Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode 9, 10 & 11 (substack.com) Walking on a rural road the bloody Doppelgänger stops and removes a red bandana from a post. Flying over eastern South Dakota Gordon Cole takes a call from Colonel Davis  Informing him of the discovery of Garland Briggs‘ body in Buckhorn on the west side of South Dakota. Cole detours his pilot after asking Diane to accompany them since she is familiar with Blue Rose cases. The bandana marks a ranch whose occupants have been murdered by the Doppelganger’s assassins Hutch and Chantal who are waiting there for him. Cole takes another in flight phone call from Warden Murphy, who tells him that “Cooper” has escaped.  In flight Diane gets a text from the Doppelgänger saying “around the dinner table the conversation is lively,” The Doppelgänger calls Duncan Todd and tells him the job, meaning the murder of “Dougie,” better be done the next time he calls. He then tells Hutch and Chantal to kill Warden Murphy. In an effort, perhaps, to clue in the three stooges; T. Fusco, D. Fusco, and “Smiley” Fusco, who head up the investigation of the Las Vegas police, Bushnell Mullins tells them “dam strange business […]

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