“Place where everything has to be borrowed, stripped naked and baked”

Something new, something secret, build very different

many hungry eyes constantly thinking silently about this distant prize

They are measuring, taking size

wondering if they can catch an eluding prize

floating there, waiting to be taken

abducted and raped

This city feels a bit greedy for such a lovely place

another deadly case

a mutiny on this boat looking for a new coat

New paint, that ain’t

new “bellowed” saint…

limits of this city don’t look pretty

These days all is a deadly affair

filled with much strange luggage

filled with ugly and rotten cabbage

Evil is constantly changing hands

looking for even dirtier plans

sanity has fallen to the ground

Hearts and minds are bound

bound to a silent killer

looking for an ungodly thriller

There are talks about a truce

looking for the last confused goose that is set loose

to change the current flow of evil

to catch this elusive devil

that don’t wanna be found

, don’t wanna be bound

To the unspoken law in this city

that wants to look pretty

Politicians are faul magicians

Their record is very well-known

Behind them, death is born

Earth is scorn, lives are torn

whole life itself is scold

put in a simple box sent to Fort Knox

sent to die without delicious pie

A sense of decency is set apart

with one hit of well-aimed Darth

Now this lovely city, doesn’t look so pretty

This mirage needs input of courage

a new endurance, that will break this mold and won’t be sold

for a few lousy shekels, turn into ghastly speckles

at this point, anything will do

to kill this strange thing called a black goo

amalgamation filled with dead voices

that travels with strange penetrating noises

looking for a sinner to make his mind thinner

raised from the deadly, sick bed, this Thing

has successfully sailed to the West

Killing The soul of the West it is coming for the rest

looking for the juicy, red crest, wanting to be the best,

, set apart from the rest

catching the runaway train, for aimless gain

seeds of pain, with an infectious aim

perusing this lost, now seriously damaged brain

if you take this ugly twin your life will be filled with dark sin

it is not a fling but a deadly “Thing”

Love can be lost at any cost

All pinpoints on this new emerging dot

This field of energy was born in this darkness

to save this ungodly hour, without a build date

savior of human fate

This drawing boat, this city of lost souls

desperately needs a new fresh coat

This city needs a new definition, new ammunition

new magnetic pole to make him whole

Flashes of light to turn this tide

a new and beautiful, innocent bride

who will not step aside

With her tender lips, this reality flips

Flower born in the gutter, a new strange form of life

that doesn’t adore the dark power of flame and pyre

Doesn’t show love for the old and reckless, dying empire

eternal swire for humankind

lost in this chasm filled with sins

horrors bound by ugly twins

New energy takes over, instantly hits the places like London and Dover

All that is faulty and ill is looking for the closest cover

Sins are washed away, all that moments ago was just a tragic prey

that could not be swayed, obeys

Penetrating light hits the bleak ground,

the city shakes, new destiny takes over

all moves to the future even closer under the force of new dazzling, mesmerizing power

True reality forms, creating a new set of norms

Finally, the dark city is filled with light

No more struggle, no more fight

This city is on the edge of tomorrow

looking for the last soul to borrow

looking for the clear weather

to do future things better

Beast is laid to rest, it was just a test

holographic picture, another lecture

another vivid bad dream, taken from the broken sea filled with screams

dreamer comes to his senses, he is no more defenseless

reality bow to his will

an unimaginable thrill

Our world is subdued by his force

He proudly says…

Of course!

It was all a bad dream a foul stream

I am home,

A few days will be enough to put in order my usual stuff

The divine force will be replenished in a day or two

my new destination, a place called MU(Lemuria)

Before me, lays another voyage into the unknown, a blind jump. leap of fate

a destination well-known, a world in a desperate state

filled with malice and raising hate

Another old story, another pointless debate

but nonetheless, Mu is my new appointment, my new “date”

even if it’s crawling with blasphemous creatures and

senseless killing preachers …

This ride can’t be postponed, I have no choice but to listen to my inner voice

My mind is one of a kind, we are known through many ages as the order of holly mages.

