“The War Never Changes”…so they say…

“The War Never Changes”…so they say…

It was the last great war, a last war that truly meant something…

It was not the usual kind of war that modern humans remember or would comprehend with ease…

This war was not fought for more resources, more land, or a precious black substance called: oil

Many great stories begin with great betrayal, the tragedy of epic proportions that shapes the path of entire civilizations, some even with great and timeless love that devours human hearts, and many times main protagonists are left in agony or despair, like a long winter never and rarely heals or ends.

This story begins with War, the all-out war between two mighty factions, the war for a little planet many would say not that important at all in the grand scheme of things.

The planet in question is Earth…

You may ask what is so important about this Earth.

What is there that other better-known or even more beautiful worlds dont have or possess…

Why Earth?

Earth, a place full of life but intertwined with great tragedy and undying hope, the Green planet with a giant lush green forest full of a plethora of different kinds of animals, turquoise green rivers, and the bluest seas one could ever imagine, filled with diverse, extraordinary marine wildlife, classified as Paradise planet…a region where magical things can happen, one of a kind planet a Blue-green marble.

The Hyperborean fleet was called from deep space, it was an emergency signal from well well-known part of the universe….Earth

A Fleet of 15 ships entered the hyperjump almost immediately after they received the positive signature from the other side of known space….

Silently followed by a few muffled flashes, the fleet of 15 ships jumped without a problem to the other part of the universe according to the signal that was constantly echoing on the blue screens of the powerful ships…

These ships were world-ending vessels, their devastating weaponry could tear one planet in half with just a few shots…when they are called into action you know the situation is serious.

and so it was…

Hyperborians were a God-like race, a very ancient race, their enemy half mechanical half biological creatures. These almost cyborgs could not be called a race they were simply put together from the flesh of many different races fused and combined together with robotic parts.

They were Borg before Gene Roddenberry Borg came into the light mesmerizing and successfully captivating the minds of modern audiences late in the 1960s.

These hollow creatures wanted nothing more than to taste the sweet fruits of wandering energy simply named Soul.

So the obvious choice was Earth, then eons ago it had a different name, but this name has long ago faded into a clutches of distant memory…and nobody but a few chosen illuminated leaders, or tribal members remember, knew the original name of this Paradise planet.

“Paradise on Earth sounds familiar”…This is not just a silly phrase, Earth was a true paradise, a planet worth fighting and dying for.

Earth was a place where young and old energy(Souls) were getting ready for reincarnation or voyage to the higher planes of existence, it was a giant hub for many different races, a holly place that was multidimensional in nature and had according to that a special place in the universe.

Hyperborean fleet exited out from hyperjump, nervously, anxiously awaiting further orders…

Nothing yet sir?

No…that is what troubles me, my friend….we jumped here, across the vastness of the universe, and all I can hear is silence…something is not right…I could smell the trouble, it was in the air…waiting for us to make the wrong move.

Disruptors at ready, if anything moves near Earth’s orbit shoot it or them down…this is an order!

Yes sir!

Good, scan the space one more time, they must be here somewhere…I can almost taste them, these soulless abominations…they can hide from us for long, not here…

Scan completed, the usual space noise, mixed with radiation from near Blue Sun, nothing to report for now, Sir!

Let’s wait for a few moments and then move three ships near the dark side of the Moon, let’s see if that will draw out these blood-sucking space vampires…

Do it!

Two smaller corvettes and one giant devastator without any visible effort moved closer to the Earth and then after a few minutes, they disappeared behind the orbiting Moon…

Nothing Sir…

Ragnar second in command: they are waiting, I got a strange feeling this is not just another stinky attempt to steal a few souls…like in the conventional predetermined robotic manner…It feels like something else is here…something dark, indescribable darkness is here..here with us…

Yes, my old friend I can feel it too…

But my friend if this was just another pirate drill, we would not be called here…and you know that..

