From deep below a strange liquid substance was pouring from the tinny hole made in the earth, it looked like oil, but it was more cohesive and oily than what humans would call Oil.

This liquid had strange viscosity and agility, it was dark but shiny in an unnatural way that could not be described, one has to see this anomaly comming from Mother Earth.

The oily substance started to move in the cyclical matter, creating a vortex high as 4 meters, and then without any signs of disturbance plunged into itself becoming again just a black pool of oily unusual liquid, for an untrained eye just an oil surfacing on the specific spot.

High above two researchers are looking below them, for any sign of animal activity…

Russian Tundra was a vast, very remote, and desolate place to be, somedays you will find what you are after but many times you would be out of luck and come home empty-handed.

Jurij was an Aeroflot decorated pilot, now he had his own firm, flying around enthusiasts, scientists, and here and there drunken rock stars from all parts of the world.

These two geeks behind him were, something between scientist and enthusiast…

They talked a lot but many times Jurij would just give them a silent nod, as if he would care but truth be told he could care less if these two idiots would find anything or not…

For him this was just another route and another cargo in human form, doing what they are supposed to do…but mostly be annoying and loud.

In a glimpse of a moment he thought he have seen something black, rising in the air…but upon closer inspection, it was one of those oil smudges that you could see all over the Eastern part of Russia.

For some unknown reason, he said to those two adventures:

Hey, guys, do you want to see, something weird?

I hate to bring you home without anything interesting to report…it is just an oil surfacing on the snow below us..there…he pointed below him in the southwest direction 500 meters from the big Geysir that has been bursting with smoldering hot white steam.

Jack and Rose looked at each other and unanimously said: yes, take us down!

These two were looking for wolves and charting their routes, they were an animal behavioral scientist, but at this point having seen nothing for a few days, anything would do, to break the curse…at least so they thought.

A small plane has taken one circle around the target, a standard piloting maneuver so Jurij can find the best spot to land, and soon the plane landed in the snow below them, it stopped just 50 meters from the Geysir.

What could a say Jurij was always a show-off, especially in the presence of a fine, beautiful lady.

Jack was well built for his age, he was in the early fifties, and Rose was around 35, a very attractive woman but a little bit goofy and clumsy from time to time.

These two were just colleagues so Jurij like a shark smelled the blood in the water and waited for night to strike this lady with his Russian charm and a few glasses of the finest vodka. His final punch to undress this lady of science would be his irresistible Russian accent, which always worked especially with ladies from the Western parts of the world.

But this bold plan will have to wait, first, he must give these two something worth the money that these two have paid…

Jack; it is always so quiet in the Tundra, I can’t hear not one bird in our close vicinity… don’t you think this is strange Jurij?

Maybe the plane engine scared them away, don’t worry, we are safe here, even in this white desert ….

Jack: If you say so…he gave him a look.

Rose just jumped out of the plane: it is so quiet…it is always like that here Jurij?

No, Rose, I was just telling your friend, we probably scared them, what else could be a Bear?

Bear…Rose said it quietly like a mouse, with fear in their voice…

Calm down Rose, it was a joke this is not a Bear country, but you should find out by now your wolves….this is what worries me if you want the truth.

Wolves howl from time to time, they interact with each other, especially if someone has invaded their territory…but nothing can be heard….so far…which is strange, and I don’t like it.

He had Kalashnikov AKV-521 Rifle, ready for use and dispatch anything with teeth into the animal heaven, but it remained quiet, too quiet for his liking.

The only thing that was giving any sound beside them and the cold wind was that Geysir… and that blubbery, odd-looking Black Oil.

Jurij said to himself: OK I will give them 1 to 2 hours to explore the surroundings and then we are out of here, this doesn’t look good…

Jurij was a veteran in this field, he could spot when nature was out of sync, how many times you hear folk stories about the people who went on the trip and in perfect weather they never came back…only what has been found was their clothes and equipment.

No blood, no signs of violent struggle, and no traces of predators who could dare to attack the campsite.

Jurij, definitely would not want to be part of this strange, horrifying, and well-documented statistic.

Jack was looking at Geysir and Rose decided to go and see a black stain on the surface…

Rose.Roseeee!!!,don’t go too close, it is not safe!

You can fall in, it’s not solid ground, and oil and fresh snow don’t mix well together.

Rose was, like obsessed, going closer and closer to the black substance, that was spread out on the white Tundras snow.


What the hell are you doing, you can die, stop it at once…..Rose!

Jack and Jurij had no choice, they run towards the Rose and the black spot on the ground…

Rose came closer, black strange looking oily substance started to vibrate, first slowly then violently…it was like a concerned desert rattlesnake waiting to attack oblivious prey who had the audacity to visit their realm ….


I must touch it, I must, Rose was in delirium…speaking a strange, alien language…

The black thing just in one move jumped on Rose, it covered Rose like a black mantle and then both after a few seconds passed fell on the white ground….

Jack started to run towards Rose without any caution, it was like this cold and calculated grip from this black mass a few seconds ago didnt happen…and Rose, Rose was still there on the his eyes she needed help.

