A world where History never happened

"How much must Rome have hated German culture! They 
could not have chosen means that were more ignoble and more con- 
trary to God. This is how Western religious history appears: Rome de- 
graded by force those who arose from unknown depths. It acted on the 
assumption that those who sought to unravel the secrets of the world 
and of life should be driven to hell or overwhelmed or destroyed with 
curses and defamation. Yet is it a crime that people chose the highest 
possible goal of all? Rome put to death those who did not want to pray 
to Yahweh, a God who once regretted that he had produced the world 
and people. Rome’s pope burned or tortured those who did not want 
to recognize him as the supreme representative of God. As history suf- 
ficiently shows, popes were often ranked among the scum of humanity."

Lucifer’s Court by OTTO Rahn

Roma benched and on the floor

Amor is the true and only lord

troubadours are secret finders

Earth belongs to the quick minders

Rebells yell, rings the bell

Who could ever tell?

All will be well

Rest at peace, all for the holly fleece

Argonauts are in town

Church is the old remnant and the only clown

It must be left alone

All fathers will be done

This creature of the dark must be gone

before the last dawn,

before the world’s beauty is eternally gone

The catharsis of the new mind

a love that is not blind

The blindness that is not a demon hidden as faith

nothing in them is kind

believers of old are tired sinners

They cant be winners

A ship of fools is sailing away

let them go, don’t pray

Chivalry is not gone

True Son of man is never born alone

Lucibels Light is forever in your sight

Follow the Golden road

don’t squash the toad

don’t rape the innocence of nature

leave them for the winds of the future

One who travels alone, against wild, unpredictable winds

will never be bathed in sins

Hyperborians winds are sanctified messengers of love

sent by whitest dove

Green Aurora blessing for fauna and flora

Greenlight is the sign for those that will fight

Love in you can never die, if this happens

are you really alive?

Love them all, even if they are hopelessly lost

even they can never reach the bridge made of frost

Dont judge them, too harsh

This is not your march

Son of Sun, to be alone on your secret quest

means you can’t be like the rest

The path is hard, everything else is a fall

Fall from grace, painted on your confused face

Love can’t die, Aryans can fly

it is true, but you need to know

why your heart is engulfed in a sacred glow

Earthly man, He is not here to receive a tan,

he is here so he can find a sacred hidden land

North is the ort,

North is the Lucibels Court

if you are a true lord, brave knight

don’t fear you won’t be followed by a preying night

Those who have Love in their eyes

don’t accept this world’s lies

according to that they will never, truly suffer and die

even if they fry, in flames

like old blessed, beautiful dames

guardians of the true light proclaimed as witches

by black mass, perverted creatures

Killers of love

butchers of the white dove

leave them alone, because they are already in Hell

serves them well.

Amor is our shinnig star

Worl without the perpetual War

Your heart is the true and only bar

Born in love loved by heavenly cove

you can not fail, you are already a child of

Holy Grail.

True Grail that has sails

that takes you to places

show you many faces

Stone made of translucent love

fallen from above

it is not the silly cup or golden Chalice

full of death and untrusty malice

It is not a carpenter’s wooden dream

a pointless ray of the misguided beam

“Sinners” are the truth

in their hand Zauberflöte

Minuteman of our time

Defenders of the poems and rhyme

Lucibels Bell, tells you all

don not hit the poisonous wall

You need to know

let the true amor in your heart grow

dont knock yourself out

By false messengers that are very perverted and loud

Bell is not a beast from hell

Can you not tell?

Hell is a second in your eyes

a silver bullet in disguise

patronizing lies

think twice

don’t idolize

Break a fools spell

wish Amor, only well

Send him around the imaginary globe

sent him to deserved home

Nest him in the people’s hearts

remove this cursed farce

Send by the black hooded magicians

as malnutrition

for the desperate soul, this is the only cure

that will endure

that will pass no matter the future or past

be the outcast, so what?

certainly, you are not the last

Life is a song intertwined with Love

all created under the guidance of white dove

Appolos art is the last killer dart

for hooded monsters.

hidden away from the public in their moist dark cloisters

Amor conquers all,

this Evil Satans church eventually will fall

It is just a matter of time

when you are naked on the street

and without your precious dime

The prophecy said: you belong to Seth

Servant of Jesus, the guy who hangs on the cross,

is your ultimate loss

Your wretched souls will be put in the empty bowls

You are prisoners of time, in a world without love and rhyme

now eats fat maggots and filthy rotten bread

and dine…

Sorry, no red vine.

