The unknown species created this world. A world without trouble, a world without sickness, a world without poverty, and other usual suspects or ailments that you can read in almost any book that explains how utopia is made.

How perfect worlds are made and how the gardens of Edens eventually fall and degrade, sometimes we need some cautionary story to tell us about their transformation into a few sad, eroded, and eaten by-time hollow ruins.

Why something, just can’t last, and stand the test of time no matter what?

Is it in the people or in the faulty construction of these monumental worlds and buildings that are forcefully placed in them, like a sea of pins on the children’s classroom walls, and forced upon these worlds?

Why does society fall, why do we always even in the most functional society always have some fringe group or person who knows better than the rest of the population?

Does the population if is showered with all pleasantries that one such world can offer with time becomes too docile and too uneducated, destined to failure…

Are humans or any other space-faring race have a built fail switch, so events can happen again, and again in some weird drunken motion but following the same footsteps as many doomed civilizations before them?

Can Fall not be stopped?

What is long?

Thousand years, ten thousand years, a million years of social and economic Bliss, where ones that are doomed will eventually cut the saving line and fall from grace…

All eventually must end with acts of savagery…

Must the new world be subdued to the obligatory martyrdom, bathed in pools of red blood?

No matter how good or great even advanced the civilization is there is always that One guy, who just can’t let it go….this maybe, just maybe is one of those stories…

Life on Arak was more than good it was great, the great troubles and misfortunes of the past century have been successfully hammered and poverty was laid to rest.

Desert was also beaten, now sand was a distant memory, and the place was green at last. Impossible green colors of grass could be seen miles away in the distance where once was great unhospitable wastes of mighty desert Onara.

Nothing lived there, nothing ever could be found lived there…

But as Arak progressed and the Desert has been finally subdued into submission, now Onara was a place filled with a plethora of diverse and very unique animals and exotic plants. These two species are without any trouble in the world using this new green opportunity and thrived beyond anyone’s wild expectations. Onara was a new green substance, a life giver that was brimming with all kinds of new kinds of life.

Plants, Animals, and Arakians All lived in perfect harmony, sound too good to be true?

Life was good and comfortable for the people, animals, and flora that was so lavish and lush in time became a proud new shiny gem of once deserty Arak.

If you read these written words, what could ever go wrong?

Politics, wars, poverty can all these looming accidents came back knocking on the Arak’s door?

Can one citizen be found who is stupid enough? let these old misfortunes back in, and impossible green land can be again eaten by cruel, hungry desert?

The work shift was almost over and Jason was happy to go and play with his almost 9 years old son…

We can go into the Green zone and play, later we can see animals, maybe we two can even see the migration of giant birds! The birds had their offspring high in the Mountains area, simply called Hatori. When young chicks are old enough they would bring them in a new belt named The Green Zone.

The Green Zone

The Green Zone was an actual former desert Onara, it was a favorite place for inhabitants of Arak, something was sacred in this former desert…and all Arakians could feel it…

It was almost Like the green desert herself was in some way or form on a subliminal level calling them in, so they all could enjoy this new refuge, place of peace, and a sign of new progress.

Jason picked up his kid, named Araton from a nearby school and together they happily waited on a monorail powered by blue power to come.

Blue power would be something between plasma and what you call fusion power.

Araton was like his father restless and many times his been caught in a daydream.

Jason said to him: it is here, come.

Father and son entered the monorail. Monorail was filled with all kinds of new wonders that technological leaps can bring, it was almost like a holodeck, if you are bored with the view you could change the surroundings and be somewhere else till you reach your desired destination.

Jason slept a little, he was tired from the job and Araton was stuck as usual in one of his daydreams.

This time daydream felt differently not like an ordinary dream but much more like an eerie reality, kid woke up in horror and started screaming: Father we must not go into the desert, wake up!

What desert, there is no more desert, only green?!?

I saw it, there is no desert anymore, and you were dead, all Arakians were dead, eaten by Onara!!!

The kid burst into tears, he was in true agony, and his mind could not take these grotesque images that were implanted in his young mind.

