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The Short but Nasty Truth About Biden’s Bluff in Ukraine by Gordon Duff (20.07.2023) 

The Short but Nasty Truth About Biden’s Bluff in Ukraine

The American’s aren’t coming, they won’t be ‘on the ground’ nor in the air nor on the seas.  There is no combat environment for the US against a grade one power.  Let me tell you why.

America is all about bluff.  Stealth planes, nukes when that threat doesn’t work, or they will unleash ISIS (is banned in Russia) or al-Qaeda (is banned in Russia) or one of a dozen terror groups like the MEK that the CIA keeps in its quiver.

Then there are false flags, usually school shootings, normally domestic or faked chemical attacks in partnership with Israel, certain groups in Georgia at the National Reference Lab, where biological and chemical weapons are produced and shipped via Bechtel and BP through Turkey and south to be used against Syria, Yemen or across Africa.

The proofs exist, in unimaginable quantities and these reports have along with testimony have been submitted to every court and agency imaginable, proving one thing:  control of investigative organizations is the first step for a nation state that turns to terrorism as national policy.

Let’s talk about the war in Ukraine.

Let’s say the US has decided to come in by putting Ukraine into NATO, something Biden has refused thus far, though he is deploying some American reserve forces into Eastern Europe.

Americans, congress, the amateurs in the Pentagon and the fake press all believe America’s powerful air force will overpower Russia.

It won’t.

You see, even if Russia couldn’t shoot down American steal aircraft, and they can with relative ease, an overstated technology for sure, there is a full “checkmate” against American air power.

American planes have to have based.

Even with external tanks, any potential American landing field, be it an air base or a secret NATO facility off a German highway, all such places would be in easy range of missiles.

Worse still, Russia has two types of missiles, the Iskander and their hypersonics, that can penetrate any defenses and easily take out aircraft in any formerly ‘bombproof’ hangar or destroy any ground facility.

America’s air force and surface vessels of the navy would cease to exist quickly.

There would be no America air power, stealth to stealth dogfights over Europe, S-500s taking down America’s most expensive planes with proven ease while America’s combat helicopters would face an enemy they were never designed to meet.

The problem isn’t simply decades of proxy wars, 3rd world enemies, fake “coalitions” and feeding one side against another.

Even in Vietnam, with only 58,000 official combat dead, the American public felt the loss and eventually rose to oppose the injustice and lies.  Will the children and grandchildren of that generation prove themselves?

America can’t take combat casualties.  They also can’t fight a conventional war against a devastating enemy who has “come into his own,” will a proven track record of destroying America’s most advanced weapons and quashing combat tactics by NATO trained Ukrainians under Pentagon guidance.

In Vietnam, the US most likely lost around 80,000 dead with a later 50,000 or more from suicides (first 5 years, Department of the Navy estimate).  What is silenced is the loss later on.

Estimates of well over 1 million deaths from Agent Orange poisoning have been cleansed from records, but not from the cemeteries.

Vietnam killed the best of a generation but also meant the end for any “mobilization” for war by a US now paying up to $60,000 a year for a recruit likely to have a drug habit and criminal record.

You see, COVID left the US strangely short of workers and with very low unemployment and much higher post-COVID wages and a general lack of trust in the government, America’s will not fight for Ukraine or NATO.

The media has been able to silence the cries of the family members of the estimated 250,000 to 400,000 already killed fighting for Zelensky.  Every day, Twitter fills with videos of “press gangs” kidnapping aged Ukrainians for military service while their families look on screaming in horror.

And every day, Elon Musk cleans these videos away and replaces them with AI-generated tales of Russian war crimes.

Maybe if Musk stays on board and the Israel lobby and ADL keep their total stranglehold on America’s press, a press no one trusts with good reason, Biden might see fit to send what America has, to Europe.

Current deployable US forces sit at around 70,000.  The problem here, without air superiority or planes at all and with artillery and armored vehicles the enemy has been “eating for breakfast” for 17 months as of this writing, those 70 thousand troops, even with 70,000 NATO “partners” will be attritted quickly.

This is World War I trench fighting for a military used to 6000 calorie buffet meals, air conditioning and PlayStation.

This is also a military that has no real combat veterans left and hasn’t had a real combat experience since Vietnam.

When Abrams tanks were destroyed in Iraq and a secret factory was built in Lima, Ohio to glue the parts back together, the admission that the 2006 Israeli defeat in Lebanon ended the usefulness of the tank was not noticed by the Pentagon.

Similarly, they love aircraft carriers that can be destroyed today by missiles, and they do love billion-dollar bombers.