Black magicians created this System of Love

they told humanity that is comming from God Above

How does anyone who doesn’t experience the love of a white dove

Knows, anything about the power of love

It is all a farce of mythical proportion

A cruel devastating abortion

Ways of the Wicked, this is it, anything else you will be tricked

So they say, this abomination in disarray

They pray, pray all day long, so they speak

but I got the feeling this truth reeks

Satan’s church, spreading the immaculate love

sparkling you with rare gifts from high above

Jesus died for you,didnt you know?

bow now, you really don’t wanna know

The truth is one, begone!

They say…Don’t think, obey, party with us

pray with us, listen to us

return to dust…

Come again, open the doors

scrape the floors again

Be a good dog,it is a better choice than becoming the true God

Nothing last, even you will become a disgraced outcast

It is just a matter of time before this word reaches your crime

You are already out of time

Church of Jesus is going down,

it is the secretive word that is dancing around

Jesus can save you, he can only betray you

Keep you here, taken by the storm

so you can be born

Again, and again…how lovely and dirty the plan

What a giant scam!

Dantes Inferno is comming your way

You better pray, hard and long

if you wish, sing along!

Your sins will be not forgiven

that is a given.

All religions are deaths man legions

Perverted throwaway bone, invasive porn will leave you empty and alone

given to the wishful masses

all I see are confused asses

heads put in the sands

Run while you can!

Karma is a bitch, this word is not a niche

It is your last and well-deserved wish

Amor is here, Roma is gone

things are finally there where they belong

So long!

Change your ways, there is still the time

you are long past your prime

Even the fallen can be saved

even the killers can be saved if they behaved

Stop this madness, stop this traveling sadness

Find your heart if anything is left, or join the will of the Seth

Your final bed, a bed filled with nails

Why? Because only love prevails

Sooner or later, time will run out

Your heaven is going south

the figure of Christ will fall from the cross

run and accept your loss

Roma is Amor again

These words are true, maybe even bold

Death to those who have sold

because you have been told

to do this, to do that…

to make a pact…

Written in blood, scrambled without the soul

This Bible of yours must go!

Fly through the window she shall

We must empty your dirty, blood-stained halls

Read this, please, this is not just some naked tease

Redeem yourself or go down in flames

This is the message from the True Human Race

Eyes without the face.

LOVE above the LAW

Stop, stop now all, or see your FALL.

Miguel Serrano:
The love (A-Mor) of Lucifer and Lilith (A = without,
Mor = death; Without Death) allows for the wilful recovery
of the Totality of the Opposites, of the Opposite Pairs, to be
possible inside each of them; Lilith, united to her masculine
animus, and Lucifer, to his feminine aenima, using Jung’s
terminology. Each is wed to his and her own Selbst, thus
allowing the real Son of Man and Woman to be born
(being “delivered” by the Man), the Astral Body, the subtle
body, androgynous, the Shiva Ardhanasisvara. For this,
Lucifer had to become Lilith’s widower, here on Earth, and
“pregnant” from Her, thus giving Birth to the Son of the
Widower, the Astral Body (with the face of his Beloved)
which, by being clad in a terrestrial body (for a short while)
will make possible in this world the forthcoming of a cast of
Warrior-Heroes, fighting to redeem the rest of the Viryas, of
the Hyperboreans and Aryans, prisoners under the hypnosis
of the Demiurg, with the help of Satan-Saturn-Jehovah and
his genetic robots, the Jews, as it has already been said.

Hitler said: “The one who sees our movement
only as a political party, has not been able to understand
anything. It is much more: // is the will to create (recreate)
the Superman”.
To recreate Him; because the Superman is not a
human state in a future biological evolution, as it is thought
to be Nietzsche’s belief. The Superman once existed in
the past, and it was lost. There is no evolution, but
only involution. To know more about the Cosmogony of
Hitlerism, I refer the reader to my book Manu. Por el
Hombre que Vendra, to the chapter “Cosmogonia Revelada”
and its explanatory diagrams. Here we will only sum it up
by saying that in the beginning, millions of years ago, the
Divya appeared upon this planet Earth, where he had to
adopt a form to be able to work, thus covering his subtle
being with this denser matter. Only for a short terrestrial
time, going back dissolving this form and disappear. And so
on, continuously, until, due to a strange event, for “falling
in love with the daughters of men”, the Divya loses his
ability to disincarnate, becoming a prisoner of terrestrial
matter, until he forgets his real origin and loses his powers,
along with the use of one of the halves of his brain, an
instrument created for the invisible Mind to work in this
other plane. But not all have suffered this fate. Perhaps one
was able to leave, after uniting himself with a woman, to
reproduce, dividing himself (“from a rib”, as legend has it).
And so it was that this woman became a widow, the Great
Widow. Her descendants will be the “Sons of the Widow”,
the Viryas, part divine, part human.

