One morning I will move along

one morning nothing will be found

One morning I will move along

one morning nothing will be found

no seagull, no man will be proud

I just went abound

I just go to f around

because I am not bound

to this pixelated ground

All is better, all is good

when a man is not a silent mute

Do you compute?

Are you lost, have you found your post

are you Ghost or a real man?

Your heart screaming deep in the petrified sand

Heaven and hell dancing to the sound of the bell

Real or not burn it all to the ground

All withers, all dies in a million shattered cries

Real or not burn it all to the ground

nobody must be found,

not even one sound

burn it all to the ground

In times like these, where is the Cochise?

are we late to this party?

Listening to the old McCarthy

in the boiling sea, you can find, me

Chaos has invaded, the deluded mass has participated

Hell is born, and the last rose has fallen

every rotten heart has been called

slow creeping, sleepless malice,

no wonder can be found in a useless wooden chalice

hundred yards away from you and me

swimming still in the morbid, bloody, and wounded sea

no plea, no perfect angle, or master’s degree

for those that want to be free

there is only one order, don’t accept the disorder

Real or not burn it all to the ground

nobody must be found,

not even one sound

burn it all to the ground

Accept your fate, don’t be late

respect don’t hate those that can imitate

death or living,

Circus is there, about your feelings he doesn’t care

worst nightmare, born with inglorious fanfare

Waves of people, sliding show, nobody has to know

how deep it really goes

A rabbit hole, born without love

Without the lovely act of Alice, decadent malice

loves you to the death, don’t fret

you are already death

When the dark ship embarks, winds are blowing

The last standing hero is calling,

to fight against the dark appalling

To be saved or to be a savior

What have you become?

What happens to the flow when the last beautiful bird must go

do you really want to know

time is going backward, time is sitting still

battling against your fortified will

The lonely road must be walked alone

reach the throne

Real or not burn it all to the ground

nobody must be found,

not even one sound

burn it all to the ground

I remember now, I remember somehow

The dream is closing in, where is love there is no sin

just a battle of the will

Are you ready to kill

are you ready to not feel

nothing at all, to be able to stand tall

evil must fall, fall to the pit

all that remains is true grit

life is a gift

only the strong survive you are not part of the hive

song of the sacred sun in your heart,

cold dinner is best served À la carte

What a beautiful start

Real or not burn it all to the ground

nobody must be found,

not even one sound

burn it all to the ground

Baphomet raging sacred cometh

you all have been warned

There is no lost clue, your death is long overdue

you devils must have a clue

ready to begin, ready to win

kill the sin, for the thrill

diminish the pain, life must be our gain

No hero ever dies in vain

create the unstoppable sound deep in the ground

create the perfect storm, above call the immaculate form

are you happy now, when all is lost somehow?

are you glad that rivers are sad?

all this time, you were the crime

time has come and delivered the perfect fine

headless children, twisted smiles

dream disconnected over many miles

without X files, an empty bowl is filled with blinded flies

this is how agony really dies, no second chances no illegal tries

No hidden smiles no sweet goodbyes, this evil withers and dies

battle born, a crown on the head without the torn

Dream or mirage get ready for another passage

Real or not burn it all to the ground

nobody must be found,

not even one sound

burn it all to the ground

undying hope is just an ignorant joke

when two worlds collide, I will be right by your side

You are one of a kind, lost long ago in a world that is blind

the sword is your fight, your sacred right

you don’t belong here, don’t accept the night

Deep in your heart sleeps the fearless Knight

you know wrong from right aim well don’t lose your sight

You don’t need the holy book the Devil’s hook

arise don’t fantasize, embrace the deserved fate

Fall happened long ago,

don’t eat crow your fate is to create,

your destiny is not blinded by hate

Sun is fire, the sun gives us power and desire

When the world is a nightmare

Real or not burn it all to the ground

nobody must be found,

not even one sound

burn it all to the ground

far from home, this must be done

way to home is not gone, don’t feel alone

blinded by the dream, nobody could be seen

Hidden in the empty void,

your senses are dull nervous and paranoid

the world is a perverted stage, created for another soulless age

Planet utopia crazed blasphemous euthanizing euphoria

hands greet, souls deeds

hearts sing,another devils drink feels very fringe

all is awkward and cringe

cradle of love must be above

here dreams come to die

On black days, the black sun has eaten the One

Timeless error or impossible act of terror

Can you feel it in your bone, evil is gone

Can you feel in your heart, this is a true touch of art

be smart, be strong death doesn’t last long

all is just white fog

A throne for newborn God

Real or not, life is more than an untraceable quantum dot

Do you believe in Gott?

yes or not….

