Yes they are coming, you may like this fact or you don’t…

Published on substack: JUL 19, 2023

Yes they are coming, you may like this fact or you don’t…

The truth is they are already here, watching your every move, controlling your every breath.

Aliens are on television, in the street camera on the crossroads, in the plane high in the sky, in your phone constantly listening and making notes…

There is an Alien Agenda in place, and yes this meticulously constructed web of constant incoming and outgoing stream of information is alive and kicking. It has been in use now for a long time…what happened next nobody could predict, not even the biggest conspiracy theorist.


One morning, not particularly good morning, the sky turned black, it was exactly 7:20 A.M, when all started to shake, buildings, people, sleepy cats, restless street dogs…all was in included in involuntary dance made by the object that has blocked the view…

A strange menacing figure was almost without any superfluous noise parked announced on the outskirts of a Town called Zagreb.

Yeah, I know you expected Washington, London maybe even Lisbon but the City of Zagreb was the target, for now, for unknown reasons…

Maybe you were watching too many Hollywood movies, I tell you one thing, they are not exactly projections of reality…

A great, black shadow covered almost all parts of the city called Novi Zagreb. Novi Zagreb was the place where the young families would start their life journey, and also a great place for Students and dog lovers. Novi Zagreb is brimming with green areas, you could say it is part of the city that doesn’t have any historical value but it is part of the city that was built right….Not everything has been turned into mountains of concrete and with so much green it is definitely not the epitome of asphalt jungle, like many other areas of the city that have been devasted by constant unnecessary construction.

If you are young and a student this would be definitely a place for you, especially if you are not exactly covered with money.

This was the case for our unsuspecting hero. he got up like every morning, brush his teeth, and smelled the shirt from last night…it was smelly but it will do. He thought.

Something was strange, every morning here started with an avalanche of young voices and sounds of playful dogs, who are awaiting orders from their masters or nervously waiting for the usual cup of coffee to be drunk and then they can run on many green fields, having fun.

Nothing can be heard, absolutely nothing, and no deliveries have been delivered to the store under him….the noise of the truck going backward delivering goods many times was his alarm clock. But this strange morning the usual alarm cloak in the form of the truck was simply not there.

He thought: maybe I have overslept, it would be the first time….that party and that girl from last night was something else…Man, that girl was crazy good-looking and smart.

A perfect ten, and don’t fall in love you big hung now…we have already too many problems without love …

I am not ready to be a Romeo calling my Julia on the balcony, carrying flowers, holding hands, and all that expressions that young man does to captivate the attention of a beloved one.

I am still too young, but yeah that was one fine, smart good looking woman, femininity was screaming out of her, it was like I was in some trance, everything that I said came out right, and every word hit the target, strike the cord with this girl….like I was in the “zone” I could not miss a single shot.

All was nothing but a net.

I dint mind the silence, for a change, it was an excellent feeling…I could get used to this form of silence, not every day but a few days in a week would be more than manageable.

For some reason this girl would not leave my head, it was like she planted something in my brain, my conscience…it felt like she was literally calling me. like a siren’s call to a lost sailor, for some reason like a bewitched sailor I could not resist this invisible call…

OK cool off, you are too young to be in love…I was in love before but nothing serious. My love always lasted a few weeks.

I wanted to finish college, get a degree, a good job, and then I will be ready for love.

Focus, Remember the plan: college, degree, good job, and then a perfect woman and love.

My name was Mario, my friends called me Cassanova…honestly, for no reason, I could get a girl, I was good looking but I was not so successful in a matter of getting girls’ attention…this nickname was plastered to me for my relentless endurance and stubborn faith that I can get any girl, no matter what.

Many times I was given straight rejection, but I would come up with another plan, another angle of love attack, and many times girls’ will and girls’ defenses would be broken and shattered into million pieces. I would not sleep alone in my bed that night.

Being alone was fun but sometimes loneliness is a form of torture, people need somebody young or old, it’s a fact.

You just can talk about some stuff with your mates, it is not possible.

Some conversations must include a presence of a girl, it is what it is.

I got my smelly stale shirt from last night, got my pants, and sneakers, and following the usual morning ritual stormed outside with my bike…

I quickly came down using the stairs, it was only two floors to the ground level…but this strange silence was still there. By now I should hear something if nothing else birds singing…Nothing, there was no sound at all, All I could hear was a strong wind blowing from West, here and there the sound of a slamming door would break the silent grip that was all around.

I started to think about an old literary work that was popular when we were kids

Palle Alone in the World

The story is about a kid who wakes up one day and every living being is overnight gone, the whole city is empty and deserted.

maybe I am in the book right now, who knows … I started laughing…

Ah, probably some events are happening in the City, and this is the reason, why nobody is here…it would be not the first time something like that occurred to me….I didn’t care much about holidays, in many ways I was living in my own movie.

But you know some movies and some books have a strange habit to come alive when you least expected…and this, this was one of these days….

I opened slowly the entrance doors,agin nothing just eery silence spreading far and wide…

OK, this is strange, but nothing yet to worry about…

I am sure somebody will eventually make a sound, I will hear something and all this cold embarrassing feeling of abandonment will disperse in seconds.

But I hear nothing and now 5 minutes were past on my hour….or worse I dint see anything…it felt like anyone has been vaporized into thin air.

The car before me was in perfect condition, the train that was on the tracks on my right side was still humming, but nobody was behind the steering wheel…traffic lights were working, changing colors. red, yellow, and green but nobody was in the intersection to make a left turn, right turn, or go straight.

A fleet of cars was just standing there, many of them still running, but there were no drivers in them…There were no people around me, none….

