Reading A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century shared by a friend which also was reposted by presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy Jr. connects a lot of dots. Over morning coffee the article brought many things about the world today into clearer focus. My fictional account which follows may put some perspective into the thoughts of former intelligence or special operators when they are asked “Why didn’t you see that coming and do something?”

Bobby Kennedy reposting this article made it clear that he and others around him are well aware of the issues that we face as a nation and as individuals. Free thought is not something the totalitarianism can abide. And the totalitarianism we are experiencing in this day and time is because there is such a threat from we the people to those believing themselves the ruling class. Sounds like something out of the ’60s and early ’70s yet just as true today.

A guide to understanding the hoax of the century.

The question as to who would use directed energy weapons, weather weapons, extreme censorship against our own people remains unanswered except for knowing the class of society such men and women, the maniacal monsters, must come from. We are in a battle. A battle that’s been being waged since time immemorial to control the free thoughts of every individual. Now with the information, opinions, and ideas of billions of individuals available electronically at our fingertips, those who believe that theirs’ is the only way to move the human condition forward and it’s only the way of control that saves them, well they’re running scared.

In a comment to a recent video one of my friends stated that the biggest takeaway from that video was not the facts and the first hand accounts of a man-made disastrous catastrophe nor was it the facts from the incident, it was the way the three totally different speakers in the video with certainly different religious and social backgrounds and viewpoints came together in the end stating that the 99% can (when we come together) overcome the 1% that have such an iron grip upon freethinking and free speech.

So let’s come together.

A Tale of Overcoming Woe

When the contractors bring in a new system, a new electronics wizardry, to help detect the actions of the bad guys the operators are of two minds. It is just more to take up their time for those who don’t see the end result of their works and those who see the benefit but not necessarily the double-edged sword that the new technology brings. The Sergeant First Class, Gunnery Sergeant, Chief or Master Sergeant sees the great utility of such a new program, or new hardware, in bringing down the adversary. The leader of the team pushes his team through testing and fielding of the new technology.

“Today’s new technology has a way of combining disparate facts into a recognizable picture for anyone with the analytic skills to see it. The database overflows with numbers, pictures, and names all there for you the analyst to connect the dots” he says to his team.

The leader stands in front of a section, a battalion, a division, or a ships company as the citation for the Joint Services Meritorious Service Medal is read. The citation is signed by the former director of the CIA, now director of the NSA, soon to be director of DHS. Those watching such accolade giving ceremonies have no idea what went on in the darkened spaces where their mates did their jobs. The signatory of the award document knows very well the use to which the agencies and the senior executives of those agencies will put the new technology.

Years later when that team leader begins to see the technology turned upon his own his team. The people worked with, the brothers and sisters deployed with, all being considered domestic terrorists for having dissenting opinions. As always the unwitting minions, those told and believing they are serving the greater good of the nation, have no idea.

The technician, analyst, computer wizard, former member of the military services of the nation look at what’s going on around them. Many questions are asked. What happened to free speech? Why did Charlie get locked up for his website? Why can’t I say what I think on Facebook and Twitter? Why is it all my news sources people have trusted for years to provide an objective view of things they’re seeing are censored to the point of not being able to be found?

Ask the questions, seek the answers, share with friends, come together, we will share freedom with the generations who follow, if they can keep it. We first have to take our freedom back to be able to bequeath it to them! Say “I do not Comply!”


  1. Phil fixed the issues with payment I had previously.

    I am now signed on to the human and also to substack if that helps you guys.

    Your substack people can easily move to your site.

    Again the issues are fixed and it’s very easy.

  2. A couple of important understandings…
    1) If the grid stars could mine your energy to power their A.I., there would be no need for their grid. If you look, you see the grid, so statements that you are their host, are unleashed to secure a sense of hopelessness and suicide in you. Please realize the kind of enemy you are dealing with.
    2) The latest piece I wrote, which I will send here once I can access my email, discusses the raiding of sacred knowledge. If you don’t want to wait, type my name into a substack search.(yes, my account is being blocked, for security purposes of course).
    3) Your energy is not from this place. It derives from a much higher source. The goblins want to understand it, but they are only now comprehending this exists. DO NOT GIVE THEM POWER OVER WHO YOU ARE. Yes, this is an act of will.
    Finally, you are at war. The enemy has already categorized, analysed, and devised their strategy to neutralize you. They have their magic, you saw it in Maui. They use your desire for a wholesome society as a weapon against you. They will give you images of puppies as they plead with you to give them your babies. The world you thought you lived in is nothing but a fiction.
    Stop feeding the parasites.