I do…he smiled quietly

Sir, I suggest we stay here near Saturn, this one is a waiting game…

Yes, it is, move two smaller ships closer to Titan, electromagnetic interference will make them invisible to the eyes of this illusive enemy…

It is done…two ships are moving into position…

Scout ships moved into the desired position near Titan, awaiting the next batch of orders…

One ship will jump near Earth and then quickly jump back here near Saturn…maybe this simple maneuver will draw them out in the open…Cyborgs are not exactly the smartest beings in the universe, cold and ruthless yes, but not smart.

Ariana…devastator class ship jumped near the Earth, stayed there in position for 10 seconds, and then quickly came back into original formation with other ships orbiting Saturn.

Nothing, sir….

I see….suggestions…I know they are here….they can’t keep their cloak any longer, soon they must reappear…


Running sir!

Approximately 60 sec left….countdown go!

Conventional kinetical Weapons are at ready, disruptors are spooling..30 seconds left till they reach the optimal charge…

Common you ugly motherf….show your face….

All ships be ready..at my mark unleash hell!

Twenty seconds left till the enemy uncloaks himself!!!












Exactly in time Giant black spider-like, enormous silhouette uncloaked herself right above the three ships orbiting around the dark side of the Moon….

The main flotilla could not see what was happening behind the Moon, but they could hear the agonizing screams of the crew and the tearing of metal in space followed by a giant blinding explosion…

What was the Moon before a few seconds now was halved into two parts, one part of the Moon was pushed in the direction of the Earth and the other piece of the Moon was slowly disappearing into the cold depths of space.

What is God’s name is That!?!?

Something to kill, my friend…but first we must destroy trillions of tons that are on collision course with Earth.

The only solution is a Devastator two-ship reverse tractor beams and misdirect, push this giant bullet on another trajectory, away from Earth…we will be sitting ducks but if we shoot this giant rock will just do more damage to the Earth.

It will be “Death by a thousand paper cuts”…so this is not a viable solution here…

All ready!


Ariana and Sigmundr jumped in front of what was left of the Moon….Engage reverse Tractor beams!

Sir, we got this, rock is moving… a few more seconds…

A giant red weapon pierced the Ariana, almost instantly disabling the powerful devastator, many of the crew were already pulled into darkness of the space, giant red beam punctured the hull, leaving the Ariana’s hull open, the enormous hyperborean vessel was bleeding blue-red plasma fluids mixed with her unfortunate crew without any sounds leaking one by one into the blackness of space.

Ship down sir, Ariana is down!

What the hell is this!!!, I never see anything like this…push the rock….1…2…3..and then execute a blind jump!

local jump engaged….Jump!

Where are we, report!!!

Near Jupiter, Sir!, we are near Jupiter sir…we got lucky…

Soldier we will need all luck today we can get, this out there this giant, menacing black thing is not your usual scavenging cyborg pirate vessel…this is something new, something truly Evil is on that ship.

It must be destroyed no matter the cost….we can not fail!

Call all remaining ships to attack formation Delta 7…

All remaining ships except one jumped close to the Sigmundr, the scout ship remained in the position, orbiting Titan.

Four ships down, one in orbit near Titan…10 ships remaining, forming in Delta 7 formation, all ships awaiting your orders….Sir!

Focus fire on an enemy ship, here are the coordinates…it looks like propulsion drive…at least I hope so.

Ready, is the message sent….all ship ready Sir!


A rain of blue beam weapons rushed toward the black enemy, disruptors were also activated, and these world-ending weapons on that scale would tear any known ship ship apart with ease….

But, yes there is always a but, a part of the Giant black vessel was hit and torn apart from giant space nemesis, but to Hyperborean amazement started immediately to assemble in space…At first glance it looked like a Black monstrosity was alive…a self-assembly giant with a dark conscience…and unimaginable black, evil thirst had come to hunt them…

Do you see…

Yes I see, call the rest of our fleet, call them Now!

This is something new and it looks like it has eaten our pirating cyborgs, they are now part of this…Thing…

We will need all the help we can muster….Jump back to the original position…

A few seconds have passed…

Orbiting Saturn. my liege…


Let’s wait for others it looks like this Thing is after us not Earth, Earth was just bait….

