One thing is obvious this line from a guy called Shakespeare will remain an eternal question…no matter what or how we view our current existence…


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Was he real?

Shakespeare, or a multitude of different poets, creating masterpieces that rivals Homer’s Illiad and Oddysey doesn’t really matter.

What matters it fuels our desire for more, it broadens the scope of the search.

Words are doing to something that we call Human Soul or any soul if you wish…even the soul of an “alien being”.

Can we undo the atrocity of the past done by humans or something else with the darkness in their hearts….

The answer is inconclusive…maybe we can, maybe not….maybe is better to leave the past alone.

When you dig for skeletons, you never know what you will find, maybe you will not like the truth….

Truth always shatters the reality of the Human Mind…you can deceive yourself that it did not happen, but inversely you have been changed…on that spot and at that moment in time…

You have been marked and measured, the only thing that remains is an acceptance that new information has settled in your coincidence…and many things that you knew will become the apparitions of the past.

Search for the truth, the ultimate truth, can this elusive thing, almost unreachable bride to the common mind or even to those in the know be hunted down and successfully hauled on the safe shores of true reality?

Can it be done? when do we stop learning? and have reached the apex of truthfulness…

When did we become a know-it-all smart ass?

Simulation, Mandella Effect, Curvature of the Earth, Aliens, Space The Final Frontier?

Illuminati, Maserati, Bugatti, fraternity, eternity….

National Socialism, Communism, trivialism, favoritism…

All just words and terms…right…

Is the truth in the eyes of the beholder, and whatever you do you can sway him on your shores of truth…paradoxically this practitioner of truth will try and sway your thought on his immaculate shores….

A battle of minds is raging not as derivative of discussion but just as a battle of will and endurance…the result is a shapeless vision of the truth, a disfigured matter that is sometimes in worse condition than before the sacred search for illumination has started.

Somewhere, we lost the decency to hear others, say I don’t agree with you but I will not oppose my truth on you.

I will not try to be the loudest guy or gal in the room and the fact that I am holding the microphone doesn’t give me the right to kill other people’s valid ideas…

Ideas can change the world, nonability to hear others to give life to certain ideas is the biggest sin uphold on humanity itself…A crime that dwarfs all other crimes, even the killings of innocent.

One IDEA that is righteous, not ill-hearted can truly change the world…but sometimes even in our community, there are too many smart asses, know-it-alls who don’t want to go beyond the unthinkable line….

Civilizations are like people, they bring good or bad, and sometimes they bring more good than bad but sometimes they bring more bad than good…

What matters in the end no matter the old deeds combined is how they are going down when everything is on the line…

All bad deeds can be somehow forgiven if a person like civilization sacrifices himself for the greater good..we say he was an asshole but in the end, he did the right thing…

Are we finally there, will this rotten civilization do the right thing, in the end?

The last dawning of this civilization is there, it already knocks with bare and bloody fists on the door…

What will it be: Trick or treat?

Many are speaking of the duality of this place….Must a civilization to be able to function “properly” be shackled in iron chains of White and Black paradigm….can the world not function without the Duality that dwells in any living being that attends the podium in this place that we call Earth?

We can go beyond the thought that the world doesn’t need to be a constant struggle between forces of light and dark…

Are we not prisoners of dark thoughts, egregoring the darkness of this world, helping him to become even eviler than we think he already is…

Are we, not a partner in this crime… everything needs to be dark, so every time we fall, there is something or somebody left to blame, to point a finger at this unspeakable darkness..

The darkness that just won’t let us be?

If the thought is the creator in this world then we have an obligation to this world and its inhabitants…even if they don’t understand us or even share our world view…even if they are just a silly, noise in the backround.

Do we need darkness to experience hopelessness and struggle?

Do we now?, or this thought is set in like an invading, persistent parasitic force, her mission: to never let us go, as we don’t know from birth what is right or wrong?

We cant surpass our animalistic behavior, the only way to rise is through the true spirituality of the mind and soul, so they say.

But what is true..”Spirituality”

Where this Holly Spirit resides…In Church, the Mosk, in the air, in our beating hearts?

When we know, we are talking to a real thing, not to a deceitful apparition, a hollow specter sent from the deepest and darkest places of Hell?

Are we, not the true Freemasons?, creators of our personal Hell or Paradise, all this outside is just an itching stimulus to sway our truth in one way or another.

Are we not giving our light to them, so that this force can guide us in our adventures and endeavors….In the end, all must go through your eyes behind the White Wall into the Black Hole and into the realm of the Thalamus…where choices or your world is made.

Your thalamus is your body’s information relay station. All information from your body’s senses (except smell) must be processed through your thalamus before being sent to your brain’s cerebral cortex for interpretation. Your thalamus also plays a role in sleep, wakefulness, consciousness, learning, and memory.