Our power is a gift from Kronos himself for a job done well

eons ago when this universe was lazy and slow

Now is bursting with life, filled with good and bad things, Here and there you can find even after all this time a miraculous surprise

Now we are just four, closing and opening the hidden doors

doors are portals of time where lives our prime(True essence)

My mind is filled with songs and images forbidden to the ordinary eye

In many other worlds, I might be even called a spy

But, I am not a spy just a watchful and very perceptive eye

My existence is hidden behind the threshold that humans call the visible world

This voyage is only for the brave and bold for those that can’t be bought or sold

My presence can be felt, sometimes even seen but not against my will

my prime, my true existence swims in vast corridors of time,

It is not a crime,

to be able to swim against what humans call a unit measured as time…

I don’t hide, I just don’t wanna be seen, You can say my behavior is equal to sin

This device in my hands looks nice but is a secret well hidden from preying and jealous eyes, eyes that don’t think twice and don’t play nice

A Secret, known just to a few potent minds,

minds that can tame the force of this apparatus and gain a new higher status

minds that are able to find a home under the treacherous and translucent dome

even if they are exposed to neverending torture

They still fiercely looking for the hidden, distant fortune

This fortune is not gold, silver, or even shiny amber lost in some forgotten slumber

knowledge is real gold that can be sold and traded

Even a portion of bad luck can be sometimes skilfully evaded

Our kind is Always ready for the next plethora of things that will come

far, far, far away from


Our kind is haunted these days so against all our beliefs a secret pact was forged with one human faction, they are ready and willing for action…

They believe in this Green world inside this Earth, a strange place with no visible entrance, just a few caves that will pinpoint the location under old moonlight light, on certain days of the year.

Earth is the heart of this galaxy a fact known just to a few holy men on this, they call this place a planet, a “spinning planet.”

Human race I always wandered against who or what are they racing, maybe amongst themselves?

They all are talking about this Goddes, this immaculate lady or is it a girl, There are many stories among them, but few could give us a decent, almost accurate description of this elusive being who is visiting them sometimes even in their dreams…

There are no Gods just beings that are more evolved, and longer here among you, We were there where your universe was born there were no Gods….that you all speak of so valiantly.

But if you like to cold them Gods, be my guest…who am I to shatter dreams of a young and vibrant race, streaming for new heights, calling for freedom…it would be not right, I said quietly, biting my lips at the same time to myself.

There was something strange about their leader, he was different, and strange energy was pulsating inside his body, Was he this God among them?

For, being so old I had too many questions, but I was always i curious thing, well mannered and beloved among young races…

My smile could strip down even the queen of this known universe, yes I was a real charmer. I had many years of practicing my skill so there was almost no match in this part of the galaxy that could trump my manners or my level of eloquence.

I was a force of nature when something or somebody had to be persuaded, I rarely backed down from any verbal fight…yes, I was a stubborn old fart, looking for trouble, but I should know better….it never ends well…

Even Humans say: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

Even this hell that is a funny story to our kind, “You will burn in hell”…..sounds very menacing, but like many things, the fact is all is just silly nonsense, nonsense that exclusively travels with young races, they are all prisoners of many superstitions, till they reach new levels of conscience. New ideas are born and old superstitions are torn, gutted, and thrown in the garbage, where they, realistically belong.

ouch, I forgot to tell you why we are haunted these days, We are rare animals, and our brains are worth an ungodly price of money if you believe in such a thing…

It is really hard to kill us, but there are a few predators who can spot fluctuations in time and space so instantly like assassins they are visiting the last place where the disturbance was present, looking for their prize, in this case, our brain. A large brain, really large Brain, impossible large brain…you can hide half of this universe in it and still have the spare room for a planet or two…did I say how large it is? I did, well. It is important to know the enormity of our brains….

An experiment done in a tend, by the golden river there are just a few souls who can attend…

souls that have seen the infidels ghouls, critters devoided from souls

bound to a darkest dark, dark void

waiting there for the next exploit…

In this domain, they are the prey in the next they are the hidden hunter

an annoying banter, A helter-skelter looking for a dry shelter

Fueled with the power of hate, they never negotiate

creatures hidden in the dark praying on humans spark

looking for a nest in the mists of the Human Arc.

