in a phone call from their car Gene and Jake, her hit men, report to Lorraine, presumably the woman Duncan gave the job too, that they are thus far unable to assassinate Dougie Jones. Frustrated, she tells them they are going to get her killed and sends a message to her contact “ARGENT.” At the morgue  Talbot, Macklay and Harrison  stand over the headless corpse of the as of yet unidentified Major Briggs. Talbot tells them that her autopsy shows the man hadn’t eaten for days but he did have a ring in his stomach. She shows them a wedding band and on it is an inscription that reads; “To Dougie, with love, Janey-E.” Season 3, episode 5; 4:00–5:00. Evil Cooper looks in the mirror of his prison cell and sees BOB’s features start to materialize on his face and says “you’re still with me, that’s good.” – Season 3, episode 5; 7:00. Dougie’s car is now being targeted by car thieves. Anthony Sinclair tells Cooper that he’s covered for Dougie’s absence and during the meeting, as Sinclair presents a report Cooper sees a green light on him and suddenly blurts out in front of everyone that he’s lying without explaining why. Dougie’s boss Bushnell Mullins  questions his accusation in private after the meeting and when Cooper doesn’t explain he gives him a pile of case files to assess by the next day. While his mother is passed out on drugs, the little boy living in the home across from Dougie’s car goes outside to examine it. He is shooed away by a gang now trying to steal the car. When they start the engine the bomb under Dougie’s car explodes, killing several members of the gang. The boy runs back to his home. Hearing him coming back in, his mother slowly wakes up and stares deliriously at the door. Dr. Jacoby begins his webcast as “Dr. Amp.” He is dressed in rags but the overall effect of his ensemble makes him appear like a caricature of an SS officer. His bow tie even has lightning bolts on each side and his glasses with red and blue lenses make it look like he is wearing an eye patch Dr. Amp “Its seven o’clock do you know where your freedom is? Coming to you live and electrified from studio A high atop the escarpments on Whitetail Peak, the roof, ruff ruff, of the American Hindu Kush this is Dr. Amp doing the vamp for liberty, climbing the ramp to justice and lighting the lamp of freedom. So, what’s on your mind tonight? You know I’m going to tell you what’s on mine. We’re sinking down into the mud. And the fucks are at it again! The same vast, global corporate conspiracy, different day! You can’t see it without a cosmic flashlight. Guess what? I’ve got one. Oh yeah. And its beam, it penetrates the igneous rock of ignorance. It flips that rock over and there they are, exposed. Wriggling, squirming, crawling on their bellies like foul maggots. Frantically racing back to the cover of darkness that they so crave! […]
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