Araton, come down, it was only a dream, you know the difference between the dream and reality?

, Don’t you know, my little hero?

He hugged Araton with all his fatherly love that he had at his disposal, and his son after a few excruciating minutes finally come back to life.

Araton was smiling again.


And no more daydreaming for today, I am ordering fun for the next few hours…do we have a deal, my young protege?… Jason said it with a big and caring smile

O,k Father. ok….it was just a dream…I get it now.

Good then the emergency is solved, wipe your nose, the next station is ours.

You kids, you have fantastic minds…eaten by the desert….haha

Monorail silently stopped and Father and son exited the train.

They were waiting now for an Air ride to a specific spot in the Green zone.

These blue power planes were looking like cars from the popular animated cartoon series Jetsons, there will be no long before one of these flying cars will come and take them into the belt popularly called the Green Zone.

And, there it is, a flying car emerged before them in a matter of a second, they didnt have to wait, it was like an instant delivery.

They boarded this flying metal translucent animal, again without the presence of the tiniest sound blue powered bird has taken off.

Bellow them they could see an ocean of green grass and trees…it was a breathtaking experience….can life be better than this…Jason said loudly…giving a silent nod to his son.

Behind the flying translucent apparatus was a flying giant bird, like them she was looking for a place to land.

in no time the flying car landed and two of our heroes disbarked into the arms of a new adventure.

Onara was full as if it were a holiday, it was truly a place where one could come to rest and seek spirituality and think about anything.

The former desert was the place where many new ideas were born. many times you could sit by some great academic or scientist telling you about his new and improved vision of Arak…

Arak was the place where all positions on a social scale mattered, nobody was above others and nobody looked down on others as useless eaters or some wandering idiots who desperately need guidance from the chosen cast of people from higher ranks of society.

They were all Arakians, and all here, were helping to move the scale of progress forward, even if you were a street cleaner, it did not matter….without you and your work great scientific mind would not have a clean place to sit and lament about his new big scientific revelation or Exciting new theory.

the action of even the smallest person can change the way how society operates…nothing was left to chance or coincidence.

But coincidences do happen and sometimes even the excellency must fold his legs to the series of events that could not be predicted.

Giant birds were teaching his younglings how to catch fish, Araton was mesmerized by these big graceful animals…

The Birds were black on the neck, blue on the body, and had white wings…

Araton was again fallen into the trap of daydreaming….

his mind was plunged into a daydream, he heard almost muffled screams…

AAAAAaaaaaa….and then blunt sound, something or somebody was chewing on something ……he tried to scream and call his father….but no word came out from his mouth.

Wake up, wake up…..he told himself…..

Jason rushed to him, with a serious face…did you hear, did you hear this sound son!!!

Did you?

His hands were shaking and his voice changed…

Yes, I did Father, but I thought it was just another dream…

You told me on the Monorail there is a difference between reality and dreams…

Araton, my boy those were real screams, you didnt dream this…something is really happening here.

You said that Onara will eat us…we all will be dead….maybe you had a premonition, not a dream…

Control your fear, I know you are young but remember your training, fear is not real…

Fear is just a feeling we must conquer and whatever happens, stay with me….stay with me….did you understand me, nod if you have.

The kid gave Jason a nod.

The green zone was built like a labyrinth, the guiding idea behind this thinking was; you must find your way home, and experience nature as you are supposed to.

Even in life,if we get lost but we must find our way back.

So was the case with the labyrinth built in Onara, eventually, you will get lost but the real fun was coming back as a new illuminated man, or Arakian in this case.

You have beaten the obstacle, slain down the shackles of fear and you were born better and new.

The trick was you were always surrounded by nature that was not predatorial but most of the time helpful, because nature never lies…all you have to do is follow the clues and eventually you will find yourself in safe heaven and filled with new experiences.

Jason decided to investigate the place from where the screams come from, he had a kid with him, but he thought what better way to show him how to conquer the almighty Fear?

Maybe this was something new built in the green Labirynth…a new experience..maybe.

