“For Whom the Bell Tolls”

Generation Z

Generation Z, colloquially known as Zoomers, is the demographic cohort succeeding Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha. Researchers and popular media use the mid-to-late 1990s as starting birth years and the early 2010s as the ending birth years

This above message is from fakepedia, but was the last human generation of beings with any grey matter generation Z? before all went into the digital mode, and later into realms of Virtual Reality?

If the Brains are the receiver and The eyes are VR set, so why do you need another false apparatus, like VR…you are again double-crossed, and your levels of stupidity are multiplied by factors x 2?

All you can hear these days is fear of AI, fear of robots, and silent takeover from the “ people “ who have coined terms like zoomers, boomers, truthers..etc, etc.

One school of thought found a way how to even further divide the human race..it is not enough that they are racing against each other all the time, they stepped a noch in their wicked game…

There are no more people who are older and have the necessary life experience, they are just labels, and according to that thought, they can’t possibly understand the sorrows of your youthful, bright mind.

The same goes for the older generation, they say what could these younger generations ever tell us, what life mystery or experience they have that we don’t have through on our life voyage?

When nobody is listening to the other side, everyone thinks they figured it all out, they are all ripe for easy pickings.

Young must listen to Older Humans and Older must be aware of the struggles of the younger Humans, if this doesn’t occur all we will have are lost people and zombified armies of depraved humans that are extremely easy to control.

Injections and Black Goo aside, what is the meaning of life if you do not understand how all is connected, Young becomes old and then the process starts again…

Somehow there are no more older people who are wise and somehow there are no more smart kids who can take the reins and hold up this runaway world with their youthful energy, which is held hostage for now quite some time.

Where is a Human where everything about him is a walking talking label, where cycles of live-like seasons are turned off?

Those who will embrace wisdom, and who want to learn from other Human beings will be the winners in this perverted race created by the Think Thanks in their dark Laboratory.

When you constantly label people, inevitably you become a label yourself…and that is the goal of this ungodly endeavor…

Labels create groups, more labels create even more groups, and whit time nobody is listening to anyone anymore, because every of these chosen groups knows best, and they are better than the rest.

NPC-Nonresponsive programamble consience

Are they there, yes they are, their purpose is to divide humanity even further, to block any good thought that could have an impact on real conscience or Soul if you wish.

Is ethernet controlled, so thoughts are funneled on one spot, and from this one spot branches of false reality are launched into the realm of digital space…Hydra and the ten thousand tentacles.

So every day Humanity if not separated from this source is further away from the true source.

Listen to your Heart

The heart and brain are interconnected

One will try to overpower the other, so we must find the right measure of things, the right balance.



B is 13 and 2 at the same time so we have 26 2×6 as 12 or 1+2 is 3 (2+6 is 8 closed loop)

it comes before the Ra or Ar SUN-in the end is the word IN

I is ONE I

(I, or i, is the ninth letter) 9+5 is 14 or 5

N separated is 1 inverted and one 11 letter N is also 14 letter of the alphabet 1+4 are 5.

5x 11 is 55 5+5 is 10 full circle-” train of thought” 5×5 is 25 2+5 is 7 11x 7 is 77 light (7+11 is18 or 9) above and below..The seventh letter of the alphabet is G-freemasons G in the middle of the compass and the square-Architects and navigators, controllers of the light-the light which your brain will receive..so if we have wrong input-output will be fabricated-CON TROLL-ed TROLL in the middle is word ROL-rotation-” roll the dice” Dice is ZEE CUBE

so we have 111 again 3

3 is in front of the AR/RA Sun and 3 is behind the Sun

Meaning what affects YOU or Your Sun will be the reality if not processed correctly in the end.

3 AR/RA 3 One -” One Sun mirrors the other SUN”

Or simplified what Rains on the Brain will be the final product of your Heart and its desires..or reality will take place, it will be formed into the material projection, and it will be solidified.

Thought is always followed by emotions….it gives the thought/energy the real meaning or the true purpose.

This is the reason why Ai can exist it is just a hollow programmable matter, that follows a certain set of protocols. It does not carry the true purpose or soul.

Don’t Judge or you will be judged….

because everything in the end comes from you, so you are not judging others You are judging yourself.


Judging your own train of thought or your own product.

“The evil that people do”

why does what we call evil persist, because of us or because this place must have Dual nature?

