

Grimm, wait Montster, this looks like another faulty curse or unhealthy spell from The silent, murmuring witch…

O,k you two brainiacs how does this witch make her spells or curses if she is silent?

Monster:Theee..Powerr of..The….Miiindddd

OK you giant furry ball of muscles, you win, I must be honest didn’t expect this answer, fine impeccable logic, my gigantic Sir.

when I landed I thought to myself look there are Muscles and the brain eating lunch…but I guess I was wrong in my assumption.

Are you the brain of this operation and this Van Helsing-looking fellow is the muscle, a clever, devious inversion… a fine invented surprise to catch the naive and unsuspicious prey?

ha, there, never mind…I like you two.

I really do, maybe I am just a wooden, falling Door, but my exotic-looking friends I think I can help you, offer you true assistance.


Grimm: maybe…. don’t try anything, you are maybe now a door but if you are a treacherous shapeshifter in a second you can be a giant Ogre or even a hungry Dragon…no we do not trust you, we don’t trust anyone… especially in this forest.

What’s the catch?

No catch Sir, only handle…

Monster: handddleeeee

yes, my awkward-looking friend if you want to open the door, you use the handle, so according to this fact, there is no catch in this fine story.

yeah, yeah I know this trick, just open the Door, what could go wrong?

we open the door and let the bloodthirsty enemy in…we have enough deceitful creatures here, we don’t need more….

Where do you think you are… this is Hell!!

Excuse me sir, but does Hell not have functional Doors?

am I the only one, I highly doubt it…What if I told you I was sent here, for you two odd-looking gentlemen…

Do you not find it strange or It’s not surprising that today you can eat your early lunch without any problems, on this particular day….

Nothing, silence, the cat ate your Thongs?

Door!!!, you starting to get on my nerve…. Grimm said it with urgency.

look, Van Helsing, all…you…… the ….Door..

That’s it…grab the handle and open the Door.

How about I let my friend Monster use your parts as a toothpick?

We are not stupid, Door!

Are you sure, my Victorian friend?

First, you ruin our early lunch, then you are telling us fables about … opening..the Door…I know it sounds terribly stupid.

We know when we are lured into a trap, I mean why fall here of all places?


Because of you two airheads. I need you two to open this Door, is this so hard? Just turn the handle.

Take the Leap of fate, this is how has been done from the first day of this creation that you now inhabit….or stay here….choose, but choose wisely.

Ha, another deceitful trickery, Door you can’t fool us!

We have seen too much, and too many battles are behind us, we are not some naive suckers, with whom you can play…We,we are legendary Monster hunters, Monster and Grimm!

Door: why do I always get the tough jobs, I am telling you two, open the door and accept your new destiny, it can be easier than that…

Even this author was exhausted by the tenacity and strong will that captivated our two heroes, they would not budge, not for a second.

It was a long standoff, some days were sunny, then rainy, then cloudy….night was cold but full of disagreements and many times loud discussions…

This was the hardest, toughest, and bloodiest battle for our two inseparable brothers, all enemies before were just a distant memory…The fight was filled with sweat, tears, laughter, casual cursing, and with involuntary much-needed brakes.

Days again turned into nights and soon nights turned into days.

This memorable, fierce, and extensive battle lasted for full 30 days and 30 nights….

And then it almost happened, Monster decided to open the door, no matter what will happen….but his trustful friend Grimm stopped him at the last moment, persuading him they should wait at least 3 or 4 days more before they decide to choose this one-way leading path.

The door was at the end of her ropes, listen, listen, you two eggheads!!!

We are here now for 30 days and 30 nights, you have not eaten a thing, nobody has come looking for you, and you two don’t sleep anymore….use your mighty brains…what is wrong with this picture/doors?

Grim: wait, wait… this actually does make sense….this is the first sentence that makes any sense o you treacherous, vicious falling door.


Monster and Grimm-human version of the monster, you are one, this is why you never could be separated even for ten thousand years…You are One being, but separated here.

This is your lesson here, your salvation. Learn to live with yourself and be happy…and finally you two brave gentlemen, you have done it.

Thirty days ago, when we first met.

Open the door, and it will be fine it is a promise and I don’t give promises easily.

