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    Isn’t this interesting? My Hitler pal could give a solid lecture on the Waffen SS and the multi racial make up of those units and how hundreds of thousands defected and joined the German cause as liberators from the communists.

    Now we have jews in bed with Nazis with the two in an almost incestuous relationship or at the very least co dependant. Or, the time line the Germans created in ’31 will merge and the jews will have hell to pay when the real German science gets unleashed? But of course the Hitler pal says such talk is demented however, he doesn’t read cited papers only bitchute videos.
    The only way I see this world changing and getting away from Jewish rule is at gun point from a honabu fleet of high tech machines toughting high tech weaponry. Baring that? The jews have won and it looks to me that a dystopia is heading to the West.

    • Since the jews have won? Why don’t they consolidate their peace? By leaving the rest of us alone,but it’s in their nature to hunt and be a preditor but the predator that hides is defined by science to be a parrisite. You know, like flies swarming around a fresh pile of shit freshly laid. Think of our jews in this way, of course I am wrong, you should hear the Hitler pal when he gets going, like the Nazis freed the soviet gulogs and millions joined the German cause? That is verboten. Remember that.

    • The Nazis you refer to are what Jews would call “useful idiots” and will be put in chains or killed when their work ( according to Jews) is done.

  2. Hey Jack, great post, and I heard Phil has a bout of the “thing” going around. Funny, I got it two as does the whole family, we believe as a family that prayer changes things like the thing as perhaps it can’t hurt us anymore? Perhaps wishfull thinking on my part but past experiences prove otherwise and do believe as you please.

    In regards to my substack account, I just canceled it. However, I am going to try to find some money in the budget to help you guys out. Poverty it seems has come my way. Not to worry Spirit guides as Me and mine have always been provided for. Said this blessed are the poor in Spirit as they shall inherit. What is yet to be determined.
    Anyway, left a nasty Nine1 type of message to substack upon my departure. He he.
    And the fucking jew gets ten percent of our Jack’s money and you haven’t migrated over here yet?

    Do I have to fuck8ng bitch slap you? That would be rude and crude so please make the move.

    • Substack is like buying Kosher pickels at walmart. The non Kosher pickels taste better because they were cheaper. They didn’t pay a Rabbhi to bless them.

      It’s like this, when I send money to Jack I don’t want anybody to get a cut.
      Jews got a grand grift, but they invented the grift? Smart folks cut out all grifters and produce a clean honest product.
      Like here on our Jack`s site.

      Thanks for listening.

  3. Ok ,great stuff,some info to add to the mix,I was into the eygptian panto years ago. Knew hawaz was controlled by the ” americans”. 2 authors at probe conference trying to sell books,Alan Alford and Phil coppens,told them both the same thing,their speculations would lead to nothing,the are were in their at the time,led by two schlomos.Coppens wrote an article for nexus on those lines,both authors didn’t live long after that. Coppers very suspicious, his phone in a pocket next to his heart! That’s where mine was for 20 years at work!Also you may be interested in the work of Alan white( rip,but was a good age) and barum blacket.They ,using the language,colbren, and ancient welsh texts uncovered the true king aurthurs.One of which was in America, and was shot by an arrow,his body taken back to Wales,they show all the evidence. Can be found on richard d halls site,or in books,which are getting very rare. Grant Berkley published ,the king aurthur conspiracy,which I’ve got. A researcher,Ross blackstock recently revived their work,and republished some of the books,he died suddenly.Barum blackett was subject to an incendiary device put under his bed,cops didn’t want to know. Their work threatens the fake schlomo royals as descendents of aurthur still exist.As for blacks running the world,their is no doubt they were in evidence in certain places,but not in Europe,a ridiculous book has just appeared for children, stating they built stonehenge. ! Bs. I’ll go with the sumerian texts,cuneiform tablets,and the Bhagavad-Gita, the hyperboreans came out of the North or the ayrans came out of hyperborea, and seeded the human race,down through India,into middle east. That spread into Europe and Britain. This was confirmed by my Ugandan girlfriend when I asked her what mazoongos were,white gods. I also asked her about the chitahoori, as per the zulu shamen( David ickes mate),,who legends say the reptilian race came down into Africa and seeded the black race,she that too! You know who controls the narrative,we are all from apes,and I saw somewhere that Darwin was a cousin of Freud,schlock central