So we train day and night, this is the only way we can stay alive in this fight

The last city is still standing, here the life force is still strong

but all can go wrong, even with this song

We are the last defense, the last disposable gun under the White Sun.

We are holly dreamers, holly-conscious streamers

We don’t use a faulty cross or useless holly water, with that nonsense, we don’t bother

We draw our sacred power from another source, we are the true and sacred force

We are the hammer

We are the iron will

in our heads a picture of flaming steel!

Honor is our true name, we play another kind of game

We are defenders of fate, defenders of the human race

We will have a last say, and

“They”, they

will pay!

  • Now you all know
    The Bards and their songs
    When hours have gone by
    I’ll close my eyes
    In a world far away
    We may meet again
    But now hear my song
    About the dawn of the night
    Let’s sing the bard’s song
  • [Chorus]
    Tomorrow will take us away
    Far from home
    No one will ever know our names
    But the bards’ songs will remain
  • Tomorrow will take it away
    The fear of today
    It will be gone
    Due to our magic songs

Bringer of Love, King of Pain

King of Pain

Bringer of phantasmal love

bringer of agonizing pain

Caller of all saints

Black Adder eating, chewing on red rotten cadaver

Hot playful ballon in the blue velvet sky

Bewildered Screams, shameless Hearts that say the End is nigh

Armaggedon falling right in front of you from the black sky

silent wonder happening in the dead of night

Black Star that quietly wanders too far

Tired, aggravated Barmen lost without his flaming bar

Suicidal Ignition, well timed mission without the perfect getaway car

Cosmos created without the crazed, mad lunacy of war

Thinking of you

nothing new

You and me

World that sees

Me and you

Universe that sings

reality born in a thousand modalities

Million miles away

heart and mind fall peacefully astray

It is the birth of another day

It is the death of another night

White Sun shining bright, blinding senses hiding true light

Golden promise in your blue admiring eyes

I just know

We will be all right

Last Naked Wish served as an empty dish

Blue crying Moon died way too soon

Venus hastily called confused Janus

Doorway to the Gods,

Wanderer that is forever lost

Vigilant Truth in Memory of Blood

Love expressed without the cost

13 Angels knocking on the white door

I am free-falling, hitting the wooden red floor

Golden ring and land of Mordor?

Life is just a silly moment could I ever ask for more

Destination fulfilled without the choking gore

Love is blind, Hearts are poison

War is a lubricating lotion, gutted in the one confused emotion

One flawless smile, penetrating thoughts of you

The sky is blue, again

Nothing has to be said

Without spoken words, we are our own lords

Wolf Moon dancing on your starry white skin

In the distance proud voices of our beloved kin

A new child can never be born in the sin

Sieg and Tir creating everlasting MIR (peace)

Shadows in the Night, our naked bodies shining bright

Chariot of the Gods, The Age of New Lords

Awakening of the Heart that belongs to the Norse

You fools never had a choice, you lost your venomous voice

Fire in the sky, The song says Dawn of the Ai

I say: all is a giant forgettable lie

Your black hearts and your kind must permanently die

This is the only way Humanity will learn to fly


Man to come, the undamaged heart that will be never lost and alone

Death and fear are finally sleeping alone

Sadness in your loving eyes, gone

It is decided, Never again Aryans will fly divided

The new Man will never walk Alone

His will can never be undone

Guardians of the darkness


There is a new King sitting on his rightful throne

This new King never walks alone

It is done,


One Night On Earth

One night on Earth

There was no death

One night on Earth

everyone cared

One night

Devil lost his sight

Midnight Sun

and her chosen Son

Awaiting to become One

One Night

Hearts were more than alright

One night Bard’s song was desperately too long

One night troubadours were singing it wrong

All this mesmerizing, profound mess

Just for One song

Eight-pointed glittery Star

One Night Without Nasty War

Twelve messengers, rays of light

Nobody died that night

One night on Earth

An ancient promise could be heard

One night on Earth

Love was not useless, careless dirt

One night on Earth

Love was more than a broken flirt

One night

People were terribly kind

One night

Evil Heart could be not find

One day you and I will be more than okay

One day

Nobody has to pray

One day

Hear what I have to say

Listen well:

There will be a time when nobody can tell

Right from wrong, good from a bad song

There will be a time,

for the perfect rhyme

There will be a time when

spoken words are faultless and sublime

Black Sun is just having fun

All hail to the true SON

Worshipers of Moon

escape you would?