Theodor Haufmann, Der Teufel und die Geschichte, 1850

Many podcasts no matter the platform are more or less talks, sanctified by the digital domain…

Share this, share that, retweet that, retweet this….but after these “sacred acts” and many hours of “uplifting talk”, there is no real will or action that affects the world in the psychical domain…

There is no real will to fight, to die for your cause because you have already done your thing, look at all that sea of likes and the avalanche of approvals…you must be doing something good, right?

How many truthers are already, digitalized and solidified in the digital domain…they maybe exist in the psychical domain after the stream or video is done, but they truly live and excel on a digital platform..where “life and things” these days are happening.

Can ones that are already eaten by the Skynet deliver you the unbridled truth, without Satan’s lustful whispers in their ears?

I am not saying that technology is bad or evil but with time it nests its claws in your mind and heart…and with every day it is harder and harder to put down a phone that fills your head with an almost orgasmic rush, that sweet injection of dopamine.

I Always wondered how these great literary poets, could write all these Poems, Novels, and Books, now I know these practitioners of words were more connected to the sacred, not polluted by the radiowaves of filthy frequency that like poisonous flying snake spews their black venom that steals the purity of aether from our deserved reach, from our minds.

if in our Minds, our view of the world is broken then the world will be broken…

Where is the thought born?

in our receiving brain or in our beating Heart?

What is a more plausible place for the manifestation of a pure ray of energy…Brain or Heart?

To be or not to be?

the Question remains, how many are ready or wilful to solve this intriguing puzzle that is begging to be solved, once and for all…

so we can reach the next level of existence….

Maybe my next post on Human will be without the comments, maybe anyone who reads my train of thought, finds his, or her own truth, or even make another, better version of the truth than was mine.

Being loud doesn’t mean being right, if we don’t like what is written how about we go outside and do something that fulfills our Soul’s needs?

How about that line of thought for a change?

Personally, if I don’t like something, or don’t agree with the orator or written word, I just move along…who knows maybe he is right after all, but right now I a not ready to let go of my version of the truth.

In the end, whoever is your Hero or representation of the Hero if he is the true hero and honest he would say to you: if you want to worship someone, worships yourself first, but with the right measure and the right dose of healthy balance.

The point of any Art is to make you and others do acts of Art yourself, don’t be a critic, or representation of the Hunter who has the best rifle, the best boots, and the best attire, but he never even seen or wandered into the woods.

By meaning Art, if I have touched your soul on that day you will give someone a smile that smiles will give somebody a reason to live, and in the end the courage to fight the world.

Who knows, just maybe you saved the next Nikola Tesla or Viktor Schauberger, is that not a beautiful thing to do?

People need other people, it is just a way how it is…if everything is dark then you will be sorounded by the perpetual version of never-ending, leeching darkness.

What we send to the world is what we receive back…

This is me: I sometimes give my last Euro to somebody who needs that Euro more, so I will not drink a cup of coffee on that day. I will not drink a cold beer, but I made the difference not in the digital domain but in the psychical realm…The only domain that actually counts.

I am not poor, but even my wife says to me that if you could you would give it all away..right?

I just smile most of the time without any words.

Don’t judge or you will be judged, by you when the time comes.

Maybe there are far better and more catchy quotes from Mr. Shakespeare than this:

“To be, or not to be” but the core of this question still vibrates with tremendous levels of unconquerable force searching for an opening in the Human mind trying to pull him over just for a brief second and to ask an eternal question of his true existence and purpose of his being in this place, this is the apotheosis we all must cross with time, liked or not.

The question will arise, but will you answer the call?

More human than human?

Demolition of the human race

another punch in the bewildered face

another blissful and “holly race”

darring truth or deceitful, outspoken menace

all gone, vanished without a trace?

something on your chaotic face?

Again the silence of the Void is calling the mortal coil

Search and destroy only respectable evolution

Be The real McCoy, is the solution?

reason suddenly hits, treason remarkably fits

do you get it now?

do you feel the coldness of the floor?

do you finally have that estranged feeling,

are you born ready and willing?

are you able to know?


what is gonna take?

sea of lies or one immaculate, perfect lake

Who is gonna make it?

Bed full of illusions, Sun born in the dawn of confusion

The hollow moon is comming down, crucified in the division

don’t break your pretty neck

don’t hit your shiny head,

dont wake up death

Stollen, at this time

another rightful rhyme

dancing twoheaded dime

vortex sacred, guiding tool

the climax of drooling fools

“To be, or not to be”

or just flee?

or stay the course

without the perpetual remorse

one and one is two


Wicked game looking for her name

Are you there?

do you even care?