    • I’m not so sure Blacks weren’t in Europe before the gothic migration down from Scandza somewhere in the early tenth century John. I’ve seen books in circulation among BLM, in the more intelligent corners where they actually read books, saying they were the original inhabitants of Europe. The iceman found frozen in the Alps has recently been found to be Black. Outside the Hervarar Saga There’s no telling what happened before the Ottonian dynasty, we Whites have amnesia and Rome is no more than an etiological myth to take the heat off Cologne and Bruno the “Great,” for founding this Jew worshiping abomination afflicting Whites that we call Christianity. I got four major pieces on it for anyone interested.

      The Year of the Dragon, “Let Us Pray…” By Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

      The Hervarar Saga or How the West Was Really Won… by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

      Devils and Gods Among Us by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

      Matilda, the Devils Mommy (Devils and Gods Among Us II) by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

      • The grand irony is the longer psychosis goes on you begin to feel at peace with the delusion. You’ve accepted it as yours even if from the outside you are totally insane. It’s also how torture or mind fracturing work. Whose to say you’re not on the rack being tortured and the explosive pain unleashed a separation and worlds were built in that space while your body simply carries out the functioning screams and “oh wow ouch this hurts” but you’re not actually there it’s just a robotic feature with or without your presence. Amnesia can only come from trauma, something so deep the mind will spawn a thousand worlds to escape from addressing and in response a thousand deaths must follow.
        Back to the irony of the situation is that if you take someone out of their delusion into the very real you run the risk of breaking them further and reinforcing their delusion until suddenly a friend becomes a vile enemy. A simple take for instance that I’ve wrestled with for a lifetime is a split between two worlds. How can a separate timeline where WW2 and Dresden never occurred exist and none of what follows since and yet you are in one where everything did happen. How do you square that something DID happen here but DIDN’T happen somewhere else. How can you live in two worlds and now be stuck in one both opposites of each other in every single way that even you question if that other world was even real. To me it was blatantly obvious the war was lost 80 years ago once I accepted this reality after being pushed down again and again when trying to escape, but then in this other reality people looked at me like an oddity as if “What the hell are you going on about?”. Everything is real and nothing is. I’m insane and accepted that as a child running free because I’ve accepted the inevitable of my reality, but what surprised me is that the people I’m around are more insane than I am and they don’t even know it.

        • Having listened to Sethikus Boza from Black Earth Productionz for a couple years now he’s adamant about stating all races and tribes origin came from the North. Along the lines of coming from the North all the way to the South then to the West and toward the East. It explains as many hypothesized why the East shows the last remnants of a truly ancient culture nearly intact because they are the youngest. Also why at the crosspoint of the middle east desert lands you also see remnants because it’s the intersection between the cardinal directions. His claim is the white race is the youngest but carries with it given the land of ice the ability to master fire and that fire is the only way to save the rest of humanity by igniting their soul spark consciousness or something to that effect. Some of these levels are above my pay grade but internally I can understand the concept quite well. Everyone is here for a reason there’s only one group that has this true blood lust for extermination and unfortunately it’s been projected onto our consciousness given the times.