Jurij tried to stop him, but Jack almost tore his arm out….he let him go to his destiny and spew a few Russian juicy curses.

Stupid Idiot…he cocked his weapon and started to aim at Rose, he will not go down here in the middle of nowhere saving these two idiots, who can’t even pronounce his name right….

Засранец (zasranets) —  Imagine if you took the English word for “diarrhea” and turned it into a verb, and then a person who performs that verb. A “shit-ass,” if you will.

Rose was on the ground, it looked like she was a snow white, sleeping, waiting for his prince to give her a releasing kiss of destiny, so she can finally wake up from the long dream and be happy.

Jack, arriving there keeps is all right, you are fine…we just need to take you somewhere warm.

To his surprise, Rose stood up, vertically, without moving, like an alien from space…


Rose didnt answer, she just stood there, her two beautiful eyes were filled with unspeakable darkness….then a horrifying scream invaded the tundra….Jake started to bleed out of his mouth and ears…

white snow, became red and Black thing started to swallow Jack….alive

Jurij: F this!, plane I need to reach the plane…

if I can start the plane then the only option is to reach a relative safety of an abandoned old Russian Radar Station,

there I can hide, survive the white death and maybe try to alert the army…

Rose and Jack became one entity, this entity had 4 legs and 4 arms, and two geeky heads were fused almost into one head…

Jurij was horrified, move!…move! you vodka-drinking Idiot…

Jurij started to run towards the small plane, behind him the Thing was learning how to move more efficiently, it seemed to Jurij like this thing was a newborn baby, trying to learn new moves, and adapt to new surroundings.

Jurij, Jurij…I know you want me… want Rose, don’t run you big Russian lover…

I have soo much love to give….we have so much love to give to you…

Go to hell!!!

Both of you, monsters!!!, I should never take this ride….Jurij you, idiot, now you really found it, this time the trouble is real.

Jurij jumped into a small plane, he desperately tried to start the engine, but the old flying machine did not want to show signs of life….f you too, you old piece of rust…he cursed his plane and jumped out of the plane…

Juuurijjj……wait for us…Jurriiijjjj….

Burn in Hell,монстры (monsters)…he started to run in the direction of safe haven, at least he thought that the old radar station will give him a chance to survive Russian winter, and this thing from the pits of hell…

Jurij, you always get into trouble, but this Ménage à trois is definitely not my thing.

He was not far, and there was still sunlight to be had, maybe even for 1 hour, enough time to reach the Radar station….

In the distance, after ten minutes of maniacal and exhausting run, he could finally see giant antennas on the horizon an obvious sign that he is on the right path.

As he come closer to the giant apparatus, he heard strange crackling….

F…This thing is on!

They will save me or kill me….I know how the military works….but anything is better than to be kissed by the Rose, and her partner in crime.

“Kiss from a Rose” from Seal started for no reason playing in his head, Jurij, Jurij you are truly crazy MF.

Only you and your twisted Russian mind can now add the soundtrack to this misery and horror.

Hahaha, no I won’t be kissed by this Rose….he changed the lyrics in his head, or by her ugly partner….he proudly added the next line of the Seal song.

Солдаты, вы меня слышите, откройте ворота!

Soldiers can you hear me, open the gate!

He started to punch almost with naked hands the metal fence with barbed wire, you hear me drunken F….ers

Rose and Jack had found the way, how to accelerate their fused bodies, and now this thing was running at least 50 km/h, and soon Jurij will become the next alien meal….if these idiots don’t open the door, or start shooting…

Shoot me, I don’t want to be a meal to this Black daemon, are you hearing….shoot…I know you are there!

Suddenly atmospheric pressure changed in the air and the hair on his arms and legs stood up….One pulse of bluish weapon has been launched into the now almost night…

Rose and Jack were the targets, first, the black liquid started to boil, then it started to change its appearance .like this thing could not decide it will be Jack or Rose…and then just imploded.

Black Thing was shattered into million of small pieces that immediately started to burn on the hardened, white snow… creating a
wet, pools of water in the places where they had fallen.
The Thing was death, and like at a press of a button, nature came to life.

Jurij, like the maniac he was, he was trying to light his cigarette, but to no avail, Jurij was wet through and through…and without any help he will certainly die here, on the outskirts of a safe heaven.

Then lights went on, Somebody in a military manner said: are there more? or this time it is just one…and scan this guy if he is infected….Burn him…

Burn him till nothing is left, we can compromise here…do it, do it Now!

White light out of tin air overwhelmed Jurij for a brief moment….then Disappeared.

He is clean, let him go!

Come, Jurij, before you freeze your pilot’s ass….Yes, we have been watching you, since you started your plane…We are not just an army, we are more than that…we know everything.

In many ways you are lucky that you three landed here, without us and our involvement you would speak alien in no time…this my friend is an ugly beast…Black Goo.


Black Goo, never heard or read about this alien fluid….Thing, Does Carpenters movie from 1982, ring a bell?