Mind is the thirstful ripper

The heart is the true trickster

How are you, Mister?

This song is weird

a true runaway bird

Loud, perpetrating noise

seldom true voice

Do you have the Choice?

“To be, or not to be”

or just flee?

The wicked boat is sailing across the thin air

another tragedy, another despair

Speechless Snake in the grass

just looking for the pass

No voices in the sky

is, no one left to cry?

All tears are now just senseless and dry

Can you mind, fly?

if he can,

ask him how and why?

How to Reach the Mesmerizing Sky

even when you can’t fly

where is the quantifiable road to Heaven?

count to seven, toss the dice get the number eleven

maybe then you will be in designated heaven?

Black Crow sings, a prelude to barking occulted twins?

Agnostic Frost another lunatic hopelessly is lost

the day has come, for some?

maybe even for you, do not fall through

Mind flyers, the next batch of truth deniers

another helpless case of illuminated liars?

Another holly set of Olympian trials?

“To be, or not to be”

Flee or stay? but if you stay

don’t be just another sloppy prey

Seize the day,


enjoy your stay!

catatonic dols listening to the sleepless human voice

World is looking for the right answer

for the meaningful choice

Remember the days, when Sun was happy and yellow

shining on Human minds, right there bellow

Remember the Moon who was not a lost, wandering Loon

remember when life was not a silly cocoon

newborn Butterfly a sign to come

Can he get us finally home?

Now you know, go!

Stay or pray, kill another lazy day

Air is not fair

Clouds cant be found

The river is not a served dinner

the turbulence of the mind, the strange fatality of our kind

Where is the sacred thread that binds

where is the face that is truly kind

have All lost their freaking minds?

“To be, or not to be”

Flee or stay?

Find your way, find your road

find your place,

stop this madness, stop this constant race

Go and see your scared face.

see what have you become

all that is done was in the name of love

Passion lost, buried in the white frost

some say, another day

another night

all will feel right

Fight, fight!

What do you have to lose?


make the right choice,

listen to a silent voice

The backround is just a distraction an empty noise

don’t end up in the void

don’t, be a next android

flying monkey, restless donkey

feel the rhythm, don’t be beaten

Don’t throw away the key

don’t swimm in the blackness of the sea

don’t drink that poisonous tea

here is a thought, for those that are lost

“To be, or not to be”

Flee or stay? but if you stay

don’t be just another sloppy prey

Seize the day,


enjoy your stay!

Disclaimer: This is not written against anyone particularly, these are just my general observation…

For me, it is becomming harder and harder to listen to the so-called “Truthers”, I rather read books or if I am working listen to Audiobooks.

I even stopped posting stuff from Sage of Quay, not because I have anything against him, I know it is necessary work, but to be honest, all these videos are reactions to action, and they started, to bore me to death.

The exit out of this mess is so easy but for “some reason” so hard, it is laughable how easy it is to remove the parasites from their imaginary throne…

Have a great day and don’t forget to live your life!



  1. “By meaning Art, if I have touched your soul on that day you will give someone a smile that smiles will give somebody a reason to live, and in the end the courage to fight the world.”

    Art is also very close in pronunciation to Heart because it is indeed through the latter that the former is communicated.

    A work can be described as artistic when it expresses and makes us feel a certain transcendence, something beyond life.
    It is eminently personal, while at the same time bringing immutable truths to the surface, and this is what makes it so beautiful.

    So thank you for sharing your works of art!

  2. Jack, I would love to read Romains translation of that book about the Grail, unfortunately it says I am not a paid up member to access the post to download the translation.
    Everything is secret imagine that?

    • Nine, it is working now, probably a bug…try again…

      FYI, thank you for the great comment below.

      Cheers brother

      • Unfortunately the system is not recognizing me for this one post as a paid subscriber.
        Perhaps an email attachment? Censorship is individual in today’s electronic world.
        I don’t use my good windows computer for any online work nor my Linux laptop those are used for media and photography. I use a cheap Android tablet for all things online. The IPhone? That sits away from the family in its own personal timeout room. LOL
        I can assure you that my ability to view things is being messed with.
        To be expected, wait till fall and the new lockdowns. It’s comming.
        You know they want people to openly disobey them and I am sure most cops and Sherriffs will go along.
        That pension you know.

        • Nine check Romains comment on his most recent post it may help…
          I fully understand your stance on machines and online activity, and also appreciate your frustrations for I share those gremlins.
          Your spot on about the looming groundhog day rinse and repeat heading our way. Here in the UK the hospitals are being overloaded with infection control issues…
          Everything is back with a vengeance. Covid, Noravirus, MRHA, C.Diff, Legionella… And it’s the height of summer!!
          Good luck my friend and all the best to you and yours…

          • Seraphim, I am not allowed to see Romaines comments, that post is blocked however, all the other posts and comments are visible.
            Perhaps someone doesn’t like the content or it being discussed? Or a technical glitch?
            Who knows.