Dance of the Shiva

Rise of the Hyperborean winds

Your deeds naked and bathed in a thousand screaming sins

This is the end of the road for your kin

Robot and Android mind

can’t fly,

It is better for you to just die…

In the temple of love, there is no room for more

Just for those who understand the word of white dove

Dont ask more, I won’t tell

See you bastards in true Hell

But if forgot you are already there

Caged in this small, digital sphere

Only here you can intervene

make hollow demands

Greet your demonic god in full trance

Hivemind and his last damned romance

What you are looking for is not in France

Continue your devilish dance

soothes you well

In the end, yuo are the soulless creatures from hell

I hope these words ring a Bell

Aryan blood will be activated

true heroes located

Hostage situation resolved

True light saved and absolved

Man to come,

only wish to see his real home

He has seen enough under your fabricated dome

Middle Finger to the “Greatness of the Rome”

You burn “witches”, now is the time to meet your new teachers

Fire in the minds of the men is the creation of Hell

The light in there doesn’t swim well

Fools can you not tell?

Transmutation and involution are the only solution

Stop with your masquerading collusion, deadly injecting infusion

This “ Thing” can not never be

You are just too blind to see

cannibals in the end eat their young

The reason why your lot will never be born strong

You are just plain wrong

Swastika in a man, tells him he can

Go where the dead ship dwells and victoriously prevail

Only this new man knows how to build new sails

Love conquers all it is written

Even the lost soul Is smitten

when the right words are given

When truth is spoken

When the True Soul in him is suddenly awoken

He knows He could never be broken


To see the end of the time is not a crime

Where you are going you won’t be needing a dime

Where Midnight Sun dwells is life

Where love sleeps all is right on time

The memory of blood awakens God

venture Nord, this is not a secret code

that will erode, learn how to implode

find yourself,

The true essence is not embalmed in cold-breathing malevolence

You are in your Prime

There is no such thing called Time

All this here is just a violent crime

The call of the homeland is hidden in your heart

Listen to this old bard

Runes are telling the truth

Be a knight if you could

or feel the agonizing pain in your dangling tooth

Sun is a life giver, night is a specter a great deceiver

but even night will show you the rightful home

Bellowed Star points on your designated throne

Look closer and see the future

The Fall of Rome

has come

There is nothing that could be done.

Accept your faith drinkers of blood

If you understand give me a nod

You are not the God

Listen or swim in the rivers full of blood

There is only one and true God

He is in the heart of every Nord

Let the promise of a new future unfold

Light Bearer lights your sins

There is no way in Hell you can win

I can go on and On

but I must finish this song

Otto Rahn your edits are terrible fun

dont worry I won’t sound an alarm

We know, we won’t let go

Just so you know

I am one with the flow

But now, even I must go….

The song must abruptly end

This message is not a dead-end

It is true, that time can be bend

Try and see how it went

enough for now

Live your life proud

Freedom dies when nobody is making

a sound.

oTTo AR An

I hope You will find in this sea of words something that resonates with you, Like, share, and comment if you wish.

All the Best to All!


  1. For all those who do not Understand where HP is coming from, I would urge you to watch season 3 of Legion. All that you see before you, the bitter end of a human race gone mad, can be changed in the blink o0f an eye. The change just requires the intervention of one multidimensional being. You are all prisoners of Time, even God and Her, but there are those who mastered Time long before God and Her were born, to paraphrase Dylan. This is a trial by fire, or Black Goo if you prefer, and the guilty will be punished when the verdict is rendered. You will just have to survive here till the gavel comes down, then everything will change, for the innocent that is…

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