    • Yes Mike, the possibility of psyopps in war is always happening however, in the link I provided the US Military and its contractors are hacking into human neuro networks using frequency waves and advanced mathematics.
      The woman named Sabrina Wilcox says that human beings possess an aura projecting a toroidal energy system and that system is the human immune system. Perhaps my reading of the information is incorrect but I believe that the term harvest can be applied here.
      And yes the ancient knowledge is what they want to hijack and I am well aware that promoting a sense of hopelessness in an enemy is the point of psyopps.
      All I am asking is that what Sabrina Wilcox is saying should be looked into.
      This electronic frequency science is being weaponized as we speak.

      • I wanted to point out that these monsters need humanity for their nepherious purposes. And humanity itself is the natural resource 5hat they are exploiting for gain.
        Further, these contracting companies get the frequency technology from the government and are now using it for bio medical engineering to cure various diseases for huge profits and its all wireless.
        I am not a network engineer but Sabrina is and her information is I believe relevant.
        I indeed hope I am misinformed here.
        This is disturbing stuff the notion of a hacked humanity void of free will.

    • Mike,

      As always thanks for your kindness towards me.

      I have canceled my paid subscription to our Jack.

      Why? Because I have decided to go it alone against the flow of our times.

      It suits me since I have always been alone as I am joined by a wife and a fine real social network.

      We all know that by 2030 most of us will be dead. Because we will never submit to your view of our dearest human world. That destruction is heading your way. It’s coming and you are indeed finished.
      Have a nice day.

      • Nine,
        The issue I take with people like Wilcox is a simple one, they are utterly locked into this life.
        How can that possibly be an issue, you ask?
        It is an issue because being locked in makes one see things instead of forces, so the aura, for instance, becomes a concept with binding characteristics that may not be true.
        Similar situation with energy. Most people think it’s your lifestyle and diet. This effects performance in life, but that life itself doesn’t derive from them. The baby is born before it learns to breathe and eat.
        I could go on, but the point is that the weapons makers for the globalist elite don’t have it all figured out. If they did you would not be able to think the way you do, Nine, instead you would be spending your time making shrines to Brandon.
        We all have a finite time, if we believe we are locked in. This type of thought is not indigenous to the European soul, and that’s why we all have this Jewish oblivion complex drilled into our heads, to wreck our day.
        Nine, you’ve gone from wanting to beat me up to listening to me, at least a little, so please listen now. Your essence is not in the hands of the perpetrators.

        • Agreed Mike.

          Yet another weapons system like nuclear weapons and life moves on.

          However, with such mind control how can we blame trump supporters for not using their guns? Revolt? Seems like it won’t happen.
          My thoughts? Maybe only a remnant deserves to survive.

    • I have asked everyone repeatedly not to use substack as a primary and I practice what I preach. This has cost us 5000$ so far, yet I am still being ignored by my own people…

  3. Phil, I am going to post a link to a woman who claims to be part of a family that has been generational participating in research and development of these frequency weapons systems. At first glance she appears crazy but as I watched her videos further as it turns out she is a brilliant mathematician and computer network engineer.
    She says she worked for the university of Wisconsin, Whitewater a few years back, as I live a few miles outside of Whitewater and my daughter just graduated from that college.
    She is quite credible. As her descriptions of that campus are quite accurate. She says all of the tech is in the phone systems and that the new internet is called a wide body network and it’s powered by humanities natural Chakra systems.
    It’s quite credible and I would like you to look into this for the ramifications of this are disturbing.

  4. Phil, my understanding of the papers available on the internet and their capabilities is that in a nutshell they can hack into the aura and Chakra system of every human being and have been doing this for decades. They can read thoughts and intentions of every human being and also influence said human through frequency signals.

    Further this technology, in my limited understanding of it is that the human being and his aural system is now the internet of things and the way that I am understanding things is that the aural system in every human being is a natural resource to them that is now being plundered for someone’s gain.
    You can perhaps look at it as a grand harvest as the chemtrail spraying and vaxxines put the censors into the bodies of every human as I believe that all our butts are hooked to the network.
    The question? Did you give them permission to do that? These monsters? Well I certainly haven’t.
    Just an observation based on research I have done.
    It’s late in the game and it might be hopeless but it’s not over till the fat lady sings.
    We shall see how these things play out.