      • Jack, your latest video would not play. When it did play an error message came up saying that the video cannot play now come back later.
        I had to manually download the file to view it. 707 megabytes. LOL
        Someone is messing with your site.
        To be expected. Nothing is private once typed into the box and nothing is secure and that’s the purpose of all the tech anyway.
        Sheesh, even the humble bicycle has computer controlled cable less wireless shifting systems and I bet if they don’t like your low social credit score your bike won’t shift gears. LOL

  3. Yeah, I concur. Discernment and taking agency in what I let in, while lifting stones to see what is crawling underneath. A zest for life to counter the fear porn, the push button emotions on offer everywhere. I learned to deprive them of their food, realized that impotent rage is only hurting me, circa 2003 in a Hollywood cantine. Sought out others, became self aware of my programs running interference, refined strategies and methods of search and analysis. Thanks HP, this exchange is very potent. Active

  4. Day seized my friend, and like Jack stated…
    There is a reckoning afoot (and for me, particulalry after the events of this weekend)!
    Thank you for your continued prosaic words brother, they lift the soul and steel the heart in these times of need, when lessons are to be learnt by those that interfere with our work…
    Keep it up, and I promise to rejoin you soon with words of mine own.
    By the way… How did you find your words sung back to you?

    • Thank you, for your kind words…
      “How did you find your words sung back to you?”

      I did not hear the song yet.

      Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a song or songs…

      I am a pretty modest person, I can wait and I will wait…it will be a surprise.

  5. “I even stopped posting stuff from Sage of Quay, not because I have anything against him, I know it is necessary work, but to be honest, all these videos are reactions to action, and they started, to bore me to death.”

    I’m glad you mention it HP. I stopped listening too, a while back. Did the bough turn green for Stew Peters, Alex Jones or that disgusting plagiarizing Jew Robert Sepher? Did they climb the mountains and enter those accursed caves with us? Yea picture Alex Jones that “sexual tyrannosaurus” skipping across rocks perched above a three-hundred-foot cliff, free hand I may add. Yet those charlatans, two who do nothing but cry and wring their hands, the other who plagiarizes and homogenizes every word written in Jack Heart have regular slots. I’d like to say I pity those that listen to them, but I don’t. In fact, I am now demanding a body count from the powers that be and that goes for every demented Christian who ever slandered the name of the light bearer. The email went out this morning and I suspect all those who have betrayed me will soon pay the price. The bough is green, but the land will not awaken till the evil is removed…

    • “In fact, I am now demanding a body count from the powers that be, and that goes for every demented Christian who ever slandered the name of the light bearer. The email went out this morning and I suspect all those who have betrayed me will soon pay the price. The bough is green, but the land will not awaken till the evil is removed…”

      Action not reaction…The time for talking is over, I mean how much proof do they still need?

      Alex Jones and climbing, these are two terms that usually don’t come in the same package together…LOL

      FYI you are looking good, it is a miracle what mountains will do for your health, magick, and blessing of the Goddess aside.

      Thank you, my friend, enjoy your stay in France.

      And greetings to others as well.

    • Hey Jack, Alex Jones is a fucking female to male transsexual, androgyne. Don’t it figure? Hahahahaha!!!

      88! Bro; You & the Light Bearer have a drink on me.

    • Jones and Peter’s and their elk? Supposed truth tellers are nothing but shills for the DOD, creators and deployed of covid and the injectable. The General population are now nothing more than remote controlled zombie drones. They can identify and track anyone now right down to your DNA profiles, which can be uploaded to a drone. This is where we are at. Everything else is psyopp as they truly have battlefield full spectrum dominance.
      The battlefield? Everywhere on the planet including your very genes as that little rat faced jew noal harari said “we have hacked humanity” and he is not kidding.
      Human beings have an Astral body, as I believe this to be the most censored thing anywhere.
      Jones and the entire alt media serves a purpose and its not to do you any favors. As our HP says, best to shut it off and go outside.
      Great post.

  6. This article and poem is a jackhammer to the soul, HP, thank you. It is only logical that the A.I. Demiurge and his Archons would ultimately employ digital addiction and cyber slavery to manipulate, corral, and control the herd, keeping it in a state of mesmerized zombification prior to its annihilation. We, the conscious ones who these monsters cannot get to, can use their technology to our benefit and as much as we are able, turn it against them while it is still possible. Every sword cuts both ways.

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