“Ursula Haverbeck proves heroes can come in the form of eighty plus year old woman. To paraphrase Yogi Berra; life ain’t over till it’s over. I don’t really consider the Holocaust a Jewish lie either. They are just loudmouth ignorant dupes who derive great benefit from it. But this is a lie foisted on the world by the Trotskyists to cover up their own depravations in the East and their intentions for the West. It doesn’t hold up in a court of law, which is why both Zundel’s are dead. As Steven Stills once said; “teach your children well.” Or you may very well find yourself in one of Trotsky’s Gulags”…Jack Heart

“In the immediate aftermath of the War of Aryan Genocide Two (euphemistically called World War Two), a professional demographer did a detailed study of the Jewish population not just in Germany but in all of Europe from the years just prior to the carnage to the years immediately after it. He correctly concluded that if the so-called Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews from 1941 to 1945, with the Jewish population in Europe in the early to mid 1950s being what it was, compared to what it was pre-war, then every Jewish woman in every Jewish family would have had to have borne 15 healthy children post war. Quite obviously, nothing remotely like that happened. The camps were work and detention centers, not extermination camps. Now there is no doubt in my mind that upon being herded into the camps, many Jews that saw the large sign over the entrances, “Work Will Make You Free”, dropped dead on the spot. The very thought of actually working killed them. As a parasite race, Jews don’t work. They live off of the labor of the Goyim. Thank you Jack & HP for posting this. Hereticdrummer

Bravery definition:

  1. The condition or quality of being brave; courage.
  2. Splendor or magnificence; show.
  3. The quality of being brave; courage; heroism; undaunted spirit; intrepidity; gallantry; fearlessness

The Holocaust is the Biggest and Most Persistent Lie in History – Interview with Ursula Haverbeck

Link to Video: The Holocaust is the Biggest and Most Persistent Lie in History – Interview with Ursula Haverbeck (odysee.com)

Ursula Haverbeck was born on November 8, 1928 in Winterscheid, Gilserberg, Hesse, Germany. She was previously married to Werner Georg Haverbeck. In November 2015, at the age of 87, she was sentenced to ten months imprisonment for Holocaust denial. Several additional convictions in the fall of 2016 led to further sentences.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR0qlnF-Dx4 YT link if this doesn’t work bellow is the link to the Odysse video.

The video on YT is unlisted, if set to public it will be probably closed in a matter of seconds…for obvious reasons.

The link from Odysee…works 100 percent.



Night, the night brings the terrible fight no, they will be not all right

Night, the night brings the terrible fight

no, they will be not all right

Moon on my skin, my patience is getting thin

Explosion, emotion, razorblade motion

on both sides treacherous commotion

A night full of flashes, horrible lashes

Gods are smilingly asking, on this night:

Are you ready for an eternal fight?


You and me, Gods, set us free.

train to kill, not feel

Humanity out of sight out of mind

drowning together with our kind

On this night, words are useless

some men are toothless

born without a spine, too much mothers vine

On this terrible night, we will fight

it is not a decision but an obvious admission

The truth dancing high in the dark sky

One or more will die…

Empirical suicide, the genocide of the chosen

telling us: what exactly, is today verboten

The night is our only friend, we must defend

There is no choice or reason, anything else would be treason

And no, I am not coming back for another season

living dead constantly dancing in my head

Terrible Night is coming to a conclusion

death of decadent illusion

Begging for more would be just another chore

West and East divided

Deluded Minds collided

Atrophy of simpleminded

keeps people angry and excited

I lost my friend, my brother,

No, I don’t need another

Don’t bother!

Under the dark, violent sky, many will die

It is a dance of broken minds, shattered bones

behaving like autonomous drones

chasing the dreams, filled with fears

all, ending in tears

They can’t see, can’t know,

war is not a token

but a promise constantly broken

it comes with loud noise

without poise

when politicians talk,

dead bodies walk

The night is getting tired

too many bloody horrors to be admired

Blinded, under the red sun

searching for my gun

maybe I am not done….

Maybe I am not alone

Animalistic screams,

end neverending pompous dreams

Something has to be done

before, before all this is gone

Too young and too stupid to let go, my father smiling

“I said you, so”

I am a warrior,

a warrior out of time,

a warrior out of place,

tired of the neverending stupidity, that infects the

human race

Children must grow, or this reality cease to flow

and, I,

I just can’t let go…

Dedicated to:

To all who lost their lives in any war, bravery never fades, you all are not forgotten, because true Man never dies.

ALL WAR Heroes are mostly dead, spinless criminals with no combat experiences get the glory and fame, and others, True warriors mostly, the shame.

True warriors get served with the pain and bloody memories, 1/4 of them never truly come back. They don’t get to live past the third year after the war is over. In most cases, they take their own lives.


Estranged in this world where suicidal thought is a prescribed norm

Where always the last song is awaiting the appearance of the last gong

Everything is bad, always horribly sad

Planes are killing people, people are chasing metal birds

Two pillars are slowly free falling,9/11

death of pristine mind and number seven

Where are “omnipotent they”?

If you can catch them

pray…or find a new way

News are there so yuo can loose

bring your Boose, bring the well-oiled gun

Watching it will be great fun!