This Black menace knew we would almost blindly rush here to protect the Soul Hub…and if this new enemy wants our flesh and blood let him come…

White Gods are hard to kill…even when we are outgunned…

Close to Earth Black spider looking vessel was finished self-assembly, a long black spiral cable-looking extensions assembled the broken pieces and for a moment became almost liquid, and then again a hard black translucent surface…


This thing is waiting… waiting for our next move…

So, we fight like our ancestors did, do not be too predictable…we wait…if the enemy vessel goes into cloak again, we jump to our assembly place planet with high gravitational pull, filled with a mesh of electric and radioactive interference, a planet orbiting around the white sun called Kotor…I am sure this black messenger from Hell will follow us..in the end, it is after us, not Earth.

And then we strike with all we got…make sure all are ready and standing by….spool again the disruptors….

We need something that will slow the regenerative capabilities of this black beast and Kotor is our best bet…

There is no death but dying like fools is not our way…it must mean something so we can be aceptend in giant halls created by our ancestors eons ago…Die like A man or in this case Hyberborian and only then you will see the promised land and her white Halls, A true Heaven.

Sir! The rest of the fleet is ready, orbiting Kotor, awaiting your orders…

Admiral just noded….

A few hours passed, and the black Thing did not move it looked like it was in some kind of cocoon state… probably a defensive measure… This new menace wanted them to attack first, this black Apostle from hell knew, Hyperborians would defend the Earth to death, so this Thing kept on waiting, testing Hyperborean resolve and nerves.

It is inteligent no doubt….Ragnar said

Yes, it is, the question here is how we kill this Black Hellhound if he does not want to move and Gods forbid if just one small part of this thing falls on Earth…it will be devastating for life down under…I doubt Earth would ever recover from this black pestilence…

We can wait in this standoff for maybe a few days but not much longer…Soul traffic must be established at all costs…it looks like this space abomination knows how we operate and how life is created…so it must be originated from this part of the universe or we must assume it feeds on the victim’s memories..more she “eats” the more she knows about our species, our way of life and our universe.

This machine is some kind of space cannibal, always thirsty and now she wants the taste of our flesh on her black lips… Let’s give her a night that she will never forget!

Death, death to enemy!!!

Death!!! the crew was almost in one voice chanting the victorious word…

There can be no defeat here only death, this ugly Beast, this evil, this “Thing” must not be victorious…She dies here or we die here… There are no two ways about it.

Exactly three days had passed when soul traffic was interrupted….The silent Black challenger, now simply called “The Thing” was waiting patiently, it had all the time in the world and this beast from Hell knew it all too well.

In time almost 100 giant ships joined Sigmundr, orbiting Jupiter, it was an old game of Cat and Mouse.. but who would be a cat and who a mouse?

The plan was made: if this thing doesn’t move in the next few hours concentrate all available power and simly disintegrate this dark abomination from the bowels of hell.

Earth must be free and soul traffic needs to resume or the entire universe will feel the consequence of this unwilling disruption.

Evora ship female priest: it was professed that this would occur, but I never knew I would live to see this event…”Are we not lucky?” she smiled with a sarcastic grin on her face…

Living and Death will fight for the destiny of Souls in this universe…

Who will win? priestess, do tell me if you know the answer…

Scrolls are inconclusieves..I guess either side could win or be doomed for eternity…

One thing is sure you dont want to be part of this “Black collective”… there are worse fates than death…and this out there is not the way a living being with a Soul should end his or her life path.

I agree, priestess…Thank you…

My lord…Evora moved back to her cabin, resuming reading ancient prophetic scrolls looking, for any kind of information, on how to kill this dark self-assembling beast.

In a few hours, we will have the might of the entire fleet concentrated here in this System, SOULAR System, or now called by residing Humans a Solar System…

Thank you…send the plan to the fleet on the scrambled channel….now…

sending….message is sent…Sir…

Out of nowhere, the cyborg fleet arrived and parked herself near the now awakened Black spidery vessel….