    • Notice that scientist Harari says that the entire notion of freewill in humanity is dead because we have hacked the human being. It is down to the DNA level but it’s more! It’s the very neural networks and our chakras and aural systems, which is a natural human system and body part. These very systems are what is powering their very weapons that they use against us.
      The battlefield, in my very limited understanding of the technology is being waged in our own bio aural Chakra human systems and each human can be identified and targeted by such systems which can be uploaded to drones or any weapons system.
      Remember our Jack once said that mega supporters will shoot themselves and each other.
      Please tell me I am wrong here Phil as to their capabilities.

      • It’s an example of fifth generational warfare meaning hearts and minds as what if they can control and manipulate the very heart and mind?
        Might be a game changer upon any battlefield.
        We are the battlefield and the spoils of war? Natural resources being the human Chakra and aural numeral systems. Humanity itself and its electrical systems are even more important than oil for their exploitation.

          • The auras coming from every human body as I see the suppressed science is the heart of the imune system. Those Auras form a toroidal wave form surrounding each human body. The outward goes inwards and vice versa, this system is a bodily function, hidden and lied about again its a natural body system connected to the pineile gland and thyroid and lymph systems in the body, in other words its a natural energy field that each human being possesses.
            This natural resource is the power behind the .gov system of the wide body network of things deployed now as 5g and 6g does not supply the power, it harvests the power.
            This is the great harvest happening as we speak.
            Jack was discussing the notion of developing our own egragore based upon the toroidal energy fields we all possess.
            Perhaps a natural counter to the enemies systems.
            I am using local harvested rocks and crystals and Sigals and various spiritual symbols along with ambient music and prayer.
            Perhaps all for nothing? But I will never submit.

    • Now you’re taking the discussion to an entirely new level, that which science has dubbed quantum entanglement. Directed manipulation of energy (Fourier transform) at QE makes for interesting possibilities in physical and spiritual dynamics of human interaction.


          Very informative video on what the .gov is doing right now.
          They are going for broke and yeah you could walk up to one of these computer pukes and shoot them in the head and you would be doing the world a favor. However,that won’t work because they have this all game theories out.
          Sabrina above? Is she who she says she is? Right down to the Von Neuman body implants put into her as a child? She is a whistle-blower blower.
          Next question? Why is she allowed to speak? Because someone wants her to.
          It’s how these things work.
          She talks of the WBAN, wide body area network and bio censors that are in all humans now as she explaines how they do it and why.

  5. George B we also have to consider Greece, Canada and islands all over that have fires of questionable origin. Then take into account the hundreds of fires in agricultural storage facilities be they stockyards, grain silos etc. and then there are chemical spills train derailments. Some see these all connected.

    Demigods are making offerings to their Gods while communicating a message to the rest of the demigods while we sit in the middle is one take on this time and place.

    Yes, time to take out the trash. We must stand together and say “We will not comply”!

    • I have been watching the videos coming from Hawaii taken from the shell garage , no sign of fires yet massive explosions all down the street Phil it must be the outside smart meters, aluminium wheels and engine blocks melting and running yet the plastic and tar road untouched much like 9-11 and the vehicles 2 streets away burned out , a row of cars with no doors open and everyone burned to death inside yet the sea is 30 foot away , yet all the blue stuff untouched,

      I saw this in a magazine around 2006 time a mountain in Afghanistan the flat top of it stretching for miles was dotted with what looked like dots and commas ? Wonder what the world’s thinking about all this ! .

      During the lockdown they seemed desperate to install all this LCD street lights everywhere both the UK and the USA Inc everyone was commenting on it wow and were they fast nobody even saw them do it including me and I wa rarely inside at all I was walking my dog stupid as the law stated and unmasked , Charles Leiber and his patents are vanishing from the net so I think they will move soon with what ever is planned as the dollar is toast soon and gold brokers etc are getting their bank accounts closed along with all their families accounts , that warning from Bill cooper about the holiday season is ringing bells for me .

      Contracts are going out for PPE and for a new updated lethal shot signed by dementia Biden And the WHO can now mandate a shot lol and new laws on publishing are rolling out and very very few people even know about this

  6. Who indeed Phil , who would burn thousands of people to death for 5 billion dollars of land,yet hand 200 billion dollars to Ukraine and 5 billion a month for government wages and pensions, this is not their first rodeo playing with that Dew toy paradise really was lost in LA years ago .

    Time to take the trash out or invading armies will

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