E WILL-E is I WILL or I want …..meaning if you don’t Act, the reaction will be created for you, and then you will react.

nature of this place of way to keep your mind SOUL/SOL AR/RA occupied here?

are the creators of deviant ART lost thoughts, lost Souls who can rise up from this place, and are they, in reality, doing us the favor so we can see our I Will/ EVIl better?

Ubermensch-becomming more than just a Soul-trapped Soul

Ludwig Fahrenkrog: The picture above

Ludwig Fahrenkrog
Ludwig Fahrenkrog was a German painter, illustrator, sculptor, and writer. He was born in Rendsburg, Prussia, in 1867. He started his career as an artist in his youth and attended the Berlin Royal Art Academy before being appointed a professor in 1913. He taught at the School of Arts and Crafts in Bremen from 1898 

To take responsibility and brake the paradigm of what can or can’t be done.

Jack and Orage yesterday were talking about supernatural winds, I see winds blowing all the time and clouds are not moving, I mean really blowing…why is this happening?

I saw one cloud going against the wind in the opposite direction…right above my head, years ago.

Moon is always for years now on the wrong place at the wrong time…

The rain sometimes drops after I say it will fall, I wanted the normal Summer.

Apart from 2 weeks, an extremely hot summer, summer is pretty normal here for the Continental part of my country. (after 2012/2013 Summers here in the continental part are pretty hot 30-39 Celsius 86-102.2 F )

Am I a God, or something else is happening here?

Ask yourself, really ask Yourself who you really are.

And maybe just, maybe you will get the answers, without interference from the Austrian school of thought.

Maybe this is too much, I hope I didnt lose you in the numbers…

To be honest, I don’t know if I will publish this, or should I publish this…

All or Nothing

This feeling must mean something

No price no silent advice

could ever be bought

by your restless heart

now you are part of me

, this part of me, can dream

this part can see,

this part can swim without

the cold water of blue rivers

I can now travel for many miles

without moving just standing on the shore

wishing for nothing more

I tell you a secret

Life is now a song again,

without pain, without the restrain

This road

this Cursed love

takes me far

with or without the car

I feel the scar

Silent vice

silent advice

pay the price

pay the toll

for all that has been done

sometimes you are with me

sometimes you are just gone

looking for a phone, looking for ghost calls

and I feel undone

Break the falling star

be a witness but from afar

Break the mold

Break the pain

Set them free for the world to see

This distant love strikes from above

you are mine, white dove

and I am in love


This distant love strikes from afar

with you or without you

nothing or all

rain has fallen

sun flew away

all black swans are all gone astray

I feel the beginning of the next day

They say believing is the enemy of knowing

with you or without you

is all or nothing

troubled times

impossible crimes

lady in black

the night that won’t come back

life on the Sleepless track

is never comming back

Once or twice we lost ourselves in a game of vice

Night has come down, without any sound

shadows on the walls can be found


with you or without you

It is All or nothing

must mean something

it is just a game

looking for fame

without shame

is this love, my falling white dove

stricken from high above

placed in the arms of the white cove

shining white light

midnight fight

gone from sight

, gone from the mind

will we be ever alright

with you or without you

it is All or nothing

must mean something

days are too long

too long for this song

too long now, I have been wrong

I have to sing something

I have seen many places

too many long faces

but the picture of you

takes me through

maybe, just maybe

I love you

my sweet white dove

I have been stricken from above

is this love?

This song is a little bit different it is written for anyone who wants to take his guitar or piano and make something out of this.

This Song needs Music, so… if you want to do it: be my guest, it is free.

If there are any mistakes I will correct them later, it is Sunday after all.

I could go further with numbers but, I think already this above is too confusing, I can only hope you can see what I am trying to tell here…

Cheers to All, and have a great



  1. The weather has been the most obvious change for me. I remember being so tuned in growing up I could smell the rain in the air hours or days in advance. I could smell that it was going to snow with better accuracy than the weather man. These days the only smells I can pick up after being an avid smoker for 20 years is in the last two weeks of August noticing subtle changes in the humid air with a slight fall breeze hinting at whats to come with a sweet fragrance. While the world may not have ended in 2012-14 I’ve traced just about every noticeable change to that period and after all who can say the world doesn’t end when you die or when the old world you remember no longer has much of a hint that it was ever there except in your memory? No wonder old people tend to go insane just look at everyone with the Mandela effect.
    I decided to do some digging and go back to when I knew summers were cooler in the PNW comparing months of August in 1990 to 2010 where they remained fairly consistent. Many 60 and mostly 70 and lower 80 days with a few high 90’s and 100’s. Since record breaking years post-2012 it’s rare to get a day in the 70’s now let alone mid-60’s in August. It was normal when I went to college after coming back from the sandbox for 3 years prior to that date and the last 10 years even I started to wonder if it ever was as cool as I remembered. That’s not to include the white sun which makes all the colors of nature look faded and dull much like our world in its current state is in. Never noticed that either because wearing sunglasses every day in Iraq I would get headaches if I took them off so by the time I did I realized wow the sun is hotter than it was over there and blinding. Memory, how easy it is to forget until we remember that we forgot.
    I’d encourage others to do some researching themselves to compare and contrast.