Almost one thousand ships just jumped near the Black Ship, it looks like they are connected in some way…A Queen?

This is what we are dealing with here…The Mother of these beings?

We knew they worship the collective, but I never would have guessed that there is a real, thinking mind behind this lunacy of theirs after all…

Rest of our Fleet, ETA?

A few seconds sir…They are almost here…

The Hyperborean fleet is assembled successfully in full force….Sir!

Ragnar:” Thousand our ships against thousand enemy vessels…you wanted a fair fight, here it is…”

Maybe this is a good day to die….my old Friend.

To be continued….Part Two maybe is already on its way…

If you are a visual type here is some visual help….”Mass Effect/Event” 3

War of Worlds….is the title of the next sequel…

Aliens And New Heaven

Close your eyes and count to Seven

Aliens in this world… is this message feels very distant and cold

Aliens a code word, can this be lastly told

in this runaway, mad, mad world?

To the “Joe Public” and his female friend

Can this truth then be defended

is all Trust set on: lend?

Are Blue Aliens the Final Truth

provoked in your early youth

Can we just tell the Truth?

In the end, what is the meaning of the proverb “God send?

Do you still need more, more explanation, more facts

so the human head can do something and react

Tesla and Schauberger creating vortex and implosion devices

New Hope rises, hope without the usual bad, ugly vices

Victor is his name, has he Won in the end…

Was this great man Heaven sent?

Nikola T, do you agree?

Is the whole world a giant spinning, singing machine?

A new emerging doctrine…

An Afterworld apparatus was made, so you can see even Socrataus (Socrates)

Is Hell a real place, is that the case

Can you handle the truth

Can you escape the Hell

will the cold-thinking mistress in your mind prevail?

Do tell…

Do you think you are floating in the bowels of Hell?

If Aliens are real

do you wish to insert a serious appeal?

Is the end comming Near?

Why so Sirius?

Smile maybe it won’t take a while

Aldebaran is just a click away

no, you dont have to pray…

Mandella Effect, are you part of this “Sect”

Do you think this world is “in defect”, does he need the presence of a new Prefect?

Or all this is fine-tuning, your ears are just fuming

The earth is quietly humming 432

Shuman resonance made an appearance

are all troubles ready for clearance?

Tinnitus crawling or your spine,dont worry you will be more than fine

Preston Nichols is a man out of time, a double trouble

in this timeline, now he is gone, he left you alone

Do you wish to go home…

Doppelgänger Clones running wild in this fluid place

Is this just another warmongering, pointless race?

Race without the Hidden Face

Can you keep the pace?


Dream Walker a true-life stalker, a “Man” with a mission, a debunker?

Have we come to this, without the blue light of the almighty hand of the Police

truth suddenly must be told

Or this world will be left on hold…in the unimaginable cold

White horse in the distant future, is he telling the truth?

have you broken the camel’s back is the true reality back on track

Are you waiting for the real attack, You hacks…

Blue Aliens who are they, do you wish to enter and play?

Why not say: hey!

Let them know you can see, the power under the Mighty Tree

Catch up with the hand of destiny, hold up the wheels of fate

Find your new smiling mate…

Alive or death can you feel the importance of this thread

Do you still need weapons filled with hot, bursting lead?

Sun is hot these days, who will prevail

Who will seize the day

Who will be left behind?

Is Black Goo doing his designed Job?

Fall or be on top, leave this Black Lovencraftian Cop

to do his predicted job…he is made by the design

Are long-forgotten Titans alive?

Is blood the answer, do you think you are in tremendous, imminent danger?

Are they comming back with a Banger?

read Albert Camus:The stranger

Wyrd is just a word, be awesome and horribly bold

Who is weaving the tapestry of life

dont join the forces of Beehive

if you do, you will certainly die

And that my friends is not a lie

Agent Copper is the real looper(Movie)

AC(Agent Cooper) in the DC(District of Columbia)

What do you say “missy”?