  4. Hey caught most of this and as I said before, there is so much on this site I need to catch up with
    Ya’ll talked a bit about rents and stuff. In 2016, I moved into what is slowly turning into the Atlanta suburbs now, but then was clearly country . Now it’s half and half country- Half suburb.
    I own a decent home on a half acre and I own it outright. Property tax is under 400 a year.
    Sounds like you are what I call, a new Republican which includes Tucker Carlson, RFK, Russell Brand, Vivek Ramaswamy and Donald Trump.
    You know I appreciate your clarity on the Jewish question.
    We have two divides: Independent media-lamestream media; Nationalists- internationalists
    Our side needs to win the next three elections.
    Trump in 24; Ramaswamy 28-32
    Maybe then we have a chance to turn it around and maybe after that we can go full blast on Jewish power
    Take care and talk soon

    • I’m a National Socialist Joe, Republicans much like our own Govenor Bill Lee are just Trotskyist democrats in a disguise of respectability. I was supporting RFK, hell we nominated him back in May of 2020, but if he can’t play hardball with Schlomo even as Schlomo’s media kicks the shit out of him he’s not the man for the job. Trumps recent statement that 75% of Jews are traitors makes him the now obvious front runner in my eyes. And remember treason is punishable by death…

  5. The internet is psychotic, electricity is not consciousness, it is the replicant.
    Jack, you yourself recommended substack to me. I have only one, 1 piece on there that I didn’t publish with you first, and that was because it was an older piece, of me coming to terms with the void, and I’m still not sure I should have published it at all.
    Everything I publish there is PDF. You know why? Because if you want to read my piece you have to go somewhere else besides subby.
    I was kind of hoping that maybe I could make a few bucks, and possibly do some things like ensure I have some heat this winter, but no, that’s not allowed.
    I will continue to write as long as my aging ‘puter holds out, because, apparently, some folks like to read what I create. If you still want to publish it, great, but there a couple things to keep in mind. Firstly, I do this as a free service. I do not therefore adhere to anyone’s agenda or point of view. Secondly, I reserve the right to disagree with fucking Satan on his management strategy.
    Fuck subby, I’m treating it as a learning experience.
    Apparently, I have a lot to learn.

    • Substack was great till we got on it Mike, with us came the usual suspects you saw on VT. They destroyed it just like they destroyed VT, that’s all I’m saying. You’ve been around from the start you know the deal…

      • A lot of things that used to be functional are no longer working, nor are there alternatives. All the writing sites are spook playgrounds, and failure is engineered into it all.
        That’s how this system works, how it has worked, if you want to call it working, since they found a B movie actor, dressed him up as a patriot, made him prez, and invited him to Bohemian Grove.
        In terms of the Mr. Populars of the world, High is apparently back spouting doom. It was years ago when he termed up with Urban Survival and predicted doom. It never happened. Now he’s back with the same theme hoping no one remembers?
        One thing about being really popular, it keeps you doing the stupid to stay there.
        No, the parasitic “capitalist” is not going to credit you for pointing the nose in the right direction. Just like the Gamestop scam, if the truth becomes too public, the carefully woven cloak of deception is lifted, and that makes it all the much harder to continue the scam.
        What happens then? The unproductive failure based billionaires call on Uncle Sam to kick the shit out of the “free” people of America on their behalf for the umpteenth time.
        Failure Banking Incorporated.
        If one develops any success, they are immediately routed into fleecing rooms to strip it away.
        It’s not just you, George, it’s the system.
        BTW, it’s not capitalist, its more like Roman Empire mechanisms from their last century. I know you hate the official timeline, but that last century put a stamp on this world that no one has been able to get out from under-until perhaps now.

  6. Thank you, gentlemen, I really enjoyed this episode…

    Jack, I have no problem posting here, I mean do you want me to bombard the page(Human)…I feel a little uncomfortable…I wish others would write more…just a little bit…this is my reasoning why I am still posting on Substack…

    When I am writing, I dont have notes, it is all written in the moment…Even when I write stories, I dont have a plan, I “Just do it” in the moment, wherever the digital pen takes me.

    I hope Phil will survive the attack of the sneaky germs…There is no need to light the white candles…

    I am happy all is settled, I wish you a great day, and a fast recovery to those who are under the siege of a venomous invader called Covid.


    • I’m not saying flood the site HP, twice a week would be good, your best stuff because here it will be getting read for years unlike Substack which has become another Twitter or Facebook where your work disappears into the cyber void within days.

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