This is a Fairy tale, in the truest sense, a Faerie story. Thus: Once upon a time There is a valley in central Tibet, where folklore would have it, a giant burst out of a mountain chasing a woman. The story goes, she had stolen his magic snake, or serpent creature. The giant was enormous, and his footsteps at a running pace were a mile or more apart. He was so angry at being dupped by this woman that he crushed her into the ground under his giant foot when he eventually caught up with her. But in his haste, he also crushed the magic reptile, in doing so, he disappeared, or, was reduced to dust, never to be seen again. In this same valley, it is said, a horde of giants were caught invading from the east, (China?) A ray (sun light?) was focused upon them, and they were instantly turned to stone. Their remains are still there, as weathered rock at the eastern end of the valley. As crazy as this story sounds, if you fly over this valley at the right hight, you can see a large gash in a mountainside, followed by two giant indentations in […]

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