My first poem after 35–40 years of abstinence APR 7, 2023

In light of the new events, it is only appropriate to post this poem…it is a bit different, we are not worshipping unnecessary deaths or perpetual wars our mission here is to bring back the true archetype of MAN and WOMAN.

Have you ever run into arms of the misfortune, just to be a man again?

Have you ever jumped into a sea of other men just to protect your brother?

Have you ever run into certain death, no matter what happens?

Have you ever been so alive?

Death riding the shotgun, angels falling around you, screaming in agony…

Your blood mixed with the blood of other men

before your eyes, total chaos rains,

spears filled with names of those that will be struct at any moment

agony, ecstasy, a morbid picture that no man should see

but yet you will never be so alive

I never pray, but on this momentous day I don’t pray for myself

I pray for my brothers, I pray for every man if this is the last day on this cursed Earth

when death comes knocking let it be a swift, good death

Death that will last thousand years, that will last a thousand stories

A death that will mean something even to you, future brother, sister

Even after thousands of years have passed and we, great warriors,

who gave everything that they have, on this momentous day we will be just a memory

memory washed in the haze of long battle when men decided to be men again

On the day when Sun and Moon came together when even Earth wept

remember us, remember what we have done, remember our sacrifice

remember us when you find yourself on the battlefield

When under the roaring sky, legs turn to lead, and bravery has forsaken you

Remember US!

When the sky turns black when the air will fill itself with the heaviness that is almost unbearable, remember us and set yourself free

Because in that holy moment, you will be finally free

You will be finally MAN

Hunted, cursed, loved, hated

But finally MAN

At that moment you will see what has been taken away from you

What you have lost

But lost can be found, bravery can be regained, and fear…

Fear, fear in that moment, doesn’t mean a thing anymore

Fear can go and f himself

Because you are men, not cowards and destiny calls

I pitty a War party that trembles in fear

For those that are shackled by the arms of fear,

there will be just one

destiny, a destiny that awaits lesser men

It is nothing for you, you are not that man.

You are a holy warrior, charging into unknown

chasing your manhood, to live again

Death or life doesn’t mean a thing

Only what matters, to be a man again.

To love with a full heart, to breathe a full life with lungs

that experienced a loving embrace of freedom

, embrace that only truly free man knows.

We were warriors once, now the time has come again

Can you feel it?

I curse the cowards of this world I curse our enemies

But I will be generous I will send you a smile, my enemy

so when we meet

You will know the name and you will recognize the smile

on that day You will know death, you will know me

Yeah, I love guitars, what can you do…

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Strange Love

This is a new old song, it has been changed…properly rearranged

don’t feel estranged

Words that do harm

worlds that are farmed

universe set on hasty alarm

humans mesh, disposable flesh soon to be disarmed

Devils eat his own, he is never dancing alone

sometimes slow, sometimes low

sometimes above, sometimes below

broken mirrors shattered dreams

the plausible sum of all fears

reality disappears, all fall on deaf ears

Violence is the breadwinner of silence

Fear is lost, ordinary and unpleasant ghost

Summer wind lets me enjoy this win

all looks, so dim, maybe even Grimm?

Maybe… enjoy the sin

Love from above

hate from below

You must know

or just let it go

Get by, escape the carnal suicide

Surf the rising tide, even without the presence of white Bride

Lamentation of souls, repercussions without goals

Are you scared, are you not prepared?

Has night come too soon

Have you seen the Moon?

Death sleeps in the artificial womb

Near the doorstep, a blind owl howls

small God is on the prowl

God a fallen unborn, haunted, lazy Dog

just another ordinary city snob?

The one that obeys the law

other swims in unhinged, puritans Love

The night is wet, soon midnight will be death

a present to the Seth

no regrets, no cheap bets

No doubts, no Bon Voyages

Rock of Ages

Looking for new Sages

new wages, new mental cages

A new twist, New Franz List

Eyes without a face don’t, don’t bow down in disgrace

Rise of will, the cheapness of the thrill

There is a world outside, ready to kill

use your will

to spill, to feel

The system has to listen

The system has to know, one punch is one action born too low

he must go, like an empty voice lost in the first row

Choices, rain of million voices

Rain in dismay, somebody has to pray

Thunder left asunder

Clouds with no sound

A lover without the golden gun

Where is the promise of eternal Fun?