Authors note: No book should be read as absolute truth, the truth is always in between.

This is not written against Christians, Catholics, Muslims, or any other religion…maybe is time to stop worshipping the false idols from the “Holly Books” and accept the reality, what have you been told is simly not true, it is done or written, to keep you in the mental cage and spiritual prison.

Believe what you want but do you want to know, really know?

KNOW/OWN/NOW KNOW-WINGs KNOW/ledge…The choice is yours.

I wanted to write a story about parallel reality/world but if will have to wait…I hope this will do the trick, so to speak.

I simply don’t have the time, to write the story, and I am hoping Jack and the team will soon post some of their findings and revelations.

So while you are waiting here is something, something.

Cheers to ALL.

Honor and Trust, Blood and Soil.


  1. Grandiose Natural Born Liar, Just Like…..

    Ra Ma Aum
    Tho Ra Ma
    Ai Mai Aumn

    I begin to feel it now, the reaction of everything combining,
    In, and all around me, without uncertainty, or the fear of death
    From the Beauty of Pure Being, that is reflecting in the Sunlight,
    On this Summers Day.

    Giants surround everywhere, colors of green and burnished gold,
    Twin tower trees, standing, frame the Sun
    A gateway beyond the Pleiades
    Where the Silver Star of Babylon
    Has vowed to raise every candidate,
    Forever into eternity.

    Come and witness this beautiful sight, watch the Sun, feel the exhilaration,
    As the solar aureole melts, flooding the sky in yellow saffron light.

    The Eternal Youth of Summer has come,
    Descending on a big cracking current
    That passes through my coil,
    Until I glow and burn
    Like the torch of Baphomet
    Forever now, blazing across my brow.

    But that was then, and this, is now,
    Being that I am the spark that roared,
    I dwell in the silence, in the eye of the storm,
    Overshadowed by secret identity.

    Sitting on the desert floor, one hand holds
    The scorpion, the other makes the sign of
    The unicorn, that pierces the eye and heart of
    The lion, whose grip, heralded on the sound of 88’s,
    Pulls down the dragons fire, in the Spring of the 33’rd lunar year.

    Like a column of smoke by day, and
    A pillar of fire by night, let it burn, until
    Nothing is left, except the whitest ash, in
    The chalice of the triple flame

    Across the seven streams of lustral light,
    That holds my vessel aloft,
    Floating on currents that
    Contemplate your love, that contracts
    Upon me, and holds my parts together,
    In the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled,
    Gliding into pools of flooding light
    On red and yellow oars that spiral
    Around blue aspiration, that thrills with the chance of union, with
    The Cherished Pearl.

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park
    Santa Cruz County, Ca. USA
    July 7, 1977.

    Scribbled: August 1986, April 1987.

    So, what exactly happened Stanley?
    I don’t know, but it happened.

  2. I love censorship. In America one censors himself or you will starve to death for lack of employment as one who controls the money controls the people now however, censorship is within the human in the form of a block upon thoughts itself. These things are controlled now.
    Speaking of the Christian faith and the hatred of it displayed here I must remind you that the Cathars practiced so called Christian Spiritualty Daring to believe that they had aconection to the Devine without the Church over seeing that practice.
    That was their crime and I might remind you that on planet earth the most persecuted people are Christian peoples that simply want to be left alone and live in peace.
    Your hatred here of these people is Anti Spirit in nature as the Evangelicals in particular no matter their flaws are the remnant people of those Cathars that Rome destroyed centuries ago.
    The question still remains in spite of your hatreds as to who Jesus really was and is in today’s world.
    It says in the book that Jesus is Lucifer as this is truth however, all is backwards in the place.
    The Evangelicals will never except another Nazi regime as you will have to genocide them like the Cathars were centuries ago.
    However, that genocide is well underway in America right now with so called woke ideology that hates the Evangelical Church if possible more so than internet national socialists do.
    Remember this Adolph Hitler reformed the German Church first and then the labor unions by removing the Jewish fables and those whom promoted them. In America ignoring the Evangelical church is pure folly for if there is any chance at all to fix the place it resides there.