    • Greg, great comment…For me the biggest change was The colour and shape of the Sun, even today children in their colouring books are painting the Sun with yellow/golden and orange colours…I always tease them, but look up it is white…then they look up and most of them say it is not, it is yellow like in my painting…
      Which I find extremely odd because small children like nature and never lie…it is like there is true conscience and something that looks like it is a programable conscience…Like in the movie Dark City, they all remember the Beach and how sunny it was, but outside is always dark and nobody has a problem with this fact. Nobody of the inhabitants of Dark City doesn’t know the road one should take to visit the Beach.
      The biggest change was the weather, I agree…I remember like it was yesterday when “they” started to invent new types of clouds because of rapidly changing weather.
      The last real snow we had here was exactly in 2012/2013, my wife showed me the picture and the date a few days ago.
      I will certainly check out your link.

      Cheers, brother.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_Qqhabjync

        September Sun
        Type O Negative
        September sun glowing golden hair
        Now keep in mind son she was never there
        October’s rust bisecting black storm clouds
        Only the deaf hear my silent shouts

        Yet in the dark still he screams your name (Elizabeth!)
        Nights living death with which rhymes insane
        Ten years amassed para toda mi vida?
        Lost man in time was his name Peter?

        September sun rotted Flatbush porch
        I would have run then had I known the cost
        Autumnal rays turned your eyes to stone
        Did it give you pleasure to steal my soul?

    • Thank you, let the magick flow…Two Thumbs up, my friends.

      Have a great day, both of you, and may fair winds always guide you in your sacred endeavors.

      If I sell the house on the Adriatic Sea by any chance, this month I will send you something so you can do this longer…I really like Jack and your podcast, and the pictures are looking great too.

      I got a few buyers, but you know how it is, nonetheless, if it happens you will know…

      This part of France looks like part of Croatia called Istra.


  2. “Young must listen to Older Humans and Older must be aware of the struggles of the younger Humans, if this doesn’t occur all we will have are lost people and zombified armies of depraved humans that are extremely easy to control.” Exactly what we’re talking about last night, with language being weaponized into trigger words, the yelling starts, dialogue and understanding goes out the window. Much more to come, Jack is in the other room preparing an audio on this.

    • The boomers are the zombies HP for they can’t even see that the younger generations have struggles that they never faced instead they tell Horatio Alger stories of how they pulled themselves up by there bootstraps however, smart boomers offer a hand up to their struggling children and the most important thing their wisdom and guidance.
      What I see is a finacialized world, a world smart boomers bought up and watched as those assets inflated tenfold at the same time real wages for work have fallen and the zombie boomer can only see his wealth and not see the struggles of his children.
      Smart boomers see this reality and tell their children the score and it ain’t you it’s a fucked up system and let’s work together to help you succeed in spite of the odds. They are the remnant, there` s always a remnant.

      • All these names/terms are weaponized to further the divide between generations of people… Before there were only people, younger people, middle-aged people, or elderly people.

        These terms practically do not exist beyond the reach of Western influence…

        I don’t disagree with you, very good comment but that said these terms provided by Tavistock Institute and other “great mind-meld factories” are the terms/names that should be erased from the human conscience.

        • Boomers? The most vaxxed/weaponized generation.
          When this is done playing out there will only be a remnant left of what was and all of my resources are directed and invested from here on out in them. Not the government or an election but in the next generation as I can control and influence that.

          • HP, being our philosopher and poet, help me as I am confused, when I look at my gay friends of either gender, one of the two always assumes the male role. Now don’t call me a homophobe as I am not afraid to observe their behavior, but when there are two together one is male and the other is female, perhaps opposites attract? But I observe principles in the behavior and pairs of humans are together both male and female. In real life as I 9bserve it there is a male principle and a female principle as its all over creation as the Bible says I created them both male and female and what I see is the ultimate division played out upon humanity in our current age.
            Thanks for your posts HP, helps me to see what is really going on.

