All that is written here, below is a work of pure fiction, I can’t be held liable for your stupidity, this is not call for a violence but a presentation of a fictional world and fictional thought that has been not inspected with the right set of eyes. Till now…

What happens when Tv set-SETH is your king or queen…

What happens to the fragile human mind?

Enslaved for all eons or there is a solution for zombified masses…

Is there a cure, if it is..does anyone want to talk about it.

The cold towel on your head or the ultimate weapon of choice: a tin foil hat.

Comet ISON-Comet SION

Comet ISON, formally known as C/2012 S1, was a sungrazing comet from the Oort cloud which was discovered on 21 September 2012 by Vitaly Nevsky and Artyom Novichonok.

What happens when pulsating frequency hits the drooling idiot’s brain?

He wakes up from his usual slumber or he becomes an active weapon? polluting the minds of not mentaly broken people, spouting his “valiant” thought in the aether, aided by criminal towers located at every corner.

Do we have the right to euthanize something that is just clockwork and lightbulbs but presented as human…

Will in the end all roads lead in this direction, unavoidably…

What are you gonna do when nice people will come for you and your family?

Are these mimics still human, somewhere, or all they are going through human motions, aiding the twisted vision of their Queen, like ants or bees?

The problem remains you are still seeing humans, and nobody wants to be that first guy…I mean what if you are wrong and somehow this possessed being, the plagiator of humankind can miraculously come back?

Must we kill humanity in ourselves,becomming savages, and do what is comming down the line?

El is Telling You A VIsion of fabricated Reality, it will fall onto your unsuspecting mind like Cometh Ison/Sion

Si/on is ON

Are they On?, THINGS, not humans….You could say a decent conclusion of Carpenters movie from The Thing 1982 Film

Or these things armed with the Protocols of Zion as the main program, and no matter how much your heart desires to see them as humans they are there to pick up your words, and your thought, and put you on the “List”.

Not Shindlers’s List, a movie that literally is made up by the book but now is a synonym for the event that didnt happen.

Survival of the fittest

You can train the whole day, and be the baddest MF Rambo and Conan put together, BUTT if you when the time comes you will have no guts to kill once your flesh and blood…

All that sweat, all that blood, and shooting on the training range was for nothing.

And trust me I am in the same boat as you, many of my family members did take the engineered poison in the form of saviors injections…

I am not here and behaving like a monkey drumming on my chest and doing the victory laps…
Screaming like some village idiot, see I was right! now give me my special medal!

Nobody wants to talk about it, it is too much, it is not human….but what if you, me, we all are left only with this option, and we all are just prolonging the inevitable?

The storm is on the Horizon

This storm is not like any other, it has no menacing rainy clouds or stormy weather, and there is no thunder and lightning in the distance as a warning sign… but it is there hidden inside your apartment, your house, your beloved bakery, in your street, and your City.

There is a popular game called Fallout 4

When nuclear bombs have fallen you must leave the protection of your shelter and be the ultimate Fighter with no heart only that way you can storm the troubles that await you in a desolated, heartless world. A world filled with cannibalism, followed by the tribalism of the worse kind, anything and everything wants to eat you or cook you.

Are we not there already, or we all are just pretending that if we can make it through this one day, the next will be better?

If the Sun is still shining, nothing has changed.

Many “Truthers” out there are awaiting the alien invasion project, but the truth is they are already among us.

Borg from Star Trek are here, in your living room and on the tram station, hidden waiting to be activated, to hear the seductive voice of their Queen. To feel her Bliss.

Executable exe on this bipedal automatons is on, day and night, listening, recording, patiently waiting to strike.

Is the injection project a fallen, DOOMED PROJECT as a global, internationalist project, extremely debatable thought…is the human soul untouchable, unreachable, or doorway is created for malign forces from the darkness of the void.

These Things, former humans, or elevated NPCs are now some organic portal for Evil?

Was this the main purpose of saving the grandma and grandpa and now the safe zee children project?

Hacking the human animal…

What is human, is he something that sees beyond the animalistic pleasures, or was he ripe to be taken and engineered into new species, devoided from empathy and true love?

When you look around yourself, do you wish to save this world or do you wish to see him burn, because there is nothing here that deserves to be saved?

As a “former” soldier you can be effective on the battlefield if you don’t have a real reason to come back from the war. If this reason is not there you are just another sycophant with the gun on the battlefield wishing to take another man’s life.