  3. “Break a fools spell

    wish Amor, only well

    Send him around the imaginary globe

    sent him to deserved home

    Nest him in the people’s hearts

    remove this cursed farce

    Send by the black hooded magicians

    as malnutrition

    for the desperate soul, this is the only cure

    that will endure

    that will pass no matter the future or past

    be the outcast, so what?

    certainly, you are not the last

    Life is a song intertwined with Love

    all created under the guidance of white dove”

    Thank you, Happy Parrot. Jon Valentine Lee was bursting into tears when your words were rendered into vibration and frequencies by an aspect of the goddess from Virginia.

    • And Othalla was exactly the right pick, synchronicity. Used the rune the previous night to explain what is the blueprint and purpose of sacred union, between male and female. Our bard friends with their eighteen year old son grasped it immediately.

    • Thank you, it is written for You four, for me, for anyone in our circles who is fighting a good fight, and for anyone who has Love in his heart.

      Again thank you for your comments, trust me as for you, and the team in France it is also for me a very humbling and profound spiritual experience.

      The most important thing enjoy life with your loved ones.

      All big and great things start with something small and without the bravery in the hearts of chosen protagonist, all that will manifest itself, can’t happen without Love.

      Cheers brother, have a great and mostly magical day.

      • You sound like Chrétien my friend…
        In his introduction to Perceval’s story of the grail…
        ‘He little reaps who little sows,
        And he who’d have good harvest knows
        To sow his seeds in such a field
        That they a hundredfold will yield;
        For good seed in a barren place
        Will shrivel there and fail apace.
        Now Chrétien sows here the seed
        From which a story will proceed,
        And sows it in so good a place
        Great profit shall his efforts grace,
        For what he does is for the best.’
        Much love brother…

  4. Okay we’ve been going through footage all morning; I think we have the makings of a documentary that can be sold to Sean Stone if he’s still not afraid to handle Jack Heart. We have a thirteen-minute rendition of Happy Parrots poem here that is absolutely divine, sung by a lost angel that found her way to us in the middle of the night. It’s gonna have to be edited by Orage but the full video has been sent to Phil and I’m sure either he or Orage can share it with you on Proton email Happy Parrot, just ask him how, it’s on Google Drive. Don’t sweat to comments as Orage pointed out. I’ve had over 300 on pieces on here and close to 500 on pieces on VT. They never go the way you want and at least no one’s heckling you which I will not permit on the Human. I got called every name in the book in VT, but I enjoyed it because I always gave back better than I got. You wrote it we lived it, and we’ll proceed from there.

    • Thank you!

      I will try not to…”fight” in the comment section…this is more or less a new “sensation” to me.
      I guess we will see who is who after all, and I hope Sean has the balls, to do the right thing.

      Don’t worry about the song, I can wait, it will be a surprise…

      Anyway, are you staying in France or comming back to Zee America?

      Cheers, and All the Best, to You and to our Friends in France, wherever they may be.

      • Nothing to fight about HP, we are all here and it’s all good.
        I was trying to communicate what our Jack has
        Been posting about the National socialists but as I am at a lack of sufficient writting skills to do so properly. I could go back into the jack archives that no longer exist and show you what I see but sight is both a blessing and a curse. As I accept my fate as cursed to see how things are.
        Great poetry and I hope that knucklehead stone will get that
        God dammed vaxx mandate lifted over at Netflix.

        • Well said Nine…
          We all here are family, we may bicker and sometimes disagree like all unruly siblings, but none shall part nor dent our company, for we are one, and all are we…
          I’m trying desperately not to quote the Musketeers…. 😉

          • Arcives? Like my old cat sitting next to me.
            He has become so elderly that his vet care is better than most Americans health care as he has two medications, one for his heart and one for his kidneys as he went blind. Saw him running into things, that cat blind as a bat, yet the local vet? She had a plan for him, as we followed it like a local religion, as he sees again.
            I often wonder about such care as is it real or simply a chemical reaction keeping a cat alive of course what do I know? Vet said give me a call with a report of his condition.
            National Socialism is like that old cat upon medication and an on call vet to keep it alive.
            Sorry to say just what the cursed see.

  5. Nazis are a creation of the Jews and their “Kosher Valley” Hollywood realm of perversion, lies, and distortion. They have nothing to do with Adolph Hitler and National Socialism and are in fact their antithesis.

    • Heretic, my dear friend, there will be always NAZIs and National Socialists.

      Skinheads are not National Socialists, but this anomaly created by alphabet agencies is what is presented to the retarded population, suckling their beers and eating greasy fries in front of the Idiot Box as National Socialism in his “purest form”.