I better stay on my guard…he thought, awaiting almost anything behind the next corner, good or bad.

He moved silently through the green belt of Onara, and what he next saw he could not believe it.

Green grass and on top of this green beauty was a set of Arakian bones, there was nothing on them, nothing….they were fully cleaned and ready for preservation.

No bone was missing, Jason worked in a factory, but Jason had a great intellect, and could become the next great mind of Arakian civilization if he chose to, but he enjoyed too much comfort of family life.

So he suppressed his yearning and curious nature, to be honest, he had a better life than most of these highly praised scientists or members of Academia.

He had a wife, his son, and spare time…if he wanted he can always study on his own without the guidance from High Council of the teaching association

Back to the story, he was confused, these bones were fresh, and nobody had dug them up, there were no traces of any digging..what could cause this?

He smiled,…maybe Onara did eat them….”What desert gives it takes back”…he smiled, but it was a cautious smile, not a happy smile.

Another scream pierced the blue sky…..

He dropped the bones and told Araton: come with me, don’t fear, remember that.

Again around the corner was the next set of miraculously polished and well-preserved fresh bones.

One case is a random coincidence, two exact cases are patterns….something is happening here…

I need to take my son away from this mess, yes our kids are strong, they are told from a young age how to master a variety of feelings and Arakin emotions, but kids are still kids, many time fear overcomes them, and they are not mentaly strong like a full-blown Arakian, especially male.

Bones and kids don’t go together..he cautiously smiled again.

Sound like some lousy, lame broken song…Bones and Kids…

Jason heard a voice, but it was not something that was spoken loudly, it was something far superior to Arakian ways of communication….

Come, come to me ..Jason…and bring your son Araton…

Come….it was a seductive voice dripping with femininity and charged with wicked levels of sex appeal.

Come to me Jason….come to Onara….bring me your beautiful son..

The voice would not stop, it was trying to take my mind and my beloved son…

”What desert gives it takes back”….do you remember Jason?

I do, leave us alone, we wish you no harm…

But you already did me harm, great harm…

I am ONARA a great mistress of the desert and I, I wish to be Desert again.

You build your Green Zone on my body, without my permission, and you never asked what I want… naughty, naughty Arakians….

But you are not a living being, you are Desert Onara…

I am not what you would call a living being, I am Goddess called Onara, now in this age in a form of a Desert…this here is my domain, not yours, foolish Arakians…

Yes, I have devoured your people, but this is nothing compared to what I really can do, my powers here are almost limitless.

Jason could not believe his eyes and ears he was talking to the desert, not just a desert..he was talking to the Onara, the Goddess claiming to be a desert herself.

Onara: progress has a price and this price will be paid in the flesh and bones of Arakians, I am not doing this because I am wicked by nature, I am doing this so you will remember, some places are not to be disturbed, they may look hollow and empty but they are gateways to another world guarded by supreme beings, beings like me.

I am Onara the Merciful, The Goddess of East and West, Guardian of gate number 7, the gate to the Green world, here is a desert and must remain the desert, I am desert….what stumbles here is my rightful food, nobody owns me nobody builds on top of me.

Your Green Zone is built on the entrance to the Green World, only those who can survive me can enter into the True Kingdom of heaven.

I am Shepard I am the key holder…

Choose Arakian: life for life….

You, Araton, Freia, may live but others will die, nothing will exist here after I Onara am done….Do we have the deal?

Araton will become a great leader, but you need to give him to me, to live under my guidance…When he reaches 16 years he will be the brightest star among your kind, destined to take his rightful throne in the West…

I Onara will teach him, and he will be my representative amongst the living.

Are you not alive Goddess?

I am Inside but outside, not out but in….

Surely this can be negotiated, all these people do not need to die, we didnt know, how would we know,o great Onara?