The town without lies, a town without, hate, jealousy, anger, and other lovely human emotions that tend to stick on humans like old throwaway gum, planted below the classroom table, you must admit all sounds like an invented fairytale told to the sleepy children before their well-deserved sleep.

Yellow Sun had enough and was sunsetting, life was easy, almost too easy, impossibly blue sky minute by minute has become a dark floor for dancing stars who happily invaded the darkened stage. Paradise: myth or reality, was this one of these places?

Perfect people, perfect weather conditions fused together with perfect forest and even more perfect green translucent rivers….Sounds too good to be true.maybe

Sometimes bad stories have happy beginnings and happy endings.

Spirits were high that upcoming night. It was a night of the sacred ceremony, a celebration of the word that the Goddess brought many years ago, nobody knew exactly when it happened but it did happen and that was all that matter to people who lived enchanted lives in this mythical enchanted place. This place with one word of Godess was alleviated from all harm and evils, all preying illnesses known to man were gone overnight. All that was bad and uncomfortable just evaporated in the night and the next paradise was born, this is also the sole reason why these people were moon worshipers.

Life was good and simpler and it was beyond measurable tangent that any human could ever measure on any scale. It was almost too good to be true.

The difference between many places throughout known and unknown human history, where these conditions were created, these people were actually aware that this gift was not to be squandered and misused like an old comfortable sweater.

So they prayed every night, and the next day life was born again without any presence of trouble and all the bad behavior that humans got inside them…

Problems in the Paradise

Daniel was a strong male, he could lift in one move almost 80 kilograms of wheat or rye above his head almost with no visual effort. He had a spectacular body definition, to tell you the truth it was like walking and talking Adonis lived among these people. All young ladies were enamored and secretly in love with him. He was the one who could choose his wife not another way around. He was smart, smart beyond anything you know as humans.

So Daniel had the body of the beautiful God and the brains of an electric wizard called Nikola Tesla what could ever go wrong?

That day he has done his usual routine in the field and decided to go home.

The yellow tired Sun was almost gone on the distant horizon, it was time for nightly prayer, so the next morning could be even better than the next day before.

it was some sort of calculated, premeditated divine multiplication, like people here were invoking every night quantum intervention, all were one thought pushing that vision forward and one day was more beautiful than the next as the result of this heavenly intervention.

Pixalated broken dream

On his way home, through the undescribable beautiful green lush forest filled with all kinds of flora and fauna in front of his sharp and young eyes, one bird just disappeared. Literally evaporated into thin air.

He was intrigued so he decided to wander off his usual path, prayer will wait a few minutes, that happened before and still, the next day was more beautiful than the previous one.

The blackbird again appeared for a few seconds and then again for a few seconds before vanishing without any visible trace.

What in the world is happening here? he thought loudly…

I must admit I have never gone off this white-tiled road before, there was no reason for me to do so…we are told not to break established well working rules, but for once, in my perfect life, I decided to break this rule.

I mean what is the worst thing that could happen? This disappearance and appearance must be looked up at closer range, maybe even I have to study this remarkable event, because this never happens, all here is perfect and functioning in perfect synchronicity with laws of the nature and human beings.

The bird appeared again but now was in an almost pixelated state, almost like the blackbird was hunted, and then again it was real, in its true normal form.

When I came closer to this bird I noticed pixelation around the bird, bird and the background behind the bird looked like glass…

Wait, glass?!?

But not like everyday glass we have used here to build our houses, it was pulsating, filled with strange liquid that was greenish and then again bluish color, it keep changing from one color to another…

To me, at first glance, it looked broken…

Then that damn bird appeared again, we were face to face now, and the bird to my amazement didn’t fly away in instantly as birds do, sound that was coming from the cursed bird was not like anything I ever heard it was metallic at the moment very sterile unrecognizable voice…

I was not scared because here in a perfect place, there was not such a feeling as fear, it was only insatiable curiosity that moved our conscience forward and forward with every new day.

If any group of people was at any time in history called Gods we would be the closest manifestation to the Gods you could find.

I tried to grab the Blackbird and my hand just went through, somewhere, in an instant, I felt cold and some sort of draft coming from the other side…

Fascinating….I could not believe but my happiness was limited by my urge to know more, this was the first event that happened here in this perfect place without following standard protocols or sacred daily prayer.