      With time all lies go away eventually because only the truth can stand on its own, it is really hard to suppress the truth, somehow she always resurfaces no matter how much stone you throw at her.

      Cheers, brother.

      • Well said, HP. The vast majority of so-called, “White Supremacist”, “Neo-Nazi”, “KKK”, “Skinheads”, etc. are either deranged, loser, lunatics or government paid, 5th column infiltrators. One of the White Separatist leaders in the 80s once cynically remarked that if it wasn’t for the government informers in his organization, he would have been unable to function as they were the only ones who paid their dues regularly with government money. I’ve said it before. No true National Socialist hates anyone simply because of their race. We just righteously hate our racial enemies. You are correct. No matter how suppressed, the truth will ultimately come forth and prevail. Cheers to you, Brother.

        • In America, the jews have associated the word Nazi with the term national socialism. Why? So that their banks that control the money get to buy up everything for pennies on the dollar and only pay the workers the bare minimum and keep them enslaved in a feudal system housed in the company town except now they call it the 15 minute city.
          In National Socialism the laborer was honored so much so that the State recognized that labor was at the very core of the national economy right down to the local level and why our American establishment hates the very nature of national socialism with a passion and so the jew is allowed to maligne it as the greatest evil. Adolph Hitler in his speeches always reminded the German people of the lies of the jews. Now in America those Borman Nazis run the banks and corporations and put jews in as frontmen to blame when things go south as they always do.
          In the end the real power is a demonic evil principality. In my opinion resurrecting national socialism in this spiritless world is a fools errand.
          In Germany of the 1930`s Adolph Hitler at least had a decent people and that German people to work with and so that’s why they were genocided and enslaved as they remain to this day.
          It is the jew world now as I see nothing to stop it.

          • And to those Borman Nazis? They betrayed Adolph Hitler and the only thing left is vengeance. What do we have now in the West? A vaxxed up zombie hoard totally incapable of rising up like my German ancestors did in the 1930`s. No , the jews have learned from their mistakes made in the 1930’s so that no one like Adolph Hitler will ever arise again. America now is the perfect self censored spiritless oligarchacal military dictatorship ruled from within by injectable vaxxes and frequency machines broadcasting in every local neighborhood.

  6. It is a historical fact that the Jesuits put Adolph Hitler into power and why? To keep the Church Supreme on this planet. At a critical time in his rise to power the Nunceo put much needed funds into Hitlers hands and further, Hitler recognized the Pope of the time and even structured the SS on the Jesuit order. It was a useful alliance at the time as politics always has strange bed fellows.
    Evil rules evil as we had Stalin in Russia and Hitler in Germany both influenced by magicians Gudjeif and Crowley both under Thule societies influence. Then the Jesuits and their intrigues.

    Thule? The most mysterious society in world history that runs the show from the shadows.
    And a mysterious island in the Antarctic named Thule where they found the goo.
    Adolph Hitler was a project of Spirit never to be again because the people have taken the shots and perhaps as always only a remnant will move forward.
    This is your religion HP best not to be blinded by it however, the uniting of the male and female and the Astral body created by that is perhaps in line with the teachings of Steiner.
    As above so below.
    Just an observation.

    • Authors note: No book should be read as absolute truth, the truth is always in between.

      Observations with good intentions are always more than welcome.

      Thank you Nine.

    • The Nazis persecuted the Evangelical Church and why? Because at its heart is the Spirit not the State perhaps why the Nazis set up a reformed catholic state in Germany based upon top down rule.

      Catholic in the sense of a hiarchy with instead of the pope we had the new pope called the Furher to be obeyed and maybe worshiped.
      The Evangelicals live by Spirit and not by dictates of pope or Furher so they were stamped out by the Nazis as they reformed Jesus and made him a good perfect Nazi.
      To much truth for you?
      Just what I see.

      • My religion is any good man or woman left that is worth fighting for, I don’t worship or crawl on the floor for anyone….not even before Gods.
        If they don’t like it, tough shite.

        I write what is in my heart, I have only love to give, but my sword is my vengeance if needed to be…

        if you do not like what is written, there is no need to go into overdrive…

        This is not an echo chamber, we have the same goal but we don’t have to think the same…A different line of thought is allowed and more than welcome.