I can not judge you for what you did not know, but you didnt ask…

Arakians you should ask me first, ask for my blessing…. for my permission…

People of Arakia, you were so blinded by the progress, and with time old sacred knowledge evaporated from your heads and from your lips….What was left is impure thoughts of how we can eat better, build more efficiently, and “live in harmony with nature”…You forgot what nature is, not everything is green, or filled with blue waters of oceans, some places are desolate for a reason, nothing here is placed without a higher purpose.

There must be death, suffering, and misery in this world …how else you will learn and feel the struggle, needed for the next world, beyond this one.

Now Arakian, do we have an agreement? “Life for a Life”

Answer yes or no…Don’t test my patience…

Yes!!!! God damn you…Yes!!!!

In one second Freia, Jason’s wife was standing by him….

You two may pass the gate, Enter the Green World, Araton stays here with me…

Freia: What did you do, you gave our son away?!?

I had no choice my love, either this or the three of us we all die here, this way he will live…it is the only way to protect him…

Freias face was pulsating with tears and agony, even anger, but the life of their only son was more important than the life of parents….it was a conscious sacrifice that could not be evaded…not against the power of Mighty Onara.

Both were shattered by grief and helplessness, crying on their knees, telling Araton that all will be fine….

Araton: remember: NO FEAR, fear is just a feeling it does not exist, remember that, be strong my boy….we, we love you, don’t forget us….

Never, Father, how could I, you will be always with me…. I love you, you know that…

Freia, filled with tears, I know, my child, I know…be brave, listen to your father’s words and all will be fine….sometimes we must Rise from the ashes to be able to live again…

This here, this here my beautiful boy is your destiny….

Goodbyes, goodbyes, you Arakians, you still don’t understand, there is no death, just another life, you will see your Son again that is a promise….go now, enter the gate, before its too late…

before I eat the City, before the desert swallows “your Arakian progress”….it is time.

Jason and Freia entered the gate to the promised, true Green Land…

behind them Onara delivered the promise, the child was taken care of and the City of progress and great thinkers was eaten by the desert…..

All that was built in one century was eaten in just One day…..there was nothing left just a pile of white well-preserved bones, the whistling sound of the wind, and the hot scorching Sun that rules over the desert.

These days this place is known as Devil’s Desert, nothing lives there not even the smallest of the animals.

What would you do?, sacrifice all for one perfect flower in this case Araton or needlessly die with the rest?

Are we all, not sinners, are we not castaway fools looking for punishment…Silly Fools that sometimes go too far in our endeavors without thinking, without empathy for others that we believe are not living being or don’t have any value or importance in our fragile and arrogant human minds?

After all, when all is set and done nature in this case desert always wins.

The End

O.k this took a lot of work, if you like what is written, please give me a like, share, or comment…I don’t ask for money.

Only self-edit took me one hour….I will not even look for pictures…

Anyway, Thank You!


  1. I have this extremely elderly cat named Ketzel, as he staggered around the house half blind, maybe totally blind, yet he sees more than any American elite, as I guided him gently to his litter box, kindness for our dear elite as perhaps the same “kindness” one might show to a rattle snake.
    That cat has more Spirit in him then any secret society advocate and any intelligence agent combined, as I guide him to his basic needs he guides me to mine.
    As of course believe as you please as I believe what I observe right in front of me.

  2. This video reveals who and what the familiar players were that are in involved in perpetuating the “channeling” revival of the ancient Egyptian gods, a collective grouping known as “The Nine.” These players are well known from past discussions. The perpetuated “cult” of Nine is directly connected individuals with direct connections to military intelligence. As far as the nine ancient gods traveling together on the cosmic boat interpretation goes, its just a players unbelievable psyop program.

    Starting at minute 24 the details are presented.

    • Let us open our Bibles to Galatians chapter five verse 22.

      As I quote:

      22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. 2

      As I quote Paul, the most hated in the alt media.

    • Excellent link/video, but watch from 24 min mark, the woman before is annoying beyond belief.

      Thank you.

  3. Great story HP! It’s like the people all around me that when a good man pops up like RFKjr, no one will support him, instead throwing their hands in the air and proclaiming nothing can be done as he is simply one of them!

    All true, yet the world is run by esoteric secret societies and their intelligence agencies and the common man is just a drop of water in that grand sea of consciousness run by them.
    I see a civil war at the cosmic levels, played out in each individual life and the way I see things like in your story Spirit, in theform of Goddess always guides the one looking to be guided and then protection and salvation for those around you most important to you comes even if that world around you is crashing to destruction. All is well and there is peace.
    Just an observation.
    Thanks for the wonderful story HP.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed it, HP, thank you. “Nature never lies”, how very true. I may be off the mark but I think that the reason everything inevitably goes to Hell here, regardless of the aeon, is that it was made that way by malicious design, a world of inferior, base matter, programmed with a proclivity to violence, pain, and suffering. This creates powerful negative energy for the parasitic Archons to feast on, like a vampire feasts on blood. It’s called Loosh. Thus the history of blood sacrifice, animal & human, which still transpires culminating in its ultimate manifestation, war. Especially war wherein Aryans slaughter other Aryans at the behest of an alien race. The energy release from peaceful, joyful, and loving living simply does not do the trick for them. When Ragnarok hits in full swing, along with our gods, we must not only destroy and obliterate the flesh children of the Demiurge, we must take out his non-human Archons and then go for the throat of that cosmic, cocksucker himself. Hail Victory!

    • Thank you for this highly astute and insightful comment…I just started to write out of nothing and ended with this story in my ” hands”.

      Cheers, brother, and All the Best

    • A lot of people think technology wins the day and maybe that’s so but Vitality IMO does more to change the flow than anything else and currently it’s lacking. Some of my earliest recollections in the world whether real or imagined was standing at the eerily silent closing of the war of 1945. Only a true soldier knows the feeling with death, chaos, and destruction all around it somehow feels quiet and yet you can’t help but think nobody else knows this feeling. Somewhere people are going about there daily lives oblivious to what’s happening as if it is but it isn’t.
      A dark cloud that suffocated everything as it approached and I couldn’t help but scream for everyone to fight and die, filling their heads with what they needed to hear as if victory was possible despite knowing it wasn’t. I just wanted them to die. You don’t want to live in the aftermath of such an ordeal win or lose at that point but definitely not in defeat and every death made me happier. You see America proves technology doesn’t do shit with its relentless abuse and dependency on it just as Hitler wrote about in Mein Kampf 20 years before WW2. Without the Will and Vitality you’re just committing suicide. By all means the Germans shouldn’t have even been able to last that long fighting the whole world but they did because when the light shines and spirit flows through you a new purpose arises as if going through the motions in a robotic trance yet feeling in the moment like a living, breathing, exercising god. Everything seems so petty as you realize War makes history and you’re the one making it happen. Your existence thus matters on a grander scale when the human element once felt so small.
      Now the light, spirit, and vitality along with it are largely gone. Everyone is tired and drained throwing punches with a tenth of the energy that once our ancestors had. Without it we can’t fight 10 men at a time and can hardly fight 1 on 1. We have a limited amount of energy now and if you’re like me you burn through it too fast that by your 30’s your exhausted trying to move mountains when now you struggle tripping over rocks the size of your palm. Perhaps everyone intuitively knows whether they remember or not this world ones one thing out of you, to build weapons of destruction. There is no creative force left in this world: It’s gone. The only thing that can give even a little more time in that department is healing to revitalize whatever force is left in a person. Without health you cannot fight you have no vitality and weapons are meaningless against a man screaming across the battlefield making it clear death doesn’t bother him and he’s going to kill you at all cost. You will run and forfeit any technology you have as soon as it sinks in today might be your last day.
      We’re in this trash compactor together that’s for sure. Crushed by all sides forced to stand as our bones from neck to shins break being told to stand. Crushed until a diamond reveals itself and an otherwise lacking chunk of rock turns into one of the hardest beautiful rocks known. Needs a little washing and buffering after the fact to truly shine but that’s the easy part. Can you feel the compression? Don’t worry about the outer edges crumbling and breaking off or try to hold it all together. It’s the core that counts.

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