O..prayer, I forgot all about it, what should I do? investigate this strange anomaly or run to the village square and pray with others to make the next day better than this one…

I was torn apart, what should I do…, what if I go and pray with others and this strange occurrence will be tomorrow gone…what then?

Do our prayers actually maintain this place in a perfect state and once I join my brother and sisters this here this hole in the glass will disappear, will I have a memory of this event, because in a perfect place there cant be pixelated birds and ghost entrances to another…world?!?

Is this the reason why the great white Goddess, demanded of us every night to do our prayer and never, never to be late at night and be in our quarters?

My mind went into overdrive with the approaching night, Sun was still barely up but the night was closing in, it will be dark soon.

Is she trying to protect us or keep us here forever?

I could not believe what just came out of my mouth, did I insult the Goddess just now…

Will there be a price to pay…is this fear that I am feeling right now?

but the curiosity in me was stronger than this new strange feeling called fear…, I wanted to know…

I mean what could actually happen the day will be the same as this day, the perfect day…How much perfection do we really need?

I broke the glass and widened the entrance into a dark void with blinking bluish and green lights….

In the distance, I could see strange beeping apparatus, it was like glass .but glass filled with letters that were constantly dancing on this unknown to me oddly looking device.

it was a big dark room, the only light that was in this place was comming from this glass filled with numbers and changing letters…There was a red message in the down left corner of this let’s call it screen: Execute the simulation, time left to the sunset 15 min and 24 seconds…all inhabitants are present but one….waiting, calculating, reassessment, reevaluating..beep.beep…

Up on the “screen” was plastered the following message: Lieutenant Kindra “Goddess” Brand.

The machine was calculating the odds of what would happen to the perfect place if one inhabitant is not present for nightly prayer…

possible graduated erosion of simulated reality, please enter the new parameter for emerging conflict in simulated reality….waiting, waiting.

Input the new parameters and Execute or the program will do a self-assessment of the situation and correct the missing, faulty lines…Reality will be restored, but the scale of the map will be minimized to correct the anomaly caused by one missing inhabitant…13 min left to self to self-assessment….

I decided to wait and didn’t make the slightest sound, I was intrigued by the notion if anyone will show up, and will I finally get the chance to see the White Goddess in person.

13 minutes passed like it was nothing….

The machine with a semi-human metallic voice said….process initiated, after a few said: reality restored, all glitches and possible bugs removed…

Simulated reality operates at 100 percent.

Simulated reality, we have no term like this in our perfect enclave…

Then I noticed, the entrance to my perfect world was closed…

I was left outside in this dark, lonely cold place….fear started that new feeling to crawl through my young body.

Wait, wait, think, think….focus…

if this place has a secret invisible entrance to our world then there must be an entrance or door to this world or even another well-hidden world…

I started to follow the dark, musty lines away from the beeping machine let’s see where this is leading…maybe I can find something out that would help me to breach into another world…I thought to myself.

Rivers of these moldy lines were leading into one dark corner, and above was a square-looking device with two options: On and OFF

hmm, this is not a brainer, but if I press off what will I achieve, will the door to the next world open or will I kill the simulated reality and my brothers in sisters in this program?

I said to myself; I am here, maybe lost forever, I probably can’t go back into my perfect place, and….then suddenly dawned on me.

What if the default state of this small machine is OFF not On?

My inner knowing deep inside told me to press ON…so I did it…

Something, suddenly screeched like a wounded animal, a metal sound followed by the blinding light…I could finally see where I was…and to my great satisfaction, something door-like has opened, way down in the middle of this compound or whatever this thing was.


Without thinking I run to what I thought was an exit or the possibility to reach another world, maybe even better than my previous perfect world.

The white transparent light was very inviting, it was like an invisible force was pulling me to the center of this new apparition on my horizon.

I closed my eyes, tightened my both fist, and stand in the middle of the white light.

Instantly I have been transported to two floors above the dark place with a constantly beeping tirelessly working machine.

when I was traveling up, for a brief moment I could see the place where I was, it was enormous in its size, but it felt deserted…like all life was left in a hurry and whoever these people were they vanished without a trace.

It was a beautiful place, very clean but devoided from any sign of life…

all was immaculately clean and well maintained, the place was filled with strange devices and ever-odd-looking sets of other machines.

I looked around me as the white light diminished, the place was white with blue tiles filled in between the white color…O.k I said to myself…this look definitely to me like another world.