      • HP , as always it goes back to the area of freedom of belief as that belief directed by Spirit leads to action like in the case of the Evangelicals that want to form Churches based upon who Jesus was not whom pope or state leader says that he is.
        The core Tennant of the Evangelical Church is to be led by the Holy Spirit. Not much room for that in the Catholic Church or in a communist State or a Nazi state as the State must be at the core of its very being.
        So, the Nazi State is simply in structure nothing more than reformed catholicism with top down power and like Stalins Russia crushes all independent thought or movements.
        All that is gone with injections and electronic frequencys cutting off the Spirit from the man as they now rule from the inside out.
        So what we see all around us are controlled robotic zombies ruled by State dictates, a more perfect system could not be devised!
        Have to tip me hat to em!!

        • In Germany of the 1930’s a German Spirit still existed and Adolph Hitler resurrected the German people and gathered them as Spirit healed a nation yet because of this fact it aroused the enmity of the Jew the servants of that evil power and Germany was crushed never to arise again just like America has been crushed by these injections never to rise again.
          I believe that the whole thing will be destroyed for the remnant to start the thing over again.
          I don’t see any possibility of reformation at this point.
          Just an opinion.

          • As we see right now in this world a parrisitical relationship between the Nazi and the Jew as the Jew simply can’t exist without the Nazi for now the Jews and Nazis are blood Brothers circling the drain of this world together.
            We see Jews funding the Nazis of the world and its wars and all sorts of evil.
            As this proves that Jews lie cheat and steal.
            But now it’s a willing alliance of evil, the Jew and the Nazi. Or should we call the Nazi the Borman faction or paperclip as we see German corporations staffed with jews as frontmen?
            It can’t be reformed it has to be destroyed.
            Just what I see.

      • The thing about Spirit though Nine is that none of us in corporeal form will every truly understand it and few will ever know it in this dark age. That’s whats crushing the leftovers of the human spirit. From just my experiences with the ego and human attachment witnessing things ahead of their time it is soul crushing because you can’t understand why the things you know and feel have to end the way they are ending. The soul really isn’t crushed or crying out yet longing to be released from this petty constraints of narrowmindness plaguing each and every one of us longing to create an understanding that somethings are just beyond the ego that is necessary for this project.
        I witnessed joy, sadness, terror for what seemed like the doom of all that is, and yet a rebirth without knowing how or why. Anyone who has seen the future understands the Battlestar Galactica quote: “Everything that has happened, has happened before, and will happen again.” The future and dreams are a slippery slope when you realize that you’re walking right into them after the fact. If I was left at just the utter ego crushing end then I would’ve blown my brains out long ago in fact I tried to take the easy way out my whole life. I’d give you a gun and pay you to shoot me if I knew you or anyone would but it all has a reason even if we don’t understand it and how could we even if our consciousness was elevated 10 times beyond now? What lies 10 times beyond that state of near know-it-all status compared to the puny apes down here playing in shit and eating whatever grows out of it? Hubris vs Humility. We can howl at the past until our throats go dry but we’re still going to wake up and walk through the valley of death tomorrow kicking or screaming it doesn’t matter we’ll quit when we’re dead if we even know we’re dead until someone tells us that we fell 100 feet ago.

        • Excellent comment, this is the sole reason when you know things, you are still learning, the process of learning is our Perpetuum mobile if we choose this path, it never stops.

          Our body here limits our conscience because we are in this fragile body that is prone to suffering.

          But at the same time, we are reaching if we are allowing ourselves to reach because of our state here, (form if you wish) to reach the higher states of conscience. It is all a preparation for the next body that will amplify the sensation tenfolds, as you speak here.

          According to that, humility is the key, aligning to this process you always know the bare minimum, it is the only way to learn, for those that are ready to learn and go beyond the thing that we call Soul.

          Soul is in the end just another body we must surpass someday.

          “I know that I’m more than this body, more than this consciousness. A part of me swims in the stream. But in truth, I’m standing on the shore. The current never takes me downstream.”
          Battlestar Galactica

          Cheers Brother.

      • The comments against comments are not aligning here….
        We’ve not always been on the same page Nine, but I respect and honour your worthy comments.
        However, for me spirit is a little different, but each to our own.
        We (by which I refer to the larger collective, including those vaxed and those too stupid to live), no longer seem to be connected to spirit, they have hitched their wagon to a false idol, a psuedo spirit that offers nothing that the true source provides.
        All ‘isms are false…
        The only faith worth pursuing is in your self and in love.
        Even then, do not worship such, merely try to live true to your heart and Gut.
        This I know of you to do and be, so let’s leave spirit out of the equation…

      • Look what the Church did to the Cathers Seraphim as you walk amongst their ruins, crushed by the evil power as they were simply rewritten out of history.
        It’s good that you force us to remember. Crushing the Cathers was one of the greatest crimes in history.