What was said, who was seen in the other man’s bed

Very important things, Saturn and his rings

Black Cube firing shadows and dreams

Spitting fire, wearing old attire

Satan is always the guilty party,


Nobody wants to take the blame

because: We are not the same

We know more, you know less

Are you not impressed?

Christians are calling Jesus to take center stage

so they can live in blameless romance

Muslims are waiting for him

All religions such as godless Trill

Who will win?

In a waiting game with no shame

Buddhist….who cares

They are wearing strange wares, anyway

This way…Please

All religions are strange and highly questionable nutrition

odd decisions, one can make

Strange paths, he or she will take

Transmutation of the mind

Or, All are just Blind?

Spiritwalker, He is not much of the talker these days

Who knows the true depths of his ways

In the mountain, in the sun, in the wind he lays

Strange world, stranger thoughts, and stranger things

All trying to achieve immaculate win

What to listen, who to know

Or just lay low

for a while…

Take it all with a smile…

Go chase your own dreams, catch your own thought

Dont be bought, by the false preachers

decorated, inglorious teachers, who know all

Dont join the suicidal Ball

The Orange Saviour is in town

Again he is loud, he has come to make you proud


The CGI Biden has been seen

Maybe I am wrong all was just an annoying dream

He is “Not Your President”,dont you know


To this Great man, the leader of your Brave land

Put your empty head further in the sand

Masks are trying to come back

Another hack,dont be a slack…

Another drill in the human will

Will he take the bait, Maybe

Turn the new fresh slate?

The crowd is going wild, It is a Hail Mary pass

Will this world last?

Q is back, new information is on the right track

Please come back, he is calling

Very loving…aren’t you comming?

Flat, Hollow, or Globe?

Maybe is all done in Adobe…

Food for thought, Take some

dont dine alone…

The white man is again bad

He is one to blame for this state this rotten game

Other races are blameless, they are not really here

Please interfere, save them from themselves, or burn in hell

Are you not racist?

Take the bate and join the neverending game

with no shame…dont be late

It is a fun world, full of important stories that must be told

What will happen next?

Tyrannosaurus REX?

Is he alive, or even he is a made-up lie?

Aliens from space are joining this frantic race

There are from space…

Dont you know, cross your fingers and

Enjoy the show…

Will this world last or join the silence of the past

Silence of the lambs, All animals are in a wilful trance

Will Otto Rahn end this estranged romance?

Mouth of madness, sadness, or much more

your personal Egregore?

Born in wildfire, gun for hire

Dreamtime, illusive empire, naked pyre

sleepless quagmire…burning slowly in blue fire

The whole world is your oyster

Dont live in a small cloister

Blue Öyster Cult:

Song For The Wicked

Blazing Fire for hire

confused day for the chase

Midnight is just another case

Movement of debased

Lock and loaded

reality decoded, matrix reloaded

witch stuck and dethroned

She was never truly loved

heads walking blindfolded

Another ordinary story

stuck in the old memory

Death Guitar rif, animalistic grip

Loaded, smiling gun waiting for the real fun

Bullets, no I just need One

Insanity on the door

craziness on the floor

Call of Mordor

Guardians of Asgard

Chasing bastards

facing pestilence, facing sin

Challenge this blue dream

From the early days of youth,

You are guarding the gateway of truth

Decibels are screamingng loud

Even the Death is riding South

feel the face of the Norse blade

Trust me you will never be born the same

Guardians of Asgard

looking for invoking, crazy bastard

Angel of Death

awoken from his bed

knocking on your empty head

Truth or lie?

Maybe real “angels” do fly

Say please and try

Answer the call

Maybe you will be the one who doesn’t fall

Devotion born in the arms of lunacy

lacks consistency, despises privacy

Trivial pursuit, try another kind of game

You will never feel the same

See if you can live and tell the tale

Guardians of Asgard

gathered in Lucifer’s court

Only the truth must be told

Salvation is not put on hold

Be bold, face the bitter-sweet cold

Like a true warrior of the sacred North

or you will never be truly evolved

Twilight of the gods

Guardians of Asgard are

True lords of this discourse

another win for the mighty Norse

No pitty for the Fallen

no remorse

no quarter given

All is not forgiven

Red spear of dawn

Hollow fellow Moon

Death is arriving very soon

Blood and sky

End is Nye

F you



and goodbye!

Phil Please if you can, save this video on servers…This brave woman deserves all the glory and admiration for this selfless, valiant act. No matter what I do I can make this video too appear here on Human in video format, only as the link…

I will probably write a story combined with a few song/s when I am less angry…..so you have my apologies.

Have I become too militant? I have read my previous work or I am right now let’s say in the wrong place mentally, You be the judge…

It is not anger or depression, just a weird feeling like deafening silence before battle or air loaded with electricity before the unavoidable storm.

I can really explain this feeling, which is odd for a man who I hope so, can express himself through written words.

Please: If you liked this on Substack, like it here, it is not about my songs it is about all who are brave enough to stand against tyranny.

Songs are for them and You…not for me.

Freedom always dies when good men and women dont do anything with the thunderous applause of the Idiots.


  1. Great post.


    Could you give this a watch? Very interesting on the grail and the Cathars and of course Otto Rahn.
    Also linked to your recent trip to those mysterious French caves Jack. However, I found this on a site that is fixated with Steiner and hence my skepticism awakens.
    I found it very interesting.
    23 minutes.

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