          • I will reply to you here on your last comment, for some reason I can’t do it below.

            Because nature never lies, males are destined to fight for dominance, it is in our nature, but with time we learn about the diversity of the competition, and we start to acknowledge the deeds that other men have achieved.
            About homosexuals, if you don’t know that ass is part of the digestive system, you have a problem…
            E-coli Escherichia coli
            Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, facultative anaerobic, rod-shaped, coliform bacterium of the genus Escherichia that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms

            Can a Homosexual be an alpha male, no doubt, can he be a good person, of course he can…

            I don’t judge, but if you chose this lifestyle, there will be a price to pay, sooner or later you will pick up something nasty and die.AIDS for example. It is a made-up, concocted disease but it was mainly prevalent in homosexual communities..who were used as guinea pigs for experimentation on the human body, a precursor of DIVOC.

            Something happens to the human body during sex between the same sex and with time immunity falls down… This is how and why AiDS was invented, they found this long ago, and I am sure that you are aware of this information.
            So true immunity can come only from sex between man and woman, it is true…Wilhelm Reich was imprisoned because he knew how easy really is to maintain human health without a constant delivery system made up by Big Pharma and other “lovely players” that surround the so-called medical industry.

            It is called a Medical industry-industry,, not healing centers.
            Any industry in “modern society” works for the maximization of profit

    • Funny enough going through some YouTube AI generated content of the 4th Turning Neil Howe is fairly right. I honestly never identified with the Boomer generation aka my parents but more so with my Grandparents. Like Jack’s been saying recently this whole mess is really a failure to communicate, listen, and understand. I inherently understood my grandparents who were more grounded and down to earth than my parents generation not to say there isn’t a good amount of them from each that breaks the stereotype but it’s really obnoxious at this point to constantly hear them speaking about pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and work harder that your failures are simply you not being a team player in life keeping your head down staying on the grind.
      After all it’s children that see better than adults that never listen to them because they can’t coherently express their thoughts and feelings in such a raw state whereas adults then belittle and mock them while being the first person in their life to censor them like any despot dictator would. The world keeps spinning and the bolts are still popping off.

  3. Beautiful HP, thank you, profound & uplifting. Regarding the love between a man and a woman, there is an ancient adage. (quote/paraphrase) “If love doesn’t happen at once, when two first meet, it’s not going to happen.” Many are those who would scoff at this, saying that love must be developed over time. That is a far inferior love to the one I’ve just described, the one whereby there is an immediate disturbance of the blood, something far beyond mere lust. You don’t choose love, love chooses you. I know whereof I speak, the gods blessed me to experience this so many years ago. However, what the gods give, they so often take away. Every dawn has a sunset. Thanks again.

    • Thank You, that is quite the compliment, I will take it without any questions…and yes I agree, it is All or nothing, no half-assed love, the real thing or I will rather be alone till the end of days.

      Great comment.

      Cheers, brother.

    • Excellent expression of the wave form Heretic. One look at the goddess and people would know why they love her and adore her. It’s the definition of love at first sight. The other half will make you hate her at the same time. So much power over a man and the inability to control what he secretly wants to claim as “Mine” selfishly. Although is it really hate if you accept someone as your equal to express themselves as they wish even if it upsets you? Is it jealousy or other emotions we just lump into the hate category for our egoistic selfish purposes? Why then do we love to hate and hate to love all of a sudden?
      I learned many moons ago myself I can learn to love anyone, but there’s few that can ignite that spark that makes me truly love and adore them. Thinking about the word Slut lately I completely overlooked it’s a simple anagram of Lust. We often miss the most obvious. Real love includes unbearable pain and if it’s true and will last then it is love. It’s hardly what people wish it to be. I often say we want the Hallmark easy ending but in reality our heart and soul craves the Greek tragedy. Much like war it feeds you with every emotion including the subtle ones off the main ones often unrecognized all at once and as much as it makes you want to say, “I HATE LIFE!” you can’t help but feel deep inside, “I LOVE THAT I CAN FEEL THIS WAY” as though your very soul and existence is being crushed.
      To this day I’ve held onto two things. The girl next door who should me one act of kindness that changed my life forever and the true awe inspiring love seeing the goddess where the phrase live and let live really made sense. No gaze was too long when every second felt like the first.

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