There is no HONOR in that.

I will leave you with that thought.

Burden in My Hand

“Burden in My Hand” is a song by the American rock band Soundgarden. Written by frontman Chris Cornell, “Burden in My Hand” was released on September 18, 1996, as the second single from the band’s fifth studio album, Down on the Upside.

No Voices In the Sky

It was one of these days when nothing feels the same

it was one of those things, cold and fringe

It was one of those thoughts that could be not bought

life is a precious gift, sometimes swollen by a robotic mind

sometimes betrayed by your kind

Life is a sweet encore to the hidden door

all who pray, suffer the decay

loud and clear the thunder is comming near

blasphemy and shadows dancing this silly awkward dance

trust and corny lust are hidden in this deadly romance

Fools and broken minds together in deceitful trance

Nobody will ever know how deep it goes

why open the red vein, why suffer in the dark

loneliness is sometimes a way of the human arc

Do you wear the mark?

It was one of those days when the Sun desperately prays

it was one of those kind that can not be find

It was one of those dreams never to be seen

it was one of those plans, that can

Smoldering fish served as a forgotten dish

another unworthy cliche

another fallen attache

another niche

another Friedrich Nietzsche

There are no voices in the sky

does love ultimately, must die

do creeks and rivers must cry

so these bastards can finally fry?

F you all heathens and goodbye.

don’t ask me why?

It was one of those days when Earth is standing still

blinded by men’s arrogant will

It was one of those nights, without bars fights

It was one of those dreams, looking for Stranger Things

It was one of these things that can be found if you don’t look around

what have you found, death, or love for death

bed without the red flowers, a wounded animal that is flawless

without the beautiful naked mistress

calling you in distress

fallen naked bodies, fallen persecuted twins

unborn sin, cataclysmic planet Mars

listening to the ever-closing Wars

bringing broken cars

broken minds

broken tides

swollen pride

and one hallowed Goodbye

It was one of these things that doesn’t bring

anything at all just a superficial wall

It was one of these days when nobody prays

all that has been written dies wrapped up in sweet lies

It was one of those plays that bring a song of better days

nothing or all, more or gore, twist or wrist, dame or fame

Sound of the youth, the sound of middle age, the sound of an old age

a birthday cage

Golden parrot hails to the Svarog

he sings a song, that has no fault

he tells him a story of desecrated glory

he tells him all, even about the Fall

Fall of the Man, birth of another

that is better and smarter

This new MAN will not falter

He will touch the sky, he will hail the stars

he will know it all, without a bloody ball

Without the presence of planet Mars and his bought-up Wars

He will be just, without corroded trust

Russia and Ukraine will be now his domain

Brother is killing brother, sister is killing sister

All for giggling, fat and wobbly Prime Minister

Decadent crimes will be left behind

Fake Money will burn, and the world will turn

This MAN will be there because he care

It will be one of those days when decency and love

conquers all, no human body will ever again Fall

Like a used and wasted call

the promise of a new day, giving a humanity new way

chose or lose

faith or straight

God Or Dog

Merit or inherit

Love or glove

Born under the sign of the whitest white dove

Born under New star

Born under the New Sun

Born under New way

I tell you now, don’t pray, don’t bend the knee

or you will never be truly free

you need to Know, and only then you can go

Embrace the sunset, give a worm hug to the starry night for one last time

In the next world, there is no crime and no game of nickel and dime

lose your pride, she is not by your side

decide…or be

this song ends…

wake up


count to three…


  1. Mind blowing, HP. You most definitely have a knack for getting to the essence of things. Truly, if there is nothing worth dying for, there’s nothing worth living for. I particularly enjoyed your comment that the aliens people keep gazing skyward for are already here. My sentiments exactly. There’s a whole slew of them in this town right here. Most of them have beady eyes, big hook noses, and rat-like faces. “The show of their countenance doth witness against them.” Many of them adhere to a gutter religion based on enmity for the rest of humanity and a perverse sexualis psychopathia. Many do not but just employ that as a cloak to cover the truth of their biological reality. Either way, they remain our deadliest and most ancient enemy and unless our people come to terms with that and take appropriate action, the sojourn of the Aryan on this earth will terminate in a most horrendous manner.

  2. Beautiful and very timely. I have been wrestling with the questions you put forth but not as clearly as you did. It was a gift to see this in my mail this morning. I read it then read it again it stayed with me all day. I found my resolve growing stronger and i felt lighter. Thank you. Also you have a great comment section. Seraphim wrote a very moving comment this morning.

    • Thank you Cathy, it means a lot.
      Its funny what a few hours, plenty of sleep, some focused meditation, and resultant realisation can do for you…
      No need for the tin foil hat, or even the axe today, as the waves have been abated and their potential true source determined.
      We truly are in the midst of a war here, and the unseen enemy (or enemies), are far more dangerous, and insidious, than the enemies we can see and know so much about already…
      This war is also being fought unseen, like most of the past wars, what the plebian slaves see is just theatre and distraction. The weapons employed are done so not on this physical plane, and hence they are harder to counter unless you know how…
      After my last post here I’m taking the kid gloves off, especially if my realisations are confirmed. At the point at which this investigator finds the evidence, they will see the fiery serpent that has kept his flame dampened, and be burnt to ashes…
      We are in August now, and thanks to Phil I’ve had my head back in the charts. In the excitement of the last six months I’d forgotten what August has in store for us all…
      So, enjoy today’s Full Moon in Aquarius, expect any collaborations to take flight! And any activist or community projects could make a powerful impact at this time.
      Today’s is the first of two Full Moons this month (the other being on the 30th in Pisces, and it will be one hell of a blue moon).
      And Cathy, this one’s for you…
      A layer of energetic opportunity is peaking at the moment, the Lion’s Gate is opening. Every year when the Sun is in Leo and Sirius moves closer to Earth and aligns with Orions Belt the Lion’s Gate opens. This started on 28 July and will continue until 12 August, but the date to bear in mind is 8 August, officla activation day for the gate. This is a time where new levels of consciousness are infused unto the planet and also each of us individually. Use this time to birth a new and undeniably heightened level of dedication to your ascension process. I sense you are going to be offered a piece of Alice’s cake that makes her grow, use the power of 8, align your heart, and embody the leo traits of courage, Strength, and expression. Allow yourself some downtime, and open up as you have a gift coming….
      You may feel fatigued, anxious or moody during this time, but use such as a transformative barometer to change the pressure within and you will emerge recalibrate, nurtured, and ready to face the new paradigm of this world…
      Take care and all the very best everyone

  3. The devil box was its name when I was young, from a shelf in a science experiment lab where it had been sitting for 2 decades it had originally been used in experimental tests to contact the dead from the either , now it is being utilised to tell lies in vision and doing it superbly, we live in boxes, travel to and from boxes then come home and watch the box ,

  4. Beautifully astute observation my friend…
    The storm of unseen frequency waves are starting to play havoc, even on those that didn’t take the fated injections it seems…
    There is a malaise that has descended over this land, on the heels of the oppressive heat that manifested according to the bidding of those that peddle falsehoods and disasters of their own making…
    This depression is spreading like ripples from a dropped stone on the waters. Every day now I witness another suicide of one whom the day before was trudging through their own personal hell, a groundhog day of despair and lost hope, lost love, lost will…
    They are racking up and filling the morgues, whilst for everyone with the bravery and will to end it all (or so they think), there are another three who break, and shatter into a million disparate pieces, signed off sick and resigned to a non-life (that they see as an improvement to the groundhog druggery stretch out before then on their journey towarda deaths on prison planet earth).
    I do not relish the days to come, and in truth would join those that have departed this world if there wasnt something tethering me here in the now, in this time. But right now I’m contemplating the tin foil hat, anything to stop these incessant waves from flowing over and into me with it’s seeping depression…
    Either that or it will have to be the axe, and that darn mast over the road will have to come down!
    Thanks HP for your continued excellent work and inspiring words, once I get my heart and mind back in the game I’ll have to start contributing as you’re putting me to shame lol.

    • Don’t worry about it, we all here have a special set of gifts…as they say, your time will come.

      Thank You.

      All the Best, my friend.

  5. I posted the wrong image at the end, below, but I think it looks good…maybe i will change it, or not…

    Thank you if you have read my Article, leave a comment, like or share if you wish…
    Give me the reason if you like my writing so I maybe can write even more, like many others I do all this for free.

    My reward is your comment or like it is that simple.

    Cheers, guys, and gals have a wonderful day.

    • Drove sixteen hours yesterday and just woke up surrounded by deer and my cousin’s great black hounds. I got a lot of stuff to do today I leave tomorrow night so let me just say you really nailed it on this one HP. Keep em coming.

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