Broken sky, signs of illusionary lullaby

Frozen winds, empty-headed twins

Voices are calling, maybe the sky is falling?


One more time, all is fine

All is alright, lonesome bullet in my sight

Black articulated dove and white playful cat

Twisted Laughter and Albatros that is mad

Everything is sometimes sad

many golden moments are not that bad

Outer rim took the swimm, comfortably numb

majestically dumb

Kingdom for an Unce of Fun…

Half-naked towns, places without the true crown

Broken shining bones and human fallen cones

15 minutes “free zones”

Guardians of light, think twice

before you roll this black dice

is this worth a one juicy slice

Manhood dies in endless vice

Is this love, my midnight white dove?

The world is “spinning”, is all this just another beginning?

Tell me who is winning?

tell me who is singing?

Autotune made without a perfect rune?

If beds are burning, who is turning,

This crazed world?

Where is your Lord?

find that sword…

Practice what you preach don’t be a leech

has been madness left alone?

Where is the Sonne?

what has been found?

Who has been crowned?

King lost and without the rightful throne

ALL minds wet to the bone

Brains left outside, to freeze to death

Game, set, match?

Another evolutionary catch?

Catch 22, will this explanation, do?

Cradle of Love, straight punch from above

unblemished Love, here or forgone

Something must be done

before all this beauty is gone…

Before the world goes bad

Rotten apple, another wasted, morbid debacle

before Mad Hatter becomes a new dad

The white rabbit is just an old habit

The black wolf is screaming for lost love

Before reality is finally gone

circus has left the town, life unexplainably went south

rock stuck in people’s mouths, creating drought

The game of forgettable kings and tired pawns

will be decided without the use of guns

Where is the fun? In that,

can we not get just a little bit mad?

Calling for a broken mother, looking for an irritated father

white letter on the table, exit out of this crazed fable?

Which way to go when the truth is covered in red-white snow?

Ready or not you must go…

high and low

Sacred Flow or eat crow?

Slow-moving East and sunny accelerated West

To be, or not to be like the Rest?

, to taste the sweet conquest

Synchronicity, audacity, policy of truth

Saint Hiden in the Root, or naked, labeled tooth?

Strange love, stranger than fiction

looking for clean, swift eviction

immaculate diction obstructed fiction

Black Friday, another empty and helpless Mayday

Another day before the last Sunday?

Where this road ends, and how all blends?

Where is the message that has been sent?

All this trouble for one lousy, imaginary paper cent?

The world is gone mad, there is a mountain of Green Honey to be had

Are you not glad?

are you not a little bit sad?

What is the casual feeling, did you hit the ceiling…

have you touched the last wall, curtains call

Are you willing, to end up on the street kneeling

The world in your eyes suddenly dies

somewhere, somebody painfully cries

Empire of comfortable lies, signs

Ministry of Truth is the association of loot

Kill this sick, debased debut

Applause born without rotten cause

without certain reason just because

the fragile thing lost in dent mist

Is love allowed, is hate approved

Is the human conscience eternally moved?

Do you feel loved…

What have you done?


Stop now, before this world is gone

suspended in the dark, torturers of the sacred arc

Do you wear the mark?

Strange smell, piercing voice of the crying dark bell

the triviality of Flesh and dancing, dangling bone

can all this be left finally alone?

Now, after this song ends, love in you completely transcends

are you ready to go, and never be alone,


are you willing to see your true friend

do you want to know where he went

don’t presume, don’t lament

Enjoy the final event

transcend, outshine the imaginary divide

Gods of old are on your side.

Love in you is a gift from the radiant White Bride

this gift will never leave your side

even if you try to hide, it…

Remember true Polar Star

is not that,


I will publish this, maybe I should write more, but I have obligations that must be attended to…If there are mistakes, my apologies…

As Jack said in his last podcast it is really hot here…it is really hard to concentrate and juggle the rest of the daily let’s call them “chores”(work)…

Maybe I will be gone for one or two days, so if I don’t respond to comments, I am not being rude, but in a place where are now WIFI signal obtainable.
Trust me I am not crazy about going outside or traveling under this weather.
Will see maybe I will stay…and wait for better signs in the sky.