        • On that you and I can agree my friend!!!
          Followed by the crimes committed in recent history that are still rolling unopposed today…

    • By now this gossip has circulated across the whole milky way galaxy and beyond, decades ago.

      Subject: One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Contact Tuesday, 14th October 1980, 23:41 hrs
      Date: Thu, 18 May 2023 16:41:07 GMT

      102. Thus, it will happen, that the future will bring events which, on the one hand, will have a very malicious effect on the world and Earth-humans but which, on the other hand, will only be confirmation of what has been announced prophetically for several thousand years.
      103. Especially now, it also confirms what has been said since ancient times, that the Israeli people originally never were an actual people, but that this mass of people, in ancient times, singly and alone consisted of a gigantic group of degenerate and partially even criminal elements, who during their existence on Earth at that time only incited discord, falseness and war.
      104. Having come forth from the ones who were expelled, because they would not obey any order and were criminal, they assembled together in a mob in ancient times and formed the sham-people of the Hebraons, the gypsies, who in their megalomania and in selfishness and egoism, named themselves a chosen people, who wanted to take up an elevated and ruling position over all terrestrial peoples, as is indeed known to you.
      105. But you also know that this sham-people over a very long time always reached its goals, however, always only through murder, arson, the betrayal of friendships, and intrigues, and so forth, whereby they, the original forefathers of today’s Israelis, were truly masters.
      106. Their distant descendents now, today’s Israelis, respectively their responsible ones and their myrmidons can – like the U.S.A. – commit the worst crimes pitilessly and unhindered and with their secret services and military, right before the eyes of the world at large, and even with their approval.
      107. Not only that the secret service and military have criminal elements and trustworthy friends in many nations of Earth, who they, as ever, simply brutally and bloodthirstily butcher as needed and to reach their goals, no, they also have – again like the USA – through their intrigues, also understood how to make the appropriate friends in the governments, the economic concerns and banks, and so forth, or even creep into these themselves, so that their power has already grown to the degree that this cannot be grasped and perceived by Earth-humans any more.
      108. The last world war, the second, through which millions of Jews were massacred, which was truly unjust as you know, carries the great blame that this could even happen to such a degree, also because the USA with its allies decided the war in their favour.
      109. But blinded by that and full of false pity, Earth-humans seek the friendship of the violent ones but who in nowise merit this friendship and only take advantage of it for their criminal purposes.
      110. A fact that unfortunately also makes the peace-loving and upright Americans, Israelis and Jews in general victims for the neo-Nazis as well as for the other right-wing extremists and terrorists who should be persecuted and punished.
      111. A fact…
      Man alive, you must be damned cautious about what you say here, because all of this could be interpreted as being neo-fascist and anti-Jewish.
      You also know that anti-Semitic machinations and the like constantly lead to legal procedures and even worse.
      112. But these explanations are necessary for what I have to tell you in this context.
      That may well be, but in spite of that, it is dangerous.
      It could endanger our entire mission, or at least attract murder attempts around my neck again.
      113. If you are frightened, then we can abandon our mission.

      • That’s why I could never go along with this “Alien” thing. It’s a psyop, not necessarily a bad one, but truth through deceit isn’t my forte which unfortunately it largely is. Maybe meant for those who read between the lines because as anyone who knows knows you can’t just tell others certain truths without consequences and there are consequences. No matter what side anyone attaches the false idea of “good or bad” to they’ll all cut you the fuck down if you do or say certain things so better to just forget in those cases and make the truth apart of your character and the mind and body will work the magic itself out.

        110. A fact that unfortunately also makes the peace-loving and upright Americans, Israelis and Jews in general victims for the neo-Nazis as well as for the other right-wing extremists and terrorists who should be persecuted and punished.

        Things like that absolutely annoyed the hell out of me and for better or worse many times told them leave me alone and ultimately slammed the door when it got too oppressive. Even if they were some secret Germans in disguise its not very conducive or they’re so far separated to understand being down in the shit like most people are without the random pop ins.

        I’m kind of an asshole though I never took shit from my mother or best friends let alone someone who can pop in and out at any given time speaking intellectualism without attachment to the circumstances being lived in. Go be a watcher somewhere else it’s not nearly as easy as you make it out to be. Then again that was the 1980’s and more subtlety was needed I suppose.