This “town” is not real, here there is too much stinking fear

I agree, open your eyes and see

You dont have to believe


Doors are singing: Break On Through (To the Other Side)

Are you part of the Bigger plan or just a simple Man

Saturn is quietly moving the Urn, the dead are getting restless

will they break this world, made out of cheap polyester…

Some things are set in motion, can you not feel the importance and deep devotion

behind this act, is a certain tact

trying to become an indisputable fact

Action is creating a reaction

The Law of attraction creates a new glowing faction

The above is rehearsing with the below

No more prisoners sentenced to Death row

You, are you ready,

maybe you can finally


Lighthouse for the Lost Souls

Watchtower for those who are brave and bold

Two pillars are f… with your mind

go in the middle and leave them behind

Ones that can truly observe will deserve

A new life

A new begging

Death is simply told, not made for the living

The truth is: that your own two eyes are very deceiving

Prisoners of hell, the Portal is open

Have a good celestial voyage and

BE well…


As promised on Substack: Where I Stand, the song is Free, you can do what you wish with her…even make money…it is yours if you have the band or play any kind of musical instrument.

Please dont use it as a rap song…LOL, have mercy…

Where I Stand

Where do I stand, where is my band?

what has been, has to be seen

Voices in your head

Same day again, and again

playing in your head

Nothing to lose

nothing to gain

is this my only way?

So I am awake

should I take

should I stand

do I need more

so I can level the score

Beg for more or just love more

Love is lost at any cost

past now in my eyes just a dot

Who to love,

who to adore?

Do I settle the old score

Sun is out, so am I

should I fly, should I lie

This in me, this love can see

voices in man

rain of thousand choices

should I try

just fly

in this moment

in the time

drink more vine

Do I need to forget

change the bet,

grab another set

play death

Where do I stand, where is my band?

what has been, has to be seen

Voices in your head

Same day again, and again

playing in your head

Nothing to lose

nothing to gain

is this my only way?

Do I need more

am I done

just begone or love some more

let it go, be the one with the flow

I have to go

This place

this time

You will be fine

Is this real, I think the pain is clean

nothing to fear

what happens next is clear

Where do I stand, again?

has the last dragon been slain

is all my love in vain?

Can you feel the pain?

sometimes even the

good guys are played

falling to pieces

catching the last train

has been blood spilled in vain

Did love just drown in this domain?

is this all, in the end…

Where do I stand, where is my band?

what has been, has to be seen

Voices in your head

Same day again, and again

playing in your head

Nothing to lose

nothing to gain

is this my only way?

Much love to All and dont doubt so much…nothing is over yet…just be a Knight and deserve your rightful place in true Heaven…it is that easy.

The Allfather has not forgotten the best and most beautiful ones, that once have fallen for the greater good.

Rise a Knight! is not just a silly quote….

What to say: Like, share, or comment…I do this for free, this is all very time-consuming, but at least if you like what you have read here in this post, give me a like, a reason to write more…I think I dont ask too much…Thank You.


  1. Ahh truth is always stranger than fiction, and yet… Every story told contains grains of real truth, but you cannot see the grains of sand in the desert until you truly look…
    Thank you my friend, I keenly await the next part of this tale… Truly it is a tale already wtitten and told, maybe we all just forgot… But the tale is not over and it’s telling is still being told here on this marble within the belt.

    • Agreed, Truth is really stranger than fiction…and we are strangers in an even stranger land…haha…

      I will maybe take a break for a few days, I need to work some things out… can’t delay them any longer…

      Sorry for the late response I have been chasing some business dealing all morning and came home late, totally beaten up…
      Now I am half awake I just hope I will sleep this night, here is still very warm…

      Anyway, Thank you for this fine comment, now I have no choice but to write a decent sequel…LOL

    • I edited the story, and now I hope will sound much better…my apologies I simply dont have the time to release this in an edited state so I must take shortcuts…

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