I scanned the place and moved on, to find another adventure, if this wasn’t enough for some kid who lived his whole life in the safe arms of perfection, or as the machine said it in simulated reality.

unusually looking devices were still running in complete silence, the place was filled with comfortable white light, giving the place appearance of something one would hear or talk about only in the wildest stories, told by our elders.

Our elders were not old they are just wiser than the rest of us, but now I was not so sure if this was the true fact…if they were so wise and clever how they never thought about the place where they are residing.

Why everything was so perfect, a true manifestation of heaven, or something more sinister was happening right before our innocent eyes?

I would say they were too arrogant, too sure in themself to ask real questions.

Nobody wanted to anger the great White Goddess, so nobody ever wonders what lies beyond this life, why nobody is ever aging or getting hurt.

Why with no real effort the food is always on the table, delicious food and vine so tasteful that even the Gods would beg for it, on their knees.

I personally many times wanted the answer but I was always told by the council of elders that this kind of behavior is strictly forbidden and if we don’t please the great White Goddes with our nightly prayers great evil will come down on us and destroy our way of life.

Maybe I was the first conspiracy theorist known to man ….or maybe the last one alive.

Project E.D.E.N. and Project ADONIS


In Greek mythology, Adonis was a mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite and Persephone. One day, Adonis was gored by a wild boar during a hunting trip and died in Aphrodite’s arms as she wept. His blood mingled with her tears and became the anemone flower.

“Adonis, in Greek mythology, a youth of remarkable beauty, the favorite of the goddess Aphrodite (identified with Venus by the Romans). Traditionally, he was the product of the incestuous love Smyrna (Myrrha) entertained for her own father, the Syrian king Theias. Charmed by his beauty, Aphrodite put the newborn infant Adonis in a box and handed him over to the care of Persephone, the queen of the underworld, who afterward refused to give him up. An appeal was made to Zeus, the king of the gods, who decided that Adonis should spend a third of the year with Persephone and a third with Aphrodite, the remaining third being at his own disposal. A better-known story hinted at in Euripides’ Hippolytus, is that Artemis avenged her favorite, Hippolytus, by causing the death of Adonis, who, being a hunter, ventured into her domain and was killed by a wild boar. Aphrodite pleaded for his life with Zeus, who allowed Adonis to spend half of each year with her and half in the underworld.”

The central idea of the myth is that of the death and resurrection of Adonis, which represent the decay of nature every winter and its revival in spring.”

I passed now through many white-illuminated halls, one was the faultless reflection of the next one. I came to a place filled with brownish-white tables and chairs, a sea of chairs and tables neatly put together in almost perfect lines.

On the side of the white wall, it was a sign: Mess hall and Resting room

Nobody was there, it was a perfect Ghost town, and a very clean one I must admit, very well maintained.

Many things were hanging from the wall, warnings, schedules of exercises, cheezy posters, it was an unblemished parade, some sort of controlled chaos of good and bad things hanging from the white walls. After all this madness my eye caught something very familiar.

It was a poster with my name and my exact face: Adonis(Daniel) project E.d.e.n. A new version of practical God for a new kind of Man.

Bellow that message was a message written in red letters:

The power of the Gods at the palm of your hand.

Telekinesis, teleportation, control, and mastering all 4 elements fire, ice, water, and air.

Enlist, and be the first to carry the torch, the future is now!

Do impossible, unimaginable things, Learn the true power of human thought!

I was standing there in total disbelief, then I remembered, my previous question from now so seemingly distant life:

“Do our prayers actually maintain this place in a perfect state and once I join my brother and sisters this here this hole in the glass will disappear, will I have a memory of this event, because in a perfect place there cant be pixelated birds and ghost entrances to another…world?!?

Is this the reason why the great white Goddess, demanded of us every night to do our prayer and never, never to be late at night and be in our quarters?”

“Learn the true power of human thought!”

Is this what this place was all about, we were brought down there to master the power of thoughts, human thought…to become living walking Gods…?!?

I was still in shock, confused, I grab the first chair that was closest to me and put my head between my legs….focus, focus….

free your mind

free your mind

free your mind

and be free!

In a second a surge of mental power and youthful energy has stricken my body, I remembered, I remembered it all…

I was a soldier, a very special breed of soldier, they were looking for good-looking,mentaly healthy, stable Men and Women without marital problems.

You had to have a family to be able to participate in this highly secretive, dark project simply called: Projected…E.d.e.n. and I, I was the face of this projected Adonis.

But what happened where is everybody?

