Some days I don’t give a damn

Some days I feel more than a man

Some days life is more

Some days life is a bore

Some days life is a river

Some days life is a deceiver

Some days there will be a moment

Some days are without the torment

Some days the Sun is Jackil and Hide

Some days the Sun is by my side

Some days I could care less

Some days I am not even impressed

Some days I fell alone

Some days the pain is in every bone

Someday the pain will be gone

What I do, I am marching through

My truth takes my places

I see old faces

They smile, and I smile back

I know I am on the right track

it is a fact that can’t be stolen back

the person I knew is gone, stripped down to flesh and bone

what is left is not a theft

It is the real me

The real me can see

and I don’t even need to snap my fingers or count to three.

Some days are long

Some days I feel strong

Some days life is a strange

Some days this all will change

some days are looking bad

Some days life seems sad

Some days I will know even more

Some days this life will become a bore

Some days life is filled with Magick

Some days are just another tragic

Sun in me gives me to power to see

Freedom is not just an expression

but a life lived well as an exemption

Life is a misty road filled with many ugly toads

Someday I will you take there, to the place of eternal care

beyond the silly riches and smiling deluded horny preachers

come with me, before I am gone

some things here must be done

There is no wrong complexion, this life here is

not a dirty election

It is a path and search for old glory

hidden in the forbidden dormitory

many here just sleep and piss

another life lost and lived without the bliss

they don’t really exist but ignorance of them still persists

Some days I really don’t care

Some days life is just another strange affaire

someday, the day will come

Someday we will see a total fall of Rome

some days there will be a storm

some days this will be the new norm

Someday new man will be born

Someday reality will be torn

Some day life will be just another close call

Someday sky will not fall

someday there will be a giant dancing ball

Born away from lunacy

Born away from this upside-down Silent Hill pharmacy

Born away from depraved that can’t be saved

Born away from the bad things

Born away from all that what can’t sing

Born away with a different set of strings

Someday I will come home

Someday I will sit on my Throne

Someday I will be just…


I chose perfection not a deadly injection…


  1. Truly great, HP, thank you. I’m somewhere between you and Jack. Some of the depraved may be salvageable but it seems that most of them are so far gone they are under some kind of sorcerer’s spell. The Hidden Hand definitely employs black magic spells and evil sorcery upon the masses but if you try to inform them of that, they’ll treat you like you just escaped from a psycho ward. Oblivion awaits them. The cat is indeed a sacred animal, the ancient Egyptians, who were Aryans and whose culture was derived from survivors of Atlantis, thought so. They would execute anyone who harmed a cat. That policy should always be in place and ubiquitous but alas not in this Kali Yuga. After the cleansing of the cosmic petrie dish or Ragnarok, that among so many other things will change.

    • Thank you, brother. Fire is the last solution, I am talking to them and I just shake my head in disbelief and wonder how far they have fallen in a matter of just a few years.

      The solution: do you shoot a wounded animal who suffers or prologue her fate, are you doing a favor to this animal or do you just can’t let go in the name of old times, who will never come back?
      Why I am using the term animal, are they humans anymore or walking talking programmable matter/ machines…Everything has a soul, even the stone, but maybe we will need to learn to let them go…

      And it is not just pulsating vibration or frequencies from the idiot box, it goes deeper, all I can talk with them is in the range of general Kurtoasia, at best.

      Time will tell as they say.

      Cheers, All the Best.

  2. Personally, I feel that even the most depraved man or woman can be saved but I don’t think anyone who has taken the deadly injection can be. Using the system of no less a sage than George Berkeley Free Will is the requisite for defining spirit over an object which has no existence beyond its perception by a spirit. Even animals have free will, they chose who they love and where they eat and sleep, as personified by our sacred animal the cat. Every day it becomes more and more apparent that many among us no longer have this capacity and they will do just what the technology behind the deadly injection tells them to do.

    • I tend to agree with you, they maybe can mimic human behavior but definitely something is terribly wrong with them, they lack raw logic, and empathy is still there, but more like some weird derivate of something that happened in their bodies than the true, sincere care for other living being…Plus they started to get on my nerves…it is like talking to children,7 years old children, children who make the same mistakes over and over again. That was the case before 2019 but these days like effect is amplified, their foolishness is just on another level then in 2019. The digression of the minds is becoming visible, and soon, maybe an obvious contagious problem for those who are living in this place.
      Perhaps there is a solution, but when the soul is gone what is left? do you salvage a broken car or just build another, better version of the previous one?

    • “Personally, I feel that even the most depraved man or woman can be saved.”
      It is true, you don’t have to believe, that one act of true sacrifice for others will take a long way in the eyes of the sacred.
      There are no forgivable sins
      there are no unapproachable twins
      All is on the table, in this colorful fable
      what will be: the great win?
      or downfall and the cold embrace of menacing sin.

      I think you gonna like my next poem and story, it is talking about the unforgivable sin.

      Cheers brother, have a drink on me.
      All the Best.


          I defy your defiance
          It’s all lies in alliance
          I’ve been damaged, left in ruin
          ‘Cause I’m broken, flawed and human
          (Kill me)
          (Kill me)
          (Kill me)

          You drove the stake in my worst mistake
          Now I’m the one left alone
          Brought out the evil that’s the devil in me
          And now I’m on my own inside the dark unknown
          You told the lie you believed in me
          Lights dimming low, lost the glow
          You are the sin and so sinister
          I’m just the soul you owe
          The who you left unwhole

          I defy your defiance
          It’s all lies in alliance
          I’ve been damaged, left in ruin
          Because I’m broken, flawed and just human
          Heaven’s sake is forsaken
          Didn’t create all creation
          I’ve designed my undoing
          Because I’m broken, flawed and just human

          You were the anger in all my danger
          Old habits keep me this cold
          You killed the light that enlightened me
          My ark of dark afloat, now I’ve lost all my hope
          The spoiled child among all the children
          The troll controlling me
          You are the ire that fueled my fire
          Stab my stability, I’m my worst enemy

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