I hope you like this “expose”, and as usual All the Best my beautiful friends.


  1. Jack, still can’t view some of the pages, for example, the new article by Alec Newald.
    I can view all of HP`s stuff but not Romaine`s nor Alec`s.
    Our dear .gov has frequency machines bringing the Domaine of warfare into the Astral plane. We used to call them aura`s and chakra’s connected to the system of glands, a human body part such as a thumb. It’s technology run by advanced mathematics manipulating the wave function.
    I think I will rely upon christals, runes and Spiritual prayers because it’s war.
    By deception we wage war, as my Hitler pal always says there will be a jew somewhere running the show.
    And here he is Noal Hirari. Humans are hacked and free will is dead. You will do as we say!
    However, the internet tells me that the patriots are in charge and orange jebus will come on his white horse to save the day!

  2. I have much to catch up on….months worth of inventory here on these pages although I try and read here everyday. My favorite quote growing up was Shakespeare –Julius Caesar– of which I caligraphied it out on white piece of paper and posted to my wall: “Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant never taste of death but once.” Maybe this captures the message that all of you are messaging. On a personal note, my 3rd natural disaster averted going through Hurricane Hilary after being next to where the Woolsey Fire started (hmmmm and the feds happened to go through the police barracade to our developement to observe their masterpiece of the start point) almost burned us down. And the fires that were luckily averted in Washington state a few years ago (Thank you to those that helped 🙂 although burning all around there now again….) On the day the hurricane blew through a Falcon flew into my yard as I was fixing things, looked at me and then flew 2 ft above my head. I then looked in my choppy dirty pool and saw a honey bee struggling to get out–I waded in my pants to save it as I always do. I better fucking follow all of you who have gone before me and die righteous or all this ain’t worth it.

    • Good to hear from you Jana, and glad you are safe after the deluge…
      Take care and all my love to you and yours.

  3. Hey, I love guitars too!
    So much so that I even play them.
    I should take inspiration from some of your verses and get back into it seriously.

  4. I’d like to build a world a home
    And furnish it with love
    Grow apple trees and honey bees
    And snow white turtle doves
    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    I’d like to hold it in my arms
    And keep it company
    I’d like to see the world for once
    All standing hand in hand
    And hear them echo through the hills
    For peace throughout the land
    That’s a song I hear
    Sing it along
    Let the world sing today
    Over and over
    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    La, la, la, la
    To, do, do, do, do, do
    La, la, la
    I’d like to build a world a home
    And furnish it with love
    Grow apple trees and honey bees
    And snow white turtle doves
    (That’s a song I hear)
    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    And I’d like to hold it in my arms
    And keep it company
    (That’s the song I hear)
    I’d like to see the world for once
    All standing hand in hand
    And hear them echo through the hills
    For peace throughout the land
    (That’s the song I hear)
    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony (Sing it all over)
    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    La, la, la, la
    To, do, do, do, do, do
    La, la, la
    I’d like to teach the world to sing

    It’s goddam Coca-Cola commercial! I’ll take a Bloody Mary every time…

    • I have some time, Jack, there is nothing wrong with Bloody Mary, but drinking Coke will slowly kill you…wink, wink.

      Cheers brother, have a safe passage Home.

    • Coca Cola, eh? Must have been the Summer of Love. Like BLM, sponsored by Adidas and Goldman Sachs or MI6’s Christopher Street Day, Pride Month. With flowers in my hair.

      • “Just do it” and my personal favorite Rage With(against) The Machine…Flowers in the hair, yeah that move might do the trick…LOL

  5. Thank you for this my friend, it brought a tear to my eye this morning, and touched so deeply, in the magical way that you my eternal brother have the power to know and read a heart so true…
    Safe travels out there in the furnace!

    • Thank you, my friend…Maybe I know a few things about the magick..haha…

      I passed half of the journey, temp right now is 35 C, on the coast is probably around 40 C, so the furnace is probably the right expression.

      Cheers, All the Best!

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