Has the book come to life, I Am “Pale Alone in the World”?

What is happening here, this cant be a sick feels too real and this is too big an operation to scare a student shitless, out of his young mind.

What would be the point of this gigantic operation, I am not that important, I am just a student… who does what college student does, drink, eat, chase pretty girls, and after all that action, the next day, sleep late.

Wait I am a character in a kid’s book?

Me Mario called “Cassanova”?!?

I am sure soon I will wake up from this dream and the world will be world again…I like being alone but this is definitely too much “reality” even for an introvert like me.

Wait, if this is a dream or some kind of dream state, was this perfect girl from last night real, or just a mirage?

For Some Weird UNEXPLAINABLE REASON, I WAS MORE WORRIED ABOUT A girl than about the fate of the silent world that was emerging around me with every my next step.

She was imprinted in my mind, I could not get her out of my brain…yes, yes I remember now her name was Marija, Marija Orsic…!

She had the most beautiful face and smile that could robe the whole world without any resistance, and hair so long you would believe she is the lady from the Grimm’s fairytales.

Marija told me she was from the City….and when the next day something strange happens, I should go and visit her…

I said: what do you mean strange, Jurassic Park strange or E.T strange?

She smiled back: I pick the second choice E.T . strange…

How I am gonna visit you if you do not want to give your address…

she said with a straight face; because I live in space

I was drunk, no problem lady with beautiful Alien blue eyes then this young man will be your Astronaut…

Mission control, mission control…they are telling me all is ready for lift-off…

She said, smilingly: my dear astronaut, be careful; what you wish.

You know some dreams do come true.

I said in my drunken state: I hope so, pointing at her….

If I wanted to be abducted and probed by the aliens I choose YOU!

anyway, what would be alien lady doing at a college party?

ha, answer this question….I was wobbling like jelly left on the Sunday table.

She would be looking for the Boy….she smiled again.

damn, I think I am gonna marry you, maybe not right now, but in a few upcoming years for sure…hahaha

You pretty lady, you, are on the top of my list for, a hundred eleven percent,

I know I am drunk right now, I think I ammm…. and I can hardly talk….but here is one provoking thought: I am in love with you, seriously….

it does not matter to me if you are an Alien, Mars Venus, or Saturn

all is good to me.

She was standing, there looking at me with those two blue penetrating eyes, just smiling….

She said to me, then we have a deal: we will see each other tomorrow, just don’t sleep too long, she gave me a wink.

That was that, I was pushed by other fine college men, who also have misfortune and obviously problems with the gravitational pull, for a second I looked behind me when I turned back my Alien lady from Mars or Venus was gone…

Back to the present day, I was still looking for signs of life…I maybe watched too many movies but I was not reckless…I didn’t call for help or shout like an idiot if anyone is there.

Stay quiet, silence is the key here… I was a sneaky bastard on the mission, if nothing else I will use any still operating vehicle at my disposal, to try to reach my Space lady, maybe this is the way how this dream ends….

You reach the destination given to you by person X, in this case, adorable space lady, and when you reach the goal, boom you are wide awake and dreamland is gone.

I always wanted to drive an expensive car, I am a student I don’t have much money, but this, this my friend was the chance of a lifetime to try and feel a roaring beast with 400-500 horsepower under my thighs…when, if not now..hahaha

Then I noticed that is almost 10 a.m., no Sun?

I looked up and there it was a freaking UFO, a big unmovable object was hovering silently above my head…I was so preoccupied with this tormenting silence, though never occurred to me to look up and see what could be the main cause for this strange disappearance of all that is living.

To my amazement I was not scared, why should anyone be scared in his own dream, it is a stupid notion and not very smart behavior.

I said to myself: I will find the Car that suits me and my role in this dream state…why not live for once…

I remembered where the guy of questionable morals parked his red Ferrari, he was an idiot of epic proportion, but when you got money many things are forgiven, I wonder why? (sarcasm)

I passed three crossroads, soon I should be there….I was followed by scrutinizing silence, it was out of this world…can you imagine the world without one dog bark in place that should be brimming with all kinds of noises, cars, people, children, and tram passengers…all that was gone, taken away from me in one drunken night.

There he was, Ferrari, keys were in the ignition. I used a button to start the car, Imideatelly I felt intoxicated by the power of the red beast, it was glorious, the best howled a few times and I was off…I got the feeling that this time the city traffic will be not a problem, not at all.

Old Streets of Zagreb were phantoms filled with nostalgia and impossible stillness. Me, I didn’t care, I was the second cousin of Nikki Lauda at that moment…I was a man on the mission, the chosen one, chasing the exit out of this twisted apparition.

Who wants to be imprisoned in his own dream? not me that one thing is for sure.

I was driving fast and in a matter of seconds, I could see a bridge that led to the city.

I crossed the lonely bridge of the river Sava, and in a matter of 10 or 20 minutes I will be able to reach my goal, the town center of Blue City.

Again as I come closer to the city center, I become cautious, maybe would be wise to park a few blocks away from the city center, who knows what creatures may infest the heart of Blue City?

Maybe this dream is not my own?… this thought was silently suffocated torturing my capability to think.

O.k,o.k calm down, you are the main protagonist in this story, you are the hero.

Will my beautiful Alien lady be there as she proclaimed the night before, am I an idiot here who can wake up from his own stupid, degenerate dream?

Too many questions and too few answers….why all stories must be so difficult? I thought loudly.

Hero meets the girl of his dream, she finds him, they fall in love, and get married in a giant floating spaceship…

The end.

There will be part two, I got everything in my head, but I need some rest.