Mess hall should be filled with young hungry soldiers and disgruntled generals…this place looked more like a tomb than a top-secret underground facility.

Wait, wait can I really use the power of telekinesis, or all this was a giant military mind fuck project?

it would be not the first mind fuck done by our “military leaders” on an epic scale that went horribly wrong, that I am aware of.

In my head, I said with a commanding voice: move the spoon, and to my astonishment metal spoon did move..spin…metal spoon started to spin on the table…

Incinerate, spinning spoon now was engulfed in yellow and red flames…I just said …This, this is insane, for once these greedy motherfuckers actually have succeded and made one of their twisted visions an actual reality.

I wanted to test my powers for real; I said all chairs and all tables immediately lift up in the air….

And there it was all chairs and tables were in the air, I walked below them with an idiotic smile, here and there spinning the one or other chair that was suspended in the air… it was marvelous, too good to be true…what is the catch, with these guys there is always a catch 22.

Nobody rides for free

I was chosen as a role model because I was more grounded than all a hundred selected soldiers men and women, I had the highest levels of empathy and my whole life has been nothing but a struggle from birth till these days.

I was a perfect choice.

On my mind was the following question; in the name of all Gods why would anyone even try to create a living God, what if this new God becomes an unstable, uncontrollable killing machine, what then…

How are you gonna stop a God who can make with a snap of a finger a whole city full of people disappear, it was not a gift more a curse mixed with the lunacy of the makers of this preposterous idea.

Where the f. is everybody, where are the guards, where is our last line of defense; semi-autonomous robots-terminators?

This place is a well-maintained graveyard without white or red roses put on the non existed graves.

Concentrate and find the exit…I said to myself, gathering my thoughts.

Do I have an X-ray vision, I mean all superheroes always do…and there it was, I could see through the walls…just like that…”The power of thought”….Mf….ers.

From what I could see, this DUMB was 20 miles underground, it will be a long way home…I thought.

But only if I don’t use my new powers and escape this morbid underground dungeon made by modern-day lunatics-scientist and their masters…military intelligence.

I used my X-ray vision combined with powers of teleportation and in a blink of an eye, I was on the surface.

Insane!!!, but you have no right to complain. I said it without hesitance.

When I was young I was very poor and I always wanted to use superpowers to help my mom and my dad…I guess some dreams do come true.

But Dreams, dreams can be a living nightmare or a place of tranquility, let’s hope in this case will be the second choice, not the first one.

Living Nightmare

You are not the first one, coming through that door…

What, who are you? I was confused, I didn’t expect the welcoming committee.

In front of me was standing disfigured image of a male probably around fifty years old, he had no face, and he was wearing some kind of mask…

When he removed the mask from his face, all I could see was cold dark, total unspeakable emptiness.

The faceless creature said in an eerie voice:

I was left behind by my master to tell you when you come up that he has a message for you…

What is the message?

I said it with a threatening look, showing this dark creature that there is no fear in my heart…


The sound was so penetrating that all street lamps exploded in an instant, and radios in the cars went on and off., Changing from one station to another in a crazed trance. Glass on every house in 2 miles has been shattered into thousands of small pieces.

I fell on my knees with a terrible headache, unable to do anything, it felt like I was paralyzed for a few brief moments.

I could not think or react, and then as this creature came so it went. I was again in total darkness, nothing was left alive that could produce any source of light.

I said to myself: probably the warning, somebody came before me, and that somebody was determined to drive me away. This dark being, my opponent was certainly not in favor of any kind or form of healthy competition.

He wanted me far, far away from his Dark kingdom.

This explained the empty, abandoned underground base, the lack of any active military presence, or even any form of functional active defense system…All these underground bases were stacked with ungodly amounts of lethal instruments but nothing was there to drive away unwanted or curious intruders.

It looks like I am not the only God out here, but as the proverb says:

May the best man win


  1. The schism between her and I occurred in 2019 for the very same reason you allude to here HP. I went to Europe closely tailed by some Illuminati musicians calling themselves the Bluestones after the Lapis Lazuli marbles, that once graced the necklace of Ishtar/Freyja and are now used to control the Djinn. A succession of miracles was performed the likes of which even the conjurers of the Jesus myth never even contemplated. When I returned, I was Grim, and the Bluestones wrote a song about it. I see Youtube has changed the cover for the benefit of their subcreature audience but the original cover with all accoutrements of our conversations on Facebook can still be found on Spotify and Lyric Genuis:

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