“ALL we HAVE here are Trust and HONOR”

The inscription appeared almost out of nowhere on the worn, rather unimpressive-looking door

Grimm looked at Monster, all that was needed was a silent nod…they walked together to the Wooden blabbering doors, and together they turned the handle…


nothing happened….all they could see was another side of the green oasis….

You vicious, malfunctioning, hideous, very wooden, unpleasant door, you will meet your maker now, I should have cut you into pieces when you fell here and disrupted our early lunch….

I will use your parts as arrows, you, an ungodly thing!

As Grimm was charging to kill The Door, strange light picked him and his brother in the air, confused both looked at each other, and before they could say one word…on the ground was one male silhouette, with long blue hair…

On the other side was a voice with the following words:

What took you so long?


As I climb through dirt and mud I’m sinking under

In a grave of life that was I saw a light

I turned back on everything

I search for half-remembered dreams

Pulling me down with you Above my head,

they’re circling

The vultures want what’s left of me

I sacrificed it all and I will fight

Until the world goes cold

This battle’s burned all that I’ve known

Until the world goes cold

Nothing will keep me from this throne,

I’ll fight Until the world goes cold

Until the world goes cold

As I build my house of bones

You’re sinking under For all your sins,

you will atone I burned it down

I turned back on everything

I search for half-remembered dreams

Pulling me down with you (I burned it down)

Above my head, they’re circling

The vultures want what’s left of me

I sacrificed it all and I will fight

Until the world goes cold

This battle’s burned all that I’ve known

Until the world goes cold

Nothing will keep me from this throne,

I’ll fight Until the world goes cold

This battle has burned all I’ll fight forevermore

Until the world goes cold

This battle’s burned all that I’ve known

Until the world goes cold

This battle’s burned all that I’ve known

Until the world goes cold

Nothing will keep me from this throne,

I’ll fight Until the world goes cold

Until the world goes cold

Until the world goes cold


  1. Some doors should never be opened, hell look what happened when Huxley opened the doors to perception, the Devil walked right in. Your heroes remind me of a song I used to play for Lilith HP:

    “Put Your Lights On”
    (feat. Everlast)

    Hey now, all you sinners
    Put your lights on, put your lights on
    Hey now, all you lovers
    Put your lights on, put your lights on

    Hey now, all you killers
    Put your lights on, put your lights on
    Hey now, all you children
    Leave your lights on, better leave your lights on

    ‘Cause there’s a monster living under my bed
    Whispering in my ear
    There’s an angel, with a hand on my head
    She say I’ve got nothing to fear

    There’s a darkness living deep in my soul
    I still got a purpose to serve
    So let your light shine, deep into my home
    God, don’t let me lose my nerve
    Don’t let me lose my nerve

    Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
    Wo oh hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now

    Hey now, all you sinners
    Put your lights on, put your lights on
    Hey now, all you children
    Leave your lights on, you better leave your lights on

    ‘Cause there’s a monster living under my bed
    Whispering in my ear
    There’s an angel, with a hand on my head
    She say I’ve got nothing to fear

    She says: La illaha illa Allah
    We all shine like stars (on and on)
    La illaha illa Allah
    We all shine like stars (on and on)
    Then we fade away

  2. Smoking, HP, this hits viscerally as well as cerebrally. It is said that the gods envy us mortals because we get to experience death while they are immortal which ultimately induces ennui. Yet paradoxically, it is said that during the carnage of Ragnarok, even the gods will die. We shall see.

  3. When you get to the end of the yellow brick road I think most will find the mind is far more powerful than they ever gave it credit. The closest I ever felt to being “alive” would be when I was either closest to death or lost my marbles in bursts of random laughter. If dying was a must then let it be violent and glorious, or something humorous. Perhaps the guy whose waited his whole life for a fight and ran across the battlefield in eager anticipation tripping on a rock he wasn’t paying much attention to and face planting on a landmine. Nobody wants to be that guy, but somebody has to.

    • Greg, I was the one who ventured into the minefield and come back, it was literally the end of War and we were playing football. Guess who kicked the ball into the minefield filled with snakes and skull and bone signs.
      Why did I decide to get the ball, which was kicked at least 50-60 meters deep in the minefield, and how I got back remains the mystery.

      Thank you, brother, love the comment.

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