        • As the Djinn quickly learned Greg “alien” is a euphemism for the Germans, the real ones not the ones who aligned themselves with the Anglo-American Empire and sold me out to MI 6. I promise them now they will suffer the consequences for that…

          • And I think that was where the confusion began so long ago Jack. The human mind tends to focus in a single track manner to the point even today as we are overridden with traitors all around us thousands of years of history and the collective still cannot even comprehend the idea of two factions of a same people logically. I believe it’s where the boiling rage comes from as Corneliu Zelea Codreanu said about the Jews or any other enemy that if it was his last act with one bullet he’d always kill his fellow flesh and blood if they’re a traitor over the devil or anyone else. So to understand at an early age how they were both good guys and bad guys now and then compare that to the modern interpretation of a world saying their bad but were good historically it creates a quadruple split the mind can’t comprehend until time goes on.

          • The best way I find to describe this world and its current discussions is that it’s so full of misery because it’s a family feud. Which I guess goes into bloodlines, gods vs gods, annunaki split stories and what have you. I can and have navigated my way around numerous enemies and obstacles but nothing has made me feel hatred more than family has.

          • Thanks Jack.

            All I see is revenge as my anger grows for what has been done! Loyalty is everything. What they have done is beyond my words to express.

        • A lien – what is it? – it is a claim (or legal right) against assets that are usually used as collateral to satisfy a debt.
          A lien serves to guarantee an underlying obligation, such as the repayment of a loan (or forfeiture of a soul).
          If the underlying obligation is not satisfied, the creditor can seize the asset that is the subject of the lien….
          An important figure indeed!

        • E always manages to convey so much with so few words is impressive. However we both missed Al Seraphim or perhaps looking too much into things it’s always by design and works out regardless even mistakes.

          a word in Arabic names meaning “family” or “the house of”: Al-Saud, or the members of the house of Saud.

          -Al is used to form adjectives from nouns, with the meaning “relating to, of the kind of, having the form or character of:

          Or perhaps it was AI. See the magic is is works anyway you want to slice it.

        • You are spot on Greg…
          Sometimes we search to hard and miss the mark by turning over the stones, when it was the stones themselves that we were searching for.
          As E. relayed to me the other day – it takes cunning linguistics to be a real mystic…
          Great comment my friend.

    • Thank you, I hope you are talking to me, it is hard to follow who is talking to whom…for some reason…

      Somehow we are not talking about what is written in the song…maybe here and there, but in general we are not. which is a shame.

      This comment just appeared out of nowhere.

      Sorry for the late response.

      Cheers brother.

      • Yes HP, it was for you, and it was held up being moderated for a day or so….
        As for not talking aboit the song, well indirectly I am, these two tunes although seemingly random speak to me in the same way your lyrics did. Of course that’s just my perception, but all of them between the lines sing to her brother….

        • Thank you, this was the discussion or direction of discussion I was targeting for…not what was what or who did what to whom…

          Sounds more like Kids bickering in the schoolyard than an adult discussion.

          Maybe in the future Is should moderate the comments…as I said many here are missing the point of this Poem, and the discussion went in a way, south.

          It is not a bad discussion…but it is far from what I had in my mind, somehow we are again talking about trivial things, not the deeper meanings of our existence or even solutions to further the enlightenment, of spoken existence.

          Somehow we end up who did what, to whom, and when…which is not
          highly productive.

          I am tired of spinning the wheel in one direction.

          Cheers, my friend, Be Well.

          • Tis indeed a shame that it always degenerates into looking backwards rather than forwards…
            To be fair though, I know your words hit the mark and stir the intended thought and impulse, but too anchored in the mire are we sometimes to express what we feel and intellectualise…
            Ego gets in the way as always!
            If you are tired, step off the hamster wheel my friend, it will roll on regardless till it reaches that dead end…
            I’m eternally grateful either way my friend. Take care and all my love to you and yours…

  7. Nor does true love ever die, it is eternal. The symbology of the Aryan Christ on the cross, as well as Wotan hanging from a street, and all crucified Aryan gods throughout the mists of time is metaphor delineating the descent of avatars from the higher realms of being into the inferior world of dense matter. This was consummated to engage and defeat the Demiurge and his evil minions here, hurled down from battles in superior dimensions. Earth was destined from its inception to be the battleground for the final combat. We are the cosmic, Waffen SS. Thank you, HP, this is magnificent and that is an understatement.

  8. Likes, share, and be so kind and leave a comment or two.

    Bravery is our way out of here, not spirituality.

    The hero never truly dies..true.

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