Still nothing…come, come inside…or you will freeze to death.

You must wonder why I am telling you all this, you are in luck, we just lost one cargo pilot, want the spot?

Thank you, thank you for saving my life but I rather wish to go home, when I am dry and warmed a bit.

Negative, this is your new home or I must execute you according to agreements with Earth governments…anyone who has seen this ugly black thing or has been in direct contact with this black intelligent fluid must be eliminated…no exemptions.

But I am clean….

I don’t know that….do, I?

Flyboy, are you in or out?

A strange male figure cocked his gun….

I am in, yes I am in!

Good, welcome to Station 17, soldier.

I am not a soldier…

Now you are… any more questions?


And Jurij, we don’t exist, according to that, You…

I don’t exist.

Wait you are not Russians?

, no my friend we are not,” We” are something else.

And, Jurij, you won’t be flying planes, planes are here outdated commodities…

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

The End or to be continued?

Comming Home

Pictures on the wall, death sitting in the mess hall

trick or treat, we will meet

The brightness of the sun love with no sound

love with the naked gun

You and nature are bound

Cosmos speaks, chose trick or treat

Are we all dead?

It is a funny feeling, being alone in the cold

be so maniacally bold

have you not been told?

Death looks like me,

Do you see?

It is the mourning of the Human race

most of the born-again are without the face

Hollow White Moon, are you in some silly cartoon?

The instant answer, or go to sleep with the question

wake up in one direction

wake with a mind infection

Lobotomized mind cant see right

this mind is out of reach of heavenly light

Once again we are on the shore, to ask about the score

to find the way, to taste bitter dismay

Are you happy now?

do you like this feeling, of throwaway killing?

specters on the door, ghosts knocking on the floor

do you still want to know the score?

Are you alone? leave the note

I was here…it this place in this time

I have left for you this rhyme

look for the sky, don’t cry

don’t ask why

Cowboys from hell are coming

World is slowing

Who are you, where are we?

Open the third eye and see

feel the borders, taste the fruitless disorder

Break the wall and tell them all

Cowboys from hell, are here for the bell

Emissaries from the lowest pits of the hell

take your gun and enjoy the fun

“Kill or to be killed”

Destiny must be fulfilled

is this a question here? come closer

you are the chosen

I tell you the word, You know the name of true True Lord

Be bold, set him free

Go long, pass the ball, and see him fall

The one-eyed bastard made this time a wrong call

This is not his ball

Are You happy now, when all crows are gone?

when the sky is burning? desire funneled like a steaming pyre

Fryday 13 is not a sin, there are no deadly twins

Kill the hollow moon, rape the fake sun

Be a MAN!

Your will, will be done

this comet is running home

this live wire is not for hire

Set Cowboys from hell, ring the bell

Worship of the Lord is now getting old

time to fold

time to fold the cards,

Black mass can kiss my ass

very fast

The last bone has been eternally lost, in winter there is no longer frost

The last flesh has ripped from my body, go and ask somebody

somebody who knows how time really flows

Sun is not fake, anymore

kill the distant whore

Lay down the dream, lay down the empty stream

Cowboys from hell, are not real, can you not tell

Golden hair is too much to bear

distance is bringing us together

life now is just a weightless feather

cross the ley lines, brake the shining signs

Blue rivers in your eyes, my walking paradise

dont think twice, listen to my advice and


stay with me, pray with me

be okay with me

this time the truth will rise

trust will arise

stay with me, fly with me

Golden shores and fair winds

are our hidden sins, our distant kin

The blues sea is our heart our sacred ground

do we want to be found?

Ever again,


beautiful friends?

Rise don’t analyze, too much or

you will lose your perfect touch

Your guiding light, the perfect beat of the perfect heart

the true creator of your inner art

The day has come when we must return to our home

Rome will fall, with all his thralls

and I say good riddance from us all

Take a plunge, your unromantic lounge

take a dive, enjoy the ride

suicide of broken souls, for who the bell tools

Rideers of the storm are finaly comming home

This song is desperately too long

I don’t feel cold

I am not on hold

I already left, without any theft

See you on the other side

Enjoy the ride!

Black No. 1

Type O Negative


She’s in love with herself
She likes the dark
And on her milk white neck
The Devil’s mark
Now it’s all Hallows Eve
The moon is full
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will
She’s got a date at midnight
With Nosferatu

Oh baby, Lilly Munster
Ain’t got nothing on you
Well when I called her evil
She just laughed
Well cast that spell on me
Boo bitch craft

Yeah you wanna go out ’cause it’s raining and blowing
You can’t go out ’cause your roots are showing
Dye ’em black, dye ’em black
Black, black, black, black No. 1
Black, black, black, black No. 1

Loving you, loving you, love
Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you, loving you, love, love
Loving you was like, loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead

Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead

Black, black, black, black No. 1
She dye’s ’em
Black, black, black, black No. 1
Black, black, black, black No. 1
Black, black, black, black No. 1
Black, black, black, black No. 1
Black, black, black, black No. 1

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