It was Colonel David Hackworth that coined the term “Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon.”

The math that was done in the Pentagon denies our assertions here, assertions that any real military expert will take at face value.  America would go to war without an air force.

They would go to war without the ability to do medivacs with helicopters as well.  Most wounded in Ukraine die.

What is ignored is this, everything is being surveilled, not by satellites but drones floating around with high quality thermal optics.  They cover everything in real time and coordinate with steerable artillery shells, suicide drones and the “Alligators,” helicopters that can get to any target while easily evading any mores to suppress them.

This makes Ukraine unsurvivable for the US and NATO.

But then won’t Russia have a civil war or run out of weapons?

Touching on another issue, Russia’s weapons capacity.  Are they being supplied by other nations?  Well, if not, and there is no hard proof Russia is using imported weapons despite claims in the press, were such a necessity to be reached, other nations would step in.

If Russia were gone, China would be weakened and vulnerable.

Without Russia’s nuclear arsenal, China would have either fallen by now to brazen efforts by, not so much “the US” as the global criminal elites who control the US.

There are hundreds of thousands of military, perhaps even millions, willing and able to fight NATO in Ukraine.  There is also production capacity to build a million suicide drones a year easily or 100,000,000 artillery shells to pound NATO.

There is also the fear and anger, in some cases centuries old, that drives a world Biden is ignoring.

Gordon Duff is a former UN diplomat having served in the Middle East and Africa, a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted governments challenged by security issues, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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Joe Biden whatever the fuck it is, grovels before its Jewish overlords.


  1. While Sfath was still uncertain about the outcome, a year later young Eduard Albert Meier expressed an unambiguous outcome in his warning to America, in poetic form, in the last part of his “Open Letter of Saturday, 7th of July 1949, to Governments and Public Media in Europe”:*

    America and the Europaland will tremble, when freedom comes from the East with a hard hand, which is oppressed from America and Europe, which, however, will be punished by a hard teaching, for the world domination they wickedly cherish, and thus put countries and peoples in dictatorships.

    The great bear will come who will bring freedom, Russian land, which will wrest down all the unfreedom, that many in America and Europe have heard, as in many other countries around the world, but the bear from the East will destroy it and settle the whole thing into peace and freedom.

    But it will take a long time until then, with lamentations, which will be carried out into the world with tears, because evil terrorism, dictatorship, hatred and war deny peace and freedom victory.

    Might and the greed for world domination are tearing the world apart, and in many countries many a death cry rings out, as America and Europe carry out unfreedom and beat the human beings with war, misery and distress.

    The peacemakers, whose actions are based on might, are taught by the bear and told that world power claims that claims to world power breed evil strife, leading humanity to death and ruin.

    Therefore, the bear will tear apart all the evil of America, and it will also promise the same to Europe.

    When violent wars come from the world-striking America wars destroy everything in the world, criss-cross, when the dictatorship of Europe echoes the same, and cries of murder resound from evil terrorism, then the bear will start to bite the discord, and this will rend the evil doings of the Western powers.

    While the very specific warnings from the Henoch Prophecies were recently reiterated, we should also draw attention to the predictions of Jeremia (emphasis added):

    “And there will be new and big empires across the big ocean, and one of these empires will send out new legions of barbaric hordes under the command of powerful rulers who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity to carry out wars and conquer the world in order to get hold of the countries’ mineral resources. But beyond the big ocean, the walls of cities and villages of the conquerors wanting to seize the world’s power will collapse, and the empire will then be destroyed and be only a scorched land and muddy waters…”

    Please note that the above prophetic and predictive information spans not only mere decades but actually many millennia. The question can be asked of course about why Sfath still saw the outcome as in doubt, while young Meier, and both Henoch and Jeremia, were more certain in their descriptions of a seemingly unavoidable, total destruction of America.

    *Bülach, Switzerland, the 7th of July, 1949, Eduard Albert Meier (Billy). Printout in German in FIGU-Bulletin No. 97 and FIGU-Sonder-Bulletin No. 104 of June 2017. Translation by Bruce Lulla, USA/Mariann Uehlinger, Switzerland.

    Sfath, photorealistic rendition by Berke Tepe

    Henoch (Enoch), photorealistic rendition by Berke Tepe – Contact 830

  2. With the push of a button, America could unleash AI-guided JDAMS that would fall from space (Space Force Hooah!) like snowflakes in January all over Russia and hit every strategic target. So who gives a fuck if they can see our stealth bombers? We knew that when one was shot down over Belgrade in 1999. When Donald Trump said he could have that war over in a day, he wasn’t lying. All he would have to do is tell them to cut the bullshit or that will happen. Biden wants the war to continue; nothing like Euro-war to wipe out the Caucasians by pitting them against each other. Just like the mass illegal migration that he (meaning Obama) is perpetuating here, it’s “a sign of strength!” As for the Saddam Hussein-style body doubles, we need a biometrics expert to prove that meme correct and put it out there.

    • Obama? Obama is the Bushes house negro, which is what I warned the world about in the never published Behind the Bush 7,8 and 9. I think I’ll publish them on here, behind the paywall of course, I gave them to Gordon Duff so I can’t or won’t go public with them. This article proves he’s still alive. If you read my book Robert, I think it would be safe to assume I once worked for the Bushes, a job so beneath me that I can never forgive them for it. After 1996 the worlds “secret space program” was moved to Asia but obviously the Bushes have their own and I believe Gordon Duff told you that also as well as telling you they had seventy trillion in the Cayman Islands. Metallic Man and B don’t wanna believe that but I know what is and what isn’t with these assholes. “Broken bones and bloodlines,” Grand Orient here I come…

  3. On a thousand kilometer line of contact, you’ll inevitable have weaker parts. Prepared defenses with zeroed in artillery, constant drone coverage and ambushes front and rear. New tactics has them dispersed and abandoning the old metal gear, as prime targets. A cemetery of tanks and armored vehicles literally called Bradley Square. Very messy for humans. This has plenty of recent video, don’t invest into daily minutiae.

    • Seems the Ukranians just can’t help themselves but to just keep launching attacks right into these kill boxes. Oh well Zalinski got himself a Columbian cartel, the Biden Crime Family has unlimited access to Hispanic children and even some Ukranian blonds and somewhere in Hell Count Kalergi is smiling. You think so you “Illuminati” pigs? As Lynch warned you, we are coming, oh yea we are coming…

  4. And aside from all of the truths herein, let’s not forget how pussified America’s military has become. It has been many years now that the U.S. military has been used as a perverse, social modification & behavioral laboratory. Women are trained right alongside men. The only way a female could pass traditional military training is for the drill instructors to radically soften it, and that’s exactly what they’ve done under orders from, “The perfumed princes of the Pentagon.” This psychosis has even penetrated the elite units like the Navy Seals & Army Green Berets. Nations of old had a saying for their armed forces: “Train hard, fight easy.” Nations like Russia still hold to this doctrine. Russian Spetsnaz, the finest special forces on earth, are trained so fiercely and mercilessly that their members look forward to actual combat as a break. Uncle Saul’s feminized, mongrelized, sexually depraved forces of trannys, homos, bulldykes, & hybrid featherless bipeds would stand the same chance against Russia’s fighting men as a sno-cone in Hell. They would piss themselves. It would be like a division 4 college football team going up against the NFL Super Bowl champs. Funny how the Hebraic overlords of the U.S. destroyed their own pet strike force. Either it shows how insane they really are or it was the plan all along.

  5. Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said: “The world and our own experience shows that it is impossible to fight terrorists with international sanctions, intimidation or exhortations.

    “They only understand the language of power. Only personal and completely inhumane methods.

    “Therefore, it is necessary to blow up their own houses and the houses of their relatives.” (Emphasis added)
    It doesn’t get much clearer folks. Mr. Medvedev, I strongly suspect, is reflective of the attitudes and policies being urged in the upper echelons of the Russian government, and it is one of those escalations on Professor Kaganarov’s scale of escalations: decapitation strikes against the organizers and leadership of such activities, in their own homes and those of the relatives of those leaders, whether those homes may be in Kiev…
    …or “elsewhere”.
    It will not begin immediately, nor even possibly in the following weeks or months, but it will beging, and it will begin with the odd news story here and there of a drone strike, or an automobile “accident that left suspected terror leader so-and-so” or a “suspected terrorist cell” dead, perhaps after a period of “interrogation” in which further contacts “higher up” the chain of command are outed. It will, if it continues along the normal path such activities typically take, eventually work itself up to the capi de capi at the table and, like mafia wars usually do, end up consuming the real bosses behind the conveniently placed palates of bricks or the “mostly peaceful fires” and lootings and riots.
    Mr. Medvedev, in other words, is under no illusions of what he’s dealing with. And while his words didn’t garner much attention in the West, you can bet your increasingly worthless bottom dollar that quite a few of the “elite” heard the message.
    Whether they listened is another matter…
    …and I’m not holding my breath.
    See you on the flip side…

    • As a man on the receiving end of their asymmetrical warfare I will tell you right now Dmitry Medvedev is a man I would appoint to the head of international law enforcement…

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