Walking on a rural road the bloody Doppelgänger stops and removes a red bandana from a post. Flying over eastern South Dakota Gordon Cole takes a call from Colonel Davis  Informing him of the discovery of Garland Briggs‘ body in Buckhorn on the west side of South Dakota. Cole detours his pilot after asking Diane to accompany them since she is familiar with Blue Rose cases. The bandana marks a ranch whose occupants have been murdered by the Doppelganger’s assassins Hutch and Chantal who are waiting there for him. Cole takes another in flight phone call from Warden Murphy, who tells him that “Cooper” has escaped.  In flight Diane gets a text from the Doppelgänger saying “around the dinner table the conversation is lively,” The Doppelgänger calls Duncan Todd and tells him the job, meaning the murder of “Dougie,” better be done the next time he calls. He then tells Hutch and Chantal to kill Warden Murphy. In an effort, perhaps, to clue in the three stooges; T. Fusco, D. Fusco, and “Smiley” Fusco, who head up the investigation of the Las Vegas police, Bushnell Mullins tells them “dam strange business first his car blows up and then somebody tries to kill him.” When Mullins leaves the room the stooges discuss among them that “there is nothing and I mean nothing on our Mr. Douglas Jones prior to 1997.”  “No drivers license no passport no social, class records, tax records, no birth certificate.”  –Season 3, Episode 9; 12:00-13:00. Cooper and Janey-E sit in the lobby of the LAPD. Cooper fixates between the flag and the red high heel shoes of a passing woman. He then focuses on an electrical outlet. The Fusco’s arrest bandaged Ike the Spike at his hotel as he is skipping town. They tell him “we have your palm print.” “As a matter of fact Ike we have your whole palm…” -Season 3, Episode 9; 20:00. Bobby visits his mother with Frank and Hawk and she gives them a mysterious cylinder Major Brigg’s, who clearly was precognizant of their current visit twenty-five years ago, had stashed in a chair waiting for them. Cole, Albert, Diane, and Preston meet Knox and Macklay at the Buckhorn Police Department to view Briggs’ body. Diane stays behind in the lobby and reads a text reading “AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY.” Macklay explains the circumstances of the body being found as they go to the morgue where Talbot waits. Macklay then notes that William Hastings and Ruth Davenport had been blogging about alternate dimensions. Albert notes the incorrect age of the body and Cole pulls him aside and they connect it to Cooper. They return and Talbot shows them Dougie’s ring found inside the body, prompting Cole to wish to speak to Hastings. Jerry thinks he hears his foot tell him “I am not your foot.” He grabs it screaming “go away” and falls to the ground. -Season 3, Episode 9; 33:00. Frank and Hawk try to open the cylinder given to them by Betty, amusing Bobby, who says they must go back outside to open it. Bobby throws it on the ground, which causes it to make